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					    Doc# ILCDanville-BOD-2006-0009-AGENDA_F2F_06July
    Meeting Agenda

                                                   MEETING AGENDA

           Group Name:      ILCDanville-BOD
                Format:     Face-to-Face
                  Date:     06 July 2006
                  Chair:    Dwain Dixson,
              Secretary:    TBD

    1    Meeting Arrangements

    See ILC Danville web page for meeting schedule:

    2    Agenda Topics
    1. Roll Call
    2. Call for Scribe
    3. Opening Prayer
    4. Review and Agree Agenda
    5. Review and Agree Minutes of Previous Meetings
                   a. ILCDanville-BOD-2006-0007R01-MINUTES_05June_F2F
    6. Status of Open Action Items
          ID                                  Description                           Owner          Status   Due Date        Comments
                           Contact Phil Muhel for DLS Inter-parish
AI-F2F-2006-06-05-0002     agreement status                                    Dwain Dixson        NEW       06-Jul-06
                                                                                                                          Need Bi-Law
                           Input requested to modify By Laws to remove         Dwain Dixson /                             Modification by 01
AI-F2F-2006-06-05-0003     restriction on member position on multiple boards   Mike Glossinger     NEW       06-Jul-06    Aug 2006
                           Investigate modification of personnel policy
AI-F2F-2006-06-05-0004     handbook for part-time staff                        Mike Glossinger     NEW       06-Jul-06
                           Update of Commercial News Ad for Church             Janet Terry / Sue
AI-F2F-2006-06-05-0005     Service Time                                        DeMoss              NEW       06-Jul-06
                                                                               Janet Terry / Sue
AI-F2F-2006-06-05-0006     Update Church sign for new worship times            DeMoss              NEW       06-Jul-06
                           Joint meeting between Finance / Stewardship on      Butch Buesing /
AI-F2F-2006-06-05-0007     Scrip Program                                       Judy Creek          NEW       06-Jul-06
                           Contact interested Church member for inter-
                           parish agreement modification committee for
AI-F2F-2006-06-05-0008     member at large position                            Dwain Dixson        NEW       06-Jul-06
                           Organize Card Shower for John Genter, Basics
AI-F2F-2006-06-05-0009     shower for Ray Dupert                               Sue DeMoss          NEW       18-Jun-06
                           Investigate new cash flow management for 1 /
AI-F2F-2006-06-05-0010     15th options                                        Judy Creek          NEW       06-Jul-06
AI-F2F-2006-06-05-0011     Investigate computer accounting program /           Judy Creek / Jo     NEW       06-Jul-06

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    Doc# ILCDanville-BOD-2006-0009-AGENDA_F2F_06July
    Meeting Agenda

                           holding account                                   Van Hoveln /
                                                                             Delores Schult
                           Need all BOD members to sign letters for Bob
                           Wakely / Dave Creek. Will be in ILC office with
AI-F2F-2006-06-05-0012     secretary.                                        ALL BOD          NEW      06-Jul-06

    7. Board Reports and other group status reports :
                  a. DLS Report : Betty Schneider / Bill Burow
                  b. Finance : Judy Creek
                  c.     Stewardship : Butch Buesing
                  d. Properties : Dave Creek
                  e. Worship : Darlene Radlof
                  f.     Missions and Social Ministry : Mark Gale
                  g. Parish Education : Jan Mann - Unable to attend
                                 i. Submitted written report / Nothing to report
                  h. Evangelism : Sue DeMoss
                  i.     Elders : John Albers
                  j.     Youth : Lori Page
                  k.     DCE Report : Ray Dupert
                  l.     Pastor : Pastor Fienen
                  m. Vice-President : Mike Glossinger
                  n. President : Dwain Dixson
    8. Old Business
                  a. DLS Joint Committee representative for inter-parish agreement change – Update : Dwain Dixson
                                 i. Member at large representative
                             ii. Discussion with Phil Muehl
                  b. Follow up discussion for changing schedule of Voter’s meeting to March due to May activities
                  c.     By-Law change :
                                 i. Discrepancy for School Board Member assumption of duties
                                        1. Elected in November but don’t assume duties until April (actual) , By-law says 01
                             ii. Member restriction for being on more than one board
                  d. Committee for Immanuel real estate. – Update : Dave Creek
                  e. 110 Anniversary discussion :
                                 i. Reformation Sunday (29 October 2006)
    9. New Business
                  a. Scrip Program Discussion : Butch Buesing
                  b. Set September 30th to the ILCDanville calendar as the date for the charitable giving seminar to
                     be hosted by the Stewardship commission, and sponsored by Thrivent Financial.
                  c.     Meeting Minutes : Dwain Dixson

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Doc# ILCDanville-BOD-2006-0009-AGENDA_F2F_06July
Meeting Agenda

                     i. Email distribution
                     ii. Input: Meeting minutes template
                            1. Format
                            2. Discussion
10. Announcements
            a. 18 August - 25 August 2006 : Dwain travels to Bejing, China
11. Planning for Next Meeting
            a. Proposal : 03 August 2006
12. Adjournment
13. Closing Prayer

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