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					   Army Contracting Agency:
Transformation and a New Way of
        Doing Business

                 Sandra Sieber
      Director, Army Contracting Agency
                March 17, 2004

      Reorganization: Goals, Progress
•Army Contracting Agency created in October 2003 as part
of Army transformation initiated by Chief of Staf f

•Focus: Provide support to Installation Management Agency
and Network Technology Command

•Goal: Provide enterprise buying opportunities

   •Awarded new software master license agreement with Soft Mart
   (small business)
   •Awarded master BPA for cell phones, pagers
   •Established Customer Partnership Council
   •Established Army Acquisition Governance Board
    Metrics and Accomplishments
•Customer Satisfaction
    Interactive Customer Evaluation Tool –
   92% for FY03
•Contract consolidation - Over $500K – Some
progress, processes established
•Purchase cardholder span of control (1:7) - met
•Preference programs - Small Business, etc. –
exeeded goals in FY03
•Professionalism - Improved
           Reorganization Challenges

• Fiscal Management

• Coordination of automated business systems with other
automated systems (financial, programmatic)

• Staffing – resources, skill sets, merged cultures

• Marketing the new organization and its capabilities

• Effective communications – internal and external

• Designed Business Intelligence System –
has SPS data mining capability (DoD Pilot)
• Planning Industry Advisory Council
• Communicate through reports, newsletter,
VTC, offsites
•Encouraged streamlining, innovation
         Trends/New Initiatives
•Increased need for flexibility, speed
•Single solicitation, multiple awards
•Joint service cooperation
   •Software licenses
   •Joint Interservice Regional Services Group,
   Colorado Springs
•Teaming arrangements
•Fewer contracts for same type items/services
              Industry Impacts
•Fewer small, single item contracts
•More delivery order/BPA type vehicles;
uncertain business quantity (order competition)
•Increased privatization (utilities, housing)
•Increased emphasis on small business
•Future automated acquisition systems planned
•Accelerated proposal/negotiation/award
process in support of OEF/OIF


•Draft RFPs, Industry Days

•Professional association networking

•Conference participation

         Summary and Conclusion
ACA is a new way of doing business

Substantial transition in first year and change

It’s most important objective is to provide
excellent customer service to facilitate mission



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