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					                                                                                                                                                    Trial Issue # 3
                   ASIA                                                                                                                               Date: 8/1/10 
                     MIDDLE EAST & NORTH
                   AFRICA; WEST ASIA; SOUTH
                   ASIA; NORTH ASIA; EAST ASIA
                   ……................................. 4
                                                                        GLOBALIZED GLOBALIZED GLOBALIZED
                  AFRICA                                                OPINION…2  FINANCE…   ELECTIONS…
                    WEST AFRICA; EAST AFRICA
                  & HORN OF AFRICA; CENTRAL
                  AFRICA; SOUTH AFRICA
                  …… ................................ …

                    WEST EUROPE; EAST
                  EUROPE; NORTH AMERICA;
                  LATIN AMERICA
                  …….................................   7    Friday on the
                                                                    WEEKLY NEWS MONITOR OF OPINIONS & EVENTS IN A GLOBALIZED WORLD
Based on weekly reports produced by the project ‘Globalized
Business & Politics: a View from the Muslim World.
Using a rich data-base of news reports and opinion polls from all over
the world we analyze and compile papers on global trends and patterns
in the sphere of economics, politics and society. These reports and
analytical summaries are uploaded online for discussion and are
accessible on the BPM Blog Page.

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                                                            Friday on the Facebook. - A Weekly
                                                            Monitor of Global Opinions and        Business and Politics in the Muslim World (BPM) refers to a study
                                                            Events. §                           funded by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, and
                                                                                                    is conducted at the International Islamic University (IIU), Islamabad.
                                                                                                                  Principle Investigator- DR. IJAZ SHAFI GILANI
                                                                                                      Many people in Japan would not
         Globalized Opinions                                                                            cast a ballot for either of the
                                                                                                        country’s two main political
 This week’s report consists of 20 surveys. As the year 2009 and the first decade of the
21st century commence, this report include reviews with year and decade end evaluations
                                                                                                         parties in the next election,
                        by publics in U.S, Britain and Russia.                                       according to a poll by NHK. 35.6
                                                                                                       per cent of respondents would
                                             Week # 99                                               vote for the governing Democratic
                              Commentary on Gallopedia Polls                                         Party of Japan (DPJ), and 17.7 per
                                       Dated 20th-26th Dec. 09’
                                                                                                        cent would back the Liberal
The year 2009 was marked by the Global Economic Crisis. It is interesting to note that out of             Democratic Party (LDP).
  the three countries US, UK and Russia only Russians express positive views about the year                  December 27, 2009
2009 and the nation’s performance in the first decade of the 21st century. The reestablished of
the Russian economy and political system after disintegration of the Soviet Union are primary                      Zone 2

   factor for such confidence. The nation’s leaders also enjoyed high support of the Russian                     AFRICA
 public. As one of the BRIC nations, is Russia back on track potentially to reclaim its position
                                      as a Super Power?                                              Women In South Africa Standing
                                                                                                         Up For Gender Equality
   On the countrary people in the U.S. describe this decade as the worst decade ever since           Presently, women in South Africa
 Second World War. People in Britain have similar kind of views about the year 2009. The              are maintaining their optimism
 commonality between these two western capitalist countries has been that the popularity of          about the future of their families,
their leadership fluctuated throughout. President Obama started with a very high profile but             children and the country.
just in a year his ratings have also lost the initial luster. In this decade, Americans ratings of    However, when women look at
 the Congress and their Presidents have lacked stability and for the most part have remained
  In the aftermath of 9/11, and the commencement of the War on Terror, the U.S. president
    enjoyed high ratings. Over the decade these have tapered out along with the declining
  popularity of war amid the publics having lost their faith in the decision to go to Iraq and
 more recently in the decision to go to Afghanistan. For most of the half decade, Americans
 highest concern was not to defeat terrorist in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan rather they were
 more concerned about their declining economic conditions, a poor job market and inflation.
These indicators seem to complement Fareed Zakaria’s thesis of a ‘Post American World’. §
                                                                Moreover they also getting              their own lives, they are less
                                                               disappointing with the parties         optimistic now than a year ago.
                                                           involved in the process and they are      Furthermore, most of the women
                                                           also not satisfied with the role of the    in South Africa are intolerant of
                                                                     U.S. government.                gender inequality, especially with
                                                                    December 15, 2009                 regard to the right to education.
                                                                                                             17 December 2009
                                                                      EAST ASIA
                                                           Half of Japanese Deny Vote to DPJ                       Zone 3
       NETANYAHU, OBAMA &                                                                                  EURO-AMERICAS
         MAHMOUD ABBAS                                                 and LDP

