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					                                                                                                                                                 Winter 2007-2008

	       	 	      				Simi Valley Education Foundation
       2007-2008                                     85 Grants Awarded This Year at 25 Schools...
      Simi Valley
 Education Foundation
                                                             $72,000	TO	LOCAL	SCHOOLS
                                                     The Simi Valley Education Foundation is                     • Sensory integration equipment to enhance academic
          Allan C. Mann, PRESIDENT                   pleased to announce that more than $72,000 for                routine
               Troop Real Estate                                                                                 • Reader’s Theater for fluency, comprehension, and
                                                     Enhancement Grants was awarded to 25 local
      Gina Engelhard, PRESIDENT-ELECT
                                                     public schools.                                               vocabulary development
              Finance Executive                                                                                  • Writer’s Workshop/Six Traits of Writing
                                                        The Simi Valley Education Foundation’s mission           • Language arts augmented through poetry, songs, music
       Cathy Carlson, VICE PRESIDENT
              Troop Real Estate                      is to enrich and maximize the quality of education            and plays
         Paul Goodnough, TREASURER
                                                     in the Simi Valley public schools by providing              • Learning centers in math and English
           Certified Public Accountant               financial support for programs that assist in               • Reading comprehension materials and math games
        Shireen Knudsen, SECRETARY                   achieving academic excellence. The Foundation, as           • Carousel of ideas – use of language to improve
      SVUSD GameDay Program Specialist               well as the businesses and individuals who support            communication and problem solving
      Harry VanDyck, PAST PRESIDENT                  it, believes that innovative and creative approaches        • Instructional material for ESL and special needs students
      Century Accounting & Tax Solutions             to teaching can benefit our students. To this end,          • Reference books in English, history and contemporary issues
                                                     the Foundation developed the Enhancement Grant              • Art programs
                Board of Directors
                                                     Program and this year 85 grants were funded.                • Building school libraries by purchasing reading books for
 Glen Becerra          Councilmember, City of                                                                      all grade levels
                       Simi Valley/So. Cal Edison        This program, with its emphasis on                      • Differentiated hands-on language and science centers
 Laura Berger          Dentist, Dental Group of      INNOVATIVE PROJECTS and CREATIVE                            • High School physical science lab enhancements
                       Simi Valley                   TEACHING APPROACHES, provides                               • Telescopes for middle school science
 Janice DiFatta        Trustee, SVUSD
 Richard Erbe          Attorney at Law
                                                     funding, not otherwise available, for projects that         • Text-to-Speech Software
 Michelle Foster       Councilmember, City of Simi   have a potential to enhance the learning process.           • English, math and science software
                       Valley/PrintMasters           These grants are made possible through donations               In awarding grants, the Foundation seeks innovative
 Kim Holden            Past President PTA, SVUSD     made by community members, parents, businesses,             projects or programs which meet the following
 Brian Iverson         Iverson Construction
                                                     and special fundraising events.                             criteria:
 Frank Kolesar         Accountant
 Bob LaBelle           Retired Principal                 This year the grants encompassed a variety of           • Affect as many students as possible and benefit a
 Mary McPherson        The Amanda McPherson          subject areas including:                                      diverse student group
                       Foundation                    • Elementary Quiz Bowl for 10 schools                       • Involve students as much as possible
 Leigh Nixon           President/CEO Simi Valley     • Second Step Character Education—integrating               • Supplement and/or enhance the standard
