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									                                                                         November 2010

November!! It‟s hard to believe but one month of our curling season is already over.
Let‟s hope your skips are finally putting their brooms where you are throwing your rocks.

So What Has Been Happening Around Here?
To start, I would like to extend my sympathy on behalf of all members to Irene Darrell
and her family on the loss of her brother. Also to Roberta Wood and her family on the
passing of Muir Wood late in September. Muir was formerly a curler with the +40 group
in the daytime.

Diane Cooke also recently passed away.      Diane used to curl with the Day Ladies. Our
condolences to her family.

And a „get well‟ wish is sent to Marilyn Harrold. We‟re thinking about you Marilyn.

Also, our best wishes for a full recovery are sent to Al Gagnon as he gradually gets back
into shape after his mini stroke. Al is in good spirits except when discussing his car. He
has to take his driver‟s test again before he is allowed to drive. He has to wait until they,
not Al, make the appointment. So, if you are talking to him, don‟t mention „car‟.

If I have my facts right, the first week of November is a big one for Dodd Gray. He will
be 90 years old. I know people who can‟t even count that high. Congratulations
Dodd !!

My wife and I were sitting at a table at my high school reunion. I kept staring at a
drunken lady swigging her drink as she sat alone at a nearby table.

My wife asked, “Do you know her?”

“Yes” I sighed, “She‟s my old girlfriend. I understand she took to drinking right after
    we split up those many years ago, and I hear she hasn‟t been sober since.”

“My God!” said my wife. “Who would think she could go on celebrating that long?”

A Message from our President, Nacy Gallant
Hello everyone! The club is up and rolling again for another season. It 's great to see
everyone back in action.
First, let me dispel some rumours that I've heard that the club is in trouble and may not
make it. I can assure each and everyone of you that these concerns are totally
unfounded. The Board, along with the help of our auditors, worked extremely hard this
summer to make sure the club‟s finances was on a solid foundation. Our finances are in
good order.

We all owe a big thank you to the Day Ladies who have volunteered their time in the
office ensuring phone calls are answered and giving the office a welcoming face. Any
other members who would like to be part of this group please contact Cathy Hughes or
Anne Mitchell.

Our Opening Dinner was very successful. Thanks to all who attended. I get the
feeling that this was a good omen of membership participation in all club events
throughout the year.

November is upon us and The Skins bonspiel is set to start November 2nd.           A big thank
you to Zack Wise who volunteered to run this event.

November 20th will be the night we have our annual Comedy Night featuring three
comedians and an MC. This night has always been popular so I suggest you sign up

December 4th is the date for our club's major fund raiser – The Silent Auction.
Cathy Hughes is chairing this and I know she will have more to say on this in this ROAR.

Bar Chits must be paid promptly upon receipt of your statements. Failure to do so will
result in the loss of your privilege of signing chits. Also, as we said earlier, dues must
be paid in full by November 15th. Anyone who has not paid will not be allowed to curl
unless they have made prior payment arrangements with the Board. John Ford, our
auditor, is adamant on this issue.

Always keep in mind this is your club. As part of this privilege, you have a
responsibility, as a member, to support club activities.

Have a great year of curling but most of all have fun.

The art of being a parent is to sleep when the baby isn‟t looking.

Montreal West Curling Club’s Web Site

Have you looked at it lately?

Dave Coombs has been working hard to get it up and running.          It is filled with
interesting and up to date information such as:
       -   a compete calendar of club activities on and off the ice
       -   rental information
       -   updated Ladder information
       -   the latest ROAR in case (God forbid!) you were to lose your copy
       -   ….and much more

And to make it even more interesting, thanks to Geneviève Lemieux, most of the
information is available in French.

To get there, go to

Click on Welcome for the English version and Bienvenue for the French version.

Give it a look. You won‟t be disappointed.

