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                                   TO ALL PERSONNEL (Knox County Teachers Federal Credit Union)

                                   Knox County Teachers Federal Credit Union invites you to become a member, pay a .25¢
                                   membership fee and deposit $5.00 into a share account. As a member you can take advantage
                                   of our low interest loan rates and fast friendly service. Our north office is now open on
                                   Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for your convenience. Please stop by one of our
                                   locations or visit us on the web to find out what Knox County Teachers FCU can do for you.

                                            North Branch                                            West Branch
                                            922-7481                                                691-8139
  Dr. Charles Lindsey                       922-7482
     Superintendent                                               WWW.KCTFCU.ORG

       Volume 51                   TO ALL KCEA MEMBERS AND NEW TEACHERS (Knox County Educational
      Number 22                    Association)
    January 17, 2006
                                   Reaching the Struggling Learner – Workshop for KCEA members and new teachers:
                                   Wednesday, January 18th, 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the KCEA office.

     CHARACTER                     Who are the struggling learners in your classroom? This session will look at both the
      COUNTS !SM                   emotional and academic needs of the student who struggles. Strategies for meeting the needs
                                   of such students will be shared and discussed. This workshop is for all teachers at all grade
                                   levels. Call the KCEA office, 522-9793, to reserve your spot.
     Responsibility                Bacon and Mary Kerr)
        Caring                     The next opening for the Teacher Supply Deport is Saturday, January 21. The doors
      Citizenship                  open at 7:00 a.m. for shopping in the gym. We will let administrators, teachers and teaching
                                   assistants shop in the Depot starting at 8:00 a.m. through 2:00 p.m. No teacher interns will be
                                   allowed to shop at the Depot this year. We have several 4-drawer file cabinets. If you would
                                   like one of them, bring a truck to haul it back to your school. No children or spouses are
       MISSION                     allowed in the Depot area. We hope to see you at the Depot on the 21st of January and don’t
     STATEMENT                     forget to wear your school ID’s. Visit our website to see pictures of some of the items
                                   available. The Knoxville Teachers Federal Credit Union will
                                   serve birthday cake to celebrate the Depot’s 5th Birthday.
        We the people
       of Knox County
                                   TO ALL TEACHERS AND ADMINISTRATORS (Dave Garner, Guidance Counselor,
     will inspire students
                                   Fulton High School)
    to be life long learners
        who are ethical
                                   Do you need graduate hours for advancement and/or re-certification? If so, consider the
     contributing citizens.
                                   Aerospace Education Workshop for Teachers to be held July 10-28, 2006 at the College of
                                   Education, UTK. This teacher workshop is open to teachers of all grade levels and subject
                                   areas and offers an unusual and fun filled three weeks learning about aerospace topics that you
                                   can use in your classroom. This workshop is in its 12th year and is rated as one of the top
                                   teacher workshops at UTK. Fly on a KC135 military airlift to Kennedy Space Center, in
                                   Florida, for a special three day VIP NASA tour of KSC. Fly locally with the Civil Air Patrol
                                   to experience flight in a small general aviation aircraft. You get to build and launch rockets
                                   and fly model aircraft. Does this not sound fun? The course awards three hours of graduate
                                   credit paid for by a grant from the Tennessee Aeronautics Commission. Apply now, as the
 * PEOPLE                          course is limited to 25 teachers, first come, first serve. Information and applications are on-line
   * POSSIBILITIES                 at Contact: Lt Colonel Dave Garner, Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education
    * POTENTIAL                    Director, Fulton High School Guidance, 594-1949
TO ALL INTERESTED TEACHERS (Patricia Moore and Kristin Whelahan, Smoky Mountain
Reading Council)

Please don't forget to work on those books for the Elizabeth Brashears Celebrate Literacy Award Program
sponsored by the Tennessee Reading Association and the Smoky Mountain Reading Council. The deadline
for submitting the books is Thursday, January 26, 2006 at Sequoyah Elementary, 6:00 p.m. Schools may
bring their finalists to the SMRC January 26th meeting. The guidelines for preparing and selecting books
for submission will need to be closely followed to avoid disqualifications. If you need a copy of the Entry
Blank, a copy of the Guidelines, or if there are any questions or concerns, please contact Patricia Moore at
579-2105 (Mooreland Heights Elementary, Route #40) e-mail, or Kristin Whelahan
at 609-1006.

