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					       2003/04 Officers                                   WM-ASSE
President: Eric Krieger - Universal
Insurance 616 336-0103                             May 2004 Newsletter                       WEST MICHIGAN CHAPTER
President –Elect: Dan Grzegorski –                7585 Thornapple River Dr.
Knape & Vogt                              Caledonia, MI 49316, Phone: 616-891-7949
Secretary: Mike Rabach – CSP
Accident Fund
                                                   Noise Safety &
Treasurer: Clara DeVries - Parker
                                                MIOSHA Noise Surveys
                                      May 13 – 7:30 AM
Membership: Jeff Grant – CSP DSM      Cost: $10 - Alticor World Headquarters (Amway)
                                      Brandon Burnette, of Agile Safety will speak on the latest
Newsletter: Eric Longman CSP          improvements in noise testing as well as recent updates on OSHA
Hartford Insurance                    & MIOSHA‟s noise programs.
                                      We will also have one of our members who recently had a
Program Chairperson: Brian Becker -   MIOSHA inspection concerning noise talk about his experiences.
Bosch Diesel Technology               Are you prepared with your hearing conservation programs? This
                                      is a great chance to find out how you stack up.
Education: Pat Knight- CSP Marsh
USA                                   Breakfast will be served prior to the program. The program will
                                      last just over an hour. Arrive at 7:30 for networking and
Governmental Affairs: Linda Hudson    breakfast. Meeting to start at 8AM.
– CSP FCCI                            Directions from G.R.: I-96 east to the M-21 exit. 5 miles to Ada.
Archivist: Kevin Quigley – CSP        World headquarters on left (Behind all of the flags) Parking in
                                      front of building. Register with Receptionist she will direct to
Accident Fund
                                      meeting room. RSVP to Clara DeVries at 269 694-9411 Ex
Website: Greg Fox - GVSU Student      2238 or e -mail by 5/11.
                                      BOARD MEETING:                The Board will be meeting for
               WEBSITE:               breakfast on May 6th at the Steak & Shake Restaurant on Clyde
                                      Park just south of 54th St. We meet at 7:30 - the meeting generally
     WWW.WMASSE.ORG                   lasts an hour. Breakfast provided! Please let Eric Krieger know if
                                      you are coming. (phone 336-0103)
Your involvement will pay dividends
– to you and the group. You will      June Meeting – Gone Fishing
benefit from networking, increased    Our last meeting of the year will offer the chance to catch some
job options, and skill development.   perch and take home dinner! Dave Andrews of MPI has helped
                                      review various options and here‟s what we‟ve come up with.
The group will benefit from your
ideas and spreading the work to be    Our Charter will be with Captain Nichols out of South Haven. We
                                      will leave early (7:30) on Friday June 18th . This will be a half-day
more manageable to all.               event – and cost is $35. We need some idea of headcount – so
                                      please send Eric your tentative RSVP at
                             – friends & family welcome!
                                                                                                   Pg. 2.
I would like to thank all of the members for the strong participation in our meetings this year. We have had some
great speakers with relevant topics. Most importantly, we have learned from all members who have attended with
real world problems and solutions.

I would encourage everyone to participate and enjoy the remaining meetings before the busy summer season is upon
us. We are planning on giving everyone a well-deserved break at our June meeting. Tentative plans include
enjoying some fishing and friends on Lake Michigan for a morning.

On another note, I had the opportunity to attend our Regional Operating Committee meeting in Louisville, Kentucky.
This group meets twice a year to share best practices within our region. Our region is planning a Professional
Development Conference in Louisville this August. You should have received a flyer in the mail with details.

So if you are tying to plan your summer vacation/education schedule, this may be your solution. The conference is
featuring the incoming president of ASSE, Gene Barfield. It also has breakout sessions on Construction, General
Industry and Safety Management. Louisville also features many local attractions for the rest of the family to enjoy.
As your president, I was encouraged to have strong participation from West Michigan, so lets do our best to represent
our local chapter.

