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									cedia annual               report

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                          conduct & ethics


    1.   Provide to all persons truthful and accurate information with respect to the professional performance
         of duties.

    2.   Maintain the highest standards of personal conduct to bring credit to the custom electronic and
         design industry.

    3.   Promote and encourage the highest level of ethics within the profession.

    4.   Recognize and discharge by responsibility, to uphold all laws and regulations relating to CEDIA
         policies and activities.

    5.   Strive for excellence in all aspects of the industry.

    6.   Use only legal and ethical means in all industry activities.

    7.   Protect the public against fraud and unfair practices and attempt to eliminate from CEDIA all
         practices which bring discredit to the profession.

    8.   Use written contracts clearly stating all charges, services, products and other essential information.

    9.   Demonstrate respect for every professional within the industry by clearly stating and consistently
         performing at or above the standards acceptable to the industry.

    10. Make a commitment to increase professional growth and knowledge by attending educational
         programs recommended, but not limited to, those prescribed by CEDIA.

    11. Contribute knowledge to professional meetings and journals to raise the consciousness of the industry.

    12. Maintain the highest standards of safety and any other responsibilities.

    13. When providing services or products, maintain in full force adequate or appropriate insurance.

    14. Cooperate with professional colleagues, suppliers and employees to provide the highest quality service.

    15. Extend these same professional commitments to all those persons supervised or employed.

    16. Subscribe to CEDIA' s Principles of Conduct and Ethics and abide by the CEDIA Bylaws.

                about               the association

       he Custom Electronic Design & Installation          their abilities to own and operate their business are
       Association (CEDIA) is a global trade associa-      not impeded upon.
       tion of companies that specialize in planning
and installing electronic systems for the home. These
systems include home networking, home automation           Membership
and communication systems, media rooms, single or
multi-room entertainment systems, and integrated              During the past 12 months, many associations and
whole-house subsystems providing control of lighting,      businesses have been adversely affected by the war
security and HVAC systems.                                 and the economic climate. CEDIA is proud to announce
   CEDIA provides top-ranked education conferences,        that as of December 31, 2002, CEDIA had a 15% in-
industry professional training and certification fo-       crease in membership over the previous year. CEDIA
cused on the installation of low-voltage systems that      continues to grow and an increasing number of new
consumers use to enhance their lifestyles. One of          members are joining each month. As of the time of
CEDIA’s key missions and driving forces is public          production of this report, CEDIA had a total of 2,585
policy representation. CEDIA’s public policy efforts are   members (including 487 new members) and 265 pend-
designed to support CEDIA members and ensure that          ing applications waiting for final approval.

                                                                    2003 Membership
                                 Designer/                 Designer/Installers.................... 1,786
      Manufacturers              Installers                Associate Members..................... 505
      11%                                                  Manufacturers ............................. 294
                                                           Total ........................................... 2,585
                     69%                                                  *As of August 13, 2003
                                                             Number does not include 265 pending members.

         message                       from the president
                                                BY JEFF HOOVER

        n a year where economic problems forced many             of its kind in our industry. In the past couple of years,
       businesses and associations to cut back and slow          CEDIA has taken this “core product” and reinvented it,
       down in hope of better times ahead, CEDIA has             and expanded the opportunities to partake in it through
    been able to charge ahead, grow, expand and push             important strategic alliances and by building our per-
    the envelope in many directions. We do acknowledge           manent training facility. So our top two “core products”
    that this has been a tough 12 months. Probably the           are without question CEDIA EXPO and CEDIA Educa-
    toughest we have had in many years. This is another          tion, but what else are we working on and toward?
    year where we need to celebrate how dedicated CEDIA
    volunteers are, and in a year with such tough economic
    issues, CEDIA certainly would not have been able to          The CEDIA Idea Bank
    develop and launch any of these new initiatives with-
    out this dedication. We’re not just getting bigger. We’re       The CEDIA Idea Bank has grown and prospered at
    getting better at our core purpose “to advance our           an awesome rate. The hundreds of volunteer hours
    members position in their marketplace and be a core          that went into making this important tool for our mem-
    component of their prosperity.” What are the core com-       bership have paid off. Who would have thought a few
    ponents of CEDIA? What truly is our product? Your            years ago that our members in such a competitive
    Board of Directors has worked hard to define just who        industry could exhibit the trust needed to share their
    we are and what we need to do. In the following para-        best practices, documents, forms, and procedures for
    graphs I would like to recap some of our most impor-         the collective good? I still think that the very exist-
    tant tasks and issues.                                       ence of the Idea Bank says a lot about who we are as
       Primarily, CEDIA must put on a successful EXPO each       business people and how far we’ve come as an in-
    year. This is our “core product.” A successful CEDIA         dustry. Since its launch only one short year ago the
    EXPO is the fundamental basis of our profitability and       CEDIA Idea Bank boasts that:
    funds almost all of our other activities. So clearly CEDIA
    EXPO and its success is number one. Number two is            •   Over 200 individual companies have made one or
    our CEDIA education, and our quest for CEDIA Univer-             more deposits
    sity. CEDIA’s education product is considered the finest     •   Over 5,000 total downloads have been made

                 We’re not just getting bigger. We’re getting better at our
                  core purpose “to advance our members position in their
                 marketplace and be a core component of their prosperity.”

         A well-trained, certified work force is the added value that a
    consumer should get when they choose to work with a CEDIA member.
                Please CERTIFY your designers and installers.

•   Over 800 companies have downloaded one or            groups who continue to attempt to legislate our
    more documents                                       members out of business.
•   Over 1,000 individual companies have visited the        Nicholas Pasyanos, CEDIA’s legislative liaison, has
    Idea Bank                                            implemented a system which tracks legislative issues
•   Over 900 individual documents are currently avail-   affecting our industry state by state. We have devel-
    able on the Idea Bank                                oped public policy position papers and letters that you
                                                         may personalize and send to your legislatures regard-
    This member benefit can not only justify the cost    ing issues that may impede the ability of you to oper-
of any regular member’s dues but can literally save      ate your business at its maximum potential. Please

you thousands of dollars in development time and time    contact Nicholas via email pasyanos@cedia.org or
lost to trial and error.                                 (800) 669-5329 Ext. 112.
                                                            As an added benefit to those who show they care
                                                         about being the best, they can be by certifying their
Legislation / Certification                              teams. We have reconfigured the CEDIA “Dealer
                                                         Finder” on our Web site to prioritize referrals to com-
    As different as they may seem, legislation and       panies with Certified designers and installers.
our certification efforts go hand in hand. We must
continue our focus on developing a full-proof, grass
roots, legislative program that combines the strength    Branding & Ethics
and technical expertise of CEDIA’s membership with
CEDIA’s public policy initiatives to protect and ad-        As CEDIA dealers, we all know that it is our goal to
vance our members position in their market place. A      become our own Brand. We know that our brands are
well-trained, certified work force is the added value    only worth the quality of the systems that we install,
that a consumer should get when they choose to           and we also know that high performance is the only
work with a CEDIA member. Please continue to             thing that justifies a high price. We have all learned
TRAIN your teams to be great. Please CERTIFY your        over the years that just because you pay more for it
designers and installers. Certification is our best      doesn’t mean you get better performance from it. If
weapon in this war against the special interest          your company is at the point where branding is even

