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“There are lots of good reasons to get married in Vermont, no matter what the season. But in Spring and Summer, you almost have no excuse not to. The chill has been replaced by a landscape of simple abundance- lush green hills, rushing streams, refreshing breezes...July 2007 issue

If you have been to Vermont then you understand why people fall in love with this magical place. If you have not visited then today is your lucky day because you have chosen the best possible state to host your dream wedding. Vermont’s rustic elegance, old world splendor and practical New England charm radiates through to everyone that visits. It is a four season state offers a world of possibilities for many brides-to-be, if it is a winter wonderland wedding with sleigh rides, or a natural outdoor wedding filled with orchids, roses and calla lilies, Vermont provides you with limitless opportunities.

A modern day bride is working full time and planning her wedding on her lunch break at work. She is researching venues and vendors as if this was just another thing to do on her list of everyday things to do. And trying to find what she’s looking for can be challenging in a state like Vermont where many of these venues are run by mom Vermont’s raw, effortless beauty and and pops who haven’t updated their natural charm is so attractive to tourists websites since their own daughter was and wedding couples alike. Often the married at their B&B in 1984. But couples that decide to get married here seriously, how can you get a good and share these same qualities. accurate feel for a place when the photos show a bride with shoulder pads and blue So, now how do you put it all-together? A Vermont Wedding is for the bride who eye shadow, not to mention the big loves the outdoors, is down to earth, looks bangs? Hello? Well with a few searching Check Out Riverside Farm, great without makeup with her hair in a clues- it’s easy to find the right venue to Pittsfield, Vermont. ponytail- it’s for someone who host your Vermont wedding. Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont appreciates beauty and style in the world knows what the modern day bride and around her but doesn’t focus on the groom want. “They want an elegant and phony things in life- she knows who she is sophisticated Vermont wedding- blending and where she wants to go- including city service with the country setting… what is important on her wedding day! hosting their wedding in an old barn or a With that being said a Vermont Bride is covered bridge or a quiet meadow with a still an elegant, smart woman who wants pulled together style….rustic elegance her wedding to be gorgeous and with a polished flair.” Says Liz Cotter, sophisticated and not just a muddy romp Director of Special Events for Riverside around the farm. She wants her guests to Farm. be blown away by the countryside and beauty of Vermont and the surprising Who gets married in Vermont? comfort they feel in their dry Jimmy Contact Liz Cotter at Elegant Vermont Barn Weddings attract a Choos while sipping champagne. A variety of interesting people from all over Vermont Bride and Groom CAN HAVE it phone: 802-746-8822 the world. There is something special and all- a stunning, black tie (if they so desire) different about Vermont and choosing to event that their families will rave about at celebrate one of your most important and the NEXT boring hotel wedding they emotional events in your life- among your attend!

most loved friends and family in this setting. It says a lot about the personalities of the bride and groom and what is important to them. Anyone can have a wedding in a country club or hotel in The Hamptons, Nantucket, Boston or New York…but what about celebrating in a natural setting in a classic Vermont iconic barn? The possibilities are endless!

How do you have time research venues from your desk in the city?

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