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					Life Sciences
A Life Science major overlaps many sciences and provides students with a strong
foundation for many science related careers. The major is ideal for students
interested in careers beyond lab work, but can also be applied to a laboratory
position. The goal of this major is to provide students with a sufficient background in
the life sciences to prepare them for a career in environmental law, environmental
science, environmental education, national or state park naturalist, medical
illustrator or author, marketing and sale of pharmaceuticals or scientific equipment,
laboratory technician, medical support staff or other careers that do not require
undergraduate work in physics and calculus.

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Related Career Titles for Life Science Majors
Agricultural Scientist                         Technical Writer
Zoologist                                      Environmental Consultant
Biologist                                      Museum/Zoo Specialist
Forest Ranger                                  Hazardous Waste Manager
Environmental Lawyer                           Environmental Project Manager
Geologist                                      Civil Engineer
Laboratory Analyst                             Natural Resource Planner
Technical Sales Representative                 Medical Examiner
Park Ranger                                    Biomedical Engineer
Nutritionist                                   Environmental Educator
Conservationist                                Pharmaceutical Sales Agent
Family Practitioner                            Physician Assistant
State Park Naturalist                          Dental Nurse
Hospital Nurse                                 Veterinarian
Ecologist                                      Nature Preserve Manager
Clinical Data Processor                        Medical Support Staff
Educator                                       National Park Naturalist
Medical Author                                 Environmental Geologist
Environmental Health Specialist                Home Health Aide
Field Technician                               Rehabilitation Counselor
Research Biologist                             Pharmacist
Laboratory Manager                             Medical Records Administrator
Geneticist                                     Medical Secretary
Microbiologist                                 Human Resource Manager
Medical Illustrator                            Hospital Administrator

Related Major Skills
       Summarize research findings                    Analytical and quantitative
       Operate scientific equipment                   abilities
       Ability to work well under                     Problem solving
       pressure                                       Teamwork
       Good judgment and                             Statistical awareness
       organizational skills                         Good communication skills
       Good with numbers                             Precise and accurate
       Attentive to details                          Ability to gather information
       Curiosity and creativity                      Scientific Curiosity

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