message from the president                     continued

      an issue, you already realize that your brand is all       employee contract. Making this a line item of our ethi-
      about your reputation and your reputation will re-         cal standard is what has made our code of ethics a
      side on the systems that you installed two or three        part of our business model from the beginning. Con-
      years ago and your ability and willingness to ser-         tinuous improvement of skills and practices isn’t a
      vice them today. Think about what that means to            legal requirement. It is simply accepted practice in
      your future. It means that the product decisions that      our profession, not to mention an absolute neces-
      you make today will have a profound affect on your         sity if a company intends to remain competitive over
      business plan in the future. If you install a lot of       a period of time.
      cheap stuff and charge high prices you will lose your
      clients’ repeat business as well as their trust. Their
      referrals will go to the company that offers real qual-    The Internet
      ity, value and service as their standard. Our busi-
      ness is not about a one-time sale. Our business is            These days it is difficult at best in our chosen pro-
      about building relationships, hopefully life long          fession to maintain the margins necessary to operate
      ones. To avoid becoming just another commodity             our businesses at the level our clients demand: excel-
      we must all recommit to “performance” as a core            lent design, trouble free operation and fast, fair ser-
      value in each of our businesses.                           vice long after the sale. The practice of Internet dis-
         I choose to believe that the trust that a client pur-   counting and distribution makes our job even harder.
      chases when they hire a CEDIA member company is            It is my belief that CEDIA needs to support our mem-
      well placed. One of the primary reasons that CEDIA         bers and protect our BRAND by recognizing that any
      was formed was to establish custom electronic de-          company involved in unauthorized Internet sales,
      sign and installation as a valid profession, a profes-     companies clearly violating their dealer agreements,
      sion on par with, say, architects. We wanted to dis-       companies misrepresenting warranties to the con-
      pel the image of trunk slamming electronic cowboys.        sumer, do not meet the ethical requirements of our
      We have worked very hard to create enough value            membership. Simply put, CEDIA dealers do not do
      to charge for our design, engineering and project          business this way. This stance is a must if we are to
      management just like other professions do. We have         ensure that CEDIA members remain as we state in
      also worked very hard to establish a professional          our strategic plan; “The Brand of Excellence in the
      reputation for our chosen livelihood.                      Custom Electronics Industry.” There simply is no room
          “Each member of CEDIA shall agree to provide to        in CEDIA for companies who practice harmful unau-
      all persons truthful and accurate information with re-     thorized Internet sales.
      spect to the professional performance of duties.”
         This is the first line of CEDIA’s Principles of Pro-
      fessional Conduct & Ethics. There are fifteen other        Strategic Partnerships
      line items in this document, but the first one pretty
      much sums it all up. Item #10 in our code of ethics           Both the continued strengthening of old and the
      reads, “Each member of CEDIA shall agree to make           creation of new important strategic industry part-
      a commitment to increase professional growth and           nerships and relationships is a must for our mem-
      knowledge by attending educational programs rec-           bership to receive the most and best benefits from
      ommended, but not limited to, those prescribed by          CEDIA. Constructing strategic alliances with like-
      CEDIA.” This is an unusual statement for a code of         minded organizations improves membership value,
      ethics unless the organization requires continuing         improves program quality, obtains cost efficiencies
      education to retain their license. A statement like this   and prevents the waste of volunteer and staff time
      would more likely appear in a business plan or an          by the elimination of redundancy between the

       Our business is not about a one-time sale. Our business is about building
        relationships, hopefully life long ones. To avoid becoming just another
        commodity we must all recommit to “performance” as a core value …

        CEDIA is truly an incredible association to be a part of; it is filled
        with so many very special people. I am honored to have served
                   as your President over the last two years.

groups. We have made great strides over the last        membership. CEDIA’s awesome volunteer base is
few years in the creation and strengthening of stra-    solely responsible for this reputation. It is also the
tegic alliances. We have essentially grown up; we       volunteers who create such an enjoyable culture, a
have stopped seeing all other associations as com-      culture that is based on trust and a high level of
petitors. We have demonstrated through our actions      communication. Our volunteers are the heart and
that we have become more rational and open and          soul of our association.
less political and closed minded in our processes          Finally, I want to thank the professional staff of
and procedures. Continuing down this path will al-      CEDIA. If the volunteers are the heart and soul, then
low us to focus on our strengths and will guarantee     the professional staff is certainly the brains. They

that our association will always be relevant to our     have always run this very large organization with a
industry and membership.                                very limited staff, always making choices in our best
                                                        interests. Their dedication and caring attitude always
                                                        make our volunteer members want to give the very
Our Volunteers                                          best of themselves.
                                                            CEDIA is truly an incredible association to be a part
   The definition of an association is a group of       of; it is filled with so many very special people. I am
people who voluntarily come together to solve com-      honored to have served as your President over the
mon problems, meet common needs and accom-              last two years. This experience has made me a better
plish common goals. This definition is exemplified      businessman and a better person. I wish you all the
by the volunteers that have helped make CEDIA           best in the future.
what it is today – the most respected, envied and
copied association in the electronics industry. In an
association, everything we do is not done for a
profit. Many of the things we do are done to build
our reputation for value and bring benefits to our      Jeff Hoover, CEDIA President

    message from the executive director
                                          B Y B I L L I LY N N E K E L L E R

        t is hard to believe another year has passed so         to do business. CEDIA has formed a Public Policy Com-
       quickly. CEDIA is in its fourteenth year of operation.   mittee and has assigned a dedicated professional staff
       Fast change and early vision has kept this industry      person to this very important area. We are partnering
    and association as leaders. Our world is dramatically       and forming alliances with other organizations to en-
    different than what it was, or what we imaged it should     sure our members are protected from damaging legis-
    or would be. The last two years have been exception-        lation. Please understand not all legislation is detrimen-
    ally difficult and ever changing. CEDIA has met those       tal to our industry or your individual businesses. CEDIA
    challenges and continues to grow not just in numbers        education and certification will be the key to develop-
    but also in branding the value of CEDIA, and helping        ing positive legislation that will not only help your busi-
    the members to prosper with more resources and ex-          ness, but also give you the competitive edge.
    panded education. In short, we continue to be the risk          Due to the fact that the CEDIA Board of Directors has
    takers and early adopters. The issues affecting our         been prudent and diligent with the membership’s money,
    membership today are diverse and demanding. This            we are financially stable. We have been able to add to
    year, more than ever, customer service is the key to        our reserve and continue to develop education and pro-
    consumer satisfaction. The most important message I         grams that will continue to help you in your businesses.
    can convey to the membership is that service will be        Have we taken some risks? Absolutely. That is both our
    the single most demanding issue in coming years.            nature and our success. This organization must always
        In order to provide quality service the member must     stay young at heart, passionate and take those risks.
    be prepared and well-versed in business management,            This year, we were proud to announce our alliance
    technology and human relations. This is a tall order for    with ICIA and NSCA to produce educational confer-
    all of us. In the past year CEDIA has addressed, imple-     ences and trades shows in Europe, Asia and China.
    mented and enhanced its programs and services to help       The three organizations have formed Integrated
    the membership take on the challenges and opportuni-        Systems Events, LLC. This partnership will serve the
    ties that our changing world has brought forth.             global market much more efficiently for not only the
        Legislation and public policy are knocking on the       global community, but also for our manufacturers as
    door. I caution all of you to stay abreast of issues in     well. I am pleased and honored to have been elected
    your state and city that can and will affect your ability   Chairman of Integrated Systems Events, LLC for the

        In the past year CEDIA has addressed, implemented and enhanced its
        programs and services to help the membership take on the challenges
             and opportunities that our changing world has brought forth.

