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									Local Community College Certificate Programs
Please Note: This list is not intended to replace the catalog                  Key:
but to provide a quick snapshot of what certificates are available             x or VC = Vocational Certificate
to students doing career research. Please refer to the school's                CA = Certificate of Achievement
current catalog for all updated and detailed information. Also                 CC = Certificate of Completion
note that a certificate may be listed under different headings.

              Certificate Topic                               FC     Cypress    OCC     Mt. Sac
Accounting                                                    x         x        CA        CA        x       CA
Accounting-Advanced                                                                                          CA
Accounting & Financial Planning                                                            CA        x
Accounting-Bookkeeping                                                           CC         x
Accounting-Computerized Accounting                                                         CA        x
Accounting-Computerized Bookkeeping                                                                  x
Accounting-Computerized Bookkeeping-Quick                                                            x
Accounting-Computerized Bookkeeping-MAS 90                                                           x
Accounting-Computerized Bookkeeping-ACCPAC                                                           x
Accounting-Computerized/Quickbook option                                                             x
Accounting-Computerized/MAS 90                                                                       x
Accounting-Computerized/AAPAC                                                                        x
Accounting-Entry Level                                                           CC
Accounting-Managerial                                                                      CA
Accounting-Microcomputer Advanced                                                                            CA
Accounting-Microcomputer Accounting                                                                          CA
Accounting-Payroll                                                                         x                 CA
Accounting-Technician                                                            CC
Administrative Assistant (See also Office or Business)
Administrative Assistant                                      x                             x
Administrative Assistant-Level II                                                          CA
Administrative Assistant-Level III                                                         CA
Administration of Justice (See also Criminal Justice)
Administration of Justice                                     x                                      x
Administration of Justice-Crime Scene Invest                  x
Administration of Justice-POST Peace Officer                  x
Administration of Justice-Crime Analysis                      x
Advertising (See also Journalism)                             x
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration                                      x                  CA
Air Conditioning-HVAC technology                                                 CA
Aircraft (See also Aviation)
Aircraft Powerplant Maint (Day)                                                            CA
Aircraft Powerplant Maint (Evening)                                                        CA
Airframe Maint Tech (Day)                                                                  CA
Airframe Maint Tech (Evening)                                                              CA
Alcohol & Drug Studies (See also Human Services)                        x                  CA
American Sign Language (See also Sign Language)                                                      x
Architecture (See also Drafting)
Architectural Drafting                                                           CA
Architectural Drafting and Design                                                CA

                            Prepared by FC Career and Life Planning Center 11/14/2010                      Page 1
               Certificate Topic                            FC    Cypress     OCC    Mt. Sac
Architectural Tech I                                                                      CA
Architectural Tech Concentration II                                                       CA
Architectural Tech Concentration III                                                      CA
Architectural Design Concentration II                                                     CA
Architectural Design Concentration III                                                    CA
Architectural CAD Technology                                 x
Art-Aesthetics for Technology                                                              x
Art-3D Computer Graphics                                              x                   CA     x       VC
Art-3D Animation Certificate-II                              x
Art-Computer Animation                                       x        x                   CA             VC
Art-Computer Animation Digital Layout                                                                    VC
Art-Computer Animation Motion Graphics                                                                   VC
Art-Computer Graphics                                        x        x
Art-Desktop Publishing                                       x                                           VC
Art-Digital 2D                                                                            CA
Art-Digital Media                                                                                x       VC
Art-Digital Media Freelance                                                                      x
Art-Digital Media Post Production                                                                x
Art-Electronic Publishing Design                                      x
Art-Gallery Design                                                                        x
Art-Illustration Design                                                       CA
Art-Lettering Arts                                                                                       VC
Art-Multimedia                                                        x       CA
Art-Multimedia Advertising                                            x
Art-Vector Illustration                                               x
Athletics (See also Physical Education or Fitness)
Athletics-Trainer Aid                                                                            x       CA
Auto-Brake & Alignment                                                x
Auto-Chassis Specialist                                      x                                   x
Auto-Collision Repair                                                 x                                  CA
Auto-Damage Appraisal                                                 x
Auto-Detailing                                                        x
Auto-Drive Train Service Option                                                                  x
Auto-Electrical Systems                                               x                                  CA
Auto-Emission Control Specialist                             x        x
Auto-Engine /Machining                                                                                   CA
Auto-Engine Performance Specialist                           x        x                          x
Auto-Engine Service Option                                                                       x
Auto-Fabrication Specialist                                  x
Auto-Installer                                                                                           CA
Auto-Insurance/Collision Management                                   x
Auto-Light Repair Specialist                                 x
Auto-Manufacture Specialty                                                                               CA
Auto-Mechanical Repair                                                                                   CA
Auto-Maintenance Specialist                                  x
Auto-Management                                              x
Auto-Manual Drive Train Specialist                           x
Auto-Paint and Refinishing                                            x

