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									                           AMERICAN AGENT & BROKER

                           Directory of Markets for
                      MISCELLANEOUS E&O INSURANCE

1. Online listings are FREE.

2. Due to space constrictions, only listings from print adverti sers will appear in the printed
issue. Listings from companies that advertise in the print ed issue will refer readers to their ads.

3. You may submit a listing for this directory at any time, but not e that only listings from
companies who advertise (and rec eived by deadline) will appear in the print issue.

4. We will include the name, e-mail and telephone numbers of people readers can contact for
more information, generating responses that will go directly to you. Only one contact may be
listed for print. Up to three contacts may be listed online. If giving more than one cont act for
online, please specify which contact should be listed in the print version.

5. Listings will remain online for one year. Prior to expiration, an AA&B editor will contact you
regarding renewing your listing at no charge.

6. AA&B’s Review & Outlook issue (published in December) publishes product and service
information obtained from these listings.

7. It is your responsibility to notify AA&B if any information in the listing needs to be updated.

IMPORTANT: Please return your completed form quickly. NOTE: You must complete this
questionnaire for your listing to be published. We will not compile a listing from product literature
sent to us in lieu of a completed form.

   Please send complete information about American AGENT & BROKER adverti sing and have
a sales representative contact me.

   We will advertise in the AUGUS T issue and thus qualify for a reference to our ad in the listing.

              Please e-mail your completed form to
              If you have any questions, call Melissa Hillebrand at 312-651-0321.

                     If advertising and thus qualifying for a printed listing,
                      The deadline to return your form is June 4.

1.      Name of company(ies) providing coverage:

2.      Type of professionals for which you offer E&O ins urance:

            Advertising agencies or public relations agencies
            Beauticians, cosmetologists, etc.
            Collection agencies
            Consultants, management
            Consultants, other
            Employee leasing companies
            Employment agencies
            Escrow agents
            Funeral directors
            Health club operators
            Information Tec hnology Professionals
            Interior dec orat ors/designers
            Media professionals (P ublishers, broadcasters, etc.)
            Mortgage brokers
            Outfitters and guides
            Pest control exterminators/advisers
            Property managers
            Real estate agents
            Real estate appraisers
            Security consultants, guards
            Tax preparers
            Title agents
            Transportation specialists (Freight forwarders, shippers, etc.)
            Travel agents
            Other (You may list up to five):

(NOTE: Under “Other, ” please DO NOT LIS T any of the following: 1) Archit ects & engineers, land
surveyors, general contractors; 2) Lawyers; 3) Consultants or others involved in
asbestos/environmental work; 4) Doctors or ot her health -care professionals, including EMTs; 5)
D&O products (corporate, nonprofit, financial, etc.); 6) Public officials, and officials of pri vate or
public educational institutions; 7) Law enforcement officials; 8) Bankers, stockbrokers, investment
advis ers, transfer agents, financial planners, mortgage bankers and other professionals involved
in any financial institution or investment firm, including mutual funds, pension funds, limited
partnerships, etc.); 9) Agents, adjusters and others involved in the insurance business; 10) Social
Service agencies.

3.       Special coverage features:

4.       In which states do you do business?
                     Available         Unavailable      ALL STA TES

            AL       AK       AR       AZ      CA       CO       CT       DE       FL       GA
            HI       IA       ID       IL      IN       KS       KY       LA       MA       MD
            ME       MI       MN       MO      MS       MT       NC       NE       ND       NH
            NJ       NM       NV       NY      OH       OK       OR       PA       RI       SC
            SD       TN       TX       UT      VA       VT       WA       WI       WV       WY

For more information, readers may contact:
Cont act Person

Company name in full

Street or P.O. Box

City              State                     ZIP




Web Site

Person for AA&B editors to contact in case there are any questions about your

Your name                 Title


Thanks for your cooperation. We look forward to publishing your listing.

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