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					                            W ORLD A SSOCIATION                           FOR           S EXUAL H EALTH

                                                                         N EWSLETTER
                               V OLUME 1, I SSUE 1 N EW EPOCH               N OVEMBER 5 TH , 2005

                                                                                                                        T HE P ROMOTION
M ONTREAL C ONGRESS I SSUES THE DECLARATION :                                                                           OF S EXUAL H EALTH
“S EXUAL HEALTH FOR THE MILLENNIUM ”                                                                                    IS :

“The promotion of sexual health is   Information and Education                                                          •   central to the attainment
central to the attainment of well-   Council of the United Stated                                                           of wellness and well-being
ness and well-being and to the       (SIECUS). During the Con-
achievement of sustainable devel-    gress, attendees participated in                                                   •   central to the achievement
opment and more specifically to      roundtables that examined the                                                          of sustainable develop-
the implementation of the Millen-    areas of concern, which trans-                                                         ment
nium Development Goals. Indi-        lated into the Declaration.                                                        •   central to the implemen-
viduals and communities who                                                                                                 tation of the Millennium
                                     Eight goals were identified:
experience well-being are better                                                                                            Development Goals.
                                     1.Recognize, promote, ensure
positioned to contribute to the
                                     and protect sexual rights for
eradication of individual and                                                                                           •   co-adjuvant to the eradi-
                                     all. 2. Advance toward gender
societal poverty” states the Dec-                                                                                           cation of individual and
                                     equity. 3. Eliminate all forms
laration “Sexual Health for the                                                                                             societal poverty
                                     of sexual violence and abuse.
Millennium” issued at the end
                                     4. Provide universal access to
of the XVII World Congress of
                                     comprehensive sexuality infor-
Sexology (WCS).
                                     mation and education. 5. En-
Following an initiative of Pi-       sure that reproductive health        Pierre Assalian, M.D. President of the XVII   I NSIDE THIS ISSUE :
erre Assalian, M.D, President        programs recognize the cen-           World Congress of Sexology, reading the
                                                                                     Montreal Declaration
of the XVII WCS, the WAS             trality of sexual health. 6. Halt
established a task force lead by     and reverse the spread of                                                          WAS CHANGES              2
                                                                         recognition of sexual pleasure
Eli Coleman, Ph.D. with the          HIV/AIDS and other sexually                                                        NAME
                                                                         as a component of well-being.
active participation of repre-       transmitted infections (STIs).
sentatives from The Pan              7. Identify, address and treat      For the complete text of the                   S CIENCE IN              2
American Health Organization         sexual concerns, dysfunctions       declaration see our website                    M ONTREAL
(PAHO) and The Sexuality             and disorders. 8. Achieve           www.worldsexualhealth.org
                                                                                                                        S YDNEY READY            2

N EW A DVISORY B OARD                                ELECTED IN                 M ONTREAL                               P LAN OF ACTION          3
During the WAS General As-           sented, a strong representation
sembly a new Advisory Board          and balance of continents,                                                         N EW P RESIDENT          3
was elected. The new board           countries, professional back-
will have the responsibility to      ground and gender was
conduct the day to day work of       achieved. A powerful team to                                                       G OLD M EDALS            3
the Association and to make          make significant advancement
decisions until the General          in the fulfillment of the WAS       The new advisory board of the
                                                                         WAS meets for the first time                   HELP WAS CONTACT 4
Assembly meets in our next           mission.
                                                                          in Montreal on July 13th,
World Congress in 2007.
With 17 countries repre-                                                                                                N EW E THICAL            4
                                                                                                                        P RINCIPLES
P AGE 2                                                                                                             N EWSLETTER