Our Kitchen

I don‟t know if you have noticed the two hard working gentlemen who have been
plastering, washing and painting our kitchen to get it into tip top shape. Sometimes you
may not have recognized them through all the dust, grime and sweat but Ed Jones and
Jack Ford have put a lot of time and effort into completing this job.

Thank you from all the club members guys.     It looks terrific.

….And here‟s a note from our Director of Building and Grounds….Jim Doyle:

I would like to thank the volunteer duo of Jack Ford and Ed Jones for the re-hab of the

After a number of years, the kitchen had become an eyesore because there was paint and
plaster chipping in non-food preparation areas. Added to that was the grime that had
accumulated over the years.

The work was completed last week and you can now eat off the walls. The blades of the
ceiling fan are so clean that they sparkle thanks to Ed's elbow grease and keen eye. The
carpet bowlers are awe-struck. I am Irish and entitled to embellish, a bit.

One unexpected benefit was that Ed heard a number of stories that kept him laughing
throughout the blitz.

I would like to thank these two tireless volunteers who continue to help renovate and
create the pleasing ambiance which we all enjoy.
A man was going through the factory of a company that made plastic shapes. As he
arrived, a huge number of horse‟s heads had rolled off the line. Puzzled, he asked,
“What do you do with these horse‟s heads?”

His guide said, “We send them to Quebec City and Ottawa for final assembly.”

Presidents’ Bonspiel

A one night bonspiel was held October 6th to determine who was in the best shape after a
summer filled with absolutely no exercise. Urgent Santé had 2 ambulances at the ready
outside the club. Fortunately, they weren‟t needed.

8 teams of highly skilled….let me rephrase that…..8 teams of skilled… still not
right…8 teams of huffing, puffing, „I‟m not sweeping tonight‟ curlers took to the ice with
trepidation on this night.

Despite the occasional questions like, ”are the rocks heavier this year?” and “have they
made the sheets longer?” everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

It was especially enjoyable to these winners:

       Steven Fagan
       Chris Morrin
       Roberto Cruz (?) - not many people will believe Roberto won
       Glenn Payne

There was a tie for the runner-up position:

       Geneviève Lemieux                        Velda Lulic
       Kelly Ryan                               Steve Holdaway
       Sophie Belanger                          Jim Doyle
       Sandra Arseneault                        Dave Dubeau

Good job by Jeff Cohen who was pressed into service at the last minute to run this

My wife can‟t cook. She uses our smoke alarm as her timer.

Messages from Match Committee
Here‟s a message from Match Chairman, Kevin Alladin:

Well we are off to a great start.   Not too much to report thus far, but still a bit of news...
First, you will have read about the Presidents‟ bonspiel in the previous page. I would just
like to add my thanks to Jeff Cohen for running this bonspiel.

Ladder Curling

At a meeting of all teams on October 4th, it was decided by vote not to run the Brier
format this season. Instead, we are going back to the old Past President‟s and Grafton-
Hunt format with 2 sections in each of these competitions.

In the Past President‟s competition, the top 3 teams from the B-section will move to the
A, and the bottom 3 A-section teams will move to the B. When the Grafton-Hunt
competition begins in the new year, the format will revert back to the usual two teams up
and two teams down format.

Each team has also been asked to vote on the format of the club championship
competition as well as the infamous clock rule. The results of that vote will be posted on
the bulletin board before the next half of competition begins.

The final standing of each competition will be posted in the monthly ROAR. However,
for a more current and up to date viewing of the standings, I would ask you all to visit our
new club website. The results for the ladder, as well as other events can be found there.
For those who do not know, go to:

So how‟s it going so far in the ladder? The competition started with a bang on Tuesday,
October 12th. We have 18 teams which is the same as last year. As the ROAR went to
press, the leaders in the A and B sections were two undefeated teams:

        A Section:     Debby Ship             B Section:     Frederic Marchand

On a personal note, I would like to remind people to circle November 16th on your
calendar. It has been 2 years in the making, but the Alladin vs. Ryan confrontation will
take place that night. JIM MATCHETT (oops - I thought that shift key was repaired)
tells me all tickets for this grudge game have already been sold.