     CEDIA Headquarters will move locations in November of this year …
         into a new building attached to the CEDIA Training Center.
                   Very exciting, not to mention efficient.

year 2003/2004. Serving with me on the Board of Direc-       Whether in corporate America, small business or not-
tors representing CEDIA will be Andy Willcox, ProLine        for-profits, partnerships, alliances and resource shar-
Integrated Systems and John Forney, Lutron.                  ing are the key to successful business endeavors.
   The Idea Bank was developed this year and it is in           Moving forward, we will continue to enhance our
my opinion the most valuable business resource we of-        partnerships and develop new ones.
fer our membership. If, as a member, you are not using          CEDIA Headquarters will move locations in No-
this phenomenal tool you are wasting thousands of dol-       vember of this year. CEDIA, as well as all of Raybourn
lars and losing valuable information for your business.      Group International, Inc., will be moving into a new
This service is for members only and a download of           building attached to the CEDIA Training Center on the

one document could pay your membership dues for              Northwest side of Indianapolis. Very exciting, not to
years to come. It is most unusual as well as commend-        mention efficient. Watch for our new address and
able for industry members to openly share information,       other pertinent information.
documents and tools that they have invested thousands             As stated earlier, customer service will be the key.
of dollars in to develop. A special “thanks” to every-       It is also CEDIA’s target to continue to enhance and
one who has contributed to this membership benefit.          facilitate the Core Purpose of our association:
   Education remains the main stay of this organiza-
tion. The Education Council has worked diligently on                 Advance our members’ position in
developing the CEDIA University concept. We are cur-                  their marketplace and be a core
rently undergoing an assessment program to assure the                  component of their prosperity.
continued success of our educational endeavors. EXPO,
Boot Camp, Regionals, Management Conference and                 In closing, I want to thank President Jeff Hoover for
Certification continue to display the best of the best in    an accomplished two years as president. Jeff has dedi-
the industry. We are pleased that through a partnership      cated hours of his time and resources to make CEDIA a
with AVAD we will be able to offer our Certification test-   better organization for all of us. His accomplishments will
ing more often and in many more locations. I will tell       long be recognized and utilized in CEDIA. “Thank you
you, if not warn you, Certification will be the key in be-   Jeff – he who walks with power and thunder!”
ing able to successfully work in the public policy arena.
    Once again, this year has been a year of develop-
ing many successful partnerships and programs.               Billilynne
                          cedia              global update
                     B Y R AY L E P P E R , P R O G R A M C O M M I T T E E C H A I R

            ometimes you have to go all the way around           an organization and administrative infrastructure that
              the circle to realize that you were just about     taxed the capacities of the small, growing pool of vol-
              where you wanted to be. That’s how many of         unteers who started the movement. Too many scarce
     us feel after this year of working on CEDIA’s global ini-   resources were spent on administration and organiza-
     tiative. For those of you who haven’t been watching         tion instead of delivering what members really want
     our progress, here’s a brief history.                       — education and trade show events.
        CEDIA has had an international presence for years,           A couple of years ago we embarked on a process
     but it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Our Chapter       to figure out how to better manage the way we deliver
     structure required local CEDIA organizations to develop     benefits to CEDIA members worldwide. It was a grand

                                        CEDIA Zone Map

    We’ve accomplished a great deal and developed a global operating
strategy that will facilitate CEDIA’s next phase of growth around the world.

plan that looked fabulous from 30,000 feet, looked good        In addition to adopting this new global structure,
from 1,500 feet and looked impossible to implement          CEDIA has partnered with ICIA and NSCA to deliver
on the ground.                                              trade show and education events in Europe, Asia and
   Our original global concept would create a single        China. The Integrated Systems Events (ISE) shows
CEDIA divided into three geographic zones. Represen-        are a major step toward our goal of delivering more
tatives from each Zone would form a central planning        education and trade show events to CEDIA members
body that would develop and coordinate the delivery of      outside North America, the UK and Australia.
all CEDIA programs around the world. This ‘one-CEDIA’          The first of the new ISE shows will be held in
structure would make it easy to share best practices,       Geneva, Switzerland in February, 2004. CEDIA and our

allow us to harmonize our membership standards              European Licensee CEDIA UK will work together to
globally, and raise the quality of member services          deliver education programs tailored to meet the needs
around the globe. Very cool idea, but too ambitious to      of the custom installation industry throughout Europe
be implemented by an organization that gains its vital      in countries such as Italy, France and Germany.
energy from volunteers who have full-time jobs.                It’s been a long process to get where we are today.
    So, six months ago, we reworked our plan into one       Credit (and my thanks) goes to Steve Hayes for getting
that looks good and works. We’ve largely abandoned the      the process started and to Jeff Hoover for pushing it
notion of central planning. Instead, we’ve licensed CEDIA   into a form that works. Even more credit goes to all
UK and CEDIA Australasia in a way that gives them a lot     the volunteers who put up with the frustration of the
of autonomy but keeps us all aligned with CEDIA’s core      process but stayed passionate about the goal. We’ve
values and goals. Within the license agreements, we’ve      accomplished a great deal and developed a global
all agreed to adopt a number of practices that ensure an    operating strategy that will facilitate CEDIA’s next phase
ever-rising uniform quality of member services.             of growth around the world.

    The Integrated Systems Events (ISE) shows are a major step toward
   our goal of delivering more education and trade show events to CEDIA
          members outside North America, the UK and Australia.

                                 cedia                  expo 2002
                            BY ANDY WILLCOX, EXPO 2002 CHAIR

             ver 19,500 attendees from 30 different coun-                   off this successful EXPO was CEDIA EXPO 2002 being
            tries converged on a new venue for CEDIA                        named the 95th largest trade show in North America
            EXPO, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Continuing to                     in Trade Show Week Magazine’s annual listing of
     break all previous attendance records and going                        America’s Top 200 Shows.
     against the trade show attendance trend industry                          CEDIA EXPO 2002 also included the last HDTV
     wide, CEDIA EXPO 2002 grew by 14% from 2001. The                       Garden. Thousands of people toured the HDTV Gar-
     newly expanded Minneapolis Convention Center fea-                      den IV in the Minneapolis Convention Center. After
     tured wall-to-wall exhibits (over 450) with the newest                 four successful years, CEDIA’s HDTV Garden has
     and most exciting products available to the custom                     been retired, but the event continues to generate a
     designer/installer in the residential market. Capping                  buzz of conversation.

                        20,000                 CEDIA EXPO







                                 1990   1991   1992   1993   1994   1995   1996   1997   1998   1999   2000   2001   2002

         “We were all holding our breath until we saw the long lines at
         onsite registration. Then, everyone smiled, took a deep breath
          and acknowledged that this was going to be a great show.”

   CEDIA’s signature education programs were once           The challenge remains to continue our growth
again seen as THE courses to take for the custom de-     and progress while improving upon the quality and
signer and installer to advance his/her career. Over     quantity of service and value that we deliver to our
390 education and manufacturer product training          members. There is no question that the past two
courses were offered for the thousands of profession-    years have been less than desirable in respect to
als in attendance. Our certification seminars were       the economy and the state of the world. We should
extremely well attended and many new installers,         all remain acutely aware of this fact and do our very
technicians and designers joined the proud ranks of      best to improve the quality of the final services and
those with official CEDIA certification.                 products we deliver to our customers as members

   CEDIA EXPO 2002 welcomed a true pioneer in the        of this association. If we can achieve this, our in-
custom electronics industry, Dr. Sidney Harman,          dustry will continue to flourish and CEDIA EXPO will
Executive Chairman of Harman International Industries.   continue to grow.
Dr. Harman shared with the Keynote Breakfast crowd          “We were all holding our breath until we saw
how to make a client your best sales person, the im-     the long lines at onsite registration. Then, every-
portance of values in the conduct of business, and the   one smiled, took a deep breath and acknowledged
difference between a daring and reckless company.        that this was going to be a great show.”