Our planning committee will also be meeting shortly to set up our schedule of meetings for later this fall and next
year. If you have any interest in participating or have topics that you would like to see, feel free to contact me.
Thanks again for everyone‟s participation this year.

Eric Krieger            President, West Michigan ASSE

                                                                            NEWS OF LOCAL INTEREST
SHIRT OFFER!             Earlier this year we challenged you members to attend 5 meetings this year and – by doing so
– earn a nifty 50 year old shirt. We have kept track but if you feel you have successfully completed – or will
accomplish this – please contact Mike Rabach with your name and shirt size. His phone is (231) 773-6791 and his
e-mail is Remember the Jan. conference is worth two meetings!

                                           What’s Shakin??
This section provides an opportunity to brag abut promotions, certifications, announce job changes and
generally keep track of what is happening in the safety community. If you, or someone you know, has
reason to brag – please let us know
        Marty Lalick of DSM Pharmaceuticals was greatly relieved and pleased to be able to announce that
         he passed the ASP – and will be working hard on the CSP in the near future!

Still Having Difficulty Understanding the „New‟ OSHA 300 Log? Have questions about what needs to be
recorded? Can you „influence‟ what goes on the log? Looking for an excuse to head north?
 Our Northern Brethren are celebrating their 7 days of summer by having Doug Kimmell, MIOSHA
Consultation Education and Training Division speak on Friday May 14, 2004 at 9:00 am at the MTEC
center in Traverse City, MI to improve your „working knowledge‟ of these forms. Cost is $15. RSVP or
ask questions by contacting Mike Taylor at to or 231-933-7072!
                                                                                                    Pg. 3


A nomination committee comprised of Eric Longman as Past President, Clark Neu of Alticor and Roy
Vande rSloot of Toering Electric reviewed nominations and the following persons have accepted the
nomination for officers for the coming year:
President: Dan Grzegorski – Knape & Vogt
President - Elect: Mike Rabach – CSP Accident Fund
Secretary: Clara DeVries - Parker Hannifin
Treasurer: Brian Becker - Bosch Diesel Technology
We have some good folks who have agreed to step into several other positions – including Kevin Quigley
as Program Chairperson and a couple others (which we need to firm up before we announce). It looks like
we will have a great year in 2004/05! Thanks for all who nominated and accepted.

Our friends at CET asked that we remind our members of their many training programs. You can find
them on the web at but the ones in our area that look interesting include the
DATE           COURSE                                        CITY            Contact         Phone
May 5,12,19    Safety & Health Administrator Course          Grand Rapids    Penny Mollica   616 698-1167
May 12         Training Requirements for Construction        Grand Rapids    Diane Phelps    616 331-7180
May 17         Power lockout & Confined Space                Holland         B. Cole PhD     616 331-7180
May 20         Kitchen Safety                                Holland         B. Cole PhD     616 331-7180
May 25         Lockout and Machine Guarding                  Niles           Tim Childs      269 687-5650
June 2,9,16    Safety & Health Administrator Course          Holland         B. Cole PhD     616 331-7180
June 2         Mechanical Power Press Safety                 Traverse City   Shelly Hyatt    231 546-7264

                                            GOOD SPAM ?
I probably hate Spam as much as the next person – but as I try to look for something positive it‟s nice to see
that some of these scumbags who send it out have taken to sharing a joke or a quote. One that you may not
have seen was:

   The graveyards are full of indispensable men. - Charles de Gaulle (1890-1970)