The Skins competition will be taking place on November 2, 4, 9 and 11 (only Tuesdays
and Thursdays like last year). Zack Wise will be running the event and is looking for
volunteers to help. So please offer him your help

Until next month! …… Kevin
2 hillbillies from Kentucky:

Clem: Why do those folks up in Canada seem so much smarter than us?
Jeb: They seem to read an awful lot.
Clem: But we read plenty.
Jeb: They do it outside of the outhouse.

Auditor’s Report

Here is a report from John J. Ford: (not to be confused with the noted golfer and so-so
                                     curler John (Jack) Ford )

This year, all members with E-mail will be receiving their financial transactions and
statements via this means. This will allow members to have a copy of their invoices for
their records at MUCH less cost to the club. While those without E-mail will still be
provided with a paper copy at the office, we would like to avoid this as much as possible
to save on paper, ink and, of course, the extra work it gives to our volunteer office staff.

When you receive my e-mail, you must add me to you SAFE SENDERS list (done
through Junk Mail option under Tools) in-order to see the attachment. The attachments
are sent in PDF format and are readable on PC's, MAC's, and or IPHONE's.

I would like all Members to see their invoices and their monthly statements if there is a
balance due. The books are run a lot differently this year and I want all members to see
that our Club is in GOOD health and will remain that way.

Should you feel that your invoice is not accurate - please feel free to contact
Anne Mitchell at the bar for a look at the chit back-up covering the invoice

It may take a few days to get back to the bar, but rest assured, all chits will be there in
numerical order. When requesting, just supply your Invoice # (example B-35650).

Thank you for your cooperation

Jim:      I‟m opening up a hardware store.
Jack:    You‟ve never even been in a hardware store. You have no clue about things there.
Jim:    Sure I do. I‟m a guy. It‟s built into us.
Jack:   I don‟t think so.
Jim:    Anyhow… can help me now. Where will I put these pointy thingees?
Jack:   In the „Nail Bin”.

Day Ladies

Here is Cathy Wardlaw‟s report:
Our season started with a welcome back coffee party where we all became „reacquainted‟
and informed of the upcoming season‟s events. Then, the following week,
Heather Broden and Judy Carson organized a very successful fun day.

The 3 day Merry Go Round competition gave everyone the opportunity to get back their
curling legs without too many aches and pains. Thanks to Bonny Allan and her Match
committee for hosting this event. Incidentally, the winners were:

               Jocelyn Schultz
               Mary Johnson
               Linda English
               Cathy Wardlaw

Serious curling started October 18th with the Queen Bee, October 19th with the Past
Presidents, and October 21st with the Crystals. These competitions will run for the next
few weeks.

On the social side, congratulations to our executive for hosting a very successful bridge
luncheon October 13th. A reminder that the next bridge luncheon will be November 10th.

The Tuesday and Thursday Bridge Groups have started. Both groups welcome any new

The Tuesday ladies wish to thank Audrey Prosser for replenishing our playing cards that
were so badly damaged in the drainage mishap over the summer. Thanks Audrey, they
are most appreciated.

Sign of the times: I‟ve met a girl I‟d like to spend the next 4 to 7 years with.

Monday Evening Curling

Here‟s some news from Geneviève Lemieux, President of this group:

The league held its opening night on October 18, and it was a great success! We are
proud to announce that we are hosting six teams this season, and even have a waiting list!
Our members include a core of former business ladies, curlers transferring from other
clubs, players from last year‟s instructional, club members from other leagues and even
Zack Wise, who couldn‟t resist another evening of curling! Also, many curlers from the
club volunteered to spare for us, and we want to thank them all.

Well, we have been so busy recruiting and organizing the new league that the Board has
come to a decision to cancel the Friendly for this year. November was coming too
quickly for us. Instead, we‟d like to encourage our members to participate in the
upcoming club bonspiels and social activities.