TO CDC-A AND CDC TEACHERS (Michelle Pittman and Nicki Nye, Special Education

The following are optional in-service sessions being offered for all CDC-A and CDC teachers developing
TCAP-Alt portfolios. The purpose of these sessions is to answer questions and to assist teachers in
portfolio development. Please bring your Evidence Sheets, data sheets, and any other material on which
you would like to receive feedback. All sessions will be at Ridgedale Alternative School from 4:00-5:00
p.m. Please call Lauren Anderson at 909-9014 to register.

January 23, 2006                    Review of Data Sheets and Data Collection
February 7, 2006                    Question and Answer Session
February 22, 2006                   Question and Answer Session
March 7, 2006                       Pulling It All Together

INTERESTED SPECIAL EDUCATION STAFF (Teresa Clark, Special Education Supervisor)

The following are the remaining optional inservice sessions being offered in January 2006 for all Special
Education Paraprofessionals and interested Special Education Staff. Please call Cindy Fowler at 594-1521
to register.

January 23, 2006                      “ADD/ADHD”                                   3:45-5:15 p.m.
                                                                                   Knox Central, MC-2

TO ALL PERSONNEL (Diana Gossett, Special Education Specialist)

The following inservice sessions will be offered to any interested personnel:

Understanding the Characteristics of Autism                              Monday, January 23
Autism Questions & Answers – Parent Panel                                Wednesday, January 25
Autism Questions & Answers – Elementary Teacher Panel                    Wednesday, February 1
Autism Questions & Answers – Secondary Teacher Panel                     Wednesday, February 8
Structuring the Educational Environment for Success                      Wednesday, February 15
TEACHING Social Skills                                                   Wednesday, March 1

All sessions will be held at Ridgedale Alternative School, 4:00 p.m. –5:30 p.m. Please call 909-9014 to

TO PRIMARY/SECONDARY EVALUATORS (Jill Carroll, Supervisor, Human Resources)

Mid-point conferences for teachers being evaluated with the Focused Model should be completed in
January. If there are any concerns about the teacher’s progress, evaluators should move to Comprehensive
TO ALL FOURTH GRADE CLASSROOM TEACHERS (Fran Thomforde, Reading and Language
Arts Supervisor)


How do your fourth graders rate as writers? Do they write as well as you would like them to? Candace
Evans and Dot Gratz, Knox County Curriculum Facilitators, will present a session designed to give fourth
grade teachers a writing boost that will help you better prepare for your writing instruction. Topics covered
will be paragraph development, using picture books to model and improve student writing, scoring student
writing using state and Houghton-Mifflin rubrics, and activities to expand student word choice. The session
will be held Thursday, January 26th, 3:30 to 5:30, in the Great Room at the Sarah Simpson
Professional Development Center. Space is available for anyone who wishes to attend. However, to help
us better prepare for handouts, please let us know if you plan to attend by emailing Dot Gratz,

TO ALL PERSONNEL (Carol Russell, Supervisor, Adult Business & Information Technology)

Do You Need Re-certification Hours? Evening computer classes have been approved to count as hour
for hour credit toward your re-certification. Register today – class size is limited. Classes will begin the
week of January 17th with 24 hours of instruction for an 8-week course. Registration for these classes is
now available. Among the classes offered are Windows XP, Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, and
PowerPoint/Publisher with Photo Editing. Register for these classes at the Historic Knoxville High
Building, 101 East 5th Avenue, Office 307 or Pre-register by phone. Please call for more information or a
schedule of times and classes to be mailed. Our schedule can be seen at (look under
Community then Adult Programs). Due to the demand and time limits – No refunds will be offered unless
the class is cancelled. Most classes are $125 and a $10 discount will be given to Knox County School
employees. These classes are available for all school employees. Please call for more information: 594-

TO ALL PERSONNEL (Montina Jones, Director of Urban Schools; Brian Hartsell, Principal,
Austin-East Magnet High)

Beginning this semester, Austin-East Magnet High School will be offering their Academy of Business &
Finance to current ninth grade students. This Academy is in conjunction with the National Academy
Foundation (NAF), the nation's premier school-to-career organization based in NYC.