                              Prepared by FC Career and Life Planning Center 11/14/2010                Page 2
             Certificate Topic                         FC    Cypress     OCC    Mt. Sac
Auto-Performance and Drivability Specialist                      x
Auto-Sales and Service                                           x
Auto-Service Advisor                                    x
Auto-Technology                                         x        x
Auto-Toyota Specialist                                           x
Auto-Transmission Specialist                            x        x
Aviation (See also Aircraft)
Aviation Maintenance Technology-Airframe                                 CA
Aviation Maintenance Technology-Powerplant                               CA
Aviation Maintenance Technology-Airframe+Power                           CA
Aviation Maintenance Tech-Helicopter Theory+Main                         CC
Aviation-Instrumental Pilot                                              CC
Aviation-Private Pilot                                                   CC
Aviation-Space Systems                                                   CC
Aviation-Turbine Transition                                              CC
Aviation-Commercial Pilot                                                CC
Aviation-Professional Pilot                                      x       CA
Business (See also Office or Admin Asst)
Business Management                                     x        x                                  CA
Business Applications and Technology                                                        x
Business-Admin                                                           CA                       VC/CA
Business-Bilingual option                                                                   x
Business-Bilingual Spanish English Interp/trans
Business-Call Center Operations                                  x
Business-Commercial Music                                        x
Business-Computerized Tech/Communications                                                           VC
Business-Digital Publishing                                                                 x
Business-Economics                                               x
Business-E-Business                                     x
Business-Entrepreneurship                               x                                   x
Business-International                                  x                            x      x       CA
Business-International Management                       x
Business-Internet Marketing                                      x
Business-Legal Office                                                                       x       CA
Business-Leadership                                              x       CC
Business-Managerial Communications                      x
Business-Management Entertainment Industry                                                  x
Business-Management                                     x                CA          x
Business-Management Supervision                                                             x
Business-Marketing General                                              CA/CC               x       CA
Business-Marketing Advertising                                           CC                x+
Business-Marketing International                                        CA/CC
Business-Marketing Management                           x        x
Business-Marketing Professional Selling                                  CC                 x
Business-Merchandising                                           x
Business-Multicultural Marketing                                 x
Business-Professional Selling                                    x
Business-Project Management                             x        x
Business-Real Estate- See Real Estate                   x
Business-Retail Management                                       x       CA          x      x       CA

                         Prepared by FC Career and Life Planning Center 11/14/2010                Page 3
              Certificate Topic                          FC    Cypress     OCC    Mt. Sac
Business-Small Business Operations                                 x                   x      x       CA
Business-Technology Skills                                x
Business-Workplace Competencies                                                        x
Cardiovascular Tech-Electrocardiography                                    CA
Child Development                                                                             x       CA
Child Dev- After School Care                              x
Child Dev- Associate Teacher                              x
Child Dev-Early Intervention Aide                                          CA
Child Dev- ECE Admin                                      x                CA
Child Dev- ECE Teacher                                    x
Child Dev- Infant/Toddler Caregiver                       x                CA          CA     x       CA
Child Dev- Weekend Assoc Teacher                          x
Child Dev-Family Child Care                               x                CC          CA             CC
Child Dev-Para-professional in Education                  x                                           CA
Child Dev-Preschool Child                                                  CA                 x
Child Dev-Preschool Director                                                                        CA/CC
Child Dev-School Age                                                       CC                 x      CA
Child Dev-Special Education Para-profess/Instr                                                x      CA
Child Dev-Teacher Aid                                                      CA
Children's Programs                                                                    x
Communications (See also Television or Journalism)
Communications-Journalism                                 x
Communications-Radio Broadcasting                         x
Communications-Radio/TV/Video Production                  x                                           VC
Communications-Sports Broadcasting                        x
Communications-TV/Film Product.+ Endorsement              x
Computer Information Systems                              x        x       CC          x      x
Computer Science                                                                              x
Computer Software Applications Specialist                 x
Computer-.NET Application Development                                      CC
Computer-A+ Cert Prep                                                                                 VC
Computer-Advanced Game Development                                 x
Computer-Business Application Development                                  CA
Computer-CIS Professional C#                                                           x
Computer-CIS Professional C++                                              CC          x
Computer-Cisco Networking                                          x
Computer-Cold Fusion/Dreamweaver                                           CC
Computer-Convergence Technologies                                          CC
Computer-Cyber Security                                                                               VC
Computer-Database Management Microcomputer                                             x
Computer-Database application Microsoft access                                                        VC
Computer-Database applications                            x                                   x       VC
Computer-Display & Visual Presentation                                     CA
Computer-E-commerce                                       x
Computer-Enterprise                                       x
Computer-Graphics Design                                                   CA
Computer-Hardware Support                                          x
Computer-Help desk                                                                            x
Computer-IBM AS/400 Server                                                                            VC

