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					Consumers around the globe will wait on long lines Thursday to get their hands on the
newest iPhone, but far from the side walk frenzy, Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) smartphone is
making inroads with business customers.

球各地的消费者周四将排长队等待拿到最新款 iPhone 手机,但苹果公司这款智

Companies like Bausch & Lomb Inc. (BOL) are buying iPhones for their employees,
in some cases replacing BlackBerry devices. Earlier this year, the eye-care products
company made iPhone the standard issue device for its sales force. Now, about 1,200
salespeople have one.

博士伦(Bausch & Lomb Inc.)等公司正在为员工购买 iPhone 手机,以部分取代他
商将 iPhone 定为其销售团队的标准装备。现在,这家公司约有 1,200 名销售人
员配有 iPhone。

Research In Motion Ltd.'s (RIMM) BlackBerry has long been the standard- issue
smartphone for businesses, largely because RIM made it easy for corporate
technology departments to manage and secure its devices. Information-technology
professionals dismissed the iPhone as a toy, and many banned it from their companies

Research In Motion Ltd.(RIM)出产的黑莓曾一直是企业为员工配备的标准公务智
能手机,这很大程度上是因为 RIM 让企业技术部门能够方便地对员工配备的黑
莓进行管理并确保其安全。信息技术专业人士曾将 iPhone 嗤之为玩具,他们许
多人干脆禁止将 iPhone 作为公务手机。

But while BlackBerrys are still the most popular corporate device, with 70% of IT
departments currently supporting the gadget, about 29% of businesses now support
the iPhone, up from 17% last year and none in 2007 when the iPhone first launched,
according to Forrester Research.

据市场研究公司 Forrester Research 称,虽然黑莓现在依然是最受欢迎的公务手
机,70%的企业 IT 部门目前支持公司选用黑莓,但也已有 29%的企业选择支持
iPhone,而去年这一比例只有 17%,2007 年 iPhone 刚推出时选择它当公务手机
One catalyst is that employees are clamoring for iPhones, even if they have to pay for
all or part of it themselves. AT&T Inc. (T) CEO Randall Stephenson said in an
intervie w last week that about 40% of its iPhones are sold to companies or
individuals with corporate discounts.

促使企业选择 iPhone 的一大动力是员工们要求公司这么做,他们即使是全部或
部分为自己的 iPhone 公务手机买单也在所不惜。美国电话电报公司(AT&T Inc.)
的首席执行长斯蒂芬森(Randall Stephenson)上周在接受采访时说,该公司约 40%
的 iPhone 手机都卖给了企业或企业答应给报销一部分购机费用的个人。

AT&T said its salespeople aren't pushing the iPhone above the BlackBerry or other
devices, but the carrier has taken steps to make the iPhone attractive to companies,
including providing tools to build iPhone apps for homegrown software.

美国电话电报公司说,虽然其销售人员并没有宣传 iPhone 比黑莓或其他智能手
机更优秀,但该公司已采取一系列措施来增强 iPhone 对企业的吸引力,包括提
供相关工具,以帮助开发能与企业自产软件相兼容的 iPhone 应用程序。

Bausch & Lomb adopted the iPhone because of the device's ability to access
spreadsheets and contact- management software, although getting locked into AT&T's
network in the U.S. was a negative, said Simon Woods, vice president for
technology and applications.

博士伦负责技术和应用软件的副总裁伍德斯(Simon Woods)说,公司之所以选择
iPhone 作为公务手机,是因为它能够接入公司的电子数据表和合同管理软件,
虽然 iPhone 在美国只能入美国电话电报公司的网络是其一个不利因素。

Apple said in January that 70% of Fortune 100 companies were testing or deploying
iPhones. While Apple's marketing remains focused on cons umers, Apple Chief
Operating Officer Tim Cook said in January the company has added 'sales staff to
assist the carrier staff in selling the iPhone in several of the major geographies.'
Apple declined to comme nt further.

苹果公司今年 1 月份表示,70%的“财富 100 强”(Fortune 100)企业都在测试或已
经选用了 iPhone 手机。虽然苹果的营销重点依然是个人消费者,但该公司首席
运营长库克(Tim Cook)今年 1 月说,苹果已增加了销售人手来帮助美国电话电
报公司在美国几大地理区域销售 iPhone。苹果拒绝对此发表进一步评论。

Microstrategy Inc. (MSTR), which makes business- intelligence software, plans to
deploy more iPhones to employees and only replace BlackBerrys when they break.
The company has 1,000 BlackBerrys and 400 iPhones, including 200 purchased by

商业智能软件开发企业 Microstrategy Inc.计划给更多员工配备 iPhone 手机,办
法是当员工的黑莓手机不能再用时以 iPhone 替代它们。该公司目前有 1,000 部
黑莓和 400 部 iPhone,其中 200 部 iPhone 是员工自己购买的。

Asked whether it was conce rned by the encroachment of other devices like the
iPhone in businesses, RIM Vice President Tyler Lessard said, 'We see other vendors
coming in there but we keep expanding too.' He added that RIM, which reports
quarterly earnings Thursday, was also rapidly growing its cons umer business.

RIM 的副总裁里萨德(Tyler Lessard)在被问到是否担心 iPhone 或其他手机在公务
们的业务也在扩展。他还说,RIM 也在迅速扩展其消费者业务。该公司周四将

The iPhone 4, which goes on sale in the U.S. and four other countries Thursday, will
include a few more sops to IT departments, such as the ability to distribute software
wirelessly and more security features.

最新款的 iPhone 4 手机周四将在美国和另外四个国家上市出售,它面向企业 IT

Yukari Iwatani Kane / Ben Worthen

 device [di´vais]         n.装置;器具;策略 (初中英语单词)

 interview [´intəvju:]       n.&vt.接见;会见;交谈 (初中英语单词)

 attractive [ə´træktiv]       a.有吸引力;诱人的 (初中英语单词)

 ability [ə´biliti]       n.(办事)能力;才干 (初中英语单词)
 assist [ə´sist]       v.协助;援助;搀扶 (初中英语单词)

 comment [´kɔment]             n.&v.评论;评注;注意 (初中英语单词)

 replace [ri´pleis]          vt.放回;复置;取代 (初中英语单词)

 distribute [di´stribju:t]      vt.分配;分布;散播 (初中英语单词)

 security [si´kjuəriti]        n.安全;证券;抵押品 (初中英语单词)

 sidewalk [´saidwɔ:k]          n.人行道 (高中英语单词)

 motion [´məuʃən]             n.手势 vt.打手势 (高中英语单词)

 carrier [´kæriə]            n.搬运工人;托架 (高中英语单词)

 access [´ækses]          n.接近;通路;进入 (高中英语单词)

 negative [´negətiv]          a.否定的 n.否定词 (高中英语单词)

 concerned [kən´sə:nd]          a.有关的;担心的 (高中英语单词)

 consumer [kən´sju:mə]          n.消费者;用户 (高中英语单词)

 frenzy [´frenzi]         n.&vt.(使)狂乱 (英语四级单词)

 blackberry [´blækbəri]         n.黑莓 (英语四级单词)

 network [´netwə:k]           n.网状物 vt.联播 (英语四级单词)

 earnings [´ə:niŋz]           n.收益;报酬;获得 (英语六级单词)

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