                       Chamber of Commerce             academics with social and emotional learning                curriculum and ordinary teaching methods
 Kate O’Brien          Director, RSRPD               • Visual and Performing Arts Programs                       • Support a program or project with measurable results
 Jim Riley             Simi Valley Landfill &                                                                    • Demonstrate creativity and innovation
                                                     • Take home literacy programs to involve parents,
                       Recycling Center
 Debbie Sandland       Trustee, SVUSD
                                                       math project for families and a Parent Resource Library   • Promote inter-classroom, interdisciplinary
 Kathy Scroggin        Superintendent, SVUSD
                                                                                                                   and/or joint teacher projects
 Karen Stewart         Coldwell Banker Realtor
 Randy Sundeen         Attorney at Law               Local Business Supports Foundation…
                                                                      Alcoa	Fastening	Systems	
 Paul Szymanski        Countrywide
 Kevin Underwood       Affiliate Healthcare
 Mark Upson
 Dan White
                       InterDealer Trading
                                                                         Awards	$12,500	Grant
                      Staff                    Alcoa Fastening Systems, located in Simi Valley, Jim Vigdor (L), Operations Manager at Alcoa, and
 Cindy Jacoby          Executive Director      recently awarded the Simi Valley Education Kevin Casey(R), Director and General Manager,
                                               Foundation a $12,500 grant.                      personally delivered the check to Allan C. Mann
   The	Simi	Valley	Education	Foundation	                                                        (center), president of the board of directors, at a
  is a 501(c)(3) organization	is	a	non-profit	
      organization	dedicated	to	providing	                                                      recent Board meeting. “Alcoa is delighted to partner
   additional	resources	to	students	in	Simi	                                                    with the Simi Valley Education Foundation again
  Valley’s	public	schools.		Through	program	                                                    this year. Investing in education and strengthening
 development,	fundraising,	and	collaboration,	                                                  ties with the community is an investment in the
   the	Foundation	seeks	to	strengthen	our	                                                      future of Simi Valley,” Vigdor said.
     public	schools	and	the	education	they	                                                          Alcoa Fastening Systems produces aerospace
  provide	to	your	children.	Contributions are
      tax-deductible. Tax ID#: 77-0299495                                                       components, production tooling, bolts, assembly
                                                                                                tool systems and header tooling for the aerospace
     Simi	Valley	Education	Foundation                                                           industry. This grant is part of Alcoa Foundation’s
                P.O.	Box	1439                                                                   commitment to improving the quality of life
    Simi	Valley,	California	93062-1439                                                          in communities where Alcoa operates.
           Phone:	877-SIMI-KID
                        Friday, January 25, 2008 ~ Grand Vista Hotel
 The Simi Valley Education Foundation
                                              Management - Anthony Karch ~ Katherine Elementary
 will host a very special evening to
 honor the following six individuals who
                                                   Certificated -Debbie Dillon~ Simi Valley High
                                                  Classified - Jean Gagne ~ Crestview Elementary                           Every
 provide extraordinary service to the
                                               Volunteer - Charlotte Maciel ~ Katherine Elementary
 students of Simi Valley public schools.
                                           Special Education - Liz Walbridge ~ Wood Ranch Elementary
 Cost is $55.00 per person and tickets are
 on sale on our website –
                                                Lifetime Achievement - Patricia Hauser ~ SVUSD                            Counts
                                                                                                                  YES! I want to support essential programs at
 A Night to Raise Money for Our Local Schools...                                                                  our public schools and help provide programs
                                                                                                                  and funds for innovative classroom instruction,

