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More Info

• commercial for project topics
   – (Dr. Han)
   – Dr. Carter’s additional topics
• survey from first class
• schedule: upcoming due dates
• professional biography
   – comments
   – html template: submit via email by Friday
• arrangements for interdisciplinary projects:
   if attending another class: provide project description,
      your role, end of quarter documentation
Internet Multiplayer Game
                                 EE/CompE Class of 2005 Scatterplot of Importance vs. Outcomes


             3.40                                                                                                    e
                                                                                                          c          k

             3.20                                                                                                   a






                 0.00   0.50   1.00         1.50          2.00           2.50        3.00        3.50             4.00               4.50
                Survey Interpretation
• above average importance/above average skill
    –   d: multi-disciplinary teams
    –   e: identify, formulate, solve engineering problems
    –   f: professionalism, ethics
    –   k: techniques/tools of engineering practice
• above average importance/below average skill
    – c: design system, component, or process
    – g: effective communication
• below average importance/above average skill
    – a: apply knowledge of math/engineering skills
    – i: lifelong learning
• below average importance/below average skill
    – b: conduct experiments/analyze data
    – h: broad education (societal context)
    – j: contemporary issues
                              Revised Schedule

upcoming assignments due
   –   ** Friday 10/8: email electronic bio: use my html template **
   –   by Monday 10/11: email teams formed/modified after 10/4
   –   Friday 10/15: hardcopy of signed team contract
   –   Monday 10/18: project description from every team in required format; includes
       name of faculty advisor
                     Comments on Bios
• same errors
   – non-technical skills; inconsistencies; omissions
   – heavy use of jargon
        “incorporated GSFX57 into LPQT with J89-907 protocol”
          “diagnosed and resolved computer hardware errors …”
• plus some new ones
   – use of scare quotes, e.g., “best practices”
   – weak or negative wording, e.g., “supported, in a limited role, …”
      or “handled miscellaneous tasks”

• fix BB: blackboard email different from bio
                 Professional Biography html Template
             replace lowercase text with your own information; email 10/8
<HEAD>                                                             <P><B>skills/expertise areas</B></P>
<TITLE>your name</TITLE>
</HEAD>                                                             <UL>
                                                                     <LI>skill 1<P>
<BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" LINK="#800080" VLINK="#000080"               <LI>skill 2<P>
    TEXT="#000000">                                                  <LI>etc.<P>
<TR>                                                                <P><B>areas of interest</B></P>
<P><FONT SIZE=+1><B>your name</B></FONT></P>                        <UL>
</TD>                                                                <LI>area 1<P>
                                                                     <LI>area 2<P>
<TD ALIGN=RIGHT>                                                     <LI>etc.<P>
 <P><FONT SIZE=+1>your preferred email address</FONT></P>           </UL>
</TR>                                                               <P><B>type of project sought</B></P>
<P><BR></P>                                                          <LI>type 1<P>
                                                                     <LI>type 2<P>
<CENTER><TABLE WIDTH=550>                                            <LI>etc.<P>
<TR>                                                                </UL>
 <P><B>co-op or other experience and responsibilities</B></P>      </TD>
 <UL>                                                              </TABLE></CENTER>
  <LI>(most recent first) your title, organization (# quarters):
       job activities/responsibilities/accomplishments<P>          </BODY>
  <LI>your title, organization (# quarters):                       </HTML>
      job activities/responsibilities/accomplishments<P>
              Upcoming Assignment Details
• project description (10/18)
   – handout
   – html template posted (
   – examples online from previous years (~seniors)

• individual self-assessment (10/20)
   – one paragraph (each) about how your
       • curriculum
       • co-op experience
      have prepared you to undertake your senior design project
   – be specific!
   – mention technical and non-technical skills and how acquired
   – 6 sentence minimum per paragraph
                    System Requirements

1.   scope
2.   project perspective
3.   project functions
4.   user characteristics
5.   specific requirements
6.   definitions, acronyms and abbreviations
7.   references

(due 10/25; there will be a handout next week)
                        Team Notebook

• team notebook
   – record weekly team meetings and other relevant project
   – meetings: record date, start/end times, location, people present,
     issues discussed, possible resolutions, and action items
   – action items: what, who is responsible, by when?
• recommended: electronic copy if possible
• picked up 11/3 and 12/1
                      Team Contract

• preliminary ideas in class today

• use notes from last class to guide thinking

• final version due Friday 10/15
   – submit hardcopy signed by all team members
   – keep a copy in team notebook
                               Notes on Teams
A team                              Bad teams may suffer from
• has a focus                       • conflicts of interest and belief; fighting
• works constructively              • time conflicts
• agrees on objectives              • inability to meet deadlines
• has strategies                    • miscommunication (or lack of communication)
• has accountability                • lack of dependability
• can celebrate successes           • unrealistic expectations
• has roles/responsibilities        • lack of leadership
• has leadership                    • lack of motivation
• has a mascot                      • lack of focus
                                    • slackers; lazy team members; uneven
                                    • close-mindedness
                                    • know-it-alls
                                    • lack of intelligence; unbalanced knowledge
                                    • dealing with unplanned changes
                                    • not completing individual responsibilities
                                    • unbalanced workload
                                    • undefined goals
                                    • disorganization and unresponsiveness
                Team Contract Contents

• individual responsibilities or expectations
   – what should each person do for the team?
   – what should each person do to ensure that the team succeeds?

• team responsibilities or expectations
   – what does the team do to ensure that it functions well?
   – what does the team do for each individual member?

• penalties for infractions
   – escalating? incident specific?
   – should be realistic and enforceable by team

• at least 5 items per area above
      Teams as of 11/6/04
Altherr     Mecklem Neal           Rocklin
Bair        Melchers Nemeth        Setter
Breyfogle   Maslin
Cappel      Collette Day
Cirone      Michalske Schneider    Yoxthimer
Climer      Long      Gaylor       Gilliland
Crummey     + aerospace students
DeVilbiss   Voellmecke
Dowling     Gau       Hadlock      Merrill
Fajardo     Hemani Lipps
Hathaway    Kesler
Hausfeld    Holian    Nerti        Schlesinger
Higgins     Mishler Weinman
Lang        Kortchaguine           Krech
Martini     Springs
           Unteamed Students

EEs                   CompEs
• Au                  • Adejumobi
• Basil               • Alqadah
• Doshi               • Banzhaf
• Ganapathy           • Gaudio
• Khera               • Horowitz
• Kluesener           • Morris
• Kusak               • Rabek
• Lanham              • Seich
                      • Vega
• McAlister
• Nevels
• Nguyen
• Shahrestani
                     Inclass Exercise

• with your team or group, pick 5 items from bad team
  experience list

• identify what an individual and the team could do to avoid
  or address each item

• identify 5 infractions and penalties for them

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