                           Prepared by FC Career and Life Planning Center 11/14/2010                Page 4
            Certificate Topic                          FC    Cypress     OCC    Mt. Sac
Computer-IBM AS/400 Specialist                                                                      CA
Computer-Internet                                       x
Computer-Java                                                    x                   x              VC
Computer-Linux Application                                                           x              VC
Computer-Microcomputer Specialist                                                                   CA
Computer-Microsoft Office Professional                                                      x       VC
Computer-Network Security                                                            x
Computer-Networking                                     x        x       CC          x      x     CA/VC
Computer-Object Oriented Design                                                      x
Computer-Oracle Database Administration                          x       CC          x
Computer-Oracle Database Admin-Professional                              CC
Computer-Oracle Database Developer                                       CC
Computer-Oracle Database Developer-Professional                          CC
Computer-PC Application                                 x
Computer-Programming                                    x        x       CA                         CA
Computer-Project Management                                      x
Computer-Science Operator                                                                           CA
Computer-SOA & Web Services                                                          x
Computer-SQL                                                                         x
Computer-Software dev in C++/Visual C#                                                              VC
Computer-Software Dev in Visual Basic.net                                                           VC
Computer-Software Dev UNIX/LINUX
Computer-Spreadsheet                                    x
Computer-Systems Analyst                                                                          CA/VC
Computer-Technology                                              x
Computer-Telecommunications                                                          x
Computer-UNIX                                                                               x       VC
Computer-Visual Basic                                            x                   x
Computer-Visual C++                                              x
Computer-Web Client Dev                                                                             VC
Computer-Web Design                                     x        x       CC                 x
Computer-Web Programming                                                             x      x
Computer-Web Scripting                                  x        x
Computer-Web Server Development                                          CC                         VC
Computer-Windows Networking-Systems Admin                        x                   x
Computer-Windows Networking-Systems Engin                        x
Construction-Intro                                                       CC
Construction-Carpentry                                                   CC
Construction-Carpentry-Finish                                            CC
Construction-Concrete & Masonry                                          CC
Construction-Estimating                                 x
Construction-Field Management                                            CC
Construction-General Contracting Development                             CC
Construction-Inspection                                 x                            CA
Construction-Master Specialist                                           CA
Construction-Residential Development                                     CA
Construction-Residential Electrical                                      CC
Construction-Residential Utilities                                       CC
Construction-Technology                                 x               CA/CC

