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									    Agenda Item 5.1                                             Trust Board Action Points - Public Section                                                 10:11 AM 11/14/2010

Meeting                    Topic              Required Action                                            Resp        Target Finish   Days Left               Comments
                                              The DH team had also stressed the importance of                                                    Paper included on the 30 April Board
                                              Board Members receiving appropriate types of                                                                     agenda
18-Dec-08             Infection Control       assurance in relation to MRSA. Ms Holt agreed to          Ms Holt       30-Apr-09      completed
                                              review the nature of the information that could be
                                              produced for the Board from January onwards
                                              Bring to the April Board meeting a copy of the latest                                            Paper included on the 30 April Board
26-Mar-09     Workforce Summary Report                                                                 Ms Green       30-Apr-09      completed
                                              template for the report                                                                                        agenda
             Actions Taken to Reduce the                                                                                                       Paper included on the 30 April Board
                                             Further update to be brought to the Board meeting on
26-Mar-09 Incidence of Healthcare Associated                                                            Ms Holt       30-Apr-09      completed               agenda
                                             30 April
                                             Future reports to include a summary highlighting key                                                 Revised version of the report to be
                                                                                                      Prof Mascie-
27-Nov-08      The Assurance Framework       risks to the achievement of the current year’s                           28-May-09        -535       brought back to the Board in May
                                             Formal business case required in support of actions      Prof Mascie-                               To be brought to the Board in May for
27-Nov-08           PNH Services                                                                                      28-May-09        -535
                                             agreed at the November meeting                              Taylor                                          assurance purposes
                                              Provide an update for Members on progress against
29-Jan-09   Emergency Care Patients Survey                                                              Ms Holt        30-Jul-09       -472
                                              the action plan generated in response to the survey

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