                  Zone 1                                                                                     WEST EUROPE
                                                                                                        Britons Side with Banning
            MIDDLE EAST                                                                                       Minarets in UK
  Palestinians Show Disappointment                                                                    People in Britain are open to the
     with Peace Process, Parties                                                                         idea of banning minarets,
         involved and the U.S.                                                                        according to a three-country poll
       AWARD recent survey of                                                                        by Angus Reid Public Opinion. 37
  Palestinians show that Palestinians                                                                per cent of respondents in Britain
                                                            JAPANESE PRIME MINISTER
   are getting disappointed with the
   peace process but they also show                            YUKIO HATOYAMA
      their commitment to peace.

                                                                   -2-                                                Continued…
                                                 NORTH AMERICA
     would vote in favour of a ban, while
                                             The Decade in Review: Four
      25 per cent would vote against it.
             December 22, 2009
                                                       Key Trends                                         CHILE
                                            A review of decade long Gallup                                 &
                                             data shows four major trends.                                PERU
      UK-2009 'Worst Year For One In
                                             Satisfaction with the direction
                                              of the country and approval
      A recent YOUGOV survey shows
                                                ratings of Congress and
        that one in 20 people in Britain
                                               president both declined as
       describe 2009 as their worst year
                                             compared to a decade ago. In        grant no credibility to claims by
       ever and almost half say they are
                                            2001 terrorism was the highest        the Peruvian government that
      most worried about money or debt.
                                                concern but soon after it           Chile was spying on their
                 Dec 14, 2009
                                            economic concerns became the         military, according to a poll by
                                             top problem and it dominated             CERC. 76 per cent of
                                                       the decade.               respondents share this opinion.
                                                  December 23, 2009                    December 24, 2009

                                            Americans Agree with Obama                  AUSTRALASIA
                                                     on Wall Street
                                               Many people in the United            Climate Change Deal is
                                             States believe Barack Obama           Important for Australians
                                             was right when he referred to         Three quarters of people in
                                               Wall Street bankers as "fat          Australia think reaching a
                                              cats", according to a poll by       global agreement on climate
                                            Angus Reid Public Opinion. 83         change is the most important
       Sarkozy’s Disapproval Rating          per cent of respondents agree          thing the country can do,
               Soars in France                    with their president.          according to a poll by Essential
     The proportion of people in France           December 23, 2009                  Research. 74 per cent of
      who express disappointment with                                            respondents share this point of
     Nicolas Sarkozy’s performance has        Public Looks Back at Worst                       view.
      risen sharply, according to a poll          Decade in 50 Years                   December 25, 2009
     by Ifop published in Paris Match.      As the current decade draws to a
          61 per cent of respondents        close, relatively few Americans      New Zealand’s National Ends
         disapprove of the president’s         have positive things to say             Year on High Note
        leadership, up six points since     about it. By roughly two-to-one,        New Zealand’s governing
                   October.                  more say they have a generally      National party ends 2009 with a
              December 23, 2009               negative (50%) rather than a       solid support rate, according to
                                                generally positive (27%)              a poll by Roy Morgan
      Swedes Now More Receptive to          impression of the past 10 years.       International. 54 per cent of
               Joining Euro                  This stands in stark contrast to    respondents would vote for the
        The proportion of people in         the public's recollection of other    conservative party in the next
        Sweden open to adopting the         decades in the past half-century.        election to the House of
      common European currency has          When asked to look back on the               Representatives.
       grown over the past five years,      1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s,             December 23, 2009
      according to a poll by Statistics        positive feelings outweigh                 …………….§
     Sweden. 44 per cent of respondents           negative in all cases.
     would vote Yes in a referendum on            December 21, 2009
     adopting the euro, up seven points
          since November 2004.                    LATIN AMERICA
            December 26, 2009
                                                Chileans Doubt Peru’s
                                                 Accusation of Spying
                                             The large majority of Chileans

