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October 26, 2009 - In         NY State of Appeals Court rent control ruling.
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                              Boston, MA October 26, 2009
NY State of Appeals Court -   by John Richard, Managing Director, Investcap Advisors LLC
   Rent Control Ruling
                              The property markets received another jolt this week, this time
  2010 CMBS Multifamily       coming from the New York state Court of Appeals. A very tenant-
        Matutities            friendly ruling handed down this week indicated that Tishman
                              Speyer, the owner of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village in
        Follow us             Manhattan, had illegally converted roughly 4,000+ units from rent
                              controlled/stabilized status to market rent. The issue in this ruling
                              centered around whether an owner of a multi family property could
     Quick Links              renovate units taking advantage of certain tax abatements and still
                              convert those units to market. This ruling evidently contradicts a
                              decade-old policy promulgated by a New York City housing
  Investcap Advisors Inc
                              commission. It is unclear whether Metropolitan Life, the previous
         About Us             developer and owner of the multi family project, will also be held
                              partially responsible for this practice prior to their sale of the
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                              property in 2006. The senior mortgage on Stuy Town/Peter
                              Cooper has garnered much attention over the past year as the debt
                              service reserve established at closing nears depletion. Portions of
                              this senior debt ($3 billion) are spread across multiple CMBS
                              deals. This ruling will certainly place an added stress on Tishman's
                              ability to service the debt and it has obvious implications for other
                              multi family projects in New York City that conducted the same rent
                              conversion practice while also taking advantage of the tax

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