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					Nilesh Dosooye
San Francisco, CA | | | updated on : 09/2008
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Experienced Software Engineer seeking a challenging and fun opportunity working with smart peers to build
state of the art scalable social software. Preferably in San Francisco, but willing to travel as well.

I am very passionate about what I do. My several years of experience has been mostly in building scalable
web based applications and services. I have built enterprise as well as community applications using mainly
PHP interfacing to MySQL Databases. I have been involved in all stages of software development life cycle -
from requirement gathering to build and release management. I also have good experience with Apache
and MySQL server setup and administration and Squid Proxy Cache. While my primary skills are mostly
backend, I do take a dab at frontend when needed and have been trying some AJAX libraries. My most
recent experience has been in designing and implementing scalable high traffic web based community
applications and REST Web Services. I have used agile scrum methodologies for most of the recent

Job Experience

TimeBrigde, Inc
Team Leader                              San Francisco,CA                             May 2008 - present
    Lead the software development team. The team is split between San Francisco and Rehovot, Israel.
    Development is mostly done in Ruby on Rails (RoR) interfacing to a python backend web services. My
    team worked on the RoR layer. I was the interface between product management and engineering.
    Development methodolgy is agile and we have very short aggresive iteration cycles of 2 weeks to

Thingfo Social Web Platform
Chief Technical Officer and Architect         San Francisco,CA                     December 2007 - May 2008
     Developed a scalable generic social web platform that can be used to build many kind of social
     networks quickly. Performed many roles in this position - I architected the entire backend framework
     for thingfo, did all the monitoring, operational setup of our servers, evaluated software and
     technologies to use, reviewed outsourcing resources and product/project management.

     Architected and Implemented a scalable backend database and web framework for Thingfo
     Implemented an OPENID consumer and integrated it with thingfo's current user database
     Worked on implementation of an OAuth Service Provider and Consumer
     Data Partitioning Architecture and Implementation
     Leveraged Amazon S3 web services to store images
     Leveraged Amazon SQS web services to implement Queue Management for all data insertion
     Set up of Amazon EC2 instance for possible scale up
     Developed inbound/outbound Twitter/Pownce Integration
           Inbound - feeding-in our database from a Twit sent in a particular format
     Developed full text search using PHP-Lucene
     Integrations/Mashups with various public apis (Yelp, MyBlogLog, Flickr, Upcoming, Yahoo! Local,
     Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, Google Maps, Google AppEngine, Y! FireEagle, Last.FM etc..)
     Facebook Application Development Experience
     Used phpCodeGenie, PEAR and Zend Frameworks for various tasks.
     Smart Data Caching Architecture
     Development of JavaScript Badges for clients
     Apache Server configuration and management, Mysql server setup, operation and backup
Yahoo! Inc                                   Sunnyvale, CA                             June 2005 - Dec 2007
Yahoo User Generated Content Platform Group
Backend Engineer                                                                        May 2006 - Dec 2007
     I worked as part of the core team to implement a User Generated Content Platform for Yahoo!
     properties. The platform is a REST based web services system and provides photo and video upload,
     blogging, commenting, rating, profile, tagging and live searches on UGC data for yahoo properties
     (used by over 30 yahoo properties to date - e.g. Y! News, Y! Sports, Y! Music, Y! Entertainment, Y!
     Health, Y! OMG, Y! Autos, Y! Widgets etc..)

     Yahoo! Platform Builder Award 2007
     Designed and Implemented an extensible loosely coupled SOA Framework to build REST web services
     Partitioned Database design and implementation, with Master/Slave backend setup
     Lead the design and implementation of the following modules of the UGC platform
            Core WS Framework Design and Architecture
            Blogging Web Services.
            Commenting Web Services (Very high volume)
            Photo Upload and Retrieval Web Services
            Tagging Web Services (Very high volume)
     Worked on the following as part of the team
            Video Upload Web Services
            Head Content Web Services
            Editorial Web Services
            Profile Web Services
     Interfaced with various Yahoo legacy systems and built systems on top of it.
     Experience with Apache Web Server configuration, Rewrite rules, Squid Proxy Cache and MySQL setup
     Hack Day Project 1: YBistro - A full web application to review, rate, video comment and add pictures of
     food served at the yahoo cafetaria
     Hack Day Project 2: YTwit - A Yahoo Messenger Plugin to take messenger updates and broadcast it to
     other web services and keeps statuses a la twitter
     Random snippets and tools I built that's being widely used by our team and in production.
            XMLBuilder - Extended PHP5 DOM class to make it easy to build our own custom XML.
            DATABASE Query Analyzer- Analyzes query being executed and use appropriate master or slave
            Code Generator for DAO - Generates core CRUD classes based on database
            Feed processing - Cron jobs to receive feeds of video updates from Yahoo! video and broadcast
            updates to numerous UGC servers and WS.
            Image Processing - Used GD to resample, transform and resize images for our photo upload
            Flickr Web Services Wrapper - Wrapper to use all flickr web services from upload to retrieval.
            REST Web Services Unit Tester - Simple scripts to check whether xml output of web services are
            accurate and assert true to our test cases.
            Phugc Dashboard - Administration tool to add new partitions and customers to the phugc
            platform and general reporting.

