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									    Saint Mark the Evangelist
          A Catholic Community
            2007 Annual Report

Norman, Oklahoma
My dear friends at Saint Mark Parish:

       2007 was a year of growth and blessing in the life of
our community. While we are not greater in numbers, there is
no doubt that we have all grown deeper in faith and more
committed to the mission of the church to which we have
been called. The nature of this young community means that
people move in and others move on to other opportunities in
their work. This is reflected in the statistics report to follow.
Yet, RCIA continues to give evidence that there is a holiness
here and faith to share drawing people to the Lord’s Table.

       With gratitude to God and with sincere appreciation
for your support and participation in the ministries of St.
Mark Parish, this report is presented for your study, for your
prayer, and as an invitation and challenge to do even more
than is asked of us in faith. Use a mouse-click or arrows to
advance. A copy is available on disk upon request at the
parish office.
                                    Father Tom Boyer
                            Parish Statistics 2007
                                      2007       2006        2005       2004       2003

Families                               1274        1245       1177       1122        1109

New Families                               129      130        139         98         153

Members                                3784        3722       3560       3460        3395

Average age                                33           32      32         32             31

Infant Baptisms                            50           32      39         36             41

Adult Baptism                              12           12          6          3          21

Adult Confirmation                         24           30      11             6          21

Marriage                                   15           19      12         17             22

First Communion                            43           56      65         39             59

Youth Confirmation                         28           32      25         29             31

Funerals                                     2          6           4          5           3

Children R.E.                              198      224        265        232         240

All Saints School                          215      197        204        209         220

Average Sunday Attendance              1395        1360       1277       1237        1270
                        St. Vincent de Paul Society
Inspired by Gospel values, the Society of St.Vincent de Paul, a Catholic
lay organization, leads women and men to join together to grow
spiritually by offering person-to-person service to those who are needy
and suffering in the tradition of its founder, Blessed Frédéric Ozanam,
and patron, St. Vincent de Paul.

The family has gone and left him                                The bills are stacked on the table
Empty bottles remain in their place.                            Dignity has vacated their life.
This heart and spirit is broken                                 The couple stares at each other
Tears burn and streak his face.                                 Their despair cuts like a knife.
             There is a knock on the door…..                                  There is a knock on the door…..

The furnishings are worn and tattered                           The cabinets are open and barren
A child clings to his mother’s dress,                           Strength and courage no longer theirs
His shoulders are slouched and weary                            Job loss and illness joined forces
Bearing witness to his stress.                                  They believe that nobody cares.
               There is a knock on the door…..                                There is a knock on the door…..

                                            “...We Are Vincentians”

        St. Vincent de Paul Society
            Services                (2006)        2007

Cases                               (915)          834

Number of people served             (2,266)       2,108

Volunteer Hours                     (3,358)       4,304

Miles Driven – Non-reimbursed       (15,053)     17,070

Value of Distributed Items          ($6,339)     $4,404

Client Aid Distributed              ($42,225)   $54,509

                  Neighborhood Ministry
Coordinates donut Sunday on the second Sunday of every month

Contacted 130 newly registered parishioners to personally welcome them
to our parish community

Distributes name tags at parish picnic

                             Daily Bread
Agencies Served
The Food Pantry, Aging Services, Birth Choice of Norman, Veterans
Center, East Main Place, individuals, and families in need.

Food Drives
Lenten, Thanksgiving, and R.E. drives benefiting several community

Annual Advent Tree Project
Provided Christmas gifts for the elderly, needy children, the disabled,
Veterans, shelter residents, expectant mothers, babies and others less

“If it weren’t for St. Mark Parish we would not be open. We have no funding and
we rely totally on donations. St. Mark Parish is our largest contributor”
                                                             Norman Food Pantry

         Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
        Rite of Christian Initiation for Children
The Rites and Sacraments of Initiation, 11 adults were baptized at the Easter
Vigil 2007, and 33 adults were received into full communion with the Catholic
Church through Confirmation along with 18 children.

          Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
         Rite of Christian Initiation for Children
The RCIA, RCIC Core Team of 12 members led the program in 2007 with a
Retreat at St Gregory Abbey, and more than 25 meetings. The core team
members are Deacon Byron & Cheryl Jacobson, Pat, Kerri and Adrienne Franz,
Duane & Linda Peschka, Danny & Kit Jacobs, Meredith McCornack, Nancy Brown
and Gretchen Harris.

