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Skills Block Innovations


									We’ve Got the Skills!
Lake Lucina Elementary • Grade 1 & 2 Skills Block Innovations

Word Work
Word Work
Word sorts and word games found in the Blackline Masters

Cross Curricular

Flip chart for Science and Social Studies Links for the theme. The Math Link may also be used for a quick lesson.

Word Wall

Daily review of 5-10 words a day using games and exercises.


Phonics Library activities

Word Sorts


Students think or receive a word and categorize it.

Building Vocabulary flip chart, Vocabulary Readers, eWord Game, and class activities.

Word Games


Word building and class activities

The games found in the Blackline Masters can be played as a class and later added as a center


Make New Words

Use of student work to enforce editing rules for good grammar

Model how to add endings and pass out various words for partner groups to change.
Yes, we sure do use a lot of sticky notes during Skills Block.

Contact me, Nicole Calderbank for more information at! :-)

Cross Curricular
Flip Charts
When planning, look at the activities provided on the Science and Social Studies Link flip chart. Some of these activities are great Fun Friday skills block activities. Also, look to see if you can use the activity at the end of the reading selection for another Fun Friday activity. For example: • we looked at the words and design of a real dollar bill and made our own to buy things in partner groups • make kites

Word Wall
Choose and Find
Everyday, we begin by looking at a few words on the huge first grade word wall. Sometimes, we will use the word review activity suggested in the TE. The class really likes this activity: Choose a student and a word for the student to find. Next, the student chooses another student and the new word to find. Keep it going for about 5-6 rounds. The great thing about this game is that they are always trying to challenge each other. They also know when to ease up is a student is not a particularly strong reader. There is compassion...hooray!

Race to the Top

This is not a new game really, but the class love it. I made a chart that goes up to 12 points vertically. The class is split in half. Teams have to read the chosen word wall word correctly . Each correct answer moves their piece up a point. Incorrect answers don’t get any points given or taken. The goal is to reach the top of the chart first. I use clothespins with shoe cut-outs on them as the game pieces. We also do the version where there are two student pawns who represent each team and are moved one step to towards the wall or goal every time a word is read correctly from the word wall.

Class Books

We often give groups sentences to write using the new high frequency words. The sentence strips are stapled together making a new class book to read from our morning activity basket.

Contact me, Nicole Calderbank for more information at! :-)


Phonics Library

Using the old set from the last HM series (which is the same) in addition to the new copies, we had enough for each pair of students to complete these word finding exercises. You can also assign all of these stories through the eService online readers. Pass out the readers with assigned sticky notes. Have partners slap them up on the board when they are done. They love to compete to find who found the most the fastest. • find the digraphs • find the dypthongs • find the blends Whatever area of phonics you are covering during each theme, you can view the words and information on the back resource pages of each book.

Word Harvesting
Give each partner group a vocabulary word to find in the weekly selection. The team must write the sentence that they found the word in and try to define the word from this sentence. Teams share their meanings with the class.

Vocabulary Reader

Each week, we read the vocabulary reader (either online or from the book) to help deepen our sense of each vocabulary word. Let the class cloze the sentences with the new words.

eWord Game

This is a great online game to play with the class. Students point to the word that the game is defining on the screen. The game can then become a vocabulary center, grouped with the reader and a writing or drawing activity.

Contact me, Nicole Calderbank for more information at! :-)

Word Builder
Make a set of letter cards on a sentence strip for each partner group and have them cut it apart. Post the words up and have them build, read, and write the words in alphabetical order. The set are kept at the tables and the morning activity basket for students to work with all week long.

Write a Poem

Pairs add more word to the spelling pattern and make a poem using the rhyming words. Illustrate and make another class book!

Match Up (Concentration, Memory)

For struggling readers, have groups work on this matching game and them write the words down that they found matches to.


Sentence Books Corrected

From all the sentences that your students will be writing with all these new words, they will be able to recognize and edit class made sentences. We read the book as a class and make any corrections necessary.

Contact me, Nicole Calderbank for more information at! :-)

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