Yahoo! Education and Yahoo! Kids Group
Software Engineer                                                                    June 2005 - May 2006

     Worked in a team of 3 engineers to maintain and develop all aspects of Yahoo! Education and
     Yahooligans websites. We all did the backend, frontend, operations and database administration.
          Feed processing
          Caching Strategy Implementation (APC, Memory and Static)
          Yahoo! Encyclopedia, Dictionary and Thesaurus Development
          Yahoo! Answers integration within Yahoo Education
          SEO Optimizations
          Conversion of old Legacy code to PHP for Yahoo Education and Yahooligans
          Reference Search (Using Internal Yahoo Search Technology)
          XML and XSLT processing for content from feed providers
          Did minor AJAX work for reference sections
          We were among the pioneers of using Agile Scrum methodology at Yahoo!
Hartwell Center for BioInformatics and BioTechnology,
St Jude Children Research Hospital [website]
Software Engineer II                      Memphis, TN, USA                              May 2002 - May 2005
      Designed and Implemented High Volume BioInformatics web applications in PHP and MySQL.
      Designed and implemented caching strategy for high traffic web applications efficiency
      Designed Relational Databases to store biological information
      Implemented JSPs and Servlets to interface with EJBs for a hospital wide J2EE Web Ordering system
      Implementation and set up of an MVC framework for java development
      Evaluated, customized and used open source software and libraries
      Developed JSP taglibs
      Extensively used the different PEAR PHP packages in application development
      Deployment of J2EE applications on Tomcat 5.0 and Weblogic 8.0
      Wrote a Schema Comparer to compare and find differences between db structure between
      development and production Oracle schemas
      Designed many custom, minor intranet applications both as standalone shell scripts and web based,
      e.g Meeting Registration, Developer's portal, Publications Tracker, automatic BioInformatics Data
      updater, Tasks Manager, Sample Tracking etc..
      Developed applications that interfaced with Verisign for payment processing
      Designed SQL queries for best performance for web based applications
      Maintenance of development Apache Web Server
      Database Administration for development MySQL Database Server
      Developed a central LDAP authentication system for intranet applications in PHP
      Built a synchronization application to synchronize applications from development to staging to
      production servers
      Implemented Web Services in PHP for intranet applications to communicate between each other using
      Developed an object oriented PHP Application Framework for our in house PHP Software development

University of Mississippi, Computer Science Dept
Web Administrator                        University, MS, USA                          August 2001 - Dec 2001
      Designed and Implemented new Intranet system for the Computer Science Department of the
      University of Mississippi, with personalized user pages, class forums, book exchange and alumni
      directory. The intranet was built in PHP/MySQL.
      Installation and maintenance of Apache Webserver with PHP modules and backend PostgreSQL
      database server.

SAIR Linux & GNU Certification
Database Administrator and Web Developer                  Oxford, MS, USA               May 1999 - Aug 2001
      Designed database and built Test Management Software to manage thousands of test takers taking
      SAIR Linux tests worldwide at VUE and Prometric centers.
      Test Management software interacted with these 3rd party test providers to update our internal
      databases daily. Test takers also had a web front end to access their scores and certifications status.
      Software was built using PHP and MySQL database with data parsers written in Perl.
      Developed Test Question Management and Question Version Control Software in PHP and MySQL.
      Designed and Implemented the company's Timesheet and Payroll web based software.
      Routine MySQL Database Administration and maintenance.

Office of Information Technology, University of Mississippi
Computer User Consultant                               University, MS, USA              Aug 1997 - May 1999
      Assisted faculty, staff and students with computing needs in the areas of Microcomputer applications
      and PC hardware.