                                                                                  New Zealand’s Labor party
                                                -3-                                     1957 poster
Zone 3-   Euro-Americas:
                Transatlantic Community
                                                 counterpart's invitation for a visit last
                                                   week saying such a trip would be
                                                  possible only after the name dispute         Stanislav Galic & Dragomir
                                               between the two countries was resolved.        Milosevic, convicted Bosnian
                                                           Meanwhile on the financial                     Serbs
                                                     front Greek Parliament began
                                                    discussions late last week on the        member of NATO and will start talks
                                               country's 2010 budget, aimed at finding           on full-fledged EU membership."
                                               a way out of the current financial crisis.         The Court of BiH convicted two
                                                   While internationally, World stock             Bosnian Serbs last week for war
PROTESTS REGARDING IRAQ INQUIRY                 markets rose amid mounting optimism             crimes committed against Bosnian
    FEATURING ‘TONY BLAIR'                       about the speed of the U.S. economic         civilians in the Kalinovik area during
                                                  recovery. In Europe, the FTSE 100               the 1992-1995 conflict. Also the
     Zone 3- Euro-Americas Summary                                                           Court has charged a group of Bosnian
                                                index of leading British shares was up
                Week # 99                                                                       Muslims with terrorism and illegal
                                                0.9 percent, Germany's DAX rose 0.4
                                               percent and the CAC-40 in France was          weapons trafficking. According to the
           WESTERN EUROPE                                                                        indictment, radical Muslim Rijad
                                                 0.7 percent higher. Earlier, all major
                                               Asian markets rose strongly in the wake         Rustempasic organized the group to
     In Briton the Iraq Inquiry, which is                                                             carry out attacks aimed at
                                                       of advance on Wall Street.
        investigating the 2003 U.S.-led                                                       destabilizing the country. Meanwhile
          invasion, in an effort to keep                                                     the European Court of Human Rights
                                                      SOUTH-EAST EUROPE
    proceedings clear of party politics has                                                    ruled last week that the constitution
      affirmed that British leader Gordon                                                       of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH),
       Brown and other senior ministers                                                          created as an annex to the Dayton
      wouldn't testify until after the next                                                      Peace Agreements, discriminates
                general election.                                                                         against minorities.
   Meanwhile on the climate front Yvo de                                                     Croatia's presidential elections are to
   Boer a top U.N. climate official says the                                                       go to a second round run-off on
       193-nation Copenhagen Global                                                              January 10th as neither of the two
       Warming Summit that ended last                                                        leading candidates - opposition Social
     weekend outlined a way forward for                                                         Democrat contender Ivo Josipovic
   negotiators and succeeded in mobilizing                                                     nor the long-time mayor of Zagreb,
     emergency funds for poor nations to       SERBIAN PRESIDENT BORIS TADIC (L)             Milan Bandic - won more than 50 per
     prepare for climate change. The last      SHAKES HANDS WITH SWEDISH PRIME                 cent of the votes in last week’s poll.
   hour limited accord brokered by Obama        MINISTER FREDRIK REINFELDT, EU                    Romanian incumbent President
    is being set aside amid acrimony over              PRESIDENCY HOLDER                            Traian Basescu of the Liberal
     the failure to reach a legally binding                                                     Democratic Party (PDL) has been
                      deal.                        President Boris Tadic submitted              sworn in to a second term in office
              In Greece President Karolos       Serbia's EU membership application                  (December 21st). Meanwhile
     Papoulias declined his Macedonian              on Dec. 22nd to authorities in
                                                  Sweden, the current holder of the
                                               rotating EU presidency. Meanwhile in
                                                   Macedonia Ali Ahmeti, the only
                                                candidate for the post, was re-elected
                                               last week as leader of the Democratic
                                                    Union for Integration (DUI) a
                                                governing (as of 2008) political party
                                                 in Republic of Macedonia. Ahmeti
                                                  expressed hope that during Spain's
                                                    EU presidency, which starts on
            THE UNITED NATIONS                   January 1st, the long-standing name
              MEDIATOR IN THE                      dispute between Macedonia and
          GREECE/MACEDONIA NAME                      Greece will be resolved and
                                                  Macedonia "will finally become a