                              WAS (formerly the World            several international docu-         as its justification the creation
                              Association for Sexology) has      ments, much more than the           of knowledge that supports
                              changed its name. Although         clinical aspects of human           others to attain and maintain
                              we are keeping our WAS             sexuality. Sexual health is not     sexual health.
                              acronym, the realization that      a goal for clinicians only. Sex-
                                                                                                     WAS will continue to work
                              Sexual Health represents a         ual health is the crystallization
                                                                                                     for sexology, with sexologists
   The new logo of the        common goal and reflects in a      of our common goal. Sexual-
   Association reflects
                                                                                                     and promoting sexology
                              more direct way our vision         ity Education has the objec-
    the changes: a cou-                                                                              throughout the world. How-
                              and mission, has lead to the       tive to facilitate sexually
   ple acting as a world                                                                             ever, stated in a more definite
                              historic decision of the WAS       healthy lives of those who are
    in a non-sexist de-                                                                              manner, with the new name,
                              General Assembly, celebrated       being educated. Interventions
            sign                                                                                     the end goal is having a better
                              in Montreal on July 13th,          in Clinical Sexology have the
                                                                                                     world by promoting Sexual
                              2005, of changing the name         goal of restoring sexual
                              of the Association.                health. Sex Research, al-
                                                                 though objectively driven, has
                              Sexual health is, as stated in

                              S CIENCE   AND TRANS - DISCIPLINARY , HALLMARKS OF                 T HE M ONTREAL C ONGRESS
                              More than 700 presentations        and a high number of original       and an integration of ap-
   “T HE SCIENTIFIC           constituted the heart of the       research presentations charac-      proaches at the end that re-
                              Montreal Congress of the           terized the scientific program.     flected well the Trans-
                              WAS. In its XVII Congress,         Of particular interest were         disciplinary character of the
                              the World Congress of Sexol-       the 9 plenary sessions, which       field.
     NUMBER OF                ogy gathered 1200 attendees        covered the most important          The abstracts of all the pres-
      ORIGINAL                who had the opportunity to         topics in the field. Structured     entations can now be con-
      RESEARCH                share the knowledge and ex-        with a novel format that in-        sulted for reference at
   PRESENTATIONS              perience generated around          cluded specialists who ad-          http://www.worldsexualhealth.org
   CHARACTERIZED              the world.                         dressed the topic from the          /doc/sexoabstracts.pdf. A selec-
                              The scientific quality of the      biological, psychological and       tion of research abstracts will
      PROGRAM ”                                                                                      be published in The Journal of
                              presentations was remarkable       sociological points of view,
                                                                                                     Sex Research in 2006.

                              S YDNEY          IS READY FOR                WAS: 2007, A PRIL 15-19
                              The next WAS Congress will be      man sexuality and related profes-   Asia, will have one more oppor-
                              the First World Congress for       sions from all over the world,      tunity to show to the World the
                              Sexual Health.                     the Congress in Sydney promises     way in which they are dealing
                                                                 to be a unique experience for       with the challenges that are cap-
                              We will meet in Sydney, Austra-
                                                                 visiting Australia, a must have     tured by the Congress theme:
                              lia, on April 15 – 19, 2007. As
                                                                 life experience. Also, the ener-    Achieving Health, Pleasure
                              WAS continues the long tradi-
                                                                 getic area of the world repre-      and Respect .
                              tion of gathering experts in hu-
                                                                 sented by Oceania and Southeast
      Margaret Redelman,
      M.D. President of the
      XVIII WAS Congress
     1st World Congress for
          Sexual Health
V OLUME 1, I SSUE 1 N EW           EPOCH                                                                                       P AGE 3

A DVISORY B OARD                   ACCEPTS         10 P OINT          PLAN OF ACTION
The Strategic Plan of Action        • Define the various areas of specialty in sexology
developed by the WAS trans-         • Establish guidelines for the ideal profile of each specialty and       “THE STRATEGIC PLAN
lates into a new plan of action       make recommendations for the training and education of                 OFACTION DEVELOPED
                                      professionals for each specialty                                           BY THE WAS
with specific tasks and goals.      • Strengthen the development of exemplary scientific stan-
                                                                                                              TRANSLATES INTO A
Ten very ambitious goals ar-          dards
ticulate the ideas for invigo-      • Achieve international recognition of the WAS Declaration of            NEW PLAN OF ACTION
                                      Sexual Rights                                                          WITH SPECIFIC TASKS
rating the activity of the Asso-    • Publicize position statements on current, global sexual issues         AND GOALS. TEN VERY
ciation and they are in the box       and problems                                                             AMBITIOUS GOALS
at the right.                       • Utilize mass media to promote the position of WAS                      ARTICULATE THE IDEAS
                                    • Strengthen WAS links with the regional federations                      FOR INVIGORATING
The work involved in the plan       • Establish a more effective system of information exchange              THE ACTIVITY OF THE
is enormous. WAS is count-            among all member organizations                                             ASSOCIATION”
                                    • Create new bonds, and strengthen existing ones, with inter-
ing on all its members to help        national organizations related to sexual health and sexual
to achieve them.                      rights
                                    • Develop a program of fund raising through a variety of exist-
                                      ing and new sources

