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									      ARRA HGEI Guidelines Source Documentation: Energy Training Partnership

     Issue                                   Criteria/Definition                                    Most Common Documentation (Examples)
                                                                                            •Driver's License or Government Identification Card
                                                                                            •School Records/School Identification Card
                                                                                            •Birth Certificate
                                                                                            •Hospital Birth Record
                                                                                            •U.S. Passport
      Age          Participant is no younger than the age of 18.
                                                                                            •Naturalization Certificate
                                                                                            •Public Assistance/Social Service Records
                                                                                            •Work Permit
                                                                                            •Cross Match with Department of Vital Statistics
                                                                                            •Native American Tribal Records
                 An individual who served at least one day in the active military, naval,
                 or air service, and who was discharged or released under conditions
                 other than dishonorable, as specified in 38 U.S.C. 101(2). Active
                 service includes full-time Federal service in the National Guard or a
                 Reserve Component.
                 An individual who is:
                 a) the spouse of any veteran who died of a service-connected
                 disability;                                                                   •DD-214, Cross Match with:
                 b) the spouse of any member of the Armed Forces serving on active •Veterans Data
Eligible Veteran
                 duty, who at the time of application for the priority, is listed in one of    •State MIS records
                 more of the following categories and has been so listed for a total of
                 more than 90 days: i) missing in action; ii) captured in the line of duty
                 by a hostile force; or iii) forcibly detained or interned in the line of duty
                 by a foreign government or power;
                 c) the spouse of any veteran who has a total disability resulting from a
                 service-connected disability, as evaluated by the Department of
                 Veterans Affairs; or
                 d) the spouse of a veteran who died while a disability so evaluated
                 was in existence.
                                                                                            •Verification from Employer
                                                                                            •Rapid Response List
                                                                                            •Notice of Layoff
 Unemployed        Individuals who are without a job and who want and are available to      •Public Announcement with follow-up cross-match with UI
  Individuals      work.                                                                    Records
                                                                                            •UI Records
                                                                                            Public Assistance Records
                                                                                            •Applicant Self Attestation
       ARRA HGEI Guidelines Source Documentation: Energy Training Partnership
      Issue                                    Criteria/Definition                                     Most Common Documentation (Examples)
                Individuals who:
                1) are currently employed in an occupation in the utilities;                   •Pay Stub
                transportation and warehousing; manufacturing; construction; mining,           •Employer Verification
                quarrying, and oil and gas extraction; or other sectors that have been         •State MIS
 Impacted by
                adversely affected by national energy and environmental policies; and          •Case Notes for Current WIA Participants
National Energy
                have received a notice of termination or lay-off from employment; or           •Rapid Response List
                2) were employed in an occupation in the utilities; transportation and         •Notice of Layoff
                warehousing; manufacturing; construction; mining, quarrying, and oil           •Public Announcement with Follow-up Cross-Match with UI
     Policy                                                                                    •Public Assistance Records
                and gas extraction; or other sectors that have been adversely
                affected by national energy and environmental policies; and are now            •Applicant Self Attestation
                                                                                               •Pay Stub
  Individuals in Individuals who are currently employed; or were terminated or laid-off        •Employer Verification
                  or have received a notice of termination or lay-off from employment;         •State MIS
Need of Updated
                  or were self-employed but are now unemployed; and can benefit from           •Case Notes for Current WIA Participants
Training Related
                  training that will help them enter or advance in the energy efficiency       •Rapid Response List
  to the Energy
                  and renewable energy industries identified in WIA section                    •Notice of Layoff
 Efficiency and
                  171(e)(1)(B)(ii), and/or will enable them to acquire or enhance skills       •Public Announcement with Follow-up Cross-Match with UI
                  needed to enter occupations within one or more of the "growth,               Records
Energy Industries enhanced, and emerging" green industries.                                    •Public Assistance Records
                                                                                               •Applicant Self Attestation
                   Individuals who are or have been subject to any stage of the juvenile       •Documentation from Juvenile or Adult Criminal Justice
                   or criminal justice process, for whom services under this Act may be        System
Individuals with a beneficial; or who require assistance in overcoming artificial barriers
                                                                                               •Documentation Phone Call with Court Representatives
 Criminal Record to employment resulting from a record of arrest or conviction. ETA
                                                                                               •WIA Registration Form
                   includes individuals with a juvenile or criminal record in the definition   •Applicant Self Attestation
                   for this term.
