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									                              Chino Valley Independent Fire District
                                           Position Classification

                        Emergency Medical Services Training Officer/

Position Summary
This position is an administrative assignment at the rank of Captain, and serves as the District’s
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Training Officer under the supervision of the newly
established Training and Safety Officer/Administrative Battalion Chief.

This position will be assigned to a regular 40-hour per week work schedule, however,
scheduling flexibility may be required periodically to meet assignment requirements.
Additionally, the incumbent may be available for Fire Suppression (Shift) overtime, when
approved and as outlined in the District’s Call-Back Policy.

Essential Job Functions
The following are the duties performed by employees in this classification. However, this job
specification is intended to identify essential functions and requirements of the job, and should
not be considered all-inclusive.
 Provides training and direction to EMT and EMT-P personnel.
 Identifies and coordinates Emergency Medical Services related training needs; identifies
    options and secures resources to meet training needs; and conducts training as appropriate.
 Monitors licensure and accreditation requirements for all District personnel identified as EMT
    or EMT-P’s to ensure all personnel are properly certified.
 Coordinates and oversees the Quality Improvement Program Plan
 Evaluates and researches policies and treatment/medical protocols to insure they are in
    compliance with District, State, Federal, and local governmental agencies.
 Maintains and coordinates the Exposure Control Plan including conducting annual plan
    updates, and monitoring applicable regulatory changes to ensure compliance.
 Researches policies and treatment protocols to ensure compliance with Local and State
 Serves as liaison between the District’s contract Medical Director and EMS personnel.
 Oversees medical equipment and medication including coordination with District Medical
    Director for the purchase of controlled narcotics, conducting inspections, maintaining control
    of drug inventory, and coordination of medical waste disposal.
 Serves as Infection Control Officer.
 Serves as liaison to the District’s EMS Committee and Wellness Committee, and to the Cal
    Chiefs, Southern Section, EMS Committee.
 Acts as the District’s AED (Automated External Defibrillator) liaison with participating
    community agencies.
 Coordinates Paramedic new hire testing including development of test curriculum and
    coordination of assessment center.
 Provides budget input for EMS related supplies, services and training
 Coordinates training schedule with the District’s Training Officer.
 Develops and implements public education programs.
 Serve as a Fire Suppression Captain on an as-needed basis.
                                           Emergency Medical Services Training Officer/
                                                               Position Classification
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Education and Experience Requirements:
   Minimum of two (2) years experience as a fire suppression Captain.
   Minimum of four (4) years as a California certified Paramedic.
   Possess and maintain a valid California Paramedic License and San Bernardino County
    Paramedic Accreditation (including but not limited to Advanced Cardiac Life Support
   Possess and maintain California EMT.
   Possess and maintain a valid California driver’s license and satisfactory driving record.
   California State Fire Marshal Fire Officer certification and Fire Technology A.S. degree are

FLSA Status:          Non-exempt
Date Approved:        April 11, 2007

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