2005 MAEE Annual Meeting by MattySad


									 2005 MAEE Annual
      October 13, 2005
Crowne Plaza, Brooklyn Center,
2004-2005 MAEE
 Board Members
MAEE 2004-2005 Officers
   Holli Arp 07,               Ann Walter 06,
    President-elect              Secretary

   Tobias Spanier 06,          Timothy Arlt 05,
    President                    Treasurer

   Jerry Tesmer 05, Past-
MAEE 2004-2005
Section Representatives
   MAEAP – Dave Resch,      MCNRA – Eleanor
    Past President; Dan       Burkett, President;
    Martens President         Tom Wegner,
                              President elect
   MAE4-HYDP – Trish        MEAFCS – Debbie
    Sheehan, Past             Botzek-Linn,
    President; Shirley        President; Kim Asche,
    Doering, President        President Elect
MAEE 2004-2005
Area Representatives
   North – Lou Ann Jopp 05; Eric Vogel 05,

   Metro – Rose Allen 05; Nancy Hegland 05,

   South – Kim Asche 05; Shirley Doering 05,
MAEE 2004-2005
Committee Representatives
   Awards and Public Relations – Barb Sorenson and
    Suzanne Driessen 05

   Employee Benefits – Rod Elmstrand 05

   Legislative – Andrea Ruesch 05

   Professional Improvement – Bob Mugaas 05

    Ad-Hoc Committees

   Communications – Jerry Tesmer 05

   Nominations – Jerry Tesmer 05
Financial Update
   Tax Return Submitted

   Annual Financial Report

   Ad Hoc Finance Committee
Annual Financial Report
                          2004-05        2004-05        2005-06

                          Proposed       Actual         Proposed


Dues                          5,160.00       6,060.00         6,000.00

Conference Registration       2,860.00       3,275.00         4,500.00

Interest Inc.                  280.00          768.61             660.00

MAEE Carryover                8,492.70       8,217.63         5,113.32

Other Income                                   450.61             250.00

TOTAL INCOME                 16,792.70      18,771.85        16,523.32
Annual Financial Report
Annual Meeting                  5,045.00    6,722.08    6,000.00
Awards & Recognition             600.00      613.24      600.00
Bank Charge                       50.00       45.00       50.00
Board Meeting                   1,200.00    1,052.02    1,200.00
Bond                             140.00      129.00      130.00
Insurance, liability             375.00      349.00      350.00
Meals & Entertn                  150.00         0.00        0.00
Milage Reimbursement            2,700.00    1,290.98    1,500.00
Misc.                            100.00       49.20      100.00
Office                              0.00     133.19      100.00
PILD Conference                 1,000.00     822.61     1,000.00
Postage and Delivery             100.00       37.00       74.00

Refund                                        20.00         0.00
Treasurer's Assistance              0.00        0.00        0.00
Utilities - Conference Calls     450.00      165.00      300.00
Committee Expenses                  0.00    1,461.60    2,000.00
TOTAL EXPENSES                 11,910.00   12,889.92   13,404.00
Annual Financial Report
                    2004-05      2004-05      2005-06

                   Proposed      Actual      Proposed

TOTAL INCOME         16,792.70   18,771.85     16,523.32

TOTAL EXPENSES       11,910.00   12,889.92     13,404.00

BALANCE               4,882.70    5,881.93      3,119.32

CD /Money Market     19,240.00   20,008.61     20,670.00

Total Assets         24,122.70   25,121.93     23,129.32
 2004-2005 MAEE
Goals and Strategies
Goal 1: Advocate on Behalf of MAEE Members with
Extension Administration for the Betterment of the
Extension Service

   Supported actions that help us operate as ONE

   Continued the Communications Ad Hoc

   Continued regular conversation with Dean and
    Director Casey and others in administration

   Encouraged Administrative Representation at
    MAEE Board Meetings

   Reviewed MAEE representation on internal
    decision making committees appointed by
Goal 2: Foster Positive Relationships with University
Partners (Deans, Regents, President, University

   Encouraged membership to share
    educational success stories and seek
    opportunities to engage University partners,
    stakeholders around the work of Extension
    One opportunity for such work came in April
    when Robert Jones attended our MAEE board

   Shared with administration that MAEE
    members could assist and “be at the table”
    when there discussion around President
    Bruinik's Initiatives took place
Goal 3: Share Programs and Impacts with Elected
Officials (local, state and federal, including County
Commissioners and County Administrators).