                                                      -4-                                                        Continued…
                                                      Obama last week ordered the federal
Continued…                                         government to rethink how it protects the
                                                       nation's secrets, in a move that was
                                                      expected to declassify more than 400
                                                   million pages of Cold War-era documents
                                                       and curb the number of government
                                                          records hidden from the public.
                                                                On the ‘War on Terror’ front
                                                   President Barack Obama's commitment to
                                                         close the U.S. detention center at
                                                     Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, by next month
                                                   may be delayed until 2011 because it will
  Albanian Opposition Socialist Party (SP)         take months for the government to buy an
  leader Edi Rama filed a lawsuit last week           Illinois prison and upgrade it to hold       vehicles used for public transport in
     against Prime Minister Sali Berisha,           suspected terrorists. Meanwhile the State         poor and rural areas. Last week
  accusing him of libel. Rama says Berisha             Department's internal watchdog has             Chavez also accused the United
   has "repeatedly and publicly offended"            criticized the agency's nearly $2 billion        States of violating Venezuela's
                     him.                            anti-drug effort in Afghanistan for poor         airspace with an unmanned spy
   Saudi Arabia has established diplomatic         oversight and lack of a long-term strategy.     plane and ordered his military to be
      relations with Kosovo with Saudi                        In a sharp change of position, the    on alert and shoot down any such
      Ambassador to Albania Abdullah                head of Canada's main opposition party         aircraft. The Pentagon has declined
  Abdulaziz Alabdulkarim handling duties             has said in an interview that he was not             to comment on Chavez's
   for Kosovo as well. He said his country                                                           accusations while the Colombian
    has great respect for Kosovo and will                                                          Defense Minister Gabriel Silva and
    continue providing economic support.                                                             armed forces commander Freddy
    Meanwhile in Bulgaria an estimated                                                             Padilla have said that a Colombian
  3,000 tobacco farmers blocked one of the                                                            aircraft couldn't fly the kind of
     country’s main highways last week                                                                espionage mission described by
   (December 21st) to protest subsidy cuts                                                                         Chavez.
              planned for 2010.                                                                     The US Ambassador to Honduras
                                                                                                    Hugo Llorens has visited deposed
                 US/CANADA                                                                         President Manuel Zelaya as part of
                                                                                                       a bid to find a solution to the
             A top U.S. military officer Adm.         keen on trying to trigger an election              political crisis gripping the
   Mike Mullen has said he does not assume            next year. The comments by Liberal             impoverished Central American
    Iran's brief seizure of an Iraqi oil well is       leader Michael Ignatieff mean it is                          nation.
    part of an orchestrated plan in Tehran to           likely the minority Conservative                          Meanwhile Cuba's
    threaten its neighbors. Mullen, chairman             government -- which needs the               foreign minister called President
    of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has also said        support of opposition legislators to          Barack Obama an "imperial and
  that any military strike on Iran, whether by        stay in power -- will be able to push        arrogant" liar for his conduct at the
  Israel or the United States, should be a last        through its budget early next year.               U.N. climate conference, a
                       resort.                                                                     reflection of the communist island's
                In the US Senate Democrats                      LATIN AMERICA                      increasingly fiery verbal attacks on
     passed a landmark health care bill in a                                                               the U.S. government.§
    climactic Christmas Eve vote that could             An Ecuadorian private television
    define President Barack Obama's legacy              station critical of President Rafael
       and usher in near-universal medical             Correa came back on air last week
   coverage for the first time in the country's          after a three-day suspension that
      history. Meanwhile President Barack              fueled concern among government
                                                         critics over press freedom in the
                                                         Andean country. Its license was
                                                     initially revoked over accusations that
                                                      it incited violence during protests in
                                                       Meanwhile Venezuela's President
                                                      Hugo Chavez has threatened to expel
                                                       Japanese carmaker Toyota unless it
                                                      produces an all-terrain model of 4x4

Microscopic Analysis: ‘The Copenhagen Climate Summit-
                                      A Success or a Debacle?’
 On the 19th of Dec. 2009, delegates from 192 countries passed a motion at the
United Nations Copenhagen Climate Conference bringing the Summit back from
                              the brink of collapse.