                                 cedia              education
           F R O M G R E AT E D U C AT I O N T O P R O F E S S I O N A L E D U C A T I O N :
                                   HOW DO WE DO IT?

     Leadership and Vision                                      knowledge based, which means that participants will
                                                                leave the courses with new skills and knowledge that
        During Jeff Hoover’s leadership term with CEDIA,        can be tested.
     the Education Council took on a different structure.          Also, the courses will build upon one another in a
     Action Teams were comprised of volunteer leadership        logical sequence so that a participant going through
     to oversee the various facets of CEDIA educational         the entire track will end up with a useful grouping of
     programs.                                                  skills and knowledge which apply directly toward their
        As these teams functioned over the last two years,      ultimate certification effort.
     the interconnectedness and occasional overlap was              The certification will simply be a test of the skills and
     recognized by the team leaders, the executive leader-      knowledge offered in the track. So, for instance, a new
     ship and staff, and from it a vision for CEDIA’s educa-    installer might pick up some courses in the EST – Techni-
     tional future was developed.                               cian track at EXPO, and then decide to pick up one or two
         Ken Smith (Custom Electronics) oversaw this shift      others at a Regional or, in the near future, may be able to
     in thinking and vision and worked collectively with Todd   take the course electronically via the web or a CD-ROM.
     Adams (Cutting Edge Systems) who together authored         They may choose to attend a class or two at the CEDIA
     a CEDIA University plan. This plan streamlines the elec-   Training Center in Indianapolis to complete their EST –
     tronic systems career training tracks CEDIA offers: ESB    Technician training even further down the line, and then
     – Business; EST – Technician; ESCR – Customer Rela-        they may choose to take their certification exam at an up-
     tions; ESD – Design; and ESPM – Project Management.        coming CEDIA event or at a partnered site such as AVAD.
         These tracks are the foundation of CEDIA educa-            The ultimate goal is that all tracks follow a similar
     tion overall and will be offered in all CEDIA education    pattern and member employees will have a much
     venues. The courses in these tracks will be skills and     clearer and easier time in educating themselves.

                 The CEDIA Mission Statement as it relates to education is
             “to promote and expand the educational opportunities available
              to all levels of management and employees in the industry … ”

          The current volunteers stand on the shoulders of those giants
          who planted the seeds of CEDIA years ago … CEDIA’s strength
             and viability is derived from unparalleled voluntarism.

Delivering CEDIA Education:                                    ponent; and how to be financially viable to continue to
What’s the Next Level?                                         be able to develop and grow CEDIA University.

   The CEDIA Mission Statement as it relates to edu-
cation is “to promote and expand the educational op-           How Did CEDIA Education Come
portunities available to all levels of management and          This Far?
employees in the industry, in order to further the pro-
fessional, business, management, technical design and             The current volunteers stand on the shoulders
installation skills of all involved in the industry.” With     of those giants who planted the seeds of CEDIA

this hefty mission comes dozens of questions as to how         years ago. The aspects which are projected to come
to accomplish this mission.                                    into reality in the next year or so are ideas discussed
    To reach the goals of the mission, CEDIA has engaged       and tossed about by many for some time. With the
the services of a professional firm to undertake the task of   strengthening of the association, those ideas and
assessing CEDIA’s current state of education including         dreams have a great chance of now becoming real-
curriculum, instructor pool, delivery methodologies, tech-     ity. Recognizing those long time volunteers who
nology, staffing and finances. This intense assessment will    played a role in making the future stronger is ap-
offer a road map of the phases CEDIA should scrutinize in      propriate and critical.
the development of a professional educational delivery            Key leadership for the last year has come from the
concept versus a great volunteer educational model.            Action Teams, their leaders and members. CEDIA’s
    Some of the topics before us are: how to develop and       strength and viability is derived from unparalleled
deliver the core curriculum fundamental to all tracks; how     voluntarism. The following list is comprised of many
to continue to include and promote those seminars and          of those contributing volunteers:
topics driven by highly regarded experts in this industry;
how to encourage business owners to utilize electroni-         •   Education Council Chairman:
cally-delivered learning for their employees; how to grow          Ken Smith, Custom Electronics
our instructor pool and train them to be the best possible     •   EXPO Education Chairman:
instructors; how to promote CEDIA Certification to the             Todd Adams, Cutting Edge Systems
general public for their understanding of this critical com-

cedia education          continued

      •   EXPO Education Deans:                                  dedicating more to the marketing message promoting
          Gerry Demple, Ultimate Electronics/Soundtrack;         CEDIA’s education at the show.
          Nancy Tkuchuk, Tkachuk HomeNet Solutions,                 The groundbreaking partnership with Electronic
          Inc.; Randy Stearns, Engineered Environments;          House became reality in February with CEDIA’s regional
          Jocelyn Stover, Custom Electronics; Keith              education and certification offerings at the EHX in
          Cottrell, Audio Advisors; Bill Maxey, Media            Orlando. Attendance at the first-ever CEDIA courses at
          Design, Inc.; Ken Erdmann, Erdmann Electric, Inc;      the show were well-attended and are expected to be re-
          Robert Ridenour, Connected Technologies;               peated at the November show in Long Beach, California.
          Gordon van Zuiden, cyberManor; Jim Clements,               In this first year, CEDIA is grasping what curricu-
          Extron Electronics; and Joe Wallace, US Army           lum is most suitable for the EHX audience, what mar-
      •   Technical Training:                                    keting message we need to be directing, and how we
          David Nowak, AMX                                       can strengthen our membership from this partnership.
      •   Regional Education:                                        AVAD and CEDIA have entered into what imme-
          Richard Stoerger, Audio Design Associates, Inc. ~FM~   diately resulted in a positive for both entities. CEDIA
      •   Certification:                                         has been interested for some time in taking certifica-
          Jeff Kussard, J. Kussard Consulting                    tion “on the road” and AVAD’s multiple locations
      •   Book Store:                                            throughout the country are the type of venues where
          Danis Fueling, Phoenix Communications Corporation      training and testing are suitable.
      •   Subject Matter Experts:                                    CEDIA instructor Frank White teaches the CEDIA
          Steve Somers, Extron Electronics                       Installer Level I certification preparation seminar at
      •   Instructor Pool:                                       AVAD partner firm locations throughout the United
          Steve McNaur, McNaur Marketing Webworks &              States. The Installer Level I certification exam is offered
          LiveEdit                                               the following day.
      •   Education Outreach:                                        This partnership allows CEDIA members and their
          Jay Miller, Acoustic Innovations                       employees much more access to training and certifi-
                                                                 cation opportunities.
         To those who got this association to where it is to-        CEDIA welcomes other like-minded organizations
      day, and for those who will take it to the next level,     to consider these types of partnerships.
      much gratitude is extended.