   Talked with administration about ways
    MAEE members could support organizational
    legislative efforts

   Support and share ideas on effective
    reporting systems that enable staff to be
    aware of and communicate the benefits and
    value of Extension to people in MN.
Goal 4: Communicate With Members and Continue
High Level of Communication between Board and
Members as We Go Through Change

   Continued to support Communications Ad Hoc
    Committee in 2005

   Listened to memberships concerns, ideas and
    struggles shared individually or through area

   Utilized the List Serve for discussion and
    monitoring of administrative requests

   Encouraged more mentoring opportunities to
    new staff and struggling staff
Goal 5: Provide Quality Professional Development for

   Planned a session at MAEE Annual

   Explore opportunities for face to face
    interaction in a changing organization
Goal 6: Advocate for Appropriate Benefits for

 Monitor work of Salary Equity Committee and seek
  to give input
   from MAEE to this committee before final decisions
  are made

 Monitor Lay off Notice Policy changes for eligible P
  & A staff

 Monitor CAPA's work on tuition benefits for

 Find out status of the Study Leave Policy for field
Goal 7: Retain Current Members and Recruit New

   Maintained and promoted the MAEE web site
    (A Special Thanks to Rose Allen for keeping
    this work)

   Contacted individuals and new staff who are
    eligible for membership and discussed the
    opportunities and benefits MAEE provides

   Board members promoted MAEE at New
    Employee Orientation

   Made contacts to Regional Directors about
Goal 8: Strengthen the Collaboration with ESP

   Worked closely to coordinate awards

   Collaborated with ESP as professional
    development sessions were planned

   Promoted scholarship opportunities

   Encouraged conversation/learning between
 2004-2005 MAEE
Committee Reports
Nominating Committee
MAEE Officer Candidates
President-Elect      Treasurer
Bruce Schwartau      Tim Arlt

Position: Regional   Position: Area
Extension Educator     Program Leader
– Community            (AFE)
Awards and Public Relations
Committee Report

   Members: Co-chairs: Barb Sorenson (MAE4-
    HHYDP), Suzanne Driessen (MEAFCS); David
    Nelson (MCNRA) Wayne Schoper (MAEAP)

   Active members from all four sections.
   Planned Annual Awards and Recognition Dinner
    program. “MAEE is Hot, Hot, Hot!” theme ties in
    with the conference speaker.
Awards and Public Relations
Committee Report
   Three teamwork awards were received. A
    Selection Criteria scoring sheet was used to
    select winner.
   No Early Career Awards applications were
    received this year.
   New this year, ESP/MAEE awards committee
    members worked together and selected an
    overall teamwork award.
   There are three twenty-five year recipients and
    three retirees.
   Sections were encouraged to present awards at
    MAEE banquet.
Employee Benefits Committee Report
Members: Rod Elmstrand – Board Liaison,
Liz Templin, Pat Stumme, Bill Craig

   Advocated and obtained equity with other professional
    and academic positions by receiving a 12 month non-
    renewal notice (previous maximum was 6 months) for
    all employees with 11 years or more of

   Advocated for Study Leaves to advance
    scholarly work.
Employee Benefits Committee Report
   Continue to pursue and advocate dental insurance for
    employees with federal benefits. This issue is a
    fairness and equity issue and have provided costs
    and benefits analysis for administration
   Monitor work of Salary Equity Committee and seek to
    give input from MAEE to this committee before final
    decisions are made.

   Monitor and encourage CAPA's work on tuition
    benefits for dependents. Tuition benefits continue to
    be offered to all employees.
   Keep members posted on the information and action
    of the Federal Association of Retired Employees
    organization (NARFE).
Legislative Committee Report
   Members: Andrea Ruesch (Liaison prior to
    new role) Cindy Bigger, Terry Nennich,
    Jan Gilman

   Extension Legislative efforts were very
    positive in 2005

   Administration encouraged staff members to
    contact legislators and share their stories
Professional Improvement
Committee Report
 Members: Bob Mugaas – Board Liaison, Lisa Hinz,
 Jody Horntvedt, Kelly Kunkel, Julie Schmidt.

 2005 Achievements
 We worked to improve our profession through the
 sponsorship of our Annual Conference workshop. Based
 on feedback from members, we decided to focus on
 personal and professional revitalization. The program is
 “Fire in the Bones, Igniting Your Vitality” with Chuck Lofy
 a long-time friend of Extension and a leader in helping
 organizations and people in transition. This program is
 intended to foster appreciation for what vitality is
 and how it exists in personal and professional realms,
 and to help participants gain insight and be refreshed.
Communications Committee Report
   Members: Jerry Tesmer – Co-Chair,
    Dan Martens, Trish Sheehan, Eli Sagor,
    Carol Ann Burtness, Juan Moreno – Co-Chair,
    Gwen Gmeinder.

    2005 Goals:
   Encourage field staff to be heard and acknowledged.
   Encourage consistent policies/procedures across capacity
    area whenever logical and appropriate.
   Seek opportunities for field faculty representation in
    decision making processes.
   Create a shared vision for Extension.
Communications Committee Report
   EFCC, ESCC, Vitality Task Force, Internal and
    Extension Communication Committees are
    working on similar issues. MAEE has kept the
    Communications Ad Hoc committee in place for
    2005 to assure continued attention to these
    goals on behalf of its members and for the
    continued betterment of UMES
2004-2005 MAEE
 Section Reports
                  Minnesota Association
                  Extension Agriculture Professionals

2005 MAEAP Officers
President – Dan Martens
Pres Elect – Ray Bisek
Past President – Dave Resch
Secretary – Dave Pfarr
Director – Dave Bau
Alternate Director and
Address Coordinator
- Troy Salzer
             Minnesota Association
             Extension Agriculture Professionals

