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					Respected vice-president of Binghamton University,Dr Mary Ann Swain,

Respected Chinese consulor Mr Cen Jianjun

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good evening!

           Allow me to represent the President of National Academy of Chinese

Theatre Arts, Mr. Du Changsheng to congratulate the foundation of Confucius Institute

of Chinese Opera at Binghamton University. I’d also like to appreciate the warm

welcome and hospitality of our dearest friends from Binghamton University to me and

my other 10 colleagues. I’m grateful to the efforts and support of the Headquarter of

Confucius Institute.specailly express my sincere thanks to all the friends of Binhamton

university for this excellent organisition.

           National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts is the highest educational

institute in Chinese Opera,We inherit the education of Chinese traditional operas.we

are also the deceloper of Chinese modern teaching system in teaching Chinese

operas, since 60 years of establishment,we promote the awareness of the Chinese

opera in the society.

         The academy takes the responsibility of inheriting and carrying forward the

Chinese traditional culture, and sets development goals of establishing Talents

Fostering Center, Research Center, Information and Culture Communication Center
for Chinese Opera. International development and exchange is an important strategy

for us to realize our goals. Nowadays universities all pursue openness, diversity and

sharing, the foundation of Confucius Institute has provided a platform and opportunity

for our two universities, both of which are full of sense of mission and responsibility.

Binghamton University, as a world renowned higher education institute, in the past

years of collaboration, has impressed us with her admirable ideas, quality education,

and well organized system. Last fall the two sides put on classic Shakespear play

Romeo and Juliet in the form of Beijing Opera. This innovative performance

successfully displayed the combination of two cultures, and also acted as our start of

negotiation and planning of the Confucius institute. We regard collaboration with

Binghamton University as our honor, and also the premise of our confidence and

expectation to the future.

        Our confidence also comes from our dear American friends. In the past 15

days, we traveled around and performed Beijing Opera in Confucius institutes of six

universities in Columbia, Washington DC, Saint Louise, and the others. It was very

successful, and we were so touched by the enthusiastic participation of people from

different places and their great interests to Chinese culture and art. On my way here I

received a message from my mobile newspaper, that a few days ago, the US house of

representatives has passed a resolution signed jointly by 41 representatives to

commemorate Confucius’ birthday of 2560 years. The resolution highly praised

Confucius values of loyalty, faith and family. The open attitude and special needs of
Americans toward Chinese culture is our spiritual motivation to run the Confucius


         The foundation of Confucius institute is a conclusion of our past cooperation,

and also our new start point of future cooperation. Now it is time to move on. We hope

our two sides could rely on advantages of each other’s education resources, follow

requirements of Headquarter of Confucius institute and agreement signed by both

universities, carry out programs step by step, make efforts to conduct various activities

of teaching of Chinese language and Chinese Opera, do our best to make Confucius

institute of Chinese Opera at Binghamton University a new platform to promote

cultural exchange between the two countries, shouldering the historical mission of

Sino-US cultural exchange.

         My dear friends, we sincerely hope to share with you the wonderful Chinese

traditional arts and profound oriental wisdom; we hope different cultures could

appreciate and learn from each other; and we hope to create a more diverse, colorful,

world of art.

         Thank you all!