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					                       Bay Area Club Annual Membership
                             And Elections Meeting,
                         Officers and Trustees Meeting
                                        January 23, 2010

Present:     Phil D, Dennis R., Maureen B., Warren A.,
             Scott B., Ed A., Bert W.,
Eligible Members Voting: 50

Phil D., opened meeting at 1:00 pm with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.

A Quorum was established. Business conducted in accord with Club ByLaws.
December Financials Report were approved Bert W. motion to accept, Warren A. seconded.
Unanimous approval and motion carries.

December Minutes were approved Bert W. motion to accept, Ed A. seconded. Unanimous approval and
motion carries.

Presentation of Award and Memorial Plaques:

 Phil presented award plaques to Ramona Gray, Jesse Coburn and memorial plaque to Julian S. Long.

      Phil thanked the Trustees and Officers for their service in 2009 and presented a “2009 BAC
Board Summary of Accomplishments Jan 20, 2009 - Jan 22, 2010” (attached as an Enclosure to minutes).

     2010 Annual Election held in accordance with By Laws. Maureen B. assisted by Scott B. and Pete
      C. in tabulating vote ballots.


Note: Ramona Gray was appointed as Club Treasurer by BAC Board of Directors in December 2009 to
the position as 2010 TREASURER the term expires 2/1/2011 and was confirmed by majority of voting
BAC membership January 23, 2010.

     President:         Eddie A. term expires 2/1/2011

        Vice-President: Warren A.      term expires 2/1/2011

        Secretary:       Bill A.      term expires 2/1/2011

        Treasurer:       Ramona G.      term expires 2/1/2011

        Trustee:         Davy W.     term expires 2/1/2013

        Trustee:         Vicki U. term expires 2/1/2013

        Trustee:         Tanya McC      term expires 2/1/2012

Elected Officers and Trustees take office February 1, 2010
¶ In accordance with Club By Laws the balance of meeting presided by
BAC President Elect – Eddie Anthony as chairperson.
Eddie Anthony accepted office as club President, and thanked the membership for their support, and
the appreciation for service work of the Nomination Committee and Election Committee. Eddie
expressed appreciation for the excellent accomplishments and valued service work of the 2009
Executive Committee, President-Phil D., VicePresident Dennis R., Secretary Maureen B. , Treasurer-
Maureen B. and the club Officers and Board of Director Trustees and were applauded by the

Ed welcomed the duly elected Officers and Trustees and were approved and applauded by the

Old New Business:         ~ none ~

New Business:
 Motion to make a Bay Area Club Inc., Corporate Resolution for the existing Amegy Bank and Wells
  Fargo Bank, banking accounts and respective activities for purposes updating the authorized
  signature signers on BAC corporate account(s) as follows: Treasurer - Ramona Gray; President –
  Eddie Anthony; Vice President – Warren A.; Secretary – Bill A. to Amegy Bank accounts and Wells
  Fargo Bank Accounts for endorsement. Two signatures are required on all BAC banking instruments
  .    A quorum was present, this Corporate Resolution was approved by the Board of Directors (Ref.
  Sec 12 of Club By Laws), Motion to accept by Scott B., seconded by Bert W. Unanimous approval
  and motion carries. The Corporate Resolution for banking activities was duly adopted by the Bay
  Area Club Board of Directors on January 23, 2010.

 Bay Area Club 20th Anniversary Celebration approved by the Board for Saturday, April 17th 2010
  Diane Mc. And Ed Am. To Co-Chair event.

 Annual Speaker Marathon approved by the Board for Saturday, August 14th 2010.

    By consensus, the customary Thursday monthly meetings of the BAC Board of Directors, BAC
     Trustees Meeting are now changed to the third Tuesdays of each month, due to room and
     schedule conflicts.

Next Board Meeting set for Tuesday, February 16th 2010 @ BAC in E&F
* BAC monthly meetings of the Board of Directors are open to members and guests,         All are
welcome to attend.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Enclosure: “2009 BAC Board Summary of Accomplishments Jan 20, 2009 - Jan 22, 2010” (two pages)

2009 BAC Board Summary of Accomplishments Jan 20, 2009 - Jan 22, 2010                    page 1

Before we get started today, I wanted to recognize one of our longstanding Members, Jesse
Coburn and a Longtime Member Julian Long, Posthumously, who remembered the Bay Area
Club in his Will/Trust Fund. Jesse is the Executor of this Julian Long Trust and over the years
since Julian passed in Jan. 95, the Trust has contributed over $30,000 and nearly $15,000 in
this past year alone. In recognition of that continuing contribution and Julian’s generosity and
Jesse’s many tireless hours in service to the BAC Board, Building, and as Executor of the Trust
I would like to recognize and honor them with BAC Service Plaques to be permanently
displayed in the Julian Room at the End of the Hall where our members have one on one
meetings with their sponsees and we serve/handle Inter-Group phones on weekends and other