                                    12 Hour Vs. 8 Hour shifts
                                                                                    By: Eric Longman CSP
How does the safety record for companies working 12-hour shifts compare to those working 8-hour shifts?
What seems like a simple question quickly becomes complex when you consider that even with 12-hour
shifts the scheduling is probably different for each company. One article on this topic indicates that there
are more than 1000 viable 12-hour shift schedules.
While our main concern is on safety or accident frequency a company thinking of changing their shift
hours must consider how other factors will be impacted - including absenteeism, productivity, quality, etc.
                                                                                                         Pg. 4
                                                                                12 hour shifts - continued:
An account that currently works 12-hour shifts asked me about the research on 12 hour versus 8-hour
shifts. I have maintained a file folder of interesting articles over the years (as I’m sure most of us have)
and these questions gave me reason to review these articles. This will provide an overview on the
Conclusion: Like many things – if you wish to prove one side or another your selective review of studies can
provide proof one way or another. To some extent it may depend more on the type of operation (stress filled vs.
normal production) to determine if 12-hour shifts make sense for a company. However, the majority of studies seem
to indicate that there are few, if any ill affects. My review is based on 20 articles looking at studies from 1977 to
2003. Most found far more positives than negatives, or no appreciable difference.
Discussion: Studies with positive findings included a Canadian company making synthetic yarn with the conclusion
that “the introduction of 12 hour shift systems did not result in increased accidents.” This study was probably one of
the more reliable from a safety standpoint in that they had plant nurses working 24/7 recording data on all injuries.
An interesting side note to this study was the finding that injuries were higher during two periods of the day -
between 8 AM and 10 AM and again between 2 PM and 4 PM – regardless of the shift length!
Another study for a chemical plant was done after one year of changing to 12-hour shifts and found that
job satisfaction had increased while safety, turnover and absenteeism had remained the same.
A Nuclear Regulatory Commission study in 1988 concluded that the advantages outweighed the
disadvantages. The advantages they found included greater job satisfaction, greater productivity and, in
this case, fewer operator errors due to better communication between shifts (often passing information to
the same person you relieved or at least only passing information twice as opposed to three times each
The results mentioned above are interesting because a 1993 article in the International Journal of
Industrial Ergonomics included a review of studies on this subject and noted studies involving a nuclear
plant, which found that 12-hour shifts had a doubling of “human errors”.
The largest outcry against 12-hour shifts involved the idea of truck drivers being allowed to work long
hours. This article based their conclusions more on laboratory research as opposed to accident rates.
The other study with some negatives involved nursing. (Again, both involving some need for constant
attention to detail)
Several points that caught my attention included:
    Several reports found slight increases in sick days with the 12-hour shift. My assumption is that while
        people may feel they can struggle through an 8-hour shift they find a 12-hour shift to be too daunting.
    There are many issues that need to be worked out before making a change. These include, but are not limited
        to, training, break schedules, adjustments to sick time, vacation and holiday policies and improved planning
        on handling “call in‟s” to assure people don‟t need to work more than 12 hours.
    Recognition must be given to the possible effects of noise levels or chemical exposures given the longer
        exposure times.
    A component for making 12 hour shifts more appealing to workers seemed to be the rotation of shifts so that
        everyone gets the overnight shift rather than keeping people on either a day or a nighttime shift.
Any Internet search will provide a wealth of information on the subject.

                             GVSU SEEKS INTERNSHIP POSITIONS
There are about ten students looking for an Occupational Safety and Health Internship for this summer. While
most are interested in manufacturing, some are interested in construction, health care, and insurance. The
internships start May 1 and can last until mid-August. They do not have to be in the Grand Rapids area.
If you are looking for an intern for this summer please contact Greg Green, the OSH Internship Coordinator at
616-331-3686 or
                                                                                                            Pg. 5
                                   QUESTION OF THE MONTH
Last month I asked for an example of an effective accident investigation where a real solution was
accomplished. I confess my disappointment over the total lack of response! Perhaps we go through the
motions with few real victories that we can feel good about – I don’t think so, but the absence of anyone
with bragging rights made me wonder.
And then darn it if one of our members didn’t come up to me at the Michigan Safety Conference –and tell
me he had seen my challenge, but between being busy and not wanting to brin g MIOSHA inspectors
down on his plant (not that that would happen!) he hadn’t sent anything in. So – promising not to identify
his company let me just say that they had a close call when a double hand trip malfunctioned. As a follow-
up they checked every double hand trip in the plant and have been checking regularly to assure they
continued to work as expected. They have found 6 machines since they started this where the trips have
malfunctioned. This effort has prevented near miss or injury related incidents!
                                                                        ASSE & OTHER INFORMATION
REGION 7 PDC (Professional Development Confe rence)
  You have probably gotten some mailings – but remember that Region 7 – our region – will be holding a
  PDC on August 12-13th , 2004 in Louisville, Kentucky. There will be three tracks of topics, General
  Industry, Construction & Safety Management. Now is a good time to block out these days for a nice
  business trip possibly combined with a few days of vacation. More information will be forthcoming!