                                                                                             •Proof of Residence in One of the Counties Impacted by
                                                                                             Automotive-Related Restructuring:
                    Individuals who reside in one of the 312 counties impacted by            •Utility Bill
                    automotive-related restructuring as identified by The Center for         •Pay Check
                    Automotive Research. Only residents of the communities included          •Government Check
   Impacted by
                    on The Center for Automotive Research list will qualify for this status. •Mortgage Document
                    Please see attachment for additional information on the counties         •Voter Registration Card
                    impacted by automotive-related restructuring. You may also access •Property Tax Receipt
                    a list of the counties impacted by automotive-related restructuring at: •Housing Rental Contract
           •Bank Statement
Attachment 1
The Center for Automotive Research List: Counties Impacted by Automotive-Related Restructuring
 FIPS County Name State               FIPS County Name State             FIPS County Name        State
  1013      Butler      AL           17155       Putnam       IL        18147       Spencer       IN
  1021      Chilton     AL           17187       Warren       IL        18141     St. Joseph      IN
  1083    Limestone     AL           17189 Washington         IL        18149        Starke       IN
  1085     Lowndes      AL           17191        Wayne       IL        18151       Steuben       IN
  1089     Madison      AL           18001        Adams       IN        18153      Sullivan       IN
  1095     Marshall     AL           18003         Allen      IN        18157 Tippecanoe          IN
  1101 Montgomery AL                 18005 Bartholomew IN               18159        Tipton       IN
  1121    Talladega     AL           18009      Blackford     IN        18175 Washington          IN
  1125   Tuscaloosa     AL           18015        Carroll     IN        18179        Wells        IN
  5023     Cleburne     AR           18017         Cass       IN        18183       Whitley       IN
  5041      Desha       AR           18025     Crawford       IN        20001        Allen        KS
  5055      Greene      AR           18033       De Kalb      IN        20209    Wyandotte        KS
  5083      Logan       AR           18031       Decatur      IN        21003        Allen        KY
  6001     Alameda      CA           18035      Delaware      IN        21009        Barren       KY
  6037   Los Angeles CA              18037        Dubois      IN        21017      Bourbon        KY
 10003 New Castle       DE           18039       Elkhart      IN        21023       Bracken       KY
 13089      DeKalb      GA           18041        Fayette     IN        21031        Butler       KY
 13121      Fulton      GA           18045      Fountain      IN        21033      Caldwell       KY
 13139       Hall       GA           18047      Franklin      IN        21041       Carroll       KY
 13143     Haralson     GA           18051        Gibson      IN        21043        Carter       KY
 13167     Johnson      GA           18053         Grant      IN        21055    Crittenden       KY
 13285      Troup       GA           18059      Hancock       IN        21057 Cumberland          KY
 19029       Cass       IA           18061      Harrison      IN        21069      Fleming        KY
 19037   Chickasaw      IA           18065        Henry       IN        21073      Franklin       KY
 19071     Fremont      IA           18067      Howard        IN        21075        Fulton       KY
 19089     Howard       IA           18071       Jackson      IN        21077       Gallatin      KY
 19095       Iowa       IA           18075          Jay       IN        21081        Grant        KY
 19115      Louisa      IA           18077      Jefferson     IN        21093       Hardin        KY
 19149    Plymouth      IA           18081       Johnson      IN        21099         Hart        KY
 19157    Poweshiek     IA           18087      Lagrange      IN        21101    Henderson        KY
 19175      Union       IA           18093     Lawrence       IN        21103        Henry        KY
 19197      Wright      IA           18097       Marion       IN        21107      Hopkins        KY
 17007      Boone        IL          18103        Miami       IN        21111      Jefferson      KY
 17025       Clay        IL          18107 Montgomery IN                21113     Jessamine       KY
 17031       Cook        IL          18113        Noble       IN        21121        Knox         KY
 17047     Edwards       IL          18123         Perry      IN        21123        Larue        KY
 17067     Hancock       IL          18133       Putnam       IN        21137       Lincoln       KY
 17121      Marion       IL          18135     Randolph       IN        21151      Madison        KY
 17113     McLean        IL          18143         Scott      IN        21155       Marion        KY
FIPS    County Name State   FIPS    County Name State   FIPS    County Name State
21167      Mercer     KY    26133     Osceola      MI   31051       Dixon      NE