Also I would like to recognize Ramona Gray for her tireless efforts and many long hours of
volunteer service since 1990 when BAC was first established and our pretty much continuous
Treasurer except when she was out on Sickness and Personal Health demands. Ramona will
be giving our annual Treasurer’s report later and has worked the successful transistion of our
accounting to Quick Books beginning this month with Bert’s associate and hopefully her weekly
and monthly workload can be decreased and our summary reporting made more easily and

Your BAC Board has completed a very successful year and on another good Financial Year.
There have been ups and downs through some of the monthly statements but due to cost
cutting measures, donations and Fund Raising activities we have come out ahead overall and
have built reserves which will help us to pay down the Principal on our Mortgage, Lower Monthly
P&I operating costs and still have prudent reserve for any Emergency conditions in the future.

Our Annual Anniversary Meeting in Mid April is usually our strongest fund raising successful
event. And it was again an outstanding event with Co-Chairs Tanya M and Jeanne G and their
vast support team and Maureen, Bert, Nancy J and Lucia taking care of the auction receipts and
funds raised.

This year we had a new Fund Raising Event, Speakers Marathon Event organized up by
Elizabeth and her many helpers and held in Mid July and this was an outstanding success, so
much so they want to do it again, this coming mid August.

Again we had an outstanding Fall Fling in mid October this year and the Panel Co-Chairs of
Leslie G. and Lorna F and their outstanding helpers assisted by Maureen B on arranging some
outstanding Speakers made this one of our more successful events.

It is the Speakers that we are able to invite and give of their shared Experience, Strength and
Hope that makes these events so successful in drawing the attendance to these meetings.
However it is the initiative, cooperation and giving of many volunteer hours of our Co-Chairs,
their team members and your BAC Board members that really make it happen so successfully
year in and year out. Through service work, volunteering and helping out, we receive so much
more in return through giving to others and helping reach out to those who are suffering from
this terrible disease and find pathways to recovery through those shared experiences. If you
haven’t yet served on one of these events, then you are missing out on all the fun, friendships
and your own healthy recovery.

(Cont’d) 2009 BAC Board Summary of Accomplishments Jan 20, 2009 - Jan 22, 2010              page 2

Our mission is to provide a safe, friendly, clean, and attractive Meeting place for the many
recovery meetings that take place here daily, weekly and throughout the year. We have hosted
a number of Regional and City Wide Events who have chosen to use our facilities and even

other associated Clubs in the area through mutual assistance. All the visitors are always
impressed with our facilities appearance, our friendliness and cooperation and compliment the
Board and get the message out to other groups.

That I believe is a true measure of our success as our meetings are growing and sometimes
overflowing. And we continue to get requests for new meetings here @ BAC and if you check
our meeting schedules and have witnessed our over-flowing parking problems during several
nights of the week MWF and during these 3 major Fund Raising Events this year you will realize
that we are growing. So parking has been and remains one of our long term goals for
improvement and we will continue to focus on that for the future with the New Boards.

There has been upgrades in our building in programmable Thermostats to better manage our
electrical usage and in lighting and fans internally to lower our operating costs and improved
safety lighting externally on our building and parking lots, along with External Lighting for our
Flag Pole at the front entrance. Our BAC Sign with our Logo was renewed this year and we
continue to improve our flooring and painting and updating the building. Our building requires
maintenance and upkeep which have been minimal, but our plumbing and septic system is
ageing and may need upgrades in the future.

It takes a Dedicated Team of Board Members and the combined Membership and Volunteerism
to make such a Non-Profit Club work and we certainly have the Best at the Bay Area Club in
League City, TX and in my opinion the Houston Area and Just maybe in the State of Texas. You
continue to set the standard for excellence and you all have my Heartfelt Thanks and

As One of Our Popular Sayings Concludes, "It Only Works If You Work It, So Work It, Because
You Are Worth It!" Service work is one of the best ways to give back what we have so freely
been given in recovery and I believe we all get so much more back when we do. Just like a hug
and a smile, we always get back more in return.
Y'All are the Best and I know you will continue to be with the Newly Elected Board and Trustees
Elected Today!!

Thanks, Phil Deans, BAC President 2009, Retiring Today


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