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Fast Food Industry Qsr Research Commercial Ready Grant


Fast Food Industry + Qsr + Research document sample

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									Commercial Ready Grant Agreements signed in Financial Year 2004/2005

Org State   Applicant Organisation           Agreed Funding          Project Description                                                     Month signed

NSW         Kingfoil Containers Py Ltd                     593,291 R&D, Proof of concept and Early Commercialisation of a patented               June
                                                                   high-speed, low cost stacking system for production lines producing
                                                                   disposable food containers and similar sized objects
QLD         Creative Audio Pty Limited                    799,350 A group of electronic hardware and software products, together                 June
                                                                  constituting an audio paging and messaging system: life safety
                                                                  focussed; high security; automated; distributed intelligence and
QLD         Callidan Instruments Pty Ltd.                 907,882 Development and commercialisation of a low cost in-pipe                        June
                                                                  microwave moisture analyser for food manufacturing applications.

QLD         Aqua Diagnostic Pty Ltd                       706,031 PeCOD - photo-electro-chemical oxidation demand technology                     June
                                                                  used for water analysis
SA          Cohda Wireless Pty Ltd                        630,341 The early commercialisation of Cohda's prototype digital wireless              June
                                                                  communications technology that enables the efficient transfer of
                                                                  data for dedicated high bandwidth mobile applications

TAS         F E A Timber Pty Ltd                         2,370,454 Adaption and Commercialisation of new compression fast kiln-                  June
                                                                    drying process for small diameter plantation hardwood timber and
                                                                    re-growth native forest.
TAS         Modulo Software                                146,825 Modulo business document acquisition and electronic commerce                  June
                                                                    software product suite
VIC         Metabolic Pharmaceuticals Ltd                  449,902 The aim of the project is to conduct Phase I clinical trials on ACV1,         June
                                                                    a novel analgesic found to be highly effective in reducing
                                                                    neuropathic pain, with a favourable safety profile.
WA          SEATRAC Pty Ltd                              1,603,806 Subsea Well Intervention and Abandonment Package for                          June
                                                                    installation, repair, maintenance, gathering well data, enhancing
                                                                    production and abondonment of oil & gas wells.
QLD         Vigil Systems Pty Ltd                         1,192,697 Predictive Automotive Driver Assessment System (PADA)                        May
QLD         AgGuide Pty Ltd                                 862,278 Development of the next generation agricultural guidance                     May
VIC         Ausmelt Limited                               1,139,669 The project is to prove that AM2 (a novel hydroxamate reagent with           May
                                                                    a molecular structure which increases metal recovery of ores)
                                                                    increases the metal recovery of nickel, platinum & gold in float cells

WA          Dimerix Bioscience Pty Ltd                      200,000 Preparation and testing of nanotechnology compounds targeting                May
                                                                    cannabinoid receptors as the basis for further development and
                                                                    preclinical studies
QLD         Genetic Solutions Pty Ltd                     1,267,239 New DNA Trait Tests for Improving Beef Quality and Productivity              April
QLD         BSD Robotics Pty Ltd                          1,504,908 DNA sample preparation and management system                                 April
QLD         Microair Avionics Pty Ltd                       592,601 T2000 ADS-B (Auto Dependant Surveillance Broadcast)                          April
                                                                    transponder is a compact instrument that automatically, rapidly
                                                                    transmits aircraft position, identity and altitude.
SA          Fiberbyte Pty Ltd                             1,142,669 Commercialisation of USB-inSync products for synchronous device              April
                                                                    control and data acquisition markets
VIC         CoolRock Software Pty Ltd                       335,805 TEAL - Transparent Email Archiving Library                                   April
VIC         Industrial Conveying (Aust) Pty Ltd           1,391,772 Containerised Automated Waste Processing and Recycling Plant                 April
VIC   iCare Solutions Pty Ltd          244,538 Commercialisation of the i-Care clinical management software for          April
                                               the aged care industry utilising innovative wireless technology and a
                                               user friendly interface.
VIC   QSR International Pty Ltd      1,119,880 Mercury - Development of a Market Leading Qualititative Data              April
                                               Analysis Software Program for Use in Commercial, Government,
                                               and Academic Research Organisations
VIC   Rofin Australia Pty Ltd        1,930,853 The development and commercialisation of high intensity tunable           April
                                               light sources for a range of medical applications.
QLD   Absolute Data Group Pty Ltd     168,694 S1000D-The new standard being used world wide for delivery of             March
                                               technical information, by the military, aerospace and industry.
                                               "Project RAPID" delivers information faster and for less cost to
QLD   PanBio Limited                3,543,291 Single step homogenous assay based on Forced Enzyme                       March
                                               Complementation technology
VIC   nSynergy Pty Ltd                667,900 The LegalNet Collaboration Project (LCP) Transaction Processing           March
                                               Facility Module (TPFM)
VIC   Glass Expansion Pty Ltd         784,302 Microflow Desolvation System (MDS) performance accessory for              March
                                               generic Inductively Couples Plasma (ICP) trace element detection
VIC   Bacchus Distillery Pty Ltd      335,748 The project uses a series of techniques from different industries to     January
                                               produce clean neutral wine spirit, which gives flexibility to alcohol
                                               manufactures to produce a high quality and low cost product.

TAS   Verdant Pty Ltd               1,000,000 Verdant will develop the visualisation and sensing technology tools      December
                                              used to gain valuable insights into the complex systems studies by
                                              fisheries and environmental researchers, and underpinning
                                              processes in the fishing and aquaculture industries. These
                                              developments will reduce costs and waste in the commercial fishing
                                              and aquaculture industries while improving the ability to manage the
TAS   Marinova Pty Ltd                894,237 Marinova is contracted to supply galacto fucan sulphate (GFS) - an       December
                                              extract derived from Tasmanian wakame seaweed - for a nutritional
                                              supplement. This project aims to develop new
                                              manufacturing/extraction processes and methods for "second
                                              generation" GFS derivatives for use in a range of pharmaceutical
                                              and biomedical applications. The development of pure and modified
                                              GFS products from macro algae (seaweed) will signicantly improve
                                              the quality, colour, weight and odour of products available to
                                              customers and expand export capability.
TAS   Serve-Ag Pty Ltd                500,706 Serve-Ag Pty Ltd is seeking to develop processes for the analysis        December
                                              and interpretation of rapid plant and soil nutrition monitoring for
                                              environmental and crop production management. It will increase the
                                              sophistication of the analytical tools available to agronomists and
                                              farmers so they can make better, more informed decisions relating
                                              to fertiliser application. It has the opportunity to substantially
                                              improve the efficiency of fertiliser use - which, when used too much
                                              or not enough, can adversely impact on yield delivery. The project
                                              will also offer substantial benefits for managing nitrogen levels in
                                              soil and minimising nitrogen run-off and its subsequent
                                              environmental impacts.

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