Bonjour à tous,

La ligue du lundi a tenu sa soirée d‟ouverture le 18 octobre et ce fut un grand succès!
Nous sommes fiers d‟annoncer que notre ligue regroupera six équipes cette année. Se
sont ajoutés au noyau des business ladies des joueurs venus d‟autres clubs, des gens qui
reprennent le curling après quelques années de pause, des membres du club qui ont suivi
l‟an dernier la ligue d‟instruction ou qui jouent dans d‟autres ligues, et même Zack Wise
qui n‟a pas pu résister à une autre soirée de curling!

Notez également que nous ne tiendrons pas le Friendly annoncé pour novembre : nous
avons été trop occupés dans notre campagne de recrutement!

Instructional League
Here‟s a note from Carla Dempsey

We have 16 people enrolled. Starting time on Mondays is now 7:30 p.m. instead of
7:00 p.m.

Two Irish nuns have just arrived in Canada by boat and one says to the other,
“I hear the people of this country actually eat dogs.”
“Odd” her companion replies, “'but if we shall live in Canada , we might as well do as
          the Canadians do.”
As they sit, they hear a push cart vendor yell 'get your dogs here' and they both walk
          toward the hotdog cart.
“Two dogs, please!”' says one.
The vendor is very pleased to oblige, wraps both hotdogs in foil and hands them over.
Excited, the nuns hurry to a bench and begin to unwrap their 'dogs'.
The mother superior is first to open hers. She begins to blush and then leans to the other
     nun and whispers cautiously. “What part did you get?”

Day Curling 40 +

This Day Curling 40 + started on October 12 with eight teams competing for the
$10,000 grand prize. So far there are no serious injuries to report.

One of the big changes this year involves Paul Doyle After many years of consistent
badgering, Paul finally has been given his own team to skip. He took over this onerous
task on the condition that no second guessing was permitted. Naturally, as Paul has been
a model of restraint all these years, the executive thought it only fair to agree to Paul‟s
 Our first District Bonspiel will be held on Monday, November 1st. There will be draws
at 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. that are allocated to Quebec and Ontario teams. The
1:30 p.m. draw will be an in house draw for teams from Montreal West. All 50+ players,
men and women, from any of the leagues in our club are invited to enter a team.

This is a cashspeil with prizes of $120, $80, and $60 being awarded. A lunch will be
served. The $20 per player entry fee includes a ticket into the half and half draw.

If you wish to enter a team, please contact James Botsford at 514-364-0260.


After a summer of curling lectures from Chip Mowat, these guys were well prepared and
anxious for the interclub competition to begin.

On October 15 at Baie d”Urfe, we won 1, lost 1 and tied the other.    The winning and
tying teams were:

       Winners:       Chester Sawczyszyn             Tying team:     Al Kmec
                      Ron Neill                                      Ray Dubrule
                      Gerry Sabourin                                 Rick Hughes
                      Bob McDevitt                                   Jacques Lacroix

On October 20th at our club against Hudson-Whitlock we won 2 and lost 2.

The winners were:

                      Ray Dubrule            Mike Dowd
                      Doug Allan             JIM MATCHETT (oops – not again)
                      Chip Mowat             Ed Crosbie
                      Bob McDevitt           Dave Dubeau

Congratulations to our winners and the team that tied their game.

The jury is still deliberating about the prospects of this year‟s edition of Interclubbers.
We have split all the games. 3 wins, 3 losses and 1 tie. Right now it seems to hinge on
whether Bob McDevitt‟s steroid test is negative or positive.

This is a true story from your friendly editor of the ROAR……I was sitting with a number
of members at the Club‟s Opening Dinner. The Day Curlers 40+ invitation to the
women to curl with them this year was being discussed. One of the women with us
thought it was a good idea but….she said “I really think the men should keep one day
open to play with themselves….”