Freelance contracts, Voluntary Work and Open Source Contribution
Web Developer                                                                              Aug 1996 - present
      Freelance contract work for several websites using the latest web techniques and tools to meet client
      requirements. I have also contributed a few software to the open source community on sourceforge.
      Here are few of the projects I have contributed.
            phpCodeGenie version 3 (2004) - phpCodeGenie is a code generator for database driven
            applications. It generates the core CRUD code and the basic front end for PHP applications. It
            can communicate with multiple databases and generate code from them. The entire application
            is built in object oriented PHP.
            PCG PHP Framework (2003) - From my personal development experience and reading design
            patterns, I designed an Object Oriented PHP Application Framework for web application
            development. At the time, there was not many frameworks in the PHP world.
            Enterprise Payroll Systems (2001) - PHP/MySQL Open Source TimeSheet and Payroll solutions
            for small company needs. Downloaded several times and used in many production setups.
            phpHostsFinder (2002) - This simple utility allows you to find all hostnames (if any) on a
            particular domain. You can either put a hostname or an ip address and program will scan the
            entire subdomain to locate hostnames which resolve.
            phpStyleSheetViewer (2002) - phpStyleSheetViewer will allow you to preview your Style Sheet
            and have a sample of what every element in your style sheet will look like on your site.

I am very familiar with many technologies and tools both in front end and back end web development. I also
have good experience on basic Linux System Administration, Apache Web Server and MySql database
administration. I am constantly updating myself about the various technonologies and tools available out
there. I have had some level of experience with the following technologies below.
         Computer Languages :PHP5 and Java
           Database Systems :MySQL and bits of Oracle and SQLLite
            Operating Sytems :Linux (RHEL and FC6), FreeBSD,Windows
              Version Control :SVN,CVS, Starteam
                          Misc :SQL, CSS, Javascript, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSLT, Squid Cache, Memcache,
                                 Lucene Search (php port), PEAR and PECL modules, CURL, Amazon S3 and
                         Tools :Zend Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, SQLYog, MonYog, XMLSpy
                  Web Servers :Apache 2.0, Tomcat 5.0
            GUI Development :Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, StyleMaster
University of Mississippi
Masters of Science in Computer Science (GPA 3.7/4.0)
Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with Honors (Cum Laude) (3.56/4.0)
Minor Emphasis : Management Information Systems

Available upon request

Recommendations by my peers and managers (copied from Linkedin)
“Nilesh doesn't build web 2.0 products, he lives them. He is up on the latest technology, heavily involved in
open source, and willing to do what it takes to ship his products and sustain them... Pleasure having him on
my team.”
Rajiv Puranik, Director of Network Integration Engineering, Media Group, Yahoo!
managed Nilesh at Yahoo Inc

“Nilesh is a world-class software engineer who is always thinking outside the box and asking "what if?".
Nilesh is an innovative problem solver because he constantly keeps his skills sharp and stays current on the
latest technology by working on his own projects in his spare time, which he often generously shares with
his colleagues when he is on the job. As a result, I have seen Nilesh come up with perfect solutions to
countless challenges and roadblocks during our team's product development cycle. Nilesh's passion for
excellence is contagious, he gets along with everyone, and he is an invaluable asset to any engineering
team. I recommend him highly.”
Ernest Aguayo, Senior Producer and Editor, Yahoo!
worked directly with Nilesh at Yahoo! Education and Yahoo! Kids

“Nilesh is an outstanding and passionate software engineer. His passion shows up in terms of his dedication,
technical skills, and impressive knowledge of the latest web technologies and tools. Nilesh constantly seeks
to learn new skills, build new products, and have a good time while he does it. This infectiously positive
attitude makes him an even more valuable team member. Nilesh will become an indispensable member of
your team, if you can keep up with him. I give him my highest recommendation.”
Mike Grishaver, Director of Product Management, Yahoo!
managed Nilesh indirectly at Yahoo Inc

“Nilesh is easy to work with and always willing to take time out to help or explain things. He is not only great
at being an engineer, but he also is awesome at helping to explain things to partners and co-workers. He is
always looking to make things better and easier for our clients. Nilesh always is thinking of what is best for
the company overall and making sure that we execute against that. Nilesh is a very valuable asset to ANY
team he is on! I highly recommend Nilesh!”
Karen Chin, Product Manager, Yahoo!
worked directly with Nilesh at Yahoo Inc