                         Prepared by FC Career and Life Planning Center 11/14/2010                Page 5
              Certificate Topic                           FC    Cypress     OCC    Mt. Sac
Cosmetology                                                x
Cosmetology-Esthetician                                    x                                           CA
Costume Design-See Fashion
Court Reporting                                                     x
Court Reporting-Captioning                                          x                                   x
Court Reporting-CART                                                X                                   x
Court Reporting-Computer Editor/Scopist                             x
Court Reporting-Hearing Reporter                                    x
Court Reporting-Proofreading                                        x                                   x
Court Reporting-Realtime Rapid Text entry                                                               x
Court Reporting-Realtime Writing                                    x                                   x
Court Reporting-Scopist                                                                                 x
Court Reporting-Text entry specialist: Business                     x
Court Reporting-Text entry specialist: Medical                      x
Crafts A-Jewelry Emphasis                                                   CA                 x
Crafts B-Glass Emphasis                                                                        x
Crafts C-Glass Vocational                                                                      x
Criminal Justice (See also Human Services or Ad of J)
Criminal Justice Corrections Officer                                                           x
Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement                                                               x
Criminal Justice-Custody                                                                       x
Criminal Justice-Reserve Officer
Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement Advanced Office
Culinary Arts (See also Hotel or Nutrition)                                 CA          x
Culinary Arts-Advanced                                                      CA
Culinary Arts-Catering                                                      CC          CA
Culinary Arts-Chef's Training                                                                          CA
Culinary Arts-Food Science                                                  CA
Culinary Arts-Cook Apprenticeship                                           CA
Culinary Arts-Baking and Pastry                                             CA                         CA
Culinary Arts-Fast Food Services                                            CC
Dance                                                                                         x**
Dance Choreography                                                  x
Dance Conditioning/Pilates Instructor                                       CC
Dance Teaching/Instructor                                           x       CA
Dance Technique                                            x        x
Dance World Dance                                                           CA
Dental Assisting                                                    x       CA                        CA***
Dental Hygiene                                                      x*
Design                                                                      CC
Diesel/Heavy Equipment                                                                         x
Diesel-Midrange Engine                                                                         x
Diesel Transport Refrig/temperature control                                                    x
Drafting (See also Architecture or Engineering)
Drafting-Computer Aided Design/Drafting                                     CA
Drafting-Computer Aided Drafting                                            CC

                            Prepared by FC Career and Life Planning Center 11/14/2010                Page 6
              Certificate Topic                           FC    Cypress     OCC    Mt. Sac
Drafting-Dimensioning                                                       CC
Drafting-Electro-Mechanical                                                 CA
Drafting-Electro-Mechanical CADD                                            CC
Drafting-AutoCAD/Industrial Drafting                       x
Drafting-Industrial Drafting I                             x
Drafting-Industrial Drafting II                            x
Drafting-Mechanical Design/Drafting                                         CA
Drafting Technology                                                                              x
Educational Paraprofessional                                                             x
Educational Technology                                                                                   CA
Education-Instructional Multi-Media                                                                      CA
Education-Teleconferencing Practitioner                                                                  CA
Electronics                                                x                                             CA
Electronics-Assembly/Fabrication                                            CA           x
Electronics-Automation & Motor Control                                      CA
Electronics-Computer Hardware Technician                                    CA
Electronics-Digital                                        x
Electronics-Communications Tech                                             CA
Electronics-Engineering Technician                                          CA
Electronics-Maintenance                                                     CA
Electronics-Microcomputer                                  x
Electronics-System Tech                                                                  x
Electronics-Technical Networking                           x
English-Creative Writing/Screenwriting                                                                   VC
Engineering (See also Drafting or Machine Tech)
Engineering -Computer Aided Drafting/Design                                                      x
Engineering-Industrial Tech                                                                      x       CA
Entertainment Industry-See Business
EMT (See also Fire)                                                         CC          x/CA
Environmental Technology                                   x
Esthetician (See also Cosmetology)                         x
Ethnic Studies                                                              CA
Exercise Science (See also Physical Ed or Fitness)
Exercise Science-Coaching                                                                x       x
Exercise Science-Fitness                                                                         x
Exercise Science-Officiating                                                                     x
Exercise Science-Sports medicine                                                                 x
Fashion Design                                             x                CA           x       x
Fashion-Advanced Design                                    x
Fashion-Apparel Production Tech                                             CA                   x
Fashion-Computer Aid                                                                     x
Fashion-Costume Designer Asst.                                              CC
Fashion-Costume Cutter/Draper                                               CC
Fashion-Costume Dresser                                                     CC
Fashion-Costume Stitcher                                                    CC
Fashion-Dressmaking/Alterations                            x                                     x
Fashion-Illustration                                       x
Fashion-Image Consultant                                   x
Fashion-Industrial Sewing                                                   CC

