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Application for Aarp Dental Insurance - PDF

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					Summer 2006                Welcome
Volume 2, Issue 1
                           Delta Dental Federal Services salutes you for choosing to participate as a TRICARE Retiree
                           Dental Program (TRDP) network dentist. It is because of your participation that over 940,000
                           Uniformed Services retirees and their family members throughout the U.S. and its territories
In this issue              are currently benefiting from dental coverage offered under the TRDP.
Welcome                    In this issue of The Bridge we have included helpful information, news and updates about
                           the TRDP with an emphasis on electronic claims submission and the Dental Office Toolkit®
Consider this
                           as well as a special Bridge offer from NEA FastAttach™, a follow-up on the National Provider
There’s no time like       Identifier and much more!
the present–apply for
a National Provider        Consider this
                           Transmitting claims electronically is the quickest, easiest and most efficient way to manage
Mondays are busy!          your dental claims. As a participating TRDP dentist, you have the choice of submitting your
                           claims electronically using an outside clearinghouse or by taking advantage of the Dental
Special offer from NEA     Office Toolkit®. If you are still not sure about electronic claims submission, here are a few
                           things to consider:
Submit TRDP claims
electronically with the    Maximize your computer’s capability: Many dental offices have invested in a computer system
Dental Office Toolkit®     with some type of practice management application. Most if not all software choices include
                           electronic claims submission capability.
Tips for accurate claims   Simplify your billing: Electronic claims submission streamlines billing by enabling you to
processing                 send your claims to insurance carriers with the press of a button. You no longer need to print,
TRDP service               copy, sort and mail claims. If needed, you can either view the claim on-line or print a paper
performance                copy.
                           Minimize cash flow disruptions: Electronic claims are generally processed within 48 hours of
Conventions & events       transmission—much faster than paper claims. This means quicker payment to you: At Delta
                           Dental, electronic claims can be processed approximately 45 percent faster than paper claims!
                           Resolve claims issues faster: Most electronic claims are edited immediately by your practice
                           management software or the Dental Office Toolkit® for any missing or invalid information
                                                                    prior to submission to the insurance carrier(s). If you
                                                                    use a clearinghouse, edits are usually returned to you
                              New TRDP payer ID                     for correction within a day or two instead of the several
Executive Editor:                                                   days it takes with paper claims submission.
                                When submitting TRDP claims
Tom McDavid, DDS
                                   electronically through a         Control paper flow: Electronic claims submission
Managing Editor:                clearinghouse, please use the       reduces your office’s paperwork burden and frees
                                  new TRDP payer ID: DDPFS.
Deborah Page                                                        staff time to handle other important tasks such as
                                Please discontinue using the        coordinating treatment plans, collecting payments and
                                  former payer ID: CDCA1.           scheduling recall appointments.
Nancy White
                                                                                                 (see Consider this, page 2)
(Consider this, continued from page 1)     There’s no time like                                       Special offer from NEA
Tracking electronic claims: One of         the present–apply for a                                    The TRDP and National Electronic
the most important advantages of           National Provider Identifier                               Attachment, Inc. (NEA) are pleased to
electronic claims submission is the                                                                   announce a special Bridge newsletter
                                           “Quick” and “simple” are two words
ability to track your claims. When you                                                                offer for participating TRDP network
                                           that are generally not associated with
submit a claim electronically, your                                                                   dentists. Enroll by August 10, 2006
                                           government requirements and forms.
clearinghouse will assign a control                                                                   and get a 100% discount (that means
                                           Maybe that’s part of the reason why
number. If you submit your claims                                                                     FREE!) on the $200 registration fee
                                           applying for a National Provider
using the Dental Office Toolkit®, a                                                                   for NEA FastAttach™, which includes
                                           Identifier (NPI) falls to the bottom of
document control number is assigned                                                                   software, installation and training for
                                           so many dentists’ to-do lists. Or maybe
to each claim. These control numbers                                                                  you and your staff on all your electronic
                                           it’s because there is almost a year left
are readily available to you on-line and                                                              x-ray submission needs. Don’t wait—
                                           before the May 23, 2007 deadline
usually note whether an x-ray and/or                                                                  take advantage of this special offer
                                           requiring the use of NPIs on all
additional documentation is being                                                                     now by visiting and
                                           electronic transactions.