21169     Metcalfe    KY    26135      Oscoda      MI   31141       Platte     NE
21173   Montgomery    KY    26139      Ottawa      MI   31159      Seward      NE
21179      Nelson     KY    26143   Roscommon      MI   34023    Middlesex     NJ
21183       Ohio      KY    26145     Saginaw      MI   34039       Union      NJ
21191    Pendleton    KY    26147     St. Clair    MI   36029        Erie      NY
21199      Pulaski    KY    26149    St. Joseph    MI   36063      Niagara     NY
21207      Russell    KY    26157     Tuscola      MI   36067    Onondaga      NY
21209       Scott     KY    26159    Van Buren     MI   36089   St. Lawrence   NY
21211      Shelby     KY    26161   Washtenaw      MI   39001       Adams      OH
21213     Simpson     KY    26163      Wayne       MI   39003        Allen     OH
21221       Trigg     KY    26165     Wexford      MI   39011     Auglaize     OH
21227     Warren      KY    27029   Clearwater     MN   39019       Carroll    OH
21229   Washington    KY    27123     Ramsey       MN   39021   Champaign      OH
22017      Caddo
         Baltimore    LA    29047        Clay      MO   39025     Clermont     OH
24510       (city)    MD    29061     Daviess      MO   39027      Clinton     OH
24043   Washington    MD    29079     Grundy       MO   39033    Crawford      OH
26009      Antrim     MI    29105     Laclede      MO   39035    Cuyahoga      OH
26017        Bay      MI    29113      Lincoln     MO   39039     Defiance     OH
26025     Calhoun     MI    29147    Nodaway       MO   39043        Erie      OH
26045       Eaton     MI    29175    Randolph      MO   39051       Fulton     OH
26049     Genesee     MI    29183    St. Charles   MO   39061     Hamilton     OH
26059     Hillsdale   MI    29189     St. Louis    MO   39063     Hancock      OH
26063      Huron      MI    29229      Wright      MO   39065       Hardin     OH
26065     Ingham      MI    28009      Benton      MS   39069       Henry      OH
26067       Ionia     MI    28011      Bolivar     MS   39071     Highland     OH
26069       Iosco     MI    28051     Holmes       MS   39077       Huron      OH
26075     Jackson     MI    28089     Madison      MS   39079      Jackson     OH
26079     Kalkaska    MI    28119     Quitman      MS   39083        Knox      OH
26081       Kent      MI    28129       Smith      MS   39091       Logan      OH
26087      Lapeer     MI    28145      Union       MS   39093       Lorain     OH
26091     Lenawee     MI    28161    Yalobusha     MS   39095       Lucas      OH
26093    Livingston   MI    37063     Durham       NC   39097     Madison      OH
26099     Macomb      MI    37071      Gaston      NC   39113   Montgomery     OH
26107     Mecosta     MI    37089   Henderson      NC   39117      Morrow      OH
26111     Midland     MI    37145      Person      NC   39121       Noble      OH
26113    Missaukee    MI    37165     Scotland     NC   39125     Paulding     OH
26115     Monroe      MI    38051     McIntosh     ND   39131        Pike      OH
26125     Oakland     MI    31019      Buffalo     NE   39135       Preble     OH
26127      Oceana     MI    31047     Dawson       NE   39137      Putnam      OH
FIPS    County Name State   FIPS   County Name State    FIPS   County Name State
39139     Richland    OH    47077  Henderson       TN
39141       Ross      OH    47079     Henry        TN
39143    Sandusky     OH    47087    Jackson       TN
39147      Seneca     OH    47097 Lauderdale       TN
39149      Shelby     OH    47099  Lawrence        TN
39153     Summit      OH    47105    Loudon        TN
39155    Trumbull     OH    47113   Madison        TN
39159      Union      OH    47117   Marshall       TN
39161    Van Wert     OH    47119     Maury        TN
39169      Wayne      OH    47107   McMinn         TN
39171     Williams    OH    47109   McNairy        TN
39173      Wood       OH    47121     Meigs        TN
39175     Wyandot     OH    47123    Monroe        TN
40095     Marshall    OK    47131     Obion        TN
40109    Oklahoma     OK    47133   Overton        TN
42003    Allegheny    PA    47135     Perry        TN
42117      Tioga      PA    47141    Putnam        TN
45007    Anderson     SC    47143      Rhea        TN
45019    Charleston   SC    47147  Robertson       TN
45021    Cherokee     SC    47149  Rutherford      TN
45035    Dorchester   SC    47151      Scott       TN
45067      Marion     SC    47159     Smith        TN
45083   Spartanburg   SC    47177    Warren        TN
47001    Anderson     TN    47185     White        TN
47003     Bedford     TN    48029     Bexar        TX
47007     Bledsoe     TN    48439    Tarrant       TX
47009      Blount     TN    49003  Box Elder       UT
47015     Cannon      TN    51023   Botetourt      VA
47031      Coffee     TN    51710 Norfolk (city)   VA
47041     DeKalb      TN    51155    Pulaski       VA
47045       Dyer      TN    51173     Smyth        VA
47051     Franklin    TN    51177 Spotsylvania     VA
47053      Gibson     TN    55059   Kenosha        WI
47055       Giles     TN    55075  Marinette       WI
47061     Grundy      TN    55105      Rock        WI
47063     Hamblen     TN    54079    Putnam        WV
47065    Hamilton     TN
47069    Hardeman     TN
47073     Hawkins     TN

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