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									Thesis topic                                                               Internal          External supervisor
1. Collision avoidance/detection system for                                L. Clapham        Ron Rogge, Chalk
neutron scattering experiments                                                               River
2. An integrated 'profile tracking' mechanism for                          L. Clapham            "
neutron scattering experiments
3. A remote control unit to maintain TV volume                             L. Clapham
at a constant level
4. A child detector for school buses                                       L. Clapham
5. An environmentally responsible Computer                                 L. Clapham
Disposal system
6. A one-player foosball table                                             L. Clapham        -
7. Finite element vibrational analysis of a                                Alastair McLean
prototype beetle-type scanning tunneling
8. Design of a nanomotor                                                   Alastair McLean
9. A field CT (computed tomography) scanner                                John Schreiner,
using a radioactive source rather than x-rays                              Cancer Centre
10. A Quality Assurance (QA) system to verify                              John Schreiner,
operation of audible and light alarms in hazardous                         Cancer Centre
sites and situations.
11. An odometer/speedometer for canoes and                                 John Schreiner,
kayaks                                                                     Cancer Centre
12. A low cost ventilation monitor to verify air                           John Schreiner,
exchanges in accelerator rooms                                             Cancer Centre
13. Autonomous automobile control system                                   Kevin Robbie
(autopilot for automobiles)
14. Recommendations for security keys for                                  David Atherton
pipeline inspection tools
15. Possible electronic data coding keys for                               David Atherton
pipeline inspection logs
16. Design of a house circulating water system                             Don Taylor
for winter heating and summer cooling
17. Design of a house heating/cooling system                               Don Taylor
based on availability of continuous year-round
circulation of cool water (eg from Lake Ontario)
18. Design of a remote-controlled power                                    Don Taylor
mechanism for house windows (eg. for invalids
and seniors)
19. Emulate a quantum computing algorithm with                             John Harrison
a superconduction fluxon switching circuit (student
must have taken digital/computer logic courses and have obtained >80% in
20. Design an improved automatic feed system                               To Be announced   David Strong
for strong trimmers (Weed eaters)                                                            Industrial Chair in
                                                                                             Design Engineering
21. Design of a robots to be used in a 4th year     To be announced    David Strong
mechatronics course                                                    Industrial Chair in
                                                                       Design Engineering
22. Design an ultralight transponder for bird       Hugh Evans
23. Design a solar powered electric fence           Hugh Evans
24. Design a smart home electrical power box to     Hugh Evans
allow user to continuously monitor power use
25. Low energy source for CT imaging during         Andrew Kerr
radioisotope-based tomotherapy                      Cancer centre
26. Design of a multisource Cobalt-60               Andrew Kerr
tomotherapy unit                                    Cancer centre
27. Design an output power meter for cyclists       Andrew Kerr
                                                    Cancer centre
28. A delayed neutron counting system for the       Les Bennett, RMC
SLOWPOKE-2 Reactor
29. Design a baseball that when used in a stadium   Warren Watson
in Denver will behave the same as a baseball in
30. Design a variable front and rear airfoil wing   Warren Watson
for a F1 racing car
31. Self synchronizing alarm clock                  Jordan Morelli
32. 16 sided Langmuir probe for measuring flow      Jordan Morelli
in a magnetized plasma
33. Inductively coupled plasma lamp                 Jordan Morelli
34. Large screen colour display using LEDs          Jordan Morelli
35. Fast gas pressure feedback control system       Jordan Morelli
36. Wireless home monitoring system                 Jordan Morelli
37. Ion Doppler spectrometerfor measuring flow      Jordan Morelli
in hydrogen plasma
38. Wind generator for distributes production of    Jordan Morelli
electrical power
39. Solid-State dynamic VAR compensator             Jordan Morelli
40. Geothermal home heating/cooling system          Jordan Morelli
41. Design a computer-based ‘item’ locating         Kayll Lake
system for home use
42. Design an all-optical waveguide switch (must    Marc Dignam
take PHYS460)
43. Minimizing Bend Losses in Waveguides            Marc Dignam
(must take PHYS460)
44. Design a tuneable all-optical Bragg filter         Marc Dignam
(must take PHYS460)
45. Design a micro-mechanical clock                    Rob Knobel
46. Design a programmable current/voltage              Rob Knobel
source with no 60 Hz noise
47. Design a micro mechanical based ‘nose’             Rob Knobel
50. Asteroid Collision Avoidance                       Larry Widrow
51. Variometer & Altimeter for a Radio                 Geoff Lockwood
Controlled Sailplane
52. PC based Ultrasound scanner                        Geoff Lockwood
53. Design of a remotely actuated neutron and          Tony Noble
gammas source for in-situ SNO calibrations
54. Design of a cryostat and safety containment        Tony Noble
system for kilotonne sized cryogenic dark matter
or double beta decay detectors
55. Design a facility for isotope separation of        Aksel Hallin
56. Design a facility for fabrication of ultra-pure    Aksel Hallin
solid state germanium detectors
57. Design a molybdenum foinl magnetic                 Aksel Hallin
spectrometer for high precision beta decay
measurements (requires heavy duty computer
58. Design an electrically-pumped polymer diode        Jun Gao
59. Design a plastic solar cell module                 Jun Gao
60. Design a plastic thin film transistor              Jun Gao
61. Evaluate cost models for lab-on-a-chip             Mike Watt
62. Design and micro-nuclear energy source             Mike Watt
63. Design a microdischarge array                      Mike Watt
64. Design a micro-heat source array                   Mike Watt
65. Design a de-orbit mechanism for a Cubesat                           Alan Kidd (retired
microsatellite                                                          Telesat engineer)
66. Design a ‘fuel-less’ attitude control system for                    Alan Kidd (retired
a Cubesat microsatellite                                                Telesat engineer)

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