requested—thus allowing you to take                                                                   entering the promotion code TRDP.
immediate action.                          Whatever the reason, thousands of
                                           dentists who have already been through
                                           the application process can attest that
                                                                                                      Submit TRDP claims
                                           it’s fast and easy. The application takes                  electronically with the
              19,864                       about 20 minutes to complete. When                         Dental Office Toolkit®
      Number of TRDP claims                applications are submitted by e-mail,                      As a participating TRDP network
      submitted through the                NPIs arrive within one to five business                    dentist, you are just a “click” away from
       Dental Office Toolkit®              days. Mailed applications are processed                    using the online Dental Office Toolkit®
                                           within 20 days and returned by U.S.                        to save both time and money. The
           January–May 2006                mail.                                                      toolkit allows network dentists to
                                           Besides being a quick and easy way to                      • Submit TRDP claims electronically.
                                           check something off your to-do list,                       • Access important, real-time patient
  Frequently Asked                         getting an NPI sooner rather than later                      information, such as eligibility,
                                           also helps the industry work toward                          benefits, and year-to-date maximum
                                           meeting the May 23, 2007 compliance                          and deductible accruals.
Q: Can network providers                   deadline.                                                  • Arrange to have claim payments
charge TRDP patients a fee                                                                              deposited directly into your bank
                                           To apply for your NPI on-line, log on
for sterilization?                                                                                      account.
                                           to You
A: No. Separate                            can also obtain a copy of the form at                      The Dental
sterilization fees cannot be                                Office
charged to patients covered                downloads/cms10114.pdf or by calling                       Toolkit® is
under any Delta Dental                     (800) 465-3203 and mail it to: NPI                         quick, easy
contract, including the                                                                               and FREE—
                                           Enumerator, PO Box 6059, Fargo, ND
                                           58108-6059. Faxed applications are not                     there are
Q: I am a participating TRDP               accepted.                                                  absolutely
network dentist. How am I                                                                             no per-claim
                                           The information provided in this article is for
reimbursed?                                educational and informational purposes only and            charges
                                           should not be interpreted as legal advice. Dentists are
A: As a participating TRDP                 encouraged to seek their own legal advice regarding
                                                                                                      and no
network dentist, you are                   the application of the National Provider Identifier Rule   service fees.
                                           to their individual practices and circumstances.
reimbursed according to the                                                                           For more
prevailing Delta Dental                                                                               information
agreement. If you are a                    Mondays are busy!                                          on how to
DPO/PPO provider for your                                                                             register for
local Delta Dental Plan, you               Call volume in the TRDP call center
                                                                                                      the Dental
are reimbursed according to                is highest on Mondays. Save time
the local Delta Dental Plan                by using the Dental Office Toolkit®
                                                                                                      Toolkit® and start saving time and
maximum allowable DPO/PPO                  or the Delta Dental Federal Services
fee. If you do not have a
                                                                                                      money now, visit or
                                           Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
DPO/PPO agreement, you are                                                                  
                                           phone system to check your patient’s
reimbursed from a regional                 current eligibility, benefits and other
Delta Dental Select network                information needs.
dentist fee schedule.
Tips for accurate claims                    (e.g., your submitted fee) versus the     Conventions & events
                                            new approved table fee. So, using a
processing                                  particular network’s table/fee schedule
                                                                                      Come and talk with Delta Dental
Keeping fees updated with multiple                                                    Provider Representatives at these
                                            as the submitted fee can prevent you
insurance plans can sometimes be                                                      upcoming conventions and events:
                                            from receiving the maximum in benefit
difficult. As a participating TRDP          payment.                                  7/13 – 7/15: Seattle,WA
dentist, we suggest that you always                                                   Pacific Northwest Dental Convention
submit claims using your usual fees.