   United Nations Climate Change
    Conference Dec 7th- 18th 2009                 infringement of its national
   On the 19th of Dec. 2009, delegates
 from 192 countries passed a motion at       After eight draft texts Barack Obama
     the United Nations Copenhagen                and Wen Jiabao, the Chinese            Prime Minister Manmohan Singh,
     Climate Conference bringing the               premier, were the principal             Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao,
      Summit back from the brink of             participants to broker the political     Brazilian President Lula Da Silva
   collapse. The motion simply notes a       agreement. The proposed deal quotes           and South African President
        loose deal aimed at limiting           ‘recognition’ of the scientific case       Jacob Zuma, aiming to provide
    temperature rises to less than 2C,       for limiting emissions to 2C annually,      $30bn a year for poor countries to
without any specific binding emissions           a less ambitious target than the        adapt to climate change from next
targets. Delegates agreed to ‘recognize’                                                  year to 2012, and $100bn a year
    the US-brokered deal, which was                                                       by 2020.The agreement also set
    arranged between five key nations                                                       up a forestry deal aiming to
  including China, India and Brazil but                                                  significantly reduce deforestation
   failed to secure unanimous support.                                                           in return for cash.
   The Copenhagen summit could not
  conclude negotiations under the Bali                                                    The pact lacking unanimity was
    Action Plan (BAP) and the Kyoto                                                          primarily opposed by Cuba,
 Protocol, the treaty that is currently in                                                   Sudan, Nicaragua, Bolivia,
 operation to deal with climate change                                                     Venezuela, Tuvalu and Costa
      issues. It is now proposed to be                SINGH, BROWN, DA SILVA & ZUMA       Rica. However Japan, Norway,
       completed by the end of 2010.                                                           African nations and the
                                                 previous 1.5C limit, which was a         European Union nations came
Initially a row between China and the          disappointment for African and other        out in support of the proposal.
 US, the world’s two largest emitters,          vulnerable countries including low-         Earlier this week however the
effectively paralyzed the summit. The           lying and island nations, fearful of       European Union sought to shift
 fundamental dispute between the two            being engulfed by rising sea levels.          much of the blame for the
   was over the monitoring of states’                                                    outcome of the summit on the US
  progress on curbing their emissions.          Meanwhile the earlier 2050 goal of       and China, the world's two largest
    While the US pressed for strong             reducing global CO2 emissions by              emitters of carbon dioxide.
      independent verification and             80% was also dropped. Scientists say            Sweden, the current EU
monitoring of each country’s progress           even a 2C limit will require cutting      presidency holder, described the
      China opposed the notion as              greenhouse gases by at least 50 % by          Copenhagen agreement as a
                                                 2050. However a legally-binding            disaster for the environment,
                                                target for developed countries was       while German Chancellor Angela
                                                 removed in favor of allowing rich             Merkel was slightly more
                                                 countries to set their own targets,      optimistic, commenting that the
                                                with which they will come forward         accord was something that "now
                                                by February. Developing countries           needed to be built upon". UN
                                               have, for the first time, been asked to     Secretary Genral Ban Ki-moon
                                                   "take action" to cut emissions.         also noted that the pact was an
                                                                                            important beginning with ‘an
                                                The US-BASIC deal was brokered             immediate operational effect’.
                                               following meetings between the US
    BARACK OBAMA AND WEN JIABAO                President Barack Obama, the Indian


Continued…                                                                                   Discussion Questions:

                                                                                       §- Do you think the Copenhagen
                                                                                       summit fell short of its potential?
   In the aftermath of the conference
   developed and developing nations
                                                                                      §- In your opinion does the global
  have traded blows over who was to
                                                                                       public opinion hold strength to
     blame for the weak deal. On a
                                                                                            push for more credible
   pessimistic world front one analyst
                                                                                      commitments in the coming year?
   notes that Britain accused China of
    hijacking the proceedings, while
  Brazil attacked the perceived lack of
  commitment shown by Washington.
 In turn, India harangued Australia for
    being an "ayatollah of the single        sacrosanct as future negotiations
  track," and small island nations like          will be based on its basic
 Tuvalu accused rich nations of blatant      principles. It binds the developed
        disregard for their plight.           countries to take deeper cuts in
                                               carbon emissions and provide
     Critics warn the ‘Copenhagen            financial and technical support to
  Accord’ is full of holes and lacks a      the developing countries to enable
  timetable. Meanwhile environment              them to reduce their carbon        Related Links/ Bibliography:
                                                          emissions.               ♦    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/copenhag
                                              A meeting of all UN members’              en-climate-change-
                                               climate change negotiators is            summit-meaningful-agreement-
                                           planned to be held in Bonn in June,          reached.html
                                           and their Annual Conference is due      ♦    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/copenhag
                                           in Mexico in December. The TIME              en-climate-change-confe/6845929/Climate-
                                                  Magazine notes that, “if
                                              Copenhagen was tough, Mexico         ♦    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/copenhag
                                             City (COP16 in December 2010)              en-climate-change-
                                           will be a lot more so, because there,        confe/6846033/Copenhagen-Accord-
                                           countries will be tasked with filling        Questions-and-Answers.html
                                                                                   ♦    http://en.cop15.dk/
                                                  in details sketched in the       ♦    http://www.time.com/time/specials/package
     agencies have branded the deal         Copenhagen Accord” – but, as the            s/article/0,28804,1929071_1929070_19490
 ‘toothless and a failure’. The pact has    toughness of the negotiations only          54,00.html
                                           demonstrate that climate policy has     ♦    http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/co
    no reference to a legally binding                                                   penhagen
     agreement which also lacks any              moved beyond hot air into
                                                                                   ♦    http://www.erantis.com/events/denmark/co
  detailed framework on controversial        economic reality – “It’s going to          penhagen/climate-conference-
 carbon markets. Emerging nations are           get harder, and that’s a good           2009/index.htm
                                                           thing”. §               ♦    http://www.commodityonline.com/news/Th
  now to monitor their own efforts on                                                   e-achievement-of-Copenhagen-Summit-
  climate change and report to the UN                                                   24453-3-1.html
             every two years.                                                      ♦    http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/curren
 The proponents of the deal argue that                                                  progress_433250.html
                                                                                   ♦    http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2010-
     it would at least get the money                                                    01/03/content_12749126.htm
 flowing with the $10bn (£6bn) a year                                              ♦    http://www.tehrantimes.com/index_View.a
   "fast start" funding for the poorest                                                 sp?code=210432
    and most vulnerable countries to                                               ♦    http://www.thenewamerican.com/index.php
 protect themselves from the impact of                                                  35/2676-copenhagen-report-obama-fails-to-
  drought and floods caused by global                                                   qseal-the-dealq
 warming over the next three years. By                                             ♦    http://newsblaze.com/story/2010010116475
     2020 the world is to "mobilize"                                                    2nava.nb/topstory.html
         $100bn a year through a                                                   ♦    http://www.csmonitor.com/World/2009/12
  "Copenhagen Green Climate Fund",                                                      broker-compromise-voluntary-climate-pact
 which will also help poorer countries                                             ♦    http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/envi
     halt deforestation and switch to                                                   ronment/copenhagen/article6961422.ece
  greener technology. The accord has                                               ♦    http://www.dw-
      also kept the Kyoto Protocol
                                                                                   ♦    http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/envi

Business and Politics in the Muslim World (BPM) refers to a study funded by the Higher Education Commission (HEC)
                of Pakistan, and is conducted at the International Islamic University (IIU), Islamabad.
                                                                                                                    BPM- Business & Politics
                                  Principle Investigator- DR. IJAZ SHAFI GILANI
                                                                                                                      In the Muslim World


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