                            Prepared by FC Career and Life Planning Center 11/14/2010                  Page 7
               Certificate Topic                            FC    Cypress     OCC    Mt. Sac
Fashion-Merchandising                                        x                CC          x      x
Fashion-Patternmaker                                         x
Fashion-Product Development Apparel                          x                CA
Film/Video (See also Journalism or Communications)                            CA
Fire Administration (See also EMT)                                                        x      x
Fire-Management                                                                           x
Fire-Medical Services Officer                                                                    x
Fire-Prevention Officer                                                                          x
Fire-Hazardous Materials                                                                         x
Fire-Public Fire Safety Education                                                                x
Fire-Public Fire Service                                                                         x
Fire-Technology                                                                           CA
Fire-Training Officer                                                                            x
Fitness (See also Physical Ed or Athletics)                                                x
Floral Design                                                                             CA
Foster Care (See also Human Services)                                                      x
Geographic Information Systems                                        x                    x
Geographic Information Systems/Marketing                              x
Gerontology-See Human Services
Global Cultures (See also Interpretation)
Global Contemporary world Cultures                                                                       CA
Global Resources                                                                                         CA
Health (See also Medical)
Health Care Management/Supervision                                    x
Health-Health Care Marketing/Sales                                    x
Health Information Coding                                             x
Health Information Technology                                         x*
Health-Medical Insurance/Billing                                      x       CC
Health-Medical Quality Review Assistant                               x
Health-Medical Record Clerk                                           x
Health-Staff Services Science                                         x
Horse Ranch Management (See also Livestock)                                               CA
Horticulture-Greenhouse/Nursery                              x
Horticulture-Irrigation                                      x
Horticulture-Landscape Design                                x
Horticulture-Landscape Design Management                     x
Horticulture-Ornamental                                      x
Horticulture-Pest Management                                 x
Hospitality Management (See also Hotel or Travel)                                         x
Hotel (See also Culinary Arts, Hospitality or Travel)
Hotel Food Service Management                                         x       CA          x
Hotel Restaurant/Culinary Arts                                        x
Hotel Restaurant/Culinary Arts-Baking                                 x
Hotel Restaurant/Culinary Arts-Basic Baker                            x
Hotel Restaurant/Culinary Arts-Basic Cook                             x
Hotel Restaurant/Culinary Arts-Dining Room                            x
Hotel Restaurant/Lodging Entrepreneur                                 x
Hotel-Front Desk Operations                                           x       CA
Hotel-Hotel Operations                                                x

                              Prepared by FC Career and Life Planning Center 11/14/2010                Page 8
               Certificate Topic                           FC    Cypress     OCC    Mt. Sac
Hotel-Housekeeping Operations                                        x
Hotel-Human Resource Management                                              CA
Hotel-Meeting & Event Planning                                               CC
Hotel-Sales & Marketing Specialist                                           CA
Hotel-Spa Management                                                         CA
Human Resources (See also Business)                                                       x     x
Human Resource Management II                                                             CA
Human Resource Management III                                                            CA
Human Services (See also Foster Care)
Human Services Generalist                                            x
Human Services-Alcohol & Drug Studies                                x
Human Services-Criminal Justice                                      x
Human Services-Family Studies                                        x
Human Services-Gerontology                                           x
Human Services-Victimology                                           x
Interior Design
Interior Design-Commercial                                  x
Interior Design-Merchandising Level I                       x                CA          CA
Interior Design-Landscaping                                                              CA
Interior Design-Level II / Professional Level                                CA          CA
Interior Design-Kitchen & Bath                                                           CA
Interior Design-Residential                                 x
Interp/Translation (See also Global Studies)                                                            CA
IS/IT- See Computer
Journalism (See also Communication or Advertising)          x                                   x       CA
Journalism-Advertising                                      x
Journalism-Broadcasting                                                                                 VC
Journalism (See also Communications)
Journalism-Desktop publishing/Print                                                                     VC
Journalism-Online                                                                                       VC
Journalism-Photo Journalism                                                                             VC
Journalism-Public Relations                                 x                                           CA
Landscape (See also Interior Design)
Landscape-Park Maint.                                                                    CA
Landscape-Design & Construction                                                          CA
Landscape-Equipment Tech                                                                 CA
Landscape-Irrigation                                                                     CA
Law Enforcement (See also Administration of Justice)        x                            CA     x
Legal Office (See also Business, Office, or Paralegal)                                   CA
Library Technology (See also Office)                                                            x
Livestock Management (See also Horse Ranch)                                              CA
Machine Technology (See also Manufacturing)
Machine Tech-Aircraft Maint                                                              x
Machine Design & Man                                                                                  VC/CA
Machine Tech-Autodesk Map 3D                                                                           VC
Machine Tech-CAD/CAM Option                                                                     x
Machine Tech-Conventional                                                                       x
Machine Tech-Level II                                       x
Machine Tech-MasterCam                                      x                            x      x
Machine Technology- Level I                                 x                CA                         VC

