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					Operating System & Utility

   Raja Owais Ali
• OS
  – Definition
  – Current and popular OS
• Utility programs
  – Definition
  – Types of utility programs
  – Current and popular utility programs

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Operating System (OS)
• OS is a set of programs that lies between
  applications software and the hardware
• The fundamental software that controls
  access to all other hardware and software
• Program that controls other programs
• Acts as the interface between program
  and hardware
• Manages application programs
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Operating System (OS)

            Raja Owais Ali
Operating System (OS)
• Systems software
  – Often interchangeably with operating system
  – All programs related to coordinating computer
  – Includes operating system but also includes
    other elements such as programming
    language translators and a variety of utility

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Operating System (OS)
• Systems software


                                           Operating System
      Utility Programs

          Operating system

              Computer Hardware
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Operating System (OS)
• Objectives of OS
  – Convenience
     • Easy for the users to use the computer
  – Efficiency
     • Allows resources to be used in an efficient manner
  – Ability to evolve

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Operating System (OS)
• Services offered
  –   Program development
  –   Program execution
  –   Access to i/o devices
  –   Controlled access to files
  –   System access
  –   Error detection & responds
  –   Accounting
       • Statistics
       • Monitor performance
       • For billing purposes

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Operating System (OS)
• Three main functions:
  – Managing the computer’s resources
    • E.g. CPU, memory, disk drives and printers
  – Establish an user interface
  – Execute and provide services for application

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•   A.k.a. nucleus/resident
•   Portion of OS
•   Resides in the main memory
•   Contains all the most frequently used functions
•   Controls the entire operating system and loads
    in memory nonresident operating system
    programs from disk to storage as needed.
    – This process is called booting.

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Evolution of OS
• Serial processing -> simple batch system
• Serial processing
  – No OS
  – Machine runs from console
  – Scheduled
    • Time to run is scheduled

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Evolution of OS
• Simple batch system
   – Batch jobs together
   – The program will branches back when finished
   – Uses monitors
      • Software that controls the sequence of events
   – Requires:
      • JCL (Job Control Language)
          – To give instruction to monitor
      • Memory protection
          – User mode
          – Kernel mode
      • Timer
      • Privileged Instruction
      • Interrupts

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Characteristics of Modern OS
•   Microkernel architecture
•   Multithreading
•   Symmetric multiprocessing
•   Distributed operating system
•   Object-oriented design

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• Ability to support multiple threads of
  – Threads: an execution unit that is codeless
    that keeps track of the running code within its
    memory area

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• Run one program at a time
• Cons:
  – Time-consuming (due to the waiting)
  – Low CPU utilization

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• Run multiple programs simultaneously
• Ability to run multiple programs in one time
• Multiple programs are being loaded into
  the memory and they are being processed
  in batch
• Pros:
  – Higher CPU utilization
  – Shorter waiting time
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• A computer with more that one CPU can
  run multiple programs simultaneously,
  each using its own processor.

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Current and popular OS

            Raja Owais Ali
Current and Popular OS

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Utility Programs
• Programs that perform many common
  tasks for users
• Help manage, maintain and control
  computer resources
• To help the user with day-to-day chores
  associated with personal computing and to
  keep your system running at peak
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Types of Utility Programs
•   File managers
•   Backup and restore
•   File compression
•   Scandisk
•   Disk defragmenter

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File Managers
• Enables you to store files in a hierarchical
  directory structure that is organized in a
  way that make sense to you
  – Directory: a named area in storage that can
    contain files and other directories.

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File Compression
• Reduces the amount of space required by
  a file
  – To take up less space and also take less time
    to transmit across communication lines

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Backup and Restore
• Backing up
  – Involves making duplicate copies and storing them in
    a safe place, just in case something happen to the
• Backup and restore programs enable you to
  make backups of entire hard drives or of
  selected directories
• Rudimentary backup and restore programs
  accompany most operating systems, but more
  capable utilities are provided with tape and CD
  and can be purchased separately.
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• A utility program provided with Windows
• Scans disks to see if there are any
  potential problem on the disk
  – E.g. bad disk areas.

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Disk defragmenter
• A software that assists you in keep
  reorganizing your disk drive.
     • After files are saved, deleted and resaved again,
       the disk can become fragmented - available space
       is in small blocks located throughout the disk.
• Disk defragmenters gather those free
  spots and put them together to enable you
  to continue to save your data in the most
  efficient manner.
                       Raja Owais Ali
Virus scanning software
• A utility program designed to protect the
  computer from computer viruses
  – Virus: small computer programs created to
    disrupt and destroy computer file and/or
    operating system

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Device Drivers
• Allow the operating system to
  communicate with peripheral equipments.

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Current and Popular Utility
•   winRAR
•   winZIP
•   Kaspersky Anti-Virus
•   AVG
•   Bit Defender

                    Raja Owais Ali

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