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					Make your own Custom Design website templates with Artisteer
Do you ever wish you could design website templates for your own websites, without having to know
html code or php. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to make them in a matter of minutes? Well now you
can with a program called Web Design Generator - Artisteer.
No one I know has time to learn how to design website templates as well as build a website at the
same time. Just learning how to make website templates could take years. I started to learn how to do
all this, when I realized I would have to know how to write code for more than one language. To make
templates I would need to know html, php,, and more. I would also have to learn how to
package a template for each different content management system. Then I found Web Design
Generator - Artisteer
How to make your own Website Templates?

If I was to show you how to make a website template without using Artisteer it could take forever!! In
Artisteer you simply choose which content management system you want to build a website template
for and then start to design. See the screenshot above. When you have chosen what template you
want to make a sample website template will appear and you will see a menu that looks allot like the
Office 2007 menu.

Can I try Artisteer2 for free and make a website template?

Artisteer is available to download for free and try, however you will not be able to export a template. I
tried Artisteer for free and made a fantastic template that I just had to have. Therefore I had to buy the
program. (download Web Design Generator - Artisteer ) I have already started making Free Wordpress
Templates to give away. I have also tested the templates online by installing them into Wordpress. I
then added a few plug ins and that was it. The template looked fantastic.

Watch this video tutorial on how to make a website template with Artisteer2

Web Design Generator - Artisteer

We all know that websites are the way of the future. The online world has now become just as
important as the offline one. Being able to make your own Website Template for all the major content
management systems such as Wordpress, Blogger, Joomla, Dupral, and more, is a definite advantage.

How long will it take me to make a website template?

Lets just say you absolutely have no idea about html or php, but you have a Wordpress website. If you
wanted to make a new template to your design for your website, and decided to use Artisteer, after an
hour, you would have your template finished and uploaded to Wordpress. That's how easy it is.

How to Upload a New Wordpress Theme Template from your Computer
Make your own website templates

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