                             Prepared by FC Career and Life Planning Center 11/14/2010                Page 9
             Certificate Topic                         FC    Cypress     OCC    Mt. Sac
Machine Tech-CNC Lathe Set up and Operation                                                 x
Machine Tech-CNC Milling Machine Operation                                                  x
Machine Technology-CNC Operator                         x               CA/CC               x
Machine Technology-CNC Programmer                                       CA/CC
Machine Technology-Computer Numerical Control           x
Machine Tech-Parametric Solid Modeling                                               x
Machine Tech-Sheet Metal Applications/3D                                                            VC
Machine Tech-Solidworks 3d Solid Modeling                                                   x       VC
Machine Tech-Surfcam                                    x                            x
Machine Tech-Tooling                                                     CA
Management-See Business
Manufacturing (See also Machine Tech)
Manufacturing-Plastics/composites                                                                   CA
Marketing Management (See also Business)                x
Medical (See also Health)
Medical Assistant                                                                           x       CA
Medical Transcriptionist (Also See Business)                                                        VC
Medical- Cardiovascular Tech-Electrocardiography                         CA
Mental Health Worker (See also Psychiatric)                                                         CA
Music-Commercial Music Management                                x
Music-Digital Music Production                                                              x
Music-Digital Media Post Production                                                         x
Music-Piano Teaching                                    x                                           CC
Music-Recording/production                              x        x
Nutrition (See also Culinary Arts)
Nutrition-Catering Arts                                                                     x
Nutrition-Child Nutrition Program Management                             CA
Nutrition-Dietetic Service Supervisor                                    CA
Nutrition-Dietetic Service Manager                                       CA
Nutrition-Event Planning Arts                                                               x
Nutrition Program Asst                                                               x
Nutrition Program Asst-II Child Emphasis                                             x
Nutrition Program Asst-II Weight Mgmt                                                x
Nursing-LVN 30 Unit option (See Catalog details)                                     x
Office (Also see Business or Admin Asst)                                                            VC
Office Technology-Admin Asst                            x        x       CA                         VC
Office-Administrative Support                                    x
Office-Advanced Computer Applications                            x
Office-Access                                                    x
Office-Certified Professional Secretary                          x
Office-Excel                                                     x
Office-File Clerk                                                                                   VC
Office-Legal Office Admin                               x        x                          x
Office-Management (also see business)                                                       x
Office-Medical Transcriptionist                                                                     VC
Office-Secretary Specialty in the medical env                                                       VC
Office-Receptionist                                                                                 VC
Office-Secretarial/Admin Asst                                                                       CA
Office-Word Processing/Data Entry                       x        x                   x              CA

                         Prepared by FC Career and Life Planning Center 11/14/2010                Page 10
              Certificate Topic                          FC    Cypress     OCC    Mt. Sac
Paralegal Studies (See also Office or Legal)              x                                   x        x*
Park Management                                                                        CA
Pet Science                                                                            CA
Pharmacy Tech                                                                                 x     CC/CA
Photography (See also Journalism)                                  x                          x      VC
Photography-Advertising & Illustrative                             x
Photography-Black & White                                                                             VC
Photography-Color Photography                                      x
Photography-Creative Photo Arts                                    x
Photography-Digital Photography                                    x                                  VC
Photography-Fine Arts                                                                                 VC
Photography-Multimedia Digital                                     x
Photography-Basic Skill                                            x
Photography-Portrait and Wedding                                   x
Physical Ed (See also Athletics or Fitness)
Physical Ed-Aerobic Instructor                                     x
Physical Ed-Aquatic Specialist                            x        x
Physical Ed-Athletic Coach                                x        x
Physical Ed-Athletic Trainer Aide                                                             x       CA
Physical Ed-Fitness Specialist                                                                        CA
Physical Ed-Group Fitness Instr                           x
Physical Ed-Outdoor Recreation/Safety                     x
Physical Ed-Personal Trainer                              x                CA
Physical Ed-Sports Management                                      x
Physical Ed-Therapeutic & Sport Massage I                 x
Physical Ed-Therapeutic & Sport Massage II                x
Printing Tech- Customer Service Training                  x
Printing Tech- Digital Printing                           x
Printing Tech- Offset Duplicator                          x
Printing Tech-Advanced Offset Presswork                   x
Printing Tech-Electronic Imaging                          x
Printing Tech-Flexography                                 x
Printing Tech-Graphic Comm                                x
Printing Technology                                       x
Printing Tech-Quick Print/In Plant Graphics               x
Printing Tech-Screen Printing                             x
Public Relations-See Journalism                           x
Psychiatric Technology (See also Mental Health)                    x                   CA
Radio (See also Communications)                           x
Radiology                                                          x*
Radiology-Darkroom Technician/Asst                                 x
Radiology-Diagnostic/Medical Sonography                            x
Real Estate
Real Estate Management                                    x
Real Estate Escrow Management                                              CA
Real Estate Sales (See also Business)                     x                                         CC/CA
Retail- See Business-Retail
Sign Language (See also ASL or Court Reporting)                                               x       VC
Sign Language Realtime captioner/broadcast                                                            VC

