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									                                                         THE UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE
                                                                              The Faculty of Arts

                                                  SCHOOL OF SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SCIENCES

                                                               TUTOR APPLICATION FORM

CLOSING DATE:                        Friday 11 June 2010

SECTION A: Personal/Contact Details

          Given Name:                                                                          Surname:
               Address:                                                                         Postcode:

         Phone # AH                                                                                 Mobile:
       Email Address:

SECTION B: Citizenship (Please select from drop down box)

Australian                                                               Other                                Visa Type:

SECTION C: Employment History

1. Have you previously been employed as a Tutor by the School?

If YES, When:                                                            Subject(s):

Please provide your University Employee Number:
2. Have you previously been employed at The University of Melbourne?
If YES please provide your previous employee number:

Please attach a current CV and academic transcripts (non-MU students) to your application.

SECTION D: Current Status

3. Are you currently enrolled in a research postgraduate qualification?
If Yes plese specify:
4. Please indicate whether you will be studying on a full or part-time basis during the coming semester.
5. Please indicate whether you are working on a full or part-time basis.
6. Please indicate whether you have discussed tutoring work with your supervisor.

SECTION E: Tutorial Preferences

7. How many tutorials are you able to give per week? (Minimum - 3, Maximum - 6)                                            3

8. Please list your top 6 subject preferences
(The list of Semester 2, 2010 Subject offerings can be found in Sheet 2 of this document)

For full subject information please refer to the 2010 Handbook:

    N.B the timetable for tutorials is pre-determined before the commencement of semester, so rescheduling is therefore not open for negotiation.
  Additional tutorials may be scheduled prior to the commencement of semester and during the 1st two weeks of semester, depending on enrolments.
                                     Likewise, tutorials may be cancelled during this period if enrolments decrease.

SECTION F: Signature and Submission Requirements

Applicant’s Signature:

  Please submit your application to Natalie Reitmier, School of Social and Political Sciences by Friday 11 June 2010 and ensure the following
                                                 documents are attached to your application:
1. A copy of academic transcripts from universities other than The University of Melbourne
2. A brief CV
3. A copy of your birth certificate or passport as proof of work rights

1st Year
INTS10001 International Politics - Prof. Robyn Eckersley
SOLS10001 Law in Society - Coordinator to be confirmed

2nd Year
POLS20025 International Relations: Key Questions - Prof. Ralph Pettman
POLS20026 Media, Politics and Society - Dr. Stephanie Younane Brookes
POLS20031 Political Economy - Prof. Brian Galligan

CRIM20003 Policing - Assoc. Prof. Steve James
CRIM20004 Order, Disorder, Crime, Deviance - Assoc. Prof. Fiona Haines
SOLS20001 Law, Justice and Social Change - Dr. Nesam McMillan

SOCI20006 Sociology of the Body - Dr. Liz Dean
SOCI20007 Terrorism: Shifting Paradigms - Dr. Juliet Rogers

3rd Year
POLS30005 Political Analysis: Ideas and Strategies - Dr. Michael Crozier
POLS30015 International Gender Politics - Prof. Sheila Jeffreys
POLS30021 Political Communication - Dr. Michael Crozier
POLS30022 Global Environmental Politics - Prof. Robyn Eckersley
POLS30025 Democracy, Terrorism and Violence - Assoc. Prof. Adrian Little
POLS30027 Global Movements: Protest and the Planet - Prof. Verity Burgmann

CRIM30001 Crime and Public Policy - Dr. Juliet Rogers
CRIM30005 Crimes of the Powerful - Assoc. Prof. Fiona Haines
CRIM30008 Crime, Whiteness and Indigenous People - Ms. Sarah James
CRIM30009 Comparative Criminology - Dr. Natalia Hanley

SOCI30001 Contemporary Sociological Theory - Dr. Tim Marjoribanks

Teaching Assistants may be required for the following Postgraduate subjects. Please contact the relevant
                                subject coordinator directly to confirm.


MECM90010 Strategic Political Communication (July Intensive)- Dr. Sally Young
POLS90007 US Foreign Policy - Assoc. Prof. David Tucker
POLS90022 International Security - Dr. David Mickler
POLS90026 International Political Economy - Prof. Ann Capling
POLS90033 Rights and Public Policy - Ms. Sana Nakata

CRIM90007 Genocide, State Crime and the Law - Dr. Jennifer Balint

SOCI90003 Comparative Social Policy - Dr. Martina Boese
SOCI90005 Social Research Design and Evaluation - Dr. Tim Marjoribanks

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