The Academy of Business & Finance, a first of its kind in Knoxville, will offer outstanding opportunities
for students to expand their knowledge and career choices. Included in the Academy will be coursework in
business, finance and marketing, a paid internship between the student's junior and senior years of high
school, a college-level course during their senior year, mentoring and visits with local Knoxville business
people, as well as a student-run credit union. The credit union is sponsored jointly with ORNL Federal
Credit Union. The credit union will be open two days a week and will initially offer savings accounts for
students in an effort to develop student financial responsibility. Other services may be added at a later date.

The Academy of Business & Finance is open to all Austin-East Magnet High School students who meet the
entrance requirements including: current 9th grade student (incoming academy students must be in the 9th
grade), maintain overall GPA 2.5, attendance rate of 93%, no major discipline issues, pass all NAF required
curriculum.  Students that are zoned to other schools will need to request a transfer to Austin-East in order
to participate.  The Academy is currently funded with an initial 3-year federal HUD grant, secured through
and supported by the City of Knoxville, Empowerment Zone.

Austin-East is currently searching for additional business partners in the Knoxville area to come on-board
as advisory board members, internship sponsors, mentors and volunteers for this academy project. If you
have any questions or concerns regarding this academy, please contact Ms. Brenda McPhail, assistant
principal, Austin-East Magnet High School, #594-3795.

Magnet Open House/Academy Grand Opening will be February 1, 2006, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. in the Performing
Arts wing.
TO ALL PERSONNEL (Dr. Mary Lou Kanipe, Supervisor, Human Resources)

Requests for the following positions must be in writing by January 27, 2006 to: Dr. Mary Lou Kanipe,
P.O. Box 2188, Knoxville, TN 37901.


1-Head Softball

1-Assistant Boys Soccer

1-Head Boys Track
1-Assistant Boys Track


TO ALL PERSONNEL (Charles Mashburn, Supervisor of Human Resources)

Human Resources Non-Certified Department has the following positions available:

                  Location                    Position                                      Scale/Days
                                                          Food Service
   Austin-East Magnet High                            Stockman/Van Driver                  8 Hr/186
                                                          Food Service
   South-Doyle Middle                                 Stockman/Van Driver                  8 Hr/186
                                                          Food Service
   Gibbs High                                               Worker                         6 Hr/186
                                                          Food Service
   South-Doyle High                                        Specialist                      6 Hr/186
   Brickey-McCloud                                          Custodian                      8 Hr/260
   Halls Middle                                             Custodian                      8 Hr/260
   Bearden Middle School                              Secretary/Bookkeeper                 S2/221

Current School Board employees should SUBMIT A COVER LETTER AND RESUME FOR THESE
POSITIONS by January 20, 2006. Applicants who are not current employees of the School Board should
place an application for positions with the Human Resources Department, 15th Floor, Andrew Johnson
Building, P. O. Box 2188, Knoxville, TN 37901-2188. PLEASE INCLUDE WITH YOUR

All cover letters should include a request for transfer (for current employees) or a statement that you have
a current application on file with this office, a current telephone number where you may be reached for an
interview, and a statement requesting consideration for the position. All applications/correspondence
should be submitted by closing date posted to: Human Resources Department, Knox County Schools, P. O.
Box 2188, Knoxville, TN 37901-2188.

TO CDC-A and CDC TEACHERS (Michelle Pittman and Nicki Nye, Special Education

The following are optional in-service sessions being offered for all CDC-A and CDC teachers developing
TCAP-Alt portfolios. The purpose of these sessions is to answer questions and to assist teachers in
portfolio development. Please bring your Evidence Sheets, data sheets, and any other material on which
you would like to receive feedback. All sessions will be at Ridgedale Alternative School from 4:00-
5:00p.m. Please call Lauren Anderson at 909-9014 to register.

January 23, 2006                    Review of Data Sheets and Data Collection
February 7, 2006                    Question and Answer Session
February 22, 2006                   Question and Answer Session
March 7, 2006                       Pulling It All Together


There will be a required meeting for Knox County Teacher Interns at Bearden Middle School in the
auditorium on Tuesday, January 24 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. You must attend this meeting to get your
year’s credit for the Apprentice License with the State Department of Education and Knox County Schools.

The following items will be needed for the meeting:
         1. A hard surface for writing (i.e., notebook, clipboard)
         2. A black pen
         3. The original superintendent’s copy of your Tennessee Teacher’s License (white checkbook

Do not arrive for the meeting before 8:45 a.m. to avoid traffic congestion with school buses and parents.
Parking is available on the east and west sides of the school; however, we strongly suggest that you carpool
to eliminate parking problems. The meeting will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. You will return to your
assigned school following the meeting.