I forwarded the suggestion to James Botsford and his executive for consideration.
Junior Curling

The junior season has begun with a very strong new Little Rock membership. We should
have about 15-20 Little Rocks in the program this year and all are very eager to learn the

With this growing number of Little Rocks also grows the need for coaches from
11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday mornings. If you are interested in helping, please
contact a member of the junior board.

The Junior Board would like to thank all parents for their generous gift over the summer
of a great luncheon at St.Hubert BBQ. The Board enjoyed the meal and once again

Should you have any questions about the junior program or wish to get involved with
volunteering, please contact any of the following people:

Chair              Michel Jean (514-694-8494 or
Little Rocks      Mark Watson (514-488-5943 or
Big Rocks          Erin Ryan (514-482-7975 or
Treasurer         Janet Walpole (514-246-8099 or
Secretary/Membership Gloria Toteda (450-462-2213 or

She‟s been married so many times she has rice marks on her face.


Here‟s a report from Ann Anderson:

Hi Everyone:

Well the Wilkinson Friday night league is underway. I would like to extend a warm
welcome to all Wilkinson members and an especially warm welcome to those members
who are new to the League:

        Ken Suitor            Tanya de Jonge         Justin Doherty        Sonia Drouin
        Barbara Barker        Ryan Hussey            Dan Boucher           Robert Rousse
        Ray Dubrule           Pierre Dufour

Match of the Month

As of the deadline for this month‟s ROAR, there has only been one week of games
played in the Fall Draw. The Match of the evening was an old-fashioned family feud:
Ford vs. Ford. I‟d have to say things got off to a “rocky” start. Doug Ford showed up
at the Club with his hockey bag. His intention was to suit up for the game. A
conversation ensued and he was convinced to exchange his full equipment padding and
skates for a curling broom and shoes.

 In spite of this, I have to tell you - Shots were fired. The skirmish was relatively even
for the first few ends with each team gaining some points. Then came the 6-ender. Was
that the end of the game? By no means. After Ford scored the first 6-ender, Ford
responded with a 5-ender. So, who won? Ford of course! Actually, John, I guess you
still have a ways to go to catch up with dear old dad. Better luck next time! Rumour
has it the best part of the match was the après curling.

Fellow Wilkinson members, if you have a favourite game of the week or other story you
feel should be shared with our members be sure to let me know – with details of course.
Or you can always send your write-up in to JIM MATCHETT (oops), our ROAR editor.

I‟d like to give special thanks to Jim Doyle who has agreed to do the food co-ordination
for our league. Thanks as well to Zack who pebbled the ice between the draws. And
thanks to everyone for their patience while I tried to figure out the teams and the draws.

On another note, I‟m looking for people willing to spare in the Wilkinson. If you can
help out once in a while, I‟d appreciate it if you could let me know. I‟ll put you on the
spare list. Send me an e-mail at: or give me a call at

Finally, see you all Friday nights at the Wilkinson. Good curling to all.

Once there was a golfer named Jacques Lacroix whose drive landed on an anthill.
Rather than move the ball, he decided to hit it where it lay. He gave a might swing.
Clouds of dirt and sand and ants exploded from the spot---everything except the golf ball.

It sat in the same spot. So he lined up and tried another shot. Clouds of dirt and sand
and ants went flying again. The golf ball didn‟t even wiggle. Two ants survived. One
dazed ant said “Whoa! What are we going to do?”

“I don‟t know about you, but I‟m going to get on that ball.”

House and Entertainment

Here is a report from Sandra Arseneault:

Opening Dinner:

A special thank you to everyone who attended the Opening Dinner held on October 7th.