There are two important reasons to use      TRDP service performance                  7/22: Norwak,CA
your usual fees:                            Delta Dental must adhere to a number      Delta Day
                                            of performance standards in our
1. Your fees are a good public relations                                              8/4: King of Prussia, PA
                                            contract with the Department of
tool for your office. When your patient’s                                             Delta Dental Seminar
                                            Defense to administer the TRDP. Here
Explanation of Benefits shows both
                                            are some recent statistics (Jan–Apr       9/9: Houston, TX
your submitted (usual) fee and the
                                            2006) that show how we are doing:         Delta Dental Seminar
table or approved fee, it demonstrates
firsthand how much he or she is saving      • Total claims processed: 682,500         9/15 – 9/17: San Francisco, CA
by seeing a participating Delta Dental      • Claims processed within 14 days:        CDA Scientific Session
TRDP network dentist.                         98.6%
                                                                                      10/16 – 10/20: Las Vegas, NV
2. Delta Dental’s TRDP claims               • Claims payment accuracy: 99.8%          ADA Annual Session
processing system automatically             • Total incoming calls received:
                                              415,096                                 9/9 – 9/11: Charlotte, NC
applies the prevailing (current) fee
                                                                                      Holiday Dental Convention
schedule amount and pays at the             • Calls answered within 30 seconds:
lesser of the two fees (submitted and         87.0%                                   11/24 – 11/29: New York, NY
table). In other words, if you submit       • Written inquiries resolved within 10    Greater New York Dental Convention
a claim using an amount other than            days: 97.4%                             Delta Day and Delta Dental Seminars provide unique
your usual fee, when fees change you                                                  opportunities for network Delta Dental providers to
                                                                                      earn continuing education units through informative
may not realize any increase since                                                    presentations.
the system will select the lowest fee
                                                                                             Sacramento, CA 95853
                                                                                             PO Box 537008
                                                                                             Federal Services
                                                                                             Delta Dental of California

Contact us                              The AARP Dental Insurance Plan, like
Claims submission:                      the TRDP, is a national voluntary plan
Delta Dental of California              offered through Delta Dental. The program
Federal Services                        offers affordable dental coverage to AARP
PO Box 537007                           members, targeting the millions of Americans over age 50 who do not have
Sacramento, CA 95853-7007               dental insurance or who often face losing dental coverage upon retirement.
Written inquiries:                      AARP enrollment reaches 100,000+
Delta Dental of California
Federal Services                        The AARP Dental Insurance Plan has a reason to celebrate—the number of
PO Box 537008                           primary enrollees hit the 100,000 mark at the end of March. Currently, the
Sacramento, CA 95853-7008               total number of covered members (primary enrollees and dependents) is
                                        approximately 135,000.
Telephone inquiries:
(888) 838-8737 Toll-free                “We’ve come a long way since the beginning of the national rollout in
   Customer Service:                    September of 2004,” says Johanne Yee, marketing manager for Voluntary
   6 a.m. – 6 p.m. PST                  Programs/AARP. “In addition, the program is now available in 48 states
   Monday – Friday                      and the District of Columbia.” In the coming months, Delta Dental will
   Interactive Voice Response System:   be working on the addition of Minnesota and Massachusetts as well as the
   24 hours a day,                      U.S. territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
   7 days a week
                                        For more information on the AARP Dental Insurance Plan, call
Professional Services:                  (866) 840-5132 toll-free or visit the AARP Dental Insurance Plan web
(916) 858-0235 Fax                      site at
On-line:                                Note: If your office is already treating enrollees in the AARP Dental Insurance Plan and you are                            submitting claims electronically through a clearinghouse, please use the payer ID: AARP1.

                                                                                                                                PS026 06/06

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