E USEBIO R UBIO -A URIOLES , MD, P H D                               ELECTED       P RESIDENT
Eusebio Rubio-Aurioles,            the post-doctoral training         his native Mexico.
M.D., Ph.D was elected as          course in sex therapy at the
                                                                      Since 1993, he has completed
the new President of the           Department of Psychiatry of
                                                                      22 clinical trials for the devel-
World Association for Sexual       the Mount Sinai Hospital of
                                                                      opment of drugs for the treat-
Health                             New York City (1983). Since
                                                                      ment of sexual dysfunction in
                                   1984, he continues to work at
Eusebio earned his medical                                            males and females.
                                   the Universidad Nacional
degree at Universidad La Salle
                                   Autónoma de México.                He has previously served
in Mexico City (1978)                                                                                     Eusebio Rubio-Aurioles, the
                                                                      WAS as Secretary Gen-
México D.F., and his Ph.D.         In 1987 he founded the Aso-                                             New WAS president in his
                                                                      eral/Treasurer from 1997 to         first address to the Associa-
in the Program of Human            ciación Mexicana para la Sa-
                                                                      2001 and as President of the          tion at the Closing Cere-
Sexuality at New York Uni-         lud Sexual, A.C. a leading
                                                                      Scientific Committee from               mony July 15th, 2005
versity (1988). He completed       institution in Sexual Health in
                                                                      2001 to 2005.

WAS        DELIVERS ITS BIANNUAL                          G OLD M EDAL A WARD
Following what is now a long       son (USA).                         awardees this recognition
tradition, the WAS delivered        2. Roy Levin (England)            during the opening of the
its bi-annual recognition to        3. Igor Kon (Russia)              XVII World Congress of Sex-
life-time achievers to 6 distin-    4. Walter Everaerd .              ology in Montreal. The award
guished professionals of the       (Holland)                          to Virginia Johnson and Wil-
field.                              5. Lorraine Dennerstein.          liam Masters was received by
The recognition, named the         (Australia).                       Michael Perelman, due to
Gold Medal Award, this time        Lillemor Rosenqvist, Chair of      Virginia Johnson being unable       The recipients of the 2005 WAS
went to the following profes-      the Gold Medal Committee           to attend the ceremony.              Gold Medal Award after the
sionals:                           and Marc Ganem, WAS                                                               Ceremony
1. William Masters (post           president at the time of the
mortem) and Virginia John-         ceremony, delivered
                                                            The World Association for Sexual Health is an international organization founded in Rome in
                                                             1978. WAS membership is composed of Regional Federations, National Societies and Insti-
                                                            tutes. WAS currently has 83 active members Societies around the World and many Individual
                                                                                               Supporting Members.
 W ORLD A SSOCIATION                    FOR                                                        WAS MISSION:
                                                              The World Association for Sexual Health promotes sexual health throughout
         OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT                                 the lifespan and throughout the world by developing, promoting and
  EUSEBIO RUBIO-AURIOLES, M.D., PH.D.                           supporting sexology and sexual rights for all. WAS accomplishes this by
               TEZOQUIPA 26
                                                             advocacy actions, networking, facilitating the exchange of information, ideas
             COLONIA LA JOYA
                                                                and experiences, and advancing scientifically-based sexuality research,
                MEXICO CITY                                  sexuality education and clinical sexology, with a trans-disciplinary approach.
           Phone: +52 55-5573-3460
            Fax: +52 55-5513-1065                                                               WAS ADVISORY BOARD
                                                                      President: Eusebio Rubio-Aurioles. Vice-President: Rosemary Coates.
        OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY                                  Secretary General/Treasurer: Beverly Whipple. Past-President: Marc Ganem.
          GENERAL/TREASURER                                  WAS Secretaries: Mónica Rodriguez (Americas) Antonio Palha (Europe) Emil Ng (Asia -
   BEVERLY WHIPPLE, PHD, R.N, FAAN                             Oceania) Uwemedimo Esiet (Africa). President of the Scientific Committee: Kevan Wylie
             87 MATLACK DRIVE                                 (United Kingdom) . Members:Pierre Assalian (Canada), Walter Bockting (USA), Jacque-
            VOORHEES, NJ 08043                                 line Brendler (Brazil), Francisco Cabello (Spain), Mariela Castro (Cuba), Prakash Kothari
                    USA                                      (India), Reiko Ohkawa (Japan), Oswaldo Rodrigues (Brazil), Lillemor Rosenqvist (Sweden),
       Phone and fax:+1 856-309-1510
                                                             Chiara Simonelli (Italy), Ondrej Trojan (Czech Republic). Ex officio members: Margaret
                                                                Redelman( (XVIII WAS CONGRESS) , Andres Flores Colombino (FLASSES), Robert
                                                             Porto (EFS), Joseph DiNorcia (NAFSO) Past Presidents of WAS: Romano Forleo (Italy),
                                                              Fernando Bianco (Venezuela) , AJ Wabrek (USA), Ruben Hernandez-Serrano (Venezuela),
      VISIT OUR WEB PAGE!                                       Eli Coleman (USA) Committee Chairs: Sexual Rights Committee Juan Jose Borrás ,
                                                                                   International Liaison Committee Esther Corona