                                                                 CEDIA Regional Education:
      CEDIA Partnerships:                                        Bringing Education to You
      Building the Future Together
                                                                     Since it is a goal of CEDIA to make education and
          Many hands make light the work. If the work of         training affordable, accessible, and applicable to any
      delivering education to the industry can ever be con-      member or interested persons, the regional program
      sidered “light work,” CEDIA actively invites partners      works to that goal.
      to join in the effort.                                        The regional education focus tends to target those
          CEDIA’s educational presence at the January Con-       newer to the industry or those wishing to improve or
      sumer Electronics Show reflected a variety of CEDIA        sharpen skills. CEDIA’s Certification Programs also all
      courses, the certification preparation seminars and the    have a strong presence at the Regionals. With a bal-
      exams, as well as panels comprised of CEDIA’s execu-       ance of CEDIA education, CEDIA certification, and a
      tive leadership.                                           wealth of manufacturer product training, any attendee
          In gearing up for the 2004 CES, CEDIA will be          can find something to enhance skills or knowledge.

                  Many hands make light the work. If the work of delivering
                education to the industry can ever be considered “light work,”
                     CEDIA actively invites partners to join in the effort.

             Clearly, EXPO 2002 education has again raised the bar for
          future expectations. Approximately 3,400 people attended the
                    over 210 CEDIA education sessions at EXPO.

    In 2003, industry members were afforded regional          •   Home Networking:
training opportunities in six locations: Philadelphia (Feb-       Dean – Gordon van Zuiden, cyberManor
ruary), EHX Orlando (February), Dallas (May), Seattle         •   Home Theater:
(June), Toronto (June), and EHX Long Beach (November).            Dean – Rob Ridenour, Connected Technologies
     Thirty-nine manufacturers agreed to participate in       •   Installation Fundamentals:
all five United States based regional venues. Each manu-          Deans – Jim Clements, Extron Electronics, and
facturer was offered a package which included a strong            Joe Wallace, U.S. Army
training schedule at the CEDIA based venues and show          •   Marketing Strategies:
floor space and training at the two EHX shows.                    Dean – Paul Self, AudioVisions
   Regional chairman, Richard Stoerger, Audio Design          •   New & Emerging Technologies:
Associates, Inc. ~FM~, returned the format to one for-            Dean – David Nowak, AMX
merly used, which kept the event at the 300-350 at-           •   Sales Relationships:
tendee mark, making it a success for all.                         Dean – Steve McNaur, McNaur Marketing
   Philadelphia was struck with the snowstorm of                  Webworks & LiveEdit
2003, but that did not deter attendees from having a          •   Vision and Excellence:
solid experience.                                                 Dean – Rich Green, Rich Green, Ink.
   Tucked within the Regional and EXPO program-               •   Whole-House Systems:
ming, CEDIA partnered with SBCA to bring its National             Dean – Helen Heneveld, Heneveld Dynamic
Standards and Testing Program, which is the only in-              Consulting, Inc.
stallation training and certification program that tests
and certifies satellite system installers on an industry-         The record-breaking attendance spoke to the suc-
wide certification standard. For more information,            cess of the track and course development. Clearly,
please visit www.sbcatest.com.                                EXPO 2002 education has again raised the bar for fu-
                                                              ture expectations. Approximately 3,400 people at-
                                                              tended the over 210 CEDIA education sessions at EXPO.
EXPO Education                                                   New to EXPO 2002 was the electronic access to
                                                              course handouts. This inspired delivery of the hand-
   Under the leadership of Todd Adams of Cutting Edge         outs, which experienced minor glitches clearly sur-
Systems, 2002 CEDIA D/I Volunteer of the Year, CEDIA’s        mountable for future years, and was well-received
EXPO Education moved forward toward delivery on the           on many levels and will definitely be continued for
development of the CEDIA University concept.                  future shows.
    Along with the direction and guidance of an excep-           A reflection on CEDIA and EXPO Education from
tional team of EXPO Deans, Adams was driven to de-            President Jeff Hoover, “CEDIA is focused on two things:
velop coursework to guide professionals within a cer-         education and EXPO. EXPO is really the primary driver
tain career path track.                                       behind the organization. It’s where our money comes
    Using recognized leaders in the industry, the follow-     from and is our absolute, number-one priority. But
ing tracks employed progressive and solid sub-tracks          number two is providing quality education, and we’re
to impart critical knowledge to industry professionals.       reinventing that so that it’s not the same old thing. We
                                                              not only want to continue to teach some of the classes
2002 Deans:                                                   that have become classic within this industry for new
•   Business Management:                                      people, but keep pushing the envelope so that some
    Deans – Jocelyn Stover, Custom Electronics, and           of the best high-end custom companies can still send
    Randy Stearns, Engineered Environments                    their people for relevant training.”

     cedia professional                                                  certification

              EDIA’s Certification program reflects a                A group within the Certification Action Team,
              dedication to setting the highest standards         called the GE Squad (Global Expansion Squad), is
              for professionals in the residential custom         responsible for supporting the efforts of those wish-
     electronic design and installation industry. By estab-       ing to deliver CEDIA Certification programs in coun-
     lishing these clear, objective standards for the required    tries outside the U.S. The GE Squad has been work-
     skills and knowledge of electronics system designers         ing with CEDIA in Australia, the UK and Mexico in
     and installers, CEDIA Professional Certification deliv-      their efforts to develop a certification program in
     ers a range of benefits to individuals, consumers and        their regions. CEDIA is proud to announce that the
     manufacturers. CEDIA’s intent with certification is to       Australian and British CEDIA Certification programs
     advance the custom electronics industry through the          were successfully launched at their respective
     development and maintenance of a valid, credible and         EXPO’s and are beginning to plan for the program
     reliable certification system based upon a sound struc-      in Mexico.
     ture and quality standards.                                      The year 2003 marks the year of development of
        Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) worked diligently           the first Designer Specialty certification: the Designer
     over the past several months on the first exam update        Home Theater Specialist certification. Development
     project, the Installer Level I exam. Moving forward, all     of the Designer Home Theater Specialist exam is well
     CEDIA Certification exams will undergo bi-annual updates     underway, with the SME team having met for their
     in order to ensure that the material remains relevant with   second session in June. The release (TBD) of the Home
     regard to changing codes, regulations and standards.         Theater Specialist exam will mark the launch of the
        This year, CEDIA partnered with AVAD to offer the         first module in the plan to replace the originally pro-
     CEDIA Installer Level I Preparation seminar and exam         posed Designer Level II exam with a group of Designer
     at the 19 AVAD locations located throughout the coun-        Specialist Exams and rename Designer Level I to sim-
     try. This makes Installer Level I certification almost ten   ply, CEDIA Certified Designer.
     times more accessible and far less expensive to the              As of June, CEDIA has awarded more than 1600
     installer community.                                         certifications.

