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					Fee & Commission Split Agreement, Exhibit B

Desert Realty, Inc. to retain $600.00 pe r transaction side of total commission, plus $70 pe r
month administration fee. Errors & Omissions insurance and email is included.

Further more it is agreed that:

1.      All properties bought or sold by agent, including their own properties or any corporately
owned properties of which they are a principal, shareholder, and/or officer are governed by
Desert Realty, Inc. and are subject to any and all fees applicable. Whatever commission offered
to co-broker will be what Desert Realty, Inc. will use to calculate the commission splits. Agent’s
own transactions with no co-broker calculation will be based on 2.5% or greater.

2.     Desert Realty, Inc. shall retain 8% on any referral or lease fees.

2.      Any fees owed to Desert Realty, Inc. shall be debited to agent upon next escrow closing
including accrued late fees.

3.     Advanced fees are not refundable. A $30 late fee shall be applied to any monthly balance
unpaid as of the 15th day of date due of each month. Agents not current shall be terminated. (A
$150 reconnection fee shall be charged)

4.      All agents must report any loan fees to Desert Realty, Inc. within 5 days of close of
escrow. Any commissions from any lender must be made payable to Desert Realty, Inc. and
treated as a referral fee. Any agent receiving any funds or gratuities directly from a lender will
be reported to the DRE and will be subject to forfeiture of entire commission.

5.      Brokers licensed under Desert Realty, Inc. are required to register ALL real estate
transactions solely through Desert Realty, Inc. and Desert Realty, Inc.’s Policy & Procedures.
No exceptions.

7.      Desert Realty, Inc. Policies and Procedures: Agent agrees to abide by and be bound by
the terms and conditions of Desert Realty, Inc.’s Policy and Procedure. Agent agrees to
download Desert Realty, Inc.’s Policy and Procedure Handbook from the Desert Realty, Inc.
website, Resources for Agents, and to read within 7 days of “sign on” date. Agent further
agrees to contact manager or office manager with questions or concerns.

8.     This contract is effective as of date of hire as signed below for a period of one year.
Contract shall be renewed annually upon management/agent review.

11/14/2010                        Agent Initials: _______                                1
9.      Desert Realty, Inc. reserves the right to modify or cancel this agreement or terms thereof
at anytime upon 30 days notice.

10.     Supervision: Per ICA-Paragraph 6, Associate-Licensee, within 48 hours after preparing,
signing, or receiving same, shall submit to broker or Broker’s designated licensee/manager: (i)
All documents which may have a material effect upon the rights and duties of principals in a
transaction, (ii) Any documents or other items connected with a transaction pursuant to this
Agreement in the possession of or available to: Associate-Licensee and, (iii) All documents
associated with any real estate transaction in which Associate Licensee is a principal.

Agent who submits fully executed listing agreements or purchase contracts later than 48
hours from signing shall be charged a $350 late fee.

11.     Notice: As per Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA Paragrph14), Associate
Licensee hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Desert Realty, Inc and its subsidiaries
harmless from all claims, disputes, litigation, judgments, awards, costs and attorney’s fees
arising from any action taken against Desert Realty, Inc. and its subsidiaries due to omissions or
illegal actions of the Associate Licensee or others working through or on behalf of Associate
Licensee in connection with services rendered in this or any transaction.

Associate Licensee understands that payment of any such claims or costs pursuant to a particular
transaction are the sole responsibility of the Associate Licensee, who hereby a grees to indemnify
and hold harmless the Broker, Manager, Desert Realty, Inc., and its subsidiaries for any such
sums. Desert Realty, Inc. may withhold compensation due to agent on any transaction to satisfy
any and all outstanding expenses and offsets of agent.

12.     Troubled Transactions: Agent is responsible for reporting any troubled transaction or
threat of lawsuit immediately to the manager, to follow procedure for filing an incident report
with the manager and further to cooperate with manager to resolve and settle disputes or
conflicts promptly.

13.     AOR/MLS: Agent agrees to join/maintain membership in local Association of Realtors
and affiliated Multiple Listing Service and further agrees to maintain such membership in good
standing at all times. Agent hereby authorizes Desert Realty, Inc. to bill agent’s account on file
for any amounts in arrears should agent’s membership fall into arrears and as such threaten
Brokers continued use of Association services.

Agent Signature               Print Name                                Date

Broker or Manager Signature    Print Name                               Date

11/14/2010                       Agent Initials: _______                                 2

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