The delicious meal was prepared by Tony our reliable caterer. The ambiance was
apparent with good food, good music, good humour and good friends.
Every event has a list of people who are willing to donate some of their precious time to
assist in putting together such events. I send my heartfelt thanks to:

        The Board of Directors - for guiding a beginner in this task
        Anne Mitchell - who wore many „hats‟
        Audrey Prosser - our efficient volunteer collections „officer‟
        Tina Athanasopoulos - for helping me begin my setup of files and filling in the
                 tidbits of information that is usually not found in most paper files.
        Zack Wise - for providing your energy to our dismantling crew.
        Kari Parm - at the bar.
        Jean Arseneault - whom, after hearing my illiterate electronic and music related
                questions, stepped up to bat and became Mr. Music Man.
        Ann Anderson, Susan Leger-Hussey, and Heather Boyle for their extraordinary

Now What about Future Events?

I would like to begin with the results of the Entertainment Survey sent out to our
membership last month. Feedback has definitely been on the positive side. The
following list begins with the MOST popular event:

   1.   Mystery Night
   2.   Family Spaghetti Night
   3.   Comedy Night
   4.   Country Western Night
   5.   Halloween Night
   6.   Card Night
   7.   NY Eve Night

Presently, we have dates scheduled for the Mystery, Family Spaghetti, Comedy and
Country Western nights. Details for these evenings are being finalized.

The first of the events to occur will be the Comedy Night, Saturday November 20th.
A signup sheet has been posted in the lounge. I encourage you to bring friends.
Please refer to the flyer at the end of this ROAR for further information.

A man is examined by his doctor.

The doctor says, “Take this green pill with a glass of water when you get up. Take this
blue pill with a glass of water after lunch. Then, just before you go to bed, take this red
pill with another glass of water.”

“Exactly what is the matter with me?” asked the patient.

“You‟re not drinking enough water.”
The MWCC Silent            Auction returns!
This popular event, successfully held three previous times in the past, is scheduled to
return on December 4th for the pleasure and benefit of both Club members and the local
community at large.

Proven to be one of the Club's most effective fundraising activities, the success of the
Silent Auction depends upon its selection of interesting and original items, donated by
Club members.

With everyone's help, we can once again make the Silent Auction a MWCC flagship
fundraising event which the local community will enjoy as a treasure-trove of unique
Holiday gift-giving ideas!

                                    Auction items such as:
                                       * NEW ITEMS
                          * ANTIQUES OR VINTAGE ITEMS
                                * HANDCRAFTED ITEMS
                (Such as wood carvings, stained glass, knit sweaters, etc.)
                             * A SERVICE YOU CAN OFFER
               (Such as cooking a meal, bridge lessons, a computer lesson)
              (Such as gift certificates, dinners-for-two, week-end get-away)
                                  * TICKETS TO EVENTS
               * DONATIONS (cash or otherwise) FOR GIFT BASKETS

                           WHAT WE DON'T NEED:

Please call or e-mail:

Cathy Hughes 514-366-4584 or

Carpet Bowling

Here‟s a report from Mary O‟Toole:

First of all my apologies to Irene Darrell whose last name was incorrect in the October

Carpet Bowlers opened their season on October 12th and it was great seeing everyone
again after catching our breath with the climb to the top floor. However we all made it.
During the coffee break Margaret Finlayson reviewed the rules for carpet bowling. She
also showed everyone the flyer announcing the Silent Auction which will be held on
December 4th and encouraged everyone to participate in the Club‟s fund raiser.

Laura Ross, our Treasurer, announced the fees for the season and presented her report the
following week.

Mary and Al Gagnon were missed at our opening game. Our best wishes Al for a speedy

A reminder if anyone knows someone who would like to have fun on Tuesday and
Thursday, please pass our invitation to them to join us.

Good bowling everyone.

Turkey Shoot

It‟s not too early to start thinking about the Turkey Shoot. The date has been tentatively
set for December 22. Ed Jones and his assistant Bill Bedord will be running it again
this year and right they now are fattening up the turkeys. More about this in the
December ROAR.

There are 3 kinds of people in the world - those that can count and those that can‟t.