        CEDIA’s intent … is to advance the custom electronics industry through
           the development and maintenance of a valid, credible and reliable
       certification system based upon a sound structure and quality standards.

                       cedia      public policy
                and            regulatory issues

State Public Policy Activity                                  work. Legislation was introduced in Arizona, Illinois,
                                                              Indiana, Massachusetts, Missouri and Pennsylvania
     2003 marked a successful year for the CEDIA Pub-         that would have created major bureaucratic barri-
lic Policy Team. During the 2003 state legislative cycle,     ers for CEDIA members while lessening restrictions
the team analyzed over 2,000 individual pieces of state       on other workers.
legislation, and identified over 150 bills that could nega-       The Public Policy Team moved quickly, sending
tively affect the custom installation industry. Over 50       alerts to CEDIA members in those states and demand-
of those bills were deemed “top priority” due to their        ing a level playing field from the legislators. While
potential major impact.                                       battles still loom in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania,
    In response to the threats posed by legislation in-       this unfair and harmful legislation has been defeated
troduced in several states, the CEDIA Public Policy           in Arizona, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri.
Team, led by Mitchell Klein, CEDIA Board Member, and              Despite their successes, CEDIA is taking nothing for
Nicholas Pasyanos, CEDIA Sr. Director of Finance &            granted. New battles will begin when most these states
Public Policy, has been educating state legislators about     reconvene in January 2004.
the low-voltage custom installation industry. Many of-
ficials are unaware that the wire infrastructure used in
these systems is not in place to deliver electricity, but     Federal Public Policy Activity
rather to deliver information and intelligence in the
form of voice, data, security, audio and video systems.           The CEDIA Public Policy Team has also been moni-
   Much of the threatening legislation provides ex-           toring Federal legislation that could affect HDTV and
emptions for certain classes of electrical                    the products sold by CEDIA Members to consumers.
contractors while unfairly restricting the scope of work      CEDIA Board Member Michael Heiss heads the federal
for individuals who specialize in low-voltage electronic      public policy effort. Federal legislation and new rul-
systems. This sacrifices potential CEDIA-member com-          ings by the FCC could make the products sold by CEDIA
pany customers to high-voltage electrical contractors,        members to consumers obsolete or necessitate addi-
despite the fact that they generally do not have the          tional equipment. The Public Policy Team has identi-
training to perform the high-tech installation, integra-      fied four major pieces of legislation that merit particu-
tion and programming of such systems.                         lar attention. CEDIA will closely monitor these bills and
    Most notably, CEDIA identified legislation specific       work to ensure that CEDIA’s concerns are heard. We
to low-voltage in six states that, if enacted, would          are hopeful that the issues will be resolved in favor of
directly impact the rights of CEDIA members to                CEDIA members’ customers.

       The CEDIA Public Policy Team has been educating state
    legislators about the low-voltage custom installation industry.

                   cedia              financial analysis

            he Custom Electronic Design & Installation                 CEDIA has cash reserves in excess of $2 million
            Association, Inc. (CEDIA) was incorporated as          that are invested in secure, interest-bearing accounts.
            a not-for-profit trade association in 1989 under       The reserves provide stability in the event of economic
     the laws of the State of Illinois and operates in the State   downturns.
     of Indiana as a foreign corporation.                             The information graphically displayed below, from
         The scope of the Association’s activities is to provide   January 1, 2002 to December 31, 2002, is indicative of
     members with various services and programs to promote         the Association’s strong financial position and contin-
     the custom electronics industry. These activities include,    ued professional stewardship of the Association’s
     but are not limited to, an annual trade show and conven-      funds. The graphs do not serve as a balance sheet. Any
     tion, educational services, seminars and certification,       individual wishing to review detailed financial infor-
     publications, and public relations and marketing services.    mation may do so by inquiring with CEDIA’s Senior
        Based on a professional financial review in accor-         Director of Finance and Public Policy.
     dance with Statements and Standards for Accounting                The Association’s strong financial position is due
     and Review Services issued by the American Institute          to the consistent monitoring and analysis by the CEDIA
     of Certified Public Accountants, conducted by Dunbar,         Board of Directors and CEDIA professional staff. The
     Cook & Shepard, P.C., Certified Public Accountants, all       CEDIA financial committee, which is chaired by the
     financial statements were found to be in accordance           CEDIA treasurer, provides CEDIA professional staff with
     and in conformity with generally accepted accounting          the oversight and direction necessary to maintain a
     principles. The review found no reportable conditions         high level of fiscal management through analysis and
     in the financial data.                                        adherence to governed accounting procedures.

     REVENUE                                                       EXPENSES
     Total Revenue = $8,495,234                                    Total Expenses = $7,692,947

                                                                                        Membership Development
                                  Other                                                            0.8%
                                                                                Global Programs         Industry Related Events
           Publications & Surveys 2.1%                                                1.2%
                    1.5%                                                                                          0.5%
                 Home of                                                            2.4%
          Electronic Lifestyles™          Dues
                   3.3%                                                       Public Relations
                                                                   Publications & Surveys      6.1%
                                                                            3.5%                            Administration
                      Education &                                         HOEL/
                      Certification                                 Industry Outreach 6.9%

                       EXPO                                                           Education &
                     Education                                                        Certification
                       11.6%                                                             14.3%
                                        EXPO                                                               EXPO
                                        52.9%                                                              35.4%

                                   Total Revenue over Expenses = $802,287

             cedia     industry outreach
      and           strategic partnerships

        EDIA, through its Industry Events and Educa-         greater awareness of our industry. The feedback has
        tional councils, has been focusing intently on       been that other vendors displaying at these shows want
        further creation and development of its stra-        to locate their displays near our booth because that is
tegic partnerships and relationships during the past         where the action and traffic is.
year. The goal has been to establish a more significant         Due to a concurrent effort between the Industry
level of industry awareness within the ranks of the          Events and Education councils, CEDIA, in conjunction
building, architectural and interior design communi-         with some of our manufacturer members, has devel-
ties. We are all acutely aware of the fact that a major      oped and is in the process of developing Continuing
portion of our individual businesses is derived from         Education Unit (CEU) courses to present at both
the referrals and relationships that we have established     national and regional shows. AIA members require
and receive from these three valuable industry part-         annual accreditation to remain in good standing thus,
ners. The increasingly important issue of awareness          these CEUs offer CEDIA a great method to share infor-
as to the services and value a CEDIA member provides         mation and grow relationships.
to these entities will be critical in the growth and pros-      In 2002, CEDIA began an initiative to understand
perity of our businesses.                                    and develop a strategic relationship with the Ameri-
   CEDIA has been an active participant in the National      can Society of Interior Designers (ASID). This associa-
Association of Home Builders (NAHB) show for the past        tion, similar to AIA, requires CEUs for its membership
three years. Our traveling display, the Home of Elec-        to remain accredited. CEDIA is in the process of devel-
tronic LifestylesTM, has had a major presence in the tech-   oping CE courses for this partnership which will be
nology pavilion and, has experienced high-traffic each       applicable on the national, regional and local levels. In
year. In addition, CEDIA provided an educational pres-       addition, CEDIA has participated in several different
ence at the NAHB 2003 show in Las Vegas earlier this         national events providing panels and participants evan-
year. Our participation included a number of panels          gelizing the CEDIA message.
with CEDIA experts providing insights on various top-             In conclusion, please realize that CEDIA is con-
ics of how to successfully work together as a team with      stantly seeking and establishing new strategic relation-
custom builders.                                             ships with partners and will continue to search for new
    In addition to national participation, CEDIA has de-     opportunities. These partnerships are quite possibly
veloped a relationship with other smaller regional           one of the best vehicles to grow our industry and cre-
shows and, in some cases, has participated in deliver-       ate a very powerful awareness within the construction
ing both awareness education and presenting our dis-         and design industries and ultimately with the con-
play as a presence. This approach will continue as op-       sumer. Many other avenues will be explored as time
portunities occur. We will continue to work closely with     progresses with other strategic partners, shows and
custom builders and remodelers in the future.                educational outreach opportunities.
    Our relationship with the American Institute of             “This task is monumentally important both in the
Architects (AIA) continues to evolve. CEDIA utilized         scope of determining which is the best method of out-
the Home of Electronic Lifestyles™ as a presence dur-        reach and to grow our industry and the opportunities
ing the past three national AIA shows to create a            that exist if we are successful.”