High School Youth Ministry/Confirmation
Director: Beth Lenherr (former) & Darlene Marquez, 366.7676 x105
Youth Helpers: Kerri & Pat Franz, Johnny Mills, Donna Bullock, Veronica
VanValkenburgh, Dorrie Giroux, Christopher Marquez
Confirmation Catechists: Mary Ann Hollaran, Tom & Ann Hooper, Gary
Schumacher, Kathleen Stanton, Kari Jacobson, Barbara Smith, Emelie

                                                                      2007 Fundraisers
                                                                    Taco Cabana – $205.28
                                                                  Oktoberfest Carnival - $701
                                                                    T-shirts/Other - $8848

                                                           Thank you loyal parishioners of St. Mark the Evangelist for
                                                            your support of our Youth Program! We are all bringing
                                                                           our youth closer to God.

“Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men”
                                Matthew 4:19

            Middle School Youth Ministry
Every month, the Middle School
Youth    of     St. Mark     meet
periodically in the youth center
for an evening of fun, fellowship,
music and friends. The Youth
Group offers a safe place for
middle school students to gather
together and celebrate our
Catholic faith.

Youth Helpers: Chris Meyer, John
Cook, Cory Yeager, Beth Murray

                                          Gathering Middle School Youth
                                              with Jesus, for Jesus!

                    St Mark Youth Ministry
                   Hands of God
•   Attended Catholic HEART work camp.
•   Participated in multiple fundraiser & service
•   Made all ―Advent Tree‖ ornaments.
•   Donated supplies to Women’s of St Mark tote
                                                  Come Holy Spirit
                              •   Hosted multiple retreats including the National
                                  Evangelization Team.
                              •   Youth attended Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic
                                  Summer Camp.
                              •   Participated in Bay St. Louis Mission Trip.
                              •   Confirmation youth attended the Archdiocesan
                                  Youth Rally.
                              •   66 Youth attended the Middle School Christmas
                              •   10 High School Youth attended NCYC ’07 in
                                  Columbus, Ohio
                                     Religious Education
Fall 2007
Total Enrollment PreK – 8th Grade:196 students
Average weekly attendance: 142 students
35 Catechists & Aides

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul,
with all your mind, and with all your strength, and love your
neighbor as you love yourself.” - Mark12:30, 31

SERVICE PROJECTS:                                   Remember you are a child of God.
                                                    May God’s blessings be upon you.
Spring 2007 - Gifts of Love Food Drive
Fall 2007- Bottles of Change Donations for Birth Choice

                  Religious Education
                                 Vacation Bible School 2007
                                       The Great Bible Reef

62 VBS Guides prayed &
played with 115 children,
PreK – 5th grade while
learning how


                   VBS 2008 will be June 23-June 27
                      Knights of Columbus
Council 12108 was established in 1995. The Knights and Ladies Auxiliary meet on
the 1st Tuesday of each month in Founders Hall with a potluck dinner and rosary
before each meeting.
In months with five Sundays, the Council hosts a parish breakfast with donations
assisting Birth Choice, East Main Place, Boy Scouts, and the St. Vincent DePaul
Society. Knights also take the lead in assisting with Oktoberfest and the Parish
Picnic. Funds raised from the Spring Tootsie Roll Drive for the Mentally
Handicapped benefits the Among Friends Activity Center for Handicap Adults and
the Center of Family Love in Okarche.
Our Knights hold fun days with the clients of the JD McCarty Center and support
other charitable organizations as a result of our annual parish supported garage
sale and the Outback Dinner fundraisers. This Council supports seminarians with
financial help and scholarships to St. Gregory’s in Shawnee. We support the
Parish by being involved in all aspects of the Church from small projects, such as
painting or pruning shrubs to helping as lectors, ushers, Eucharist Ministers, choir
and religious education teachers. There is an annual ―Free Throw Contest‖
involving the youth of the community. Volunteer Knights clean the mile of
Tecumseh road in front of the Church.

                  Knights of Columbus

Council 12108 has 95 Registered Members

                           Financial Summary
 Balance               01/01/07                $3,688.68
 Income                Dues                     3,251.00
 Income                Tootsie Roll Drive       4,398.12
 Income                Fundraising              7,466.22
 Expense               Council Expenses         3,206.74
 Expense               Center of Family Love    3,920.12
 Expense               Church Related           2,796.69
 Expense               Community                1,295.80
 Expense               Fundraising Expenses     3,511.48
 Balance               12/31/07                $4,073.19

                 Ladies Auxiliary K of C
The Ladies Auxiliary is an extension of our Parish Knights of Columbus
Council 12108. Membership is open to the wife, widow, daughter, mother or
sister of a Council 12108 member, who need not be a Catholic but who is at
least 18 years of age.

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. with a
potluck dinner, followed by a rosary at 7:00 p.m. and the business meeting
at 7:30 p.m.