“During our collaboration at Yahoo!, I met Nilesh as a very dedicated and hard-working person. His social
skills made the nine hours time difference (Stockholm-SE - Sunnyvale-CA) disappear and our project moved
forward to the next release stage.”
Nicolas Grasset, Software Engineer, Yahoo! Inc.
worked with Nilesh at Yahoo Inc

“I had the pleasure of working with Nilesh when the Education and Kids team was transitioning to Agile
methods. He is a very sharp engineer who, early on, saw the benefits that Agile was giving to the team, and
he put in extra effort in helping the team out with the transition. He had a plethora of suggestions (during
our team retrospectives) on ways in which the team could improve further - ranging small tweaks to make
meetings more effective, to self-developed utilities and tools that would help speed up the team's coding
work. I'd jump at the opportunity to work with Nilesh again.” February 18, 2008
JF Unson, Program Manager & Senior Agile Coach, Yahoo Inc.
worked with Nilesh at Yahoo! Education and Yahoo! Kids

“I've worked with Nilesh in the same team. He is an excellent software engineer, fast problem solver, up to
date in knowledge and skills, innovative, always passionate about his work. He's also a team player, always
ready to lend a helping hand.”
Annie Quimby, Senior Software Engineer, Yahoo!
worked directly with Nilesh at Yahoo Inc

“Nilesh is a brilliant backend engineer with impressive PHP skills. He's the one guy I trust to vet candidates
for backend positions. Nilesh always has an innovative solution ready and writes clean object-oriented code.
He's also quite a hacker, always learning new technologies and scoping out new programming trends.”
Steve Krutzler, Senior Frontend Engineer, Yahoo
worked directly with Nilesh at Yahoo Inc

“It was such a pleasure working with Nilesh on Yahoo! Education. Not only is he an extremely talented
engineer, but he is one of the most genuine, sincere people I've ever met. He builds fantastic products and
continually strives to innovate by bringing his ideas to the table.” January 11, 2008
Jennifer McDonnell, Product Manager, Yahoo!
worked directly with Nilesh at Yahoo Inc

“I worked with Nilesh on the Yahoo! Kids team. He was very personable and easy to work with -- and just a
fun guy to be around! I'm not a technical person, but he must have been a good engineer, because another
team stole him from Yahoo! Kids, and we were very sad to lose him.”
Michele Meyer, Editor, Yahoo! Inc.
worked directly with Nilesh at Yahoo! Education and Yahoo! Kids
“I worked closely with Nilesh on the projects for Yahoo! Education and Yahooligans/Yahoo! Kids web sites.
Nilesh is skilled with both back-end engineering and front-end/UI portion which made him an even more
valuable team member. I was impressed with how Nilesh kept up with changes in technology and ability to
innovate quickly to implement a new feature or solution.”
Mary Wang, Software Engineer, Yahoo!
worked directly with Nilesh at Yahoo! Education and Yahoo! Kids

“Nilesh is a fantastic software engineer with a proven ability to develop and deliver scalable and resiliant web
based applications.”
Mike Surma, Operations Engineer, Yahoo!
worked with Nilesh at Yahoo! Education and Yahoo! Kids

“Nilesh provided software development support for many major scientific tools and databases. He has
excellent sense of project requirements, programming fluency, and meeting or beating the deadlines. I
would put everything into one line, if I were to hire anyone I would hire him. He had been remarkably
successful and this is a loss for St. Jude that he decided to move on. I wish him success in all his future
Perdeep Mehta, Research Scientist, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
worked with Nilesh at St Jude Children's Research Hospital

“Nilesh was a tremendous asset to the team. His quick turn around and knowledge of the subject matter
made it easy to convey the request and get the best output. He constantly pushed the envelope in being
cutting edge with databases and web interfaces. His affable mannerisms made him a favorite partner on
most projects.”
Suraj Mukatira, Research Scientist, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
managed Nilesh indirectly at St Jude Children's Research Hospital

“Nilesh was an outstanding developer for us. He has excellent skills (both PHP and J2EE), exemplary work
ethics and a great attitude. He got along well with all team members. He constantly learns new skills and
technologies and continuously tries to improve the quality of his work. It was unfortunate for us that he
needed to move up north. We would have done just about anything to keep him!”
Momodou Sanyang, Software Development Group Leader, sjcrh
managed Nilesh at St Jude Children's Research Hospital

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