                    cedia              communications

     2003 CEDIA Member Survey:                                    Marketing
     Answers you need!
                                                                     CEDIA continues to offer its members valuable
        CEDIA partnered with the Indiana Business Re-             industry publications to help members build their skills
     search Center (IBRC) to conduct the 2003 Member-             and businesses in the Electronic Lifestyles™ industry.
     ship Survey. Fellow designer and installers partici-         Resources provided include the CEDIA Membership
     pated in the 2003 Member Survey to help increase             Directory, the worldwide resource directory for the
     CEDIA’s member knowledge of the industry as it per-          industry; “How to Hire a Custom Installer,” an article
     tains to CEDIA members businesses. Participants also         designed to help you sell your customer on the value
     had a chance to win a FREE ALL-ACCESS CEDIA EXPO             of hiring a professional; the CEDIA Icon Set, to be used
     PACKAGE including lodging as well as an airfare al-          for all purposes of residential and commercial low-
     lowance up to $1,500.                                        voltage demarcation – it’s designed to be a universal
        The questions were developed based on inquiries           standard; CEDIA 10 Tips Card, a four-color book-
     received from CEDIA members, industry members and            mark-size card with 10 tips for homeowners; CEDIA
     trade and consumer publications. The data collected          Consumer Brochure, a high-end marketing tool that
     assists CEDIA in improving its services, and benefits        illustrates the benefits of your company services to
     members in business planning and market evaluation.          prospective clients; and the CEDIA Electronic
                                                                  Lifestyles™ Awards Book, includes photos and project
                                                                  descriptions for all entries into the Electronic
     Public Relations                                             LifestylesTM Awards competition. A great idea book!

        In 2002 and 2003, the CEDIA PR team continued to
     highlight the custom design and installation industry in     Web Site
     national and international media outlets. The number
     of media in attendance at CEDIA EXPO 2002 topped 300            Promoting CEDIA and its members is one of CEDIA’s
     for the first time in EXPO’s history, and the CEDIA PR       top initiatives. This past year, CEDIA’s PR Team rede-
     team continued to foster relationships with key national     signed the Press/Media Web site to give the media
     and international journalists. The results were stories in   easier access to CEDIA information. Included on the
     the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Con-        site is a slate of story ideas, a list of expert sources for
     sumer Reports and other high-profile national and in-        the media to contact regarding top CEDIA issues, CEDIA
     ternational consumer publications, as well as ongoing        facts and figures, a list of frequently asked questions,
     coverage in key trade publications about CEDIA’s im-         as well a photos from various CEDIA events for the
     pact on the growth and development of the industry.          media to include with their articles.

                cedia             member survey
         2 0 0 3 C E D I A M E M B E R S U R V E Y: A N S W E R S Y O U N E E D !

        EDIA partnered with the Indiana Business         was used. Respondents used a Representative Identi-
       Research Center (IBRC), Kelley School of          fication number assigned by CEDIA (as opposed to the
       Business, Indiana University to conduct the       firm or individual firm representative’s name) to ac-
2003 Membership Survey. Nineteen percent (19%) of        cess each survey through the CEDIA Web site via a se-
CEDIA designer/installer member companies responded      cure and direct link to the IBRC. While CEDIA was aware
to the survey, which exceeds the average response of     of which firms participated, it did not have knowledge
eleven percent (11%) for trade association surveys.      of any individual firm responses.
   Designer and installers participated in the 2003          The survey questions were developed based on
Member Survey to help increase CEDIA’s mem-              inquiries received from CEDIA members, industry
ber knowledge of the industry as it pertains to          members and trade and consumer publications. The
business operations, training, industry trends, and      data collected assists CEDIA in improving its services,
attitudes and opinions regarding the custom in-          and benefits members in business planning and mar-
stallation industry.                                     ket evaluation. To receive a copy of the 2003 CEDIA
    To ensure confidentiality, a “double-blind” method   Member survey, email member@cedia.org.

cedia 2002-2003 leadership

      Executive Committee                                Board of Directors

                                                                 ANDY BAKER
                                                                 Audiocom.co.uk Ltd
                       JEFF HOOVER
                       Audio Advisors, Inc.

                                                                 DAVID BEAUCHAMP
                                                                 Switched on Living

                       Vice President                            Director
                       RAY LEPPER                                LARRY DASHIELL
                       Home Media Stores, L.C. dba
                       Home Media Richmond

                                                                 JILL KENT
                                                                 Electronic Interiors, Inc.

                       MARILYN SANFORD                           Director
                       La Scala                                  MITCHELL KLEIN
                                                                 Media Systems

                                                                 SCOTT MCALLISTER
                       ANDY WILLCOX
                       ProLine Integrated Systems ~FM~           Director
                                                                 BILL SKAER
                                                                 Eric Grundelman Inc. ~FM~

                                                                 Ex Officio
                                                                 MICHAEL HEISS
                       Past President
                                                                 M. Heiss Consulting
                       STEVE HAYES
                       Custom Electronics, Inc.

                                                                 Ex Officio
                                                                 JEFF KUSSARD
                                                                 J. Kussard Consulting

      * ~FM~ = Founding Member
                                                                 Ex Officio
                                                                 RICHARD STOERGER
                                                                 Audio Design Associates, Inc. ~FM~

cedia 2002-2003 committees, councils and action teams

      Executive ..................................................................... Jeff Hoover, Audio Advisors, Inc.
      Finance ........................................................................ Marilyn Sanford, La Scala
      Nominating ................................................................. Steve Hayes, Custom Electronics, Inc.
      Ethics ........................................................................... Bill Skaer, Eric Grundelman Inc. ~FM~
      Program ...................................................................... Ray Lepper, Home Media Stores, L.C.

      Manufacturers’ ........................................................... Larry Pexton, Triad Speakers ~FM~
      Education .................................................................... Ken Smith, Custom Electronics, Inc.
      Industry Relations ...................................................... Larry Dashiell, Hometech
      Industry Events and Outreach ................................... Andy Willcox, ProLine Integrated Systems ~FM~
      Membership ............................................................... Tom Paterniti, D-Link Systems, Inc.

      Action Teams

      Competitive Analysis ................................................. Chris Wildforester, Crestron Electronics, Inc.
      Sales Representatives ................................................ Andrew Ard, KA Marketing
      Consultants ................................................................. Joe Piccirilli, AVAD, LLC


      Technical Training ...................................................... David Nowak, AMX
      Regional Education .................................................... Richard Stoerger, Audio Design Associates, Inc. ~FM~
      Certification ................................................................ Jeff Kussard, J. Kussard Consulting
      Book Store .................................................................. Danis Fueling, Phoenix Communications Corporation
      EXPO Education ......................................................... Todd Adams, Cutting Edge Systems
      Management Conference .......................................... Utz Baldwin, AD Systems
      Subject Matter Experts .............................................. Steve Somers, Extron
      Education Outreach ................................................... Jay Miller, Acoustic Innovations, Inc.,
      Instructor Pool ............................................................ Steve McNaur, McNaur Marketing Webworks & LiveEdit


      Legislative ................................................................... Mitchell Klein, Media Systems
      Business Partners ....................................................... Jeff Hoover, Audio Advisors, Inc.
      Past Presidents ........................................................... Eric Bodley, Home Entertainment Design
      Home Theater ............................................................. Robert Ridenour, Connected Technologies


      EXPO ........................................................................... Randy Wilson, Wilson Home Theater Systems ~FM~
      Architects/Builders/Design ........................................ Kevin Mikelonis, Advanced Visual Environments
      Awards ........................................................................ Chris Kangis, Electronic Interiors, Inc.
      PR and Marketing Transition ..................................... Steve Hayes, Custom Electronics, Inc.
      Tour of Electronic Lifestyles™ ................................... Andy Willcox, ProLine Integrated Systems ~FM~


      Membership Benefits ................................................. Staff, CEDIA
      Idea Bank .................................................................... Staff, CEDIA

cedia professional staff

      CEDIA’s professional staff is composed of various departments and disciplines that provide a full-service approach to
      association management in the delivery of services to the CEDIA membership. Following is a synopsis of CEDIA staff
      positions, the professionals who fill these positions and a brief outline of their responsibilities.

