Basics of Managerial Accounting

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					            College: Chemeketa Community College                                                     Program: Business Technology
        High School: Lord High School                                                  Degree/Certificate: Accounting Administrative Assistant
R                                                Funded by the   U. S. Department of Education (V051B020001)  Associate of Applied Science

                                                                                  HIGH SCHOOL COURSES
                                                                             Grade                9TH                          10TH                        11TH                     12TH
           Required and/or


                                            SOCIAL STUDIES

                                                                                                                         Desktop Publishing
                                          CAREER/TECHNICAL                                Keyboarding (CA121)

                                       EXTENDED APPLICATION                                (Career Exploration)
                                                                                                                          (Teamwork and
                                                                                                                                                     (Problem-Solving)        (Project Management)
                                           (Diploma Requirement)                                                          Communication)

                                         COLLEGE COURSES (Highlighted courses may be offered through College Credit Now)
     Pre-requisites                                                First Year                                                                         Second Year
          BT084                       BT061                       BT130                         CA201D                         BA177
                                                                                                                                                  Workplace Presentation
     Business English 1       Electronic Calculators         Customer Service         Microsoft Word Processing 1              Payroll
                                                                                                                                                    Using PowerPoint

           MTH060                     BT085                                                      CA202D                        BA214                    CA230
    Introductory Algebra +       Business English 2                                    Microsoft Word Processing 2    Business Communications Executive Office Simulation

                                                                                                                             BA228                         CA232
         RD090                        BT090                        CA118A                         CA213
                                                                                                                        Computer Accounting           Integrating Office
College Textbook Reading           Bookkeeping            Microsoft Windows Basics    Integrating Office Procedures
                                                                                                                           Applications                  Applications

                                                                  CA118B1                         CS101
          CA121                                                                                                                 BA251                      CS125
                             BT099 Proofreading/Editing            Excel                Intro. to Microcomputer
       Keyboarding A                                                                                                     Office Management            Excel-Workbooks
                                                                  Basics 1                     Applications

                                                                                               MTH062                          BT086
                                      BT116                      CA118C1                                                                                 MTH070
                                                                                      Business Applications Using     Personal and Professional
                                Office Procedures              Access Basics                                                                        Elementary Algebra+
                                                                                            Mathematics +                   Development

                                     BT120                         CA118D                                                    BT280C                       PSY104
                                  Professional              Internet for the Office                                      Cooperative Work             Psychology in the
                               Communication Skills              Environment                                               Experience                   Workplace +

                                       BT128                                                                                                      Accounting Administrative
                                                                  CA122                                                       CA118E
                                 Intro. to Records                                                                                                   Assistant Electives
                                                           Keyboard Skill building                                         Outlook Basics
                                   Management                                                                                                       (9 cr. - see attached)
Accounting Administrative Assistant AAS - Elective Options (choose 9 credits)
(Bolded electives can be offered as College Credit Now courses)

    BA101                 Introduction to Business                  4
    BA202                   Personal Effectiveness                  3

    BA203             Interpersonal Relations in Business           3

    BA204                    Teamwork Dynamics                      3
    BA211                   Financial Accounting 1                  4
    BA212                   Financial Accounting 2                  4
    BA213                   Managerial Accounting                   4
    BA223                   Principles of Marketing                 3
    BA226                      Business Law 1                       3
    BA227                      Business Law 2                       3
    BA277                      Business Ethics                      3
    CA117                     Microsoft Publisher                   3
 CA117ABC                 Microsoft Publisher 1, 2, 3             1 each
  CA118B2                       Excel Basics 2                      1
  CA118B3                       Excel Basics 3                      1
  CA118C2                      Access Basics 2                      1
  CA118F1                    PowerPoint Basics 1                    1
    CA119                 Office Desktop Publishing 1               3
    CA122               Keyboard Skillbuilding (repeat)             3
   CA202D                Microsoft Word Processing 2                3
    CA205                       PageMaker 1                         3
    CA219                 Office Desktop Publishing 2               3
    CA225               Advanced Document Production                3
    CS105                 Introduction to MS Windows                3

   CS125A             Micro Database Software—Access                3

   CS178I        Introduction to the Internet/World Wide Web        3

   WR227                       Technical Writing                    3

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