                           Prepared by FC Career and Life Planning Center 11/14/2010                Page 11
             Certificate Topic                         FC    Cypress     OCC    Mt. Sac
Sign Language Cart Reporter/realtime                                                                VC
Speech Communication (See also Communication)                                                       VC
Speech Comm-Language Pathology Aide                                                                 CA
Sports Broadcasting (See also Communications)           x
Television (See also Communications)                    x
Television/Video Communications                                                             x
Television/Video Comm Computer Graphics                                                     x
Television/Video Comm Digital Media Post                                                    x
Television/Video Comm Production                                                            x
Television/Video Comm Broadcast Journalism                                                  x
Television/Video Comm Media Studies                                                         x
Television/Video Comm Scriptwriter                                                          x
Theater-Acting                                                   x
Theater-Advanced Costumer                               x
Theater-Advanced Musical                                x
Theater-Audio Design                                                     CA
Theater-Costume/Makeup Design                                    x
Theater-Costumer                                        x
Theater-Directing                                                x
Theater-Lighting/Audio Design                                    x
Theater-Lighting Tech                                                    CA                 x
Theater-Musical                                         x
Theater-Scenery Design                                           x       CA
Theater-Technical Theater                                        x
Translation-See Business or Interpretation
Travel/Tourism (See also Hotel or Hospitality)                   x
Travel/Tourism-Advanced                                          x
Travel/Tourism-Airline & Travel Careers                                  CA
Travel/Tourism-Basic Airline Customer Service                    x
Travel/Tourism-Corporate Contract Flight Attend                          CA
Travel/Tourism-Cruise Specialist                                         CA
Travel/Tourism-Destination Management                                    CA
Travel/Tourism-Flight Attendant                                  x
Travel/Tourism-Advanced Airline Customer Service                 x
Travel/Tourism-Advanced Flight Attendant                         x
Travel/Tourism-Tour Escorting & Management                               CA
Travel/Tourism-Travel Agency Specialist                                  CA
Web Design-See Computer                                 x
Welding Technology                                      x                            x      x       CA
Welding Tech-Arc Welding                                                                            CA
Welding Tech-Inert Gas                                                                              CA
Welding Tech-Pipe                                                                                   CA
Wood Technology                                         x                                           CA
Wood-Cabinet/Millwork Tech                              x
Wood-Cabinetmaking Specialist                           x                                           CA
Wood-Furniture Making Specialist                        x                                           CA
Wood-Woodcarving Specialist                             x

                         Prepared by FC Career and Life Planning Center 11/14/2010                Page 12
             Certificate Topic                            FC     Cypress     OCC     Mt. Sac
Word Processing-See Office                                 x

Certificates pending state approval are not included-see catalog
CA = Certificate of Achievement VC = Verification of Completions CC =Certificate of Completion
 *Student must have an associate degree for this certificate; See catalog
 **Per Santa Ana: Student must audition; See catalog
 ***Per Cerritos: Many requirements and prerequisite; See catalog
 + Includes Publisher-See catalog for details

                           Prepared by FC Career and Life Planning Center 11/14/2010                     Page 13

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