So here we go. Our first Letters to the Editor column:

Visit from Alberta

We would like to take this opportunity to pass along our appreciation for the hospitality
shown by many members of the Montreal West Curling club on our recent visit to the
club. We were members of MWCC in 2000 and 2001, and these were 2 of the best
years in our curling lives.
During the first week of October we paid a quick visit to Montreal and stopped by the
club. We met with the day ladies and with members taking part in the President's
bonspiel. We saw many familiar faces and many new ones. It was a pleasure to visit
with so many friends from our short time with the club. From all appearances, it looks
like the same Montreal West where we enjoyed many fun times.

We are planning another visit to the Montreal area in the fall of 2011 and we look
forward to seeing many more on the next trip. We hope that all the members enjoy the
club as much as we have.

Best regards         Bob and Jean Green          Carstairs, Alberta


It is so nice now to walk by the club‟s office and see the smiling faces of the ladies at
work in there.

From a number of members in the club


Hi Jim,

I'm back home but it's nice to hear (read) what's happening at place I like and where I
spent pretty long time. So you can continue to send me the ROAR. Wish you nice
curling season and hello to all.

Take care,

Kate      (Katerina Urbanova)

Editor‟s note: Kate has moved back home to the Czech Republic after curling in the
ladder last year. I had asked her if she wanted to continue receiving the ROAR.

Remember, when you want to ask questions, make suggestions, volunteer your services
to help the club, or maybe even send a thank you for something you may like in the club,
just send an Email to your friendly editor. Also, please remember I would like these
Letters to the Editor to be a positive thing.

My Email address is
What’s happening Over the Next Few Weeks?
Dates to remember:

               November 1               -   + 40 District Bonspiel
                    2,4,9 and 11        -   Skins Competition
                          10            -   Day Ladies‟ Bridge Luncheon
                          15            -   Deadline for payment of curling fees
                          18            -   Day Ladies‟ Ted Thompson competition
                          20            -   Comedy Night
                          27            -   Grand and Grande Dame

               December      4          -   Silent Auction

An 86 year old man walked into a crowded doctor's office. As he approached the desk,
the receptionist said, "Yes sir. Why do you want to see the doctor today?"

"There's something wrong with my penis," he replied.

The snotty receptionist became irritated and said, "You shouldn't come into a crowded
office and say things like that."

"Why not? You asked me what was wrong and I told you," he said.

The receptionist replied, "You've obviously caused some embarrassment in this room full
of people. You should have said there is something wrong with your ear or something
like that and then discussed the problem further with the doctor in private."

The man walked out, waited several minutes and then re-entered.

The receptionist smiled smugly and asked, "Yes?"

"It‟s about my ear," he stated.

The receptionist nodded approvingly and smiled, knowing he had taken her advice. "And
what is wrong with your ear, sir?"

"I can't pee out of it," the man replied.

The doctor's office erupted in laughter.
Encan Silencieux
Silent Auction
         Club de Curling de Montréal-Ouest
            Montreal West Curling Club

  CADEAUX EN                                        GIFTS
  ABONDANCE!                                       GALORE!

Antiquités                                                   Antiques
                        SAMEDI - SATURDAY
Art & artisanat                                           Arts & crafts
Articles pour enfants          4 DEC.                Children's items
Objets décoratifs            12:00 – 16:00         Decor furnishings
Vêtements                                                     Fashions
Paniers-cadeaux                                           Gift baskets
Certificats-cadeaux                                   Gift certificates
Articles de maison                                       Housewares
Bijoux                                                         Jewelry
Équipement sportif                                 Sports equipment
                        17 AINSLIE 514 486 5831            Tableware
Articles de table
                     ...and much more
et bien plus ....


TIME:      8:00 PM
TICKETS:   $25 per person

CONTACT:   Entertainment Committee
               Ann Anderson
               Shirley Elliott
               Heather Boyle
               Susan Leger-Hussey
               Anne Mitchell
               Sandra Arseneault


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