 A	CELEBRATION	OF	EDUCATION                                                                                       teacher and technology training, and a variety of
                                                                                                                  learning opportunities.
                                                  Saturday,	March	8,	2008                                           You can donate online:
                                                                                                                        or complete the form below.
Our major fundraiser of the year has become a much-talked about night of dinner, dancing and raising
money for our schools. Our community values its schools and its ability to provide the best education
                                                                                                                  Address: ___________________________
possible for its youth. Highlights of the evening include spectacular auctions – both live and silent –           City:_____________State:____ Zip:_____
that will include items such as vacation packages, golf excursions at prestigious courses, dinner party           Email:_____________________________
packages, sports memorabilia, and jewelry, as well as many more interesting and valuable items. The               Phone: ____________________________
evening wouldn’t be complete without our fabulous live band and dancing into the late hours of the night.         I wish to receive future email
     Sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit our              correspondence.
website at, call 1-877-746-4543, or email                                             My employer has a matching gift
                                                                                                                  program. Enclosed is the necessary
Successful Event Raises $27,000…                                                                                  I wish to discuss or need instructions

                                 Tee	Up	For	Kidz	                                                                 about giving other kinds of gifts, such as
                                                                                                                  appreciated securities or bequests.

                               Golf	Tournament	
                                                                                                                          I would like to support the
                                                                                                                      Simi Valley Education Foundation:
                                                                                                                  Enhancement Grants
                                                                                                                  Partners in Education
On Friday, November 2, 2007, 110 golfers                            Special ThankS To                             Scholarship Endowment Fund
participated in our annual Tee Up for Kidz                     our SponSorS and SupporTerS                        Unrestricted
Golf Tournament at Lost Canyons Golf                                                                              Matching School Fund:
Course. This year’s Tournament Chair, Kevin                                                                       ___Hillside MS            ___Sinaloa MS
Underwood, planned a few new surprises for our               Program Management Integration LLC                   ___Valley View MS         ___Royal High
players. Players had the opportunity to have a pro                                                                ___Santa Susana High      ___Apollo High
drive for them at one hole, participate in a 50/50                                                                ___Simi Valley High
raffle at another and enjoy goodies from our Hole                                                                            Gift Recognition Levels
    By taking part in the tournament, participants                                                                Sponsor: $5,000 and over
and sponsors helped to fund supplemental                                                                          (Foursome in the annual golf tournament, table at the
                                                                                                                  annual Gala, recognition on printed materials and
educational programs and resources to students
attending Simi Valley public schools through
the Foundation’s Enhancement Grant program.                                                                       Single Event Sponsor: $1,000 - $5,000
                                                                                           The Macerich Company
                                                                                                                  (Recognition on printed event materials and webpage.)
These grants offer educators additional resources
to encourage growth, enrichment and innovation                                                                    Member: $100-$1,000
                                                                                                                  (Recognition on printed materials and webpage.)
for the students and teachers of the Simi Valley                                        Allan C. Mann
                                                                                                                  $100-$250 (Junior) ~ $251-$500 (Senior)
Public Schools. We raised more than $27,000 – a                                          Troop Real Estate

                                                                                                                  $501 - $1000 (Graduate)
new record!!                                                   Sunny Savings

                                                                                               Friend of Simi Valley Education Foundation:
 The Simi Valley Education Foundation Annual Golf Tournament is pleased to be aligned with $25 - $99
the following sponsors and contributors who share the same goals and vision for the community.
                                                                                                                        Donation Level: ______________
          EAGLE SPONSOR                   PAR SPONSOR                          CONTEST SPONSOR                          Amount: $ __________________
                                                                                 Affiliate Healthcare             I am making a gift by:
               SIGMAnet                      The Amanda                         CNA Enterprises, Inc.
                                        McPherson Foundation                     Coastal Vision, Inc.             Check        Visa      Master Card
         BIRDIE SPONSOR                                                           Keller Williams                 Card # :__________________________
                                          Farmers Insurance
        Casden Properties, LLC           First California Bank                  HOLE SPONSOR                      Expiration Date: (Month____/Year_____)
                                                                                   Allan C. Mann                  Signature: __________________________
        Program Management                    InterDealer                         Troop Real Estate
           Integration LLC                Trading Solutions                          Applebee’s                   Print Name: ________________________
                                                                                  Capstone Turbine                                  Mail form to:
         Waste Management              The Macerich Company                    Special Thank You To:                      Simi Valley Education Foundation
        Wm. L. Morris Chevrolet         Sukut Construction                      Subway ~ Coca-Cola                  P.O. Box 1439, Simi Valley, CA 93062-1439
                                                                                  Sunny Savings

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