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									                         Application for Prospective External Evaluators

1. What are your qualifications as an external evaluator for local, state, federal or foundation
   grants? Please attach your curriculum vitae.

2. For which kinds of grant do you wish to be considered as an external evaluator:

           English and foreign language acquisition
           Educational research and assessment
           Career and technical education
           Migrant and refugee education
           Pre-kindergarten – grade 12 literacy in core subject areas
           Safe and Drug-Free schools
           School health, wellness, and physical fitness
           Emergency management and readiness
           School counseling
           Character education
           Professional development of teachers and school administrators
           Education, transition and vocational rehabilitation for students with disabilities
           Other (specify):_________________________________________________

3. Please list at least three current or recently completed projects which best illustrate your
   experience as an external evaluator for a grant-funded project. Include the following for each:
    Name and location of the grant project.
    Name, address, telephone, and facsimile number of a client who may be contacted as
    Date the final grant evaluation was completed or is anticipated to be completed.
    Scope of the evaluation, and services for which you were or are responsible.

    OCPS may request the evaluator’s assistance in drafting the evaluation plan prior to submission
    of the application to the funder. This work will not be reimbursed and is entirely voluntary. The
    evaluator’s refusal to perform this unpaid service will not influence his/her selection for

    __________________________________________________                _______________________
    Signature of applicant                                            Date

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