We look forward to meeting with you on Tuesday, January 24, 2006. If you have any questions concerning
the meeting, contact the Human Resources Department 594-1920.

                                  INCLEMENT WEATHER PLANS
If schools are closed on January 24 or delayed one hour due to inclement weather, our alternate meeting
date will be February 7, 2006. Meeting site and time will remain the same on alternate date.

TO ALL PERSONNEL (Cathy Rogers, Program Coordinator, UT Professional & Personal
Development, 313 UT Conference Center Bldg, 865-974-0150)

UT Professional & Personal Development will offer a Federal Grant Applications class January 23-
February 20, 5-7:30 p.m. at the UT Conference Center, 600 Henley Street. The course will meet five
Monday evenings and the fee is $225. Strong grant writing experience is a prerequisite.

Principles of Effective Human Interaction will be taught by Rhonda Jones, author of Teaching Common
Sense: Seven Simple Principles for Nurturing Those Around You and Reaping the Harvest of Your Life,
on January 19, 6-9 p.m., at the UT Conference Center. Course fee is $49 and Knox County teacher in-
service credit is available.

Windows: Basics will meet Jan. 24 & 31, 6-9 p.m. at the UT Conference Center. Course fee of $139
includes text. Excel: Basics will meet Feb. 7 & 9, 6-9 p.m., $139. QuickBooks: Level 1 is Jan. 31 & Feb.
7, also 6-9 p.m., $179. A new Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional course "Creating PDF Documents" is Feb.
21, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., $179.
TO ALL PERSONNEL (The Smoky Mountain Storytellers Association)

                  The Smoky Mountain Storytellers Association presents:
                     The Storytellers in the Schools Program 2006

                   Learning to Be a Storyteller for Children Workshop
                  with Diane Hackworth and Kathryn Atkins-Roberson
                     Saturday January 21, 2006 10 am-12:00 Noon
                  Candy Factory Studio 1, World's Fair Park Knoxville
               $15 for adults $10 SMSA members $ 5 for children (K-8)
                   Call 693-5856 to register or email

This workshop is for teachers or kids who want to learn storytelling skills. These skills include different
methods of learning a story, whether written or oral, ways to overcome nervous habits while telling, correct
posture and stance for telling, speaking and breathing techniques, where to find and adapt, or write, stories
for telling. Tell your classes and parents about this opportunity to learn to become a storyteller. Two hours
of in-service credit is available for Knox County Schools' teachers.

Diane Hackworth tours throughout the Southeast telling stories for all ages, Dianne brings to life
Appalachian and Celtic folktales; stories of fantastic beings, dragons and jugglers; musical tales of cats,
monsters, and toads; humorous stories, scary stories, and touching tales. She has a Master's degree in
Storytelling. As well as telling stories for programs and festivals, she also shows others their own hidden
talent for storytelling. She teaches storytelling classes at John C. Campbell Folk School, is an artist in
residence in the schools of western North Carolina through the Mountain Arts Program, and provides
storytelling workshops throughout the southeast region. Dianne is included in the North Carolina Arts
Council Artist Directory and is on the South Carolina Arts Commissions Approved Artists Roster and the
Tennessee Arts Commissions Arts in Education Artist Roster.

Kathryn Atkins-Roberson: Kathryn is a high-energy storyteller and teacher. She loves to take her
audience on a journey in the imagination with folktales, myths, parables and wisdom from around the
world. She especially loves spooky stories. She created the Storytellers in the Schools Program for the
Knox County Schools, teaching children to tell stories and including the Student Storytelling Showcase.
She tells in area schools and festivals. She has taught middle and elementary-school educators how to use
storytelling in the through the Lyndhurst Program of the University of Tennessee. Kathryn teaches French
at the University of Tennessee. She was nominated Outstanding Teacher of the Year in 2003 at the
University of Tennessee for her work using storytelling to teach foreign languages. Kathryn spent years in
Europe teaching English and telling stories in France, Germany and Austria through the Fulbright
program. She is on the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Storytelling Association.