Key Contacts
NACAA Treasurer & N.C. Regional Vice
Director– Chuck Schwartau
National Program Recognition Council Chair –
      Neil Broadwater
North Central Public Relations Vice Chair –
       Brad Carlson
MAEAP Life Member Chair – Art Frame
            Minnesota Association
            Extension Agriculture Professionals

Awards and Recognition
NACAA Distinguished Service Award - Dan Martens
MAEAP Communications State Award and NACAA Regional
      Web Page – Rick Abrahamson
      Radio Program – Dan Martens
MAEAP Communications State Award
      Personal Column – Jim Salfer
Friend of Ag – Dave Torgerson, MN Wheat Growers
           Minnesota Association
           Extension Agriculture Professionals

PILD Washington DC and JCEP Milwaukee – Ray
Annual MAEAP Summer Meeting – U of M
NACAA AM/PIC Buffalo New York
Chuck and Carol Schwartau, Neil and Joan
Broadwater, Brad Carlson, Dan Martens & Life
Members Mr. and Mrs. Warren Sifferath and Mr. & Mrs
John Ankeny.

Provide $2000 COAFES Undergrad Scholarships
          Minnesota Association
          Extension Agriculture Professionals

2006 MAEAP Officers
President – Ray Bisek
Pres Elect – Dave Bau
Past President – Dan Martens
Secretary – Lizabeth Stahl
Director – Troy Salzer
Alternate Director - Nathan Winter
MAE4-HYDP: Minnesota Association of Extension
4-H and Youth Development Professionals

2004-2005 Officers:

   Karyn Santl, President      Trish Sheehan Past
                                 President and MAEE
   Shirley Doering, Vice
                                Barb Piehl, Secretary
MAE4-HYDP Section Highlights
   Updated our member handbook, constitution and
    by-laws to reflect the current 4-H staffing plan
    and new association name.

   Changed our annual meeting to correspond with
    our YOUth & U Conference when more of our
    potential members can attend.

   Change our board structure from three (3) area
    representatives to two (2). This will take affect
    at our Annual Meeting at YOUth & U 2006.
MAE4-HYDP Section Highlights
   Kia Harries was elected as a North Central
    Regional Director for the National
    Association of Extension 4-H Agents.

   Continued to financially and
    programmatically support the YOUth & U
    professional development conference for
    4-H staff.
MAE4-HYDP Section Highlights
   Will have 19 members attend the National 4-H
    Agents conference in Seattle this fall. MN
    delegates will give 2 presentations, 1 poster
    session, be awarded 1 Distinguished Service
    Award, 1 Meritorious Service Award and two
    delegates will receive recognition for 25 years of
MCNRA: Minnesota Community and
Natural Resources Association
2004-2005 Officers:

   Eleanor Burkett,          Eli Sagor, Past-
    President and MAEE         President
    Board Representative
   Tom Wegner,               Lisa Hinz, Secretary
MCNRA Section Highlights

   Conducted MCNRA membership
      Survey responses to guide MCNRA

   Awarded two travel scholarships
     Tom Wegner – PILD
     Barbara Liukkonen – Lake & River
      Restoration conference
MCNRA Section Highlights

   MCNRA annual news letter
     Highlights people, programs and
     Promotes cross capacity opportunities
      for programs

   MCNRA Website
     www.extension.umn.edu/mcnra
MEAFCS: Minnesota Extension
Association of Family Consumer Sciences
2004-2005 Officers:

   Deb Botzek-Linn,           Minnell Tralle, Past-
    President and MAEE          President
    Board Representative
                               Sara Croymans,
   Kim Asche, President-       Secretary
MEAFCS Section Highlights
   Spring Professional Development
    Day “What’s Your Story?” Conveying the
    Value of Extension Programs in Family
    Consumer Science.

   Fundraising for 2007 – Exceeded
    $1000 goal with three fundraising efforts.
MEAFCS Section Highlights
NEAFCS Philadelphia 2005
  Five members and FD CAL attended.
 “Serve It Up Safely Renewal Course:
  Online & Classroom Options” Concurrent
  Session. Presented by Suzanne Driessen
  and Lou Ann Jopp.
MEAFCS Section Highlights
    2005 National Food Safety Award
   Serve It Up Safely Renewal Course: Online &
   Classroom – Food Safety Team

    Central Region Winners
   Felker Financial Management Award – Youth and
     Money Leadership Team
   Wells Diversity Award – “Learning the
      Language of Money” – FRM REE’s
MEAFCS Section Highlights
2007 NEAFCS National Meeting
 September 15-20th, 2007
  Radisson in St. Paul.
 MEAFCS will co-host the 2007 NEAFCS
  Annual Conference with Wisconsin and
Thank You!
   To the 2004-2005 Board of Directors for your
    dedication and hard work to move forward the
    purposes of MAEE!

   To the membership of MAEE who were
    thoughtful, vocal, and active around the
    numerous issues.
   The 2005-2006 Board of Directors including
    officers, area and section representatives, and
    committee representatives will meet together for
    the first time on…

             Wednesday and Thursday
             November 9 and 10, 2005
          Koinonia Retreat Center, Annandale

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