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									To the Agencies & Eligible Users of the State of Florida Truck Rental contract provided
by Enterprise Leasing Company of FL, LLC:

We are excited and grateful to be your contracted truck rental vendor! Below is a brief
user guide regarding how to utilize this contract when renting a truck from Enterprise:

Proper Reporting/Customer Numbers:

There will be two Customer Numbers that the Eligible User must be aware of:

The first Customer Number is FLTRUCK. This is the master customer number for ALL
Eligible Users and will populate the rates/rules of the contract when a rental agreement is
being written.

The second Customer Number will have an FL____ sequence (i.e. FLT1001). This
Customer Number will be specifically assigned to your agency and will be used to
capture the data of your rental for reporting purposes. The Eligible User/Agency must
make sure that this second Customer Number is assigned to them upon setting up their
account. If the Eligible User is already doing business with Enterprise Truck, their old
Customer Number must be deleted and a new one with an FLT sequence must be created
and assigned.


Fees in addition to the Daily/Weekly/Monthly Rate should not appear on the rental
agreement (i.e. Vehicle Licensing fee, Sales Tax). This should be reviewed upon return
of the truck to ensure that proper billing procedures are being followed.


Payment will be provided by the renting agency via State Purchasing card.

Re-Fueling Fee:

The trucks should be provided with a full tank. Enterprise requests that the truck be
returned with a full tank. Refueling fee will be based on the EIA Fuel Index and will be
updated monthly.

All rentals will have $0 deductible physical damage coverage and $500,000 CSL
Liability coverage provided. This coverage is for Business Use only and renters must be
over 21.

Ancillary Products:

The renting branch can provide a 2-wheel dolly at no additional charge based on


In the unfortunate event of a break-down, please contact your renting branch
immediately. If a breakdown is after hours please call 1-800-RENTATRUCK to be
connected to our 24/7 roadside assistance line.


Contact the Manager of your renting branch immediately and attain a police report if

Florida Points of Contact:

Panhandle - Mike Cofield, Group Truck Manager
Cell: 205-212-8121 Email:

NorthEast Florida - Jon Karpman, Group Truck Manager
Cell: 904-790-3812 Email:

Tampa/St. Petersburg/Ft. Myers - Ming Chan, Sales & Marketing Manager
Cell: 813-781-2390 Email:

Orlando – Leslie Pickering, Sales & Marketing Manager
Cell: 407-427-7093 Email:

South Florida – Seth Handley, Group Truck Manager
Cell: 954-592-9838 Email:
State of FL Preferred Rate Schedule

      Rates          Daily / Weekly Rate             Cents/mile

 ¾ ton Cargo Van
                   $350/week                Daily free mileage: 500 miles.
 Pickup Truck w/
                   $375/week                Daily free mileage: 500 miles.
 Tow Package
 15’ Cutaway Truck
                   $400/week                Daily free mileage: 500 miles.
 w/ Ramp
 16’ Box Truck
                   $450/week                Daily free mileage: 500 miles.
 w/ Lift-Gate
 24’ Box Truck
                   $525/week                Daily free mileage: 500 miles.
 w/ Lift-Gate
 24’ Stake Bed w/
                   $525/week               Daily free mileage: 500 miles..

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