                           Financial Summary
Balance                  01/01/07                                $2,698.09
Income                   Dues                                      380.00
Income                   Other                                      30.00
Income                   Garage Sale                              2,011.53
Expense                  One-Time                                 1,525.82
Expense                  Ongoing                                   616.13
Balance                  12/31/07                                $2,977.67

                 Ladies Auxiliary K of C
•―Quilting for Fun‖ made and distributed 115 quilts to: Sooner Dialysis,
Doctor’s Park, Birth Choice, The Mary Abbot House, Sister Barbara for
distribution to the homeless.
•Bimonthly prepared food for 120 at Food and Shelter for Friends
•Provided a cross/rosary set to the newly baptized babies in our parish.
•Hosted brunch and honored parish Catechists on Catechetical Sunday
•Collected clothing for the homeless / Sister BJ’s Pantry
•Participate in the Knight’s Tootsie Roll Drive and Garage Sale
•Participate in many parish ministries and activities
•Prepared food for Habitat for Humanity crew
•Made Christmas Stockings for 35
•Sponsored a family of 7 for Christmas

                      Columbian Squires
The Columbian Squires are a group of Catholic males between the ages of
12 and 18 who are dedicated to serving the parish community. This group
assists the Knights of Columbus with service projects throughout the
year. Some of these projects include providing a carnival for the youth at
the J.D. McCarty Center in Norman, setting up tables for the pancake
breakfasts, and assisting with the games at the Octoberfest.

In addition to service, the Squires
build    Christian   fellowship   by
attending social events together
which have included bowling
outings in Norman and trips to
Coach's      for    billiards    and
pizza. These young men also go on
recruiting trips to RE classes at All
Saints to enable the group to grow
and progress into the future.
                  Friends of Birth Choice
              Birth Choice is a pro-life, crisis pregnancy center with the
              mission of assisting pregnant mothers and their babies.
              They offer free pregnancy testing as well as non-
              judgmental and confidential counseling and information.
              Parishioners support this vital effort by providing
              volunteer time, prayers and donations.

The donation bassinet in the narthex/coat closet provides an easy
donation station for gently used maternity/infant clothing and
miscellaneous items. We are not able to take car seats or furniture. It
also contains information about the ministry and its needs.

Currently, 7 parishioners offer 2 hours each week at the Birth Choice-
Norman office, located at 457 West Gray Street. The Knights, Ladies
Auxiliary, M.O.M.S., Daily Bread, and R.E. students provided generous
material assistance, as well. Parishioners filled B.C.’s layette closet last
December, as a result of our annual Advent Tree.
                 Food for Friends Ministry
                                 By the numbers...
Once a month, this parish            18                 Ministry Members
ministry provides, cooks and
serves a hot lunch at Food           276                Volunteer Hours*
and Shelter for Friends, in          54 Pounds          Parmesan Cheese
downtown Norman. Diners
                                     84 Gallons         Alfredo Sauce
may also choose to use take-
out plates of food, for their        144 Pounds         Pasta
evening meal. We serve men,
                                     195 Pounds         Chicken
women and children.
                                     1728               Cookies/Brownies
Beginning Balance      $42.12                           (Home baked)
Donations            1,590.31        1920               Hot Dinners Provided

Expenses             1,146.81        $95.57             Average Monthly Expense
Ending Balance        $485.62        $.60               Cost per meal served!
                                      *Conservative estimate including planning, baking, cooking
                                      and serving

                                Mother’s Day Out
                                     The Mother’s Day Out program focuses on
                                     important skills to help children reach
                                     educational, social, emotional, physical, and
                                     creative milestones. The children experience
                                     self-directed play, outdoor play, teacher led
                                     activities, music, art, lunch, and rest time. We
                                     provide an environment where children feel safe,
                                     cared for, and able to express themselves freely.
  School Hours: 8:30 am- 2:00pm
  Summer Hours: 9:00am-1:00pm
Days of operation: Monday-Thursday

          Mother’s Day Out Out
                FY 2007
                    1 year old class: 12 children/part time
                    2 year old class: 17 children/part time
                    3 year old class: 18 children/part time

                    The MDO program has a waiting list of 50 children,
                    with members of St. Mark’s receiving priority.

                    Tuition: $17 per day Enrollment Fee: $50

Income      Receipts                                     $37,405.00
Expense     Salaries                                      28,703.75
Expense     Payroll Taxes                                     2,195.87
Expense     Office Expense                                      543.70
Expense     Supplies                                          1,756.30
Expense     Other                                             2,471.58
Balance     12/31/07                                          $1733.80

              All Saints Catholic School
                     FY07 Actual Revenues and Expenditures
   Tuition and Fees       $ 1,314,781                                              Tuition/Fees- 74.7%
   Parish Subsidies       $ 200,220                                                Parish S ubsidies- 11.4%
   Fundraising Income     $ 121,678                                                Fundraising-6.9%
   After School Program   $ 47,620                                                 After S chool-2.7%
   Archdiocesan ADF+      $ 26,883                                                 Other- 2.8%
   Other Income           $ 49,811                                                 ADF +- 1.5%
   Total Revenue          $ 1,760,993

