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					Treasure Hunting for Volcanoes

Name __________________________

Visit the Volcano World site to learn more about volcanoes! 1. _________________ is one of the most active volcanoes on earth. It is a ________________ volcano located in Italy. 2. The largest number of causalities for a volcanic eruption in this century occurred by the eruption of ________________________. It is a ____________________ volcano. 3. _____________________ is a volcano 40 miles southeast of Mexico City. It is a ____________________ volcano. 4. ______________________ is the tallest volcano in the Hawaiian Islands. It is a ____________________ volcano. 5. ___________________ is a volcanic field located in Mexico. They are ___________________ volcanoes. 6. Pompeii was buried by _______________________ in 79 AD. It is a ___________________ volcano. 7. __________________________ is an extinct volcano in the Andes Mountains. 8. The most active volcano in all of Mexico is ______________________. It is a ___________________ volcano. 9. Erupting at least 16 times_____________________ is located in ____________. It is a _______________________ volcano. 10. One of the highest volcanoes in central America is ________________. It is a ___________________ volcano. 11. __________________ is Hawaii’s largest volcano. It is continually erupting. It is a ___________________ volcano.

S. Baker 2001

12. An active volcano in Mexico, ____________________ was formed in 1982. It is a ____________________ volcano. 13. Scientists have watched ____________________ since it’s birth in 1943. It is a ____________________ volcano. 14. _________________ is an extinct volcano in Tanzania. 15. The Aztecs named _________________ volcano the "Smoking Mountain". It is a _____________________ volcano.

S. Baker 2001