Coming in the spring 2006: Student Storytelling Showcase, Knoxville Museum of Art 10:00 –Noon, May
13, 2006. The best student storytellers from area schools are invited to share their stories at our festival of
youth storytelling. All participants will receive showcase ribbons.

For information about sending your students to participate in the Student Storytelling Showcase or
arranging for a storyteller to visit your school or classroom, or organizing a storytelling festival at your
school, contact Kathryn Atkins-Roberson 693-5856 or email
ATTENTION GRADES 5– 12 (Alice Dollar, NIE Manager, Knoxville News Sentinel)

Slam-Jam Geography is a 16-week challenge in the Knoxville News Sentinel. It features geography
questions that are related to professional basketball teams and schedules. The questions run each Friday in
the Sports section starting January 6, with answers in the Sunday Sports section. Register today to receive
classroom sets of newspapers and play Slam Jam.

There is a $25 newspaper fee. If you are currently in the Newspaper in Education program and have paid
the $25 fee, there is NO additional cost for Slam-Jam!

To register for Slam-Jam Geography and receive newspapers, complete the form below and FAX it to Alice
Dollar at (865) 673-3478.

Name _______________________________ School _____________________________

School Phone ________________________ School FAX _________________________

Subject/Grade _________ E-mail Address _____________________________________

City/State/Zip ___________________________ Home Phone ____________________

Questions? Call 342-6113, 342-6116 or 342-6117

ATTENTION GRADES 4– 12 (Alice Dollar, NIE Manager, Knoxville News Sentinel)

                  Stock Market Game runs: Monday, February 6 – Friday, April 14

Teams begin play with a simulated portfolio cash balance of $100,000 and select stocks in which to invest
throughout the ten-week game. The top three winning teams in the Junior and Senior Divisions and their
teachers are invited to an awards dinner as guests of First Tennessee Brokerage and the News Sentinel.
First through third-place cash prizes are awarded at the spring dinner.

                     Stock Market Game Workshop is Thursday, January 19, 2006

Teachers new to the SMG are required to attend the SMG workshop which will be held at the News
Sentinel, 2332 News Sentinel Drive, from 5:00 P.M.-7:00 P.M.

To register for the SMG workshop, complete the form below and FAX it to Alice Dollar at (865) 673-3478.

Name _______________________________ School _____________________________

School Phone ________________________ School FAX _________________________

Subject/Grade _________ Home Address ______________________________________

City/State/Zip ____________________________________________________________

Home Phone _________________________

For information contact: Alice Dollar, News Sentinel in Education Manager, 342-6113
  TO ALL CERTIFIED PERSONNEL (Jill Carroll, Supervisor, Human Resources)

  The Tennessee Department of Education Office of Teacher Licensing is behind on processing requests for
  degree changes. If you submitted a request to teacher licensing prior to December 1, 2005 and have not
  received your new license, please notify the Human Resources Office by e-mail.

  For degree advancement, notify Karen McCormack at Include your name, Social
  Security Number, and your new degree.

  We will work with the State Department to facilitate your request. Please be aware it takes 6 to 8 weeks to
  process degree changes for payroll purposes.

  TO ALL TEACHERS (Pat Mashburn, Director, Media Center)

  Upon approval of the proposed budget, the State Textbook Commission will be contracting with teachers to
  review materials for Reading R/1-8.

  The application process will be open to any teacher who meets the statutory requirements (now teaching or
  supervising the respective subject, proper endorsement, and three or more years of public school
  experience) for serving on the local adoption committee.

  The Commission expects to use approximately twenty teachers for two weeks. Reviewers will be paid
  between $1,000 and $2,000. Expenses for approved travel will be paid in accordance with state travel

  Teachers interested in applying can go to the web address for textbook evaluation information at and complete form ED 3021 and the
  notarized oath copy. Send the completed forms and two letters of recommendation to the following
  contact/address no later than 4:30 p.m. March 1, 2006:

                        Kimberly F. Jackson, Executive Director
                        Office of Special Projects
                        Tennessee Department of Education
                        5th Floor, Andrew Johnson Tower
                        710 James Robertson Parkway
                        Nashville, TN 37243-0379
                        (615) 253-2113

  Reviewers selected will be notified by April 15, 2006. An orientation process and a debriefing session are
  scheduled in Nashville for June 12-16 and July 24-28. Reviewers will independently examine books in the
  interim between these sessions. Any requests for time away from classed during the regular school year
  will be minimal and subject to local approval.