                      Executive Director Billilynne D. Keller                           Director of Communications Brittany
                      is responsible for directing all activities of                    Nims is responsible for directing all
                      the association in accordance with estab-                         communications efforts as they relate to
                      lished policies of the board of directors to                      membership development and retention,
                      achieve the goals, objectives and maintain                        and public relations and marketing activities.
      the highest level of standards for the association.               •   Media relations
      •   CEDIA Board of Directors and Executive Committee              •   Membership
          responsibilities                                              •   Electronic Lifestyles™ Awards
      •   Strategic development                                         •   Worldwide Resource Membership Directory
      •   Corporate oversight
                                                                                        Director of Professional Develop-
                       Senior Director of Finance and                                   ment Margaret Sheehan is responsible
                       Public Policy Nicholas Pasyanos is                               for developing and implementing all CEDIA
                       responsible for all issues related to CEDIA’s                    educational programs and services.
                       financial management to include budget
                       oversight, cash management and invest-           •   Develops education curriculum and programs
      ments. He is also responsible for all public policy/legislative   •   Oversight of the CEDIA education department
      issues affecting the association’s membership.                    •   Industry education outreach and development
      •   Public policy and legislative advocacy
      •   Financial management and investments                                         Director of Certification Lori Alberts
      •   Management oversight                                                         is responsible for planning, implementing
      •   Alliance development                                                         and improving CEDIA’s professional certifi-
                                                                                       cation and continuing education programs.
                       Senior Director of Operations Don                               She is the staff liaison to the Certification
                       Gilpin is responsible for guiding and di-        Action Team as well as the Subject Matter Experts who
                       recting the professional staff in the develop-   develop the professional certification programs.
                       ment, production and promotion of the            •   Oversight of the CEDIA professional certification program
                       association’s products and services.             •   Oversight of the CEDIA continuing education program
      •   Daily operations                                              •   Exam development and maintenance
      •   Professional staff management, coordination and oversight
      •   Oversight of Committee and Council activities                                 Trade Show Manager Debbie Antrim
      •   Global oversight                                                              is responsible for assisting the Director of
                                                                                        Trade Shows with all aspects of the CEDIA
      Director of Trade Shows is responsible for the coordi-                            EXPO and all other industry-related events.
      nation of activities involved in the planning, implementation
      and execution of CEDIA EXPO. This position is also respon-        •   Daily management of CEDIA EXPO
      sible for all other industry-related events that involve CEDIA    •   Convention logistics management
      and its membership.
                                                                                        Project Manager Carol Mattson is
      •   EXPO planning, promotion and logistics
                                                                                        responsible for the coordination of CEDIA
      •   Industry-related events (CES, AIA, NAHB) planning,
                                                                                        special projects and provides administrative
          promotion and logistics
                                                                                        support to the Executive Director.
      •   Global EXPO coordination

                                                                        •   Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings
                                                                        •   CEDIA Bookstore
                                                                        •   Idea Bank
                                                                        •   Career Center

                Education Events Manager Lindsay                            Volunteer Coordinator Tabatha
                Elder is responsible for developing and                     O’Connor is responsible for assisting the
                administering education programs and                        Director of Operations in maximizing the
                events for members specific to the industry                 volunteer resources through ensuring pro-
                and profession of CEDIA members.                            ductivity and the timely delivery of infor-
•   CEDIA educational meeting management                      mation and reports.
•   CEDIA EXPO Education                                      •   Management of CEDIA’s intranet
•   Training Center meeting/class room logistics              •   Communicates responsibilities and deadlines to all
                                                                  active volunteers
              Public Relations and Marketing
              Coordinator Jamie Antcliff is respon-                         Global Program Assistant Branden
              sible for coordinating public relations and                   Camp assists international action teams in
              marketing campaigns, producing CEDIA’s                        the coordination of events. Serves as a
              newsletter, distributing electronic news                      CEDIA US staff liaison for CEDIA UK and
mediums, and overseeing content on the CEDIA Web site.                      CEDIA Australia. Also, responsible for main-
•   Production and dissemination of CEDIA communications      tenance and management of CEDIA’s Training Center.
•   Sponsorships                                              •   Boot Camp Preparations
•   Worldwide Resource Membership Directory advertising       •   Oversees the implementation of CEDIA US administra-
                                                                  tive procedures in CEDIA UK and CEDIA Australia
                Education Coordinator Christine               •   Assistance with other association needs
                May provides project management to the
                Regional, Boot Camp, and EXPO Education                     Administrative Assistant Holly
                programs and efforts.                                       Patterson is responsible for assisting the
                                                                            Director of Trade Shows in the coordination
•   Education logistics                                                     of CEDIA EXPO and the Director of Commu-
•   Education registration and billing                                      nications in aspects of correspondence and
                Membership Assistant Cindy                    •   Mailings
                Carmichael is responsible for assisting       •   Collections
                the Director of Communications with all       •   Administrative functions
                aspects of membership development, main-
                tenance and services to CEDIA members.                        Events & Operations Assistant Jen-
•   On-line membership information updates                                    nifer Stewart is responsible for assisting
•   Membership application, approval process, membership                      the Director of Operations with the day-to-day
    information and benefits                                                  operations of the association. Also assists in
•   CEDIA publications, surveys and symbology sales                           the coordination of industry tradeshows.
    fulfillment                                               •   Mailings
•   Member plaque distribution                                •   Filing
                                                              •   Special projects
                Finance Assistant Jennifer Knotts
                is responsible for assisting the Senior Di-   Accounting Staff Elaine Waggoner and Patty Warren
                rector of Finance and Public Policy in all    provide accounting support to staff and coordinate all ac-
                issues related to fiscal management and       counting activities with outside certified public accountants.
                legislative affairs.                          All CEDIA financials are prepared on a monthly basis by an
•   Finance administration                                    independent accounting firm.
•   Accounts receivable and payable
•   Special projects                                          CEDIA United Kingdom Operations Manager
                                                              Wendy Griffiths is responsible for all CEDIA United King-
                                                              dom day-to-day operations and implementation of CEDIA
                                                              United Kingdom programs.

                                                              CEDIA Australasia Regional Coordinator Laurie
                                                              Douglas is responsible for all CEDIA Australasia day-to-day
                                                              operations and implementation of CEDIA Australasia programs.

CEDIA Headquarters
9202 N. Meridian St., Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46260-1810
Phone: (317) 571-5602
Toll-free: (800) 669-5329
Fax: (317) 571-5603
E-mail: info@cedia.org
Web: www.cedia.org

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