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									Dismissal Of A Teacher: What Can You Demand

                                There are many and varied reasons why a dismissal of a teacher occurs.
                                Oftentimes, the school administration has the right in doing so. But any
                                teacher must be able to know the cause of their dismissals and the
                                grounds behind it.

                                Dismissal is an action where your employers, in this case your principal
                                or school administration will end your teaching job. There are many
ways this could eventually happen. One your employer simply ends your job with notice or without.
Another thing is by not renewing your contract. All these lead to pure dismissal. As a dismissed teacher,
you actually have the right to demand things. Here are some lists of them.

Demand 1: Reason. Being sacked is always not very good news. Therefore, if you belong to one you can
always request a valid reason why. This in turn can certainly demonstrate that your termination is
justifiable or otherwise. Typically, a teacher would be into one if bad actions became repetitive. But in
situations where you merely did the actual action at one time, you can report this problem to some
higher school authorities like the board of directors or superintendent.

Demand 2: Written justification. As previously mentioned, you must be capable of geting the reasons
behind your dismissals. It is even recommended that you really require it in a written form. As much as
possible the one responsible for your dismissal must submit a report in full detail why you were
dismissed. Stuffs like this makes the whole thing legitimate. If you realize something inappropriate, you
could present this as your facts and as a result can assist you in the end.

Demand 3: A school law on dismissals. Each institution has their very own sets of laws and regulations
specially regarding their teachers. This may serve as a guideline to the institution to follow in the event
something happens such as in this case of a possible retrenchment of a teacher. It is actually the school’s
obligation to provide every educator a copy of the manual for reference. In the event that you don’t
have one, you can always request it from the management. This is your guiding light if the reasons
they'd introduced are in the school’s rule book and indeed justifiable. As much as possible what you did
must somehow be underneath the scope of a rightful retrenchment. Otherwise, then they do not have
the right to dismiss you.

These are just some of the things you can duly require from the school principal or school
administration. Being a faculty and a mentor, you should continually be presented with facts and
reasons to make the retrenchment truly justifiable. After all dismissal of a teacher isn't a laughing matter
but rather a critical point that has to be reasoned upon.

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