TO ALL PERSONNEL (Libby Burney, SMMEA Executive Board)

It’s not too late to register for the Smoky Mountain Mathematics Educators’ Drive-In Conference at Whitestone
Inn in Kingston, Tennessee. The conference will be held on Saturday, February 4 from 8:30 a.m. until 12:00
noon. There will be sessions for every grade level; K-12 and post-secondary. The registration fee is $20 in
advance and $25 the day of the conference. This fee includes Whitestone Inn’s famous breakfast buffet. To
register or for more information, please contact Libby Burney at 594-3646 or e-mail at
TO ALL TEACHERS (Lisa Horne, Knoxville Area Chapter-American Red Cross)

Happy New Year! Hope everyone has had a great start to the year! Let us help you educate your students on
how to prevent, prepare, and respond to emergencies. We have some great programs that are available to you
or if you would like someone to come to your class and present the program we arrange that too! Take a look at
the list!

Scrubby Bear (K-2) Introduces children to concepts of germs and disease prevention through HANDWASHING!
Safe on my Own (2-4) Teaches safe self-care and what to do in an emergency
Disaster Dudes (3-5) Introduces children to disaster preparedness
Emergency Test (6-12) Tests students' knowledge of emergency preparedness and accident prevention using a
Basic Aid Training (4-5) Teaches first aid and what to do in an emergency, as well as how to prevent injuries
     and accidents
 For questions or any information about these programs please call Lisa Horne at 584-2999 or email at

TO ALL TITLE 1 PERSONNEL (Bert Lanauze, Title I Supervisor)

The next county-wide Title I District Advisory Council (DAC) meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 19,
2006, 7:00 p.m., in the library at Dogwood Elementary School. Dr. Joshua Williams, a psychologist, and
former director of the CHIPS program at Children’s Hospital will speak on Disciplining Our Children. We will
also elect a DAC vice-chairperson and secretary. All Title I personnel and parents are encouraged to attend.
Refreshments will be served at 6:30 p.m. with the meeting beginning promptly at 7. One hour unscheduled
inservice credit may be earned. For more information, call 594-1803.

TO ALL PERSONNEL (Danny Trent, Principal, Karns Middle School)

Congratulations to Woody Watson, 7th grade science teacher at Karns Middle School. He was chosen Teacher
of the Month in East Tennessee for the month of November by Texas Roadhouse and WIVK. “Gunner,”
“WIVK the Frog,” and staff from Texas Roadhouse made a surprise visit to his classroom on December 3rd. He
was presented with a medallion, classroom supplies, gift certificates to Texas Roadhouse, and a check for the
PTSA for $100. Thanks to Texas Roadhouse and WIVK for their support of our teachers.

TO ALL PERSONNEL (Kara East, Ijams Nature Center)

It is time to enter Ijams Nature Center’s annual Waterfest Art and Poetry contest. The theme for 2006’s contest
is One Source One Earth; What Water Means to Me. The contest is open to students in grades K-12. All
entries need to be submitted to Ijams Nature Center no later than April 3, 2006. The contest rules and entry
forms are available by contacting Kara East at Ijams. Entries must follow contest guidelines to be accepted.
There will be first, second, and third place winners in each grade. There will be grand prize winners selected in
both the poetry sand art contest. These grand prize winners will be reprinted on a shirt that will be given
WaterFest participants at this year’s WaterFest celebration on May 4, 2006. All entries will be displayed at
Ijams from May until the end of June. If you have any questions or need more information about the contest,
please call Kara East at 577-4717 ext. 15 or

TO ALL PERSONNEL (Misty Gladdish, Ijams Nature Center)

Get Outside with your class this spring at Ijams Nature Center. GO! Hikes are opportunities for students to hike
in the forest, collect tadpoles from the pond, smell wildflowers in the meadow and meet live animals.
Kindergarten through fourth grade teachers can select programs that are grade specific and help fulfill teaching
objectives. Fifth through eighth grade teachers can customize a GO! Hike specific to their student’s interests
and needs. Ijams makes planning a GO! Hike as easy as possible. Just call or email to schedule a GO! Hike
and the Risk Assessment Document will be faxed to you. Remember, free and reduced lunch/fee waiver
students receive scholarships. For more information or to schedule a program, call 577-4717, ext. 12 or email

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