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									Brain POP - The Moon
The word _____________ comes from the belief that the full moon makes people crazy. The moon makes one completion revolution every _________ days. What else lasts for 28 or 29 days?

Moonlight comes from reflected ___________________. The second full moon in any month is called a ________________________. It is a ________________ moon if you can see most of its face. The period from one full moon to another full moon is called a ___________________. The moon is _____________________ km from Earth. _______________ are the dark spots on the moon. ______________ are the lighter areas of the moon. The US Space program made _______ trips to the moon called the _____________ missions. Some nights the moon is so bright it casts ________________________. The moon has an _______________ rock core. The moon is ________ the size of the Earth. The moon has no atmosphere, which mean no ______________ or __________________. Which planets have no moons? What date did man first land on the moon? What are 4 ways that scientist believe the moon was formed? Choose one and write a paragraph explaining why.

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