                       H ELP WAS            TO MAINTAIN AN ACCURATE CONTACT DATABASE
                      Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., our very active Secretary General/Treasurer, is conducting a big effort to create an accurate data-
                      base of our membership. Please contact her at beverly.whipple@worldsexualhealth.org to inform us of any change in
                      your contact information. If you know members who did not receive this Newsletter, please ask them to contact her with
                      their correct e-mail address. All WAS correspondence will be done primarily by e-mail.

N EW E THICAL G UIDELINES                                   ACCEPTED IN                   M ONTREAL
The General Assembly approved a        Health (WAS) is committed to            spelled out.
new set of Ethical Guidelines that     ethical practice in all areas. The
the Association now endorses.          Guiding Ethical Principles have         The ethical value of professional-
Theses new guidelines were devel-      application for clinicians, research-   ism, the implementation of prac-
oped by a team led by Rosemary         ers, therapists, educators, and         tices based on science, the obliga-
Coates, Ph.D. Vice-President of the    administrators. WAS acknowledges        tion of professionals to reveal their
WAS. The spirit of the previous        that most professions enunciate a       training and to maintain confidenti-
Code of Ethics is preserved, but the   specific code of conduct for their      ality, as well as the need to adhere
language and the structure of the      members, the WAS Guiding Ethical        to ethical standards when conduct-
document utilized is intended to       Principles are designed to enhance      ing research are some of the issues
help both professionals and lay        existing codes and provide guidance     considered.
public to easily recognize ethical     in the sensitive area of human sexu-                                               Rosemary Coates, Ph.D.
professional behavior.                 ality and sexual health.                The full text of the WAS ETHICAL          Vice-President of the WAS
                                                                               PRINCIPLES is available at the              and Chair of the Ethics
                                                                               WAS web page, the direct link             Committee that prepared
As the more representative refer-      The Guidelines are constituted by       is:http://www.worldsexualhealth.org/     the New Ethical Guidelines
ence group for all matters associ-     18 principles. Each of them is ex-      ethics0303.asp
                                                                                                                        accepted in Montreal during
ated with human sexuality, the         plained in the document and their                                                the WAS General Assembly
World Association for Sexual           applications and limitations are also

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