                                 Environmental Safety & Health Specialist
Airgas, Inc. is the largest U.S. distributor of industrial, medical, and specialty gases, welding, safety and
related products. Airgas Great Lakes is currently seeking an Environmental Safety & Health Specialist
for our Great Lakes Region reporting to the Safety Director. A bachelor‟s degree is mandatory, experience is
preferred but will consider recent college graduate. This position will be “hands-on” in the branches and plants.
Excellent people skills are necessary to effectively manage and communicate the ES&H program. Writing and
training skills are also necessary to communicate the program to all branch and plant locations.
How to Apply: To apply for this position please send letter of interest, resume and most recent copy of applicants‟
college transcript to the following:
Fax:            989-894-0035 E-mail: Mail to:               Airgas Great Lakes
                                                                                    Attn: Penny Keller
                                                                                    311 Columbus Ave.
                                                                                    Bay City, MI 48708.
Also – Tracy Booth contacted me stating that she is a recruiter and has a client that is a property & casualty insurance
company looking for a multi-line loss control supervisor to manage 4 outside loss control reps. Multiline loss
control experience consulting experience (with and insurance carrier) and supervisory experience is required. CSP is
preferred. Company car included and they will assist in relocation. The opportunity is in the Flint/Saginaw area.
Contact Tracy either via e-mail at or call her at 704-849-9083.

A very quick overview of the Treasurer‟s Report f or our Chapter finds the following:
    We made $570.31 for the Quest for Safety Seminar in January. This was intended to be a fundraiser
        and fortunately it ended up that way.
    Our year has ended up with $4,057.49 in the treasury. It‟s nice to move into a new year with a healthy
                                                                                                   Pg. 6

    The West Michigan Chapter of ASSE has over 240 on its mailing list from all over West
  Michigan. Our membership is made up of a wide range of people in the field of safety. This
  includes people who are new to the safety profession, students, those with the CSP designation, or
  are working toward it. We know that the field is too big for any one person to know everything –
  and recognize the value of networking – to learn from others who may have “been there and done
    Come join us for fun – for sharing of ideas and information. Remember – Our group is
  as good as we – the members – make it.

Oh – and then there was something called the Safety Professional of the Year for the West Michigan
Chapter presented at the Michigan Safety Conference Meeting. For those of you who stayed around – and
if you didn’t stay around you missed a great speaker in Fred Manuele (more on that later) – some fellow
named Eric Longman received recognition for his work over the past few years.

In supporting this decision the following comments were offered: “Eric Longman has been a
member of ASSE for something like 20 years. He has worked in the safety
profession for 21 years with the last 18 years spent with Hartford Insurance.
Eric has accumulated numerous designations over his career including an MBA,
ARM and CSP. He continues to raise the bar for safety professionals in our

Most recently, Eric has made enormous commitments to WMASSE. He has served on
several officer positions including chapter president during the 2002-2003
year. In addition, he has found time to maintain the Chapter Newsletter and
until recently our website.

I personally know that he has spent many hours working to truly impact the
quality of our society. The decision to award Eric Longman with the 2003-2004
SPY Award was very easy. Please join me in congratulating Eric for all that
he has done for our society and the local safety community.” Eric Krieger -
WMASSE President

And Greg Green –from GVSU – added: “Eric has been an
enormous asset to the Occupational Safety and Health
Program at Grand Valley State University. He has spoken
numerous times to the student chapter of WMASSE and
tried to include student members in the organization's
activity so they are given the opportunity to interact
with area safety professionals. Eric personifies what
being an outstanding and committed safety professional
means to students in the OSH program.”

As newsletter editor I extend my thanks to those who took the time to make the nomination and to
say that I continue to get more than I give as a result of my involvement! It has truly been my

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