   Salaries             $     984,695
   Benefits/Taxes*      $     448,178                                         S alaries- 56.2%
   Building/Utilities   $     131,595                                         Benefit/Taxes- 25.6%
                                                                              Building/Utilities- 7.5%
   Classroom/Equipment $       48,844                                         Classroom- 2.8%
   Contract Labor       $      46,976                                         Contract Labor-2.7%
   Administrative       $      41,914                                         Administrative-2.3%
                                                                              S taff Development-.6%
   Tuition Management $        12,301                                         After S chool Prg- .2%
   Staff Development    $       9,376                                         Tuition Mgmt-.7%
   After School Program $       3,399
   Fundraising Expense $       24,969
                                             * Includes health insurance balance from
     Total Expenditures $1,752,247           previous years.

                   All Saints Catholic School
     4001 36th Avenue, N.W.                     Norman, Oklahoma 73072
                         All Saints Catholic School
                                        Enrollment Analysis- 2007-08
Total Enrollment- 425
      Males- 200 (47%) Females- 225 (53%)
      Ethnic Backgrounds:            Grade Levels:
             White- 70%                    Pre-K- 41          Grade 5- 45
             African American- 3%          Kindergarten- 43   Grade 6- 39
             Hispanic- 11%                 Grade 1- 52        Grade 7- 45
             Asian- 11%                    Grade 2- 44        Grade 8- 31
             Native American- 4%           Grade 3- 35
             Multi-Racial- 1.0%            Grade 4- 50

         Catholic- 355 (84%)             Non-Catholic- 70 (16%)
             St. Mark- 215                 Assembly of God- 1
             St. Joseph- 69                Baptist- 17
             St. Thomas More- 41           Episcopal- 3
             St. Andrew- 21                Hindu- 1
             St. Charles- 2                Lutheran- 3
             St. Francis Xavier- 1         Methodist- 13
             St. John the Baptist- 1       Pentecostal- 3
             St. Eugene- 1                 Presbyterian- 4
             Holy Name- 1                  Other- 25
             Immaculate Conception-1
             Korean Catholic Church-1
             Our Lady of Victory-1

                              All Saints Catholic School
            4001 36th Avenue, N.W.                                   Norman, Oklahoma 73072

                            All Saints Catholic School
Annual Tuition Rates

                 Catholic      Non-Catholic
    2004-05      $2,650          $4,040

    2005-06      $2,800          $4,300

    2006-07      $2,970          $4,560

    2007-08      $3,150          $4,834

                                                    All Saints Catholic School exists to
                                                   teach children to know, love and serve
                                                    God through academic pursuits and
                                                             service to others.

                              All Saints Catholic School
              4001 36th Avenue, N.W.                   Norman, Oklahoma 73072

Music Ministry

46 Adults & 12 Children

                          Music Ministry
Service To The Parish
Provided Music For:
         All weekend Liturgies and Holy Days
         Confirmation, First Communion, Funerals, and Vespers
Prepared and served one Lenten Meal
Hosted one Donut Sunday
Taught Music for Vacation Bible School
Special Events
Southwest Liturgical Convention Mass
David Hooten Concert
National Pastoral Musicians Convention (Indianapolis, In)
Gospel Workshop (Corpus Christi Parish – Oklahoma City, Ok)
Michael John Poirier (St. Andrew Parish – Moore, Ok)
Social Activities
Appreciation Dinner hosted by The Women of St. Mark
Choir Cookout hosted by Pam & John Grega
Christmas Party hosted by Tina & Barry Kinley

                    Women of Saint Mark
The Women of St. Mark organized in 2005 as a coordinating body for numerous
spiritual and charitable groups within the parish. The Women of St. Mark
engage in social fellowship at regularly scheduled meetings and devote their
unique talents on committees to better the parish and the larger community.
Our projects included Children’s Poor Boxes, Kids’ Saturdays, Breakfast with
Santa, Tote bags for abused children, hospitality desk, church flowers, adult
education, and Council of Catholic Women.
 Balance                01/01/07                                        $683
 Income                 Dues                                            1,223
 Income                 Fundraising                                      632
 Income                 Collection for Council of Catholic Women         766
 Expense                Children’s Projects                              416
 Expense                Christmas and Choir Dinners                      546
 Expense                Child Care and Meeting Expense                   353
 Expense                Flowers                                           42
 Expense                Donation – Water of Life                         100
 Expense                Tote Bags for Abuse Center                        29
 Expense                Member Assistance                                 12
 Expense                Payment to Council of Catholic Women             738
 Balance                12/31/07                                        $968

                   Women of Saint Mark

 Children’s Poor Box Project
  Children’s                                           Christmas
Poor Box Project                                       With Santa

                       Children’s Programs
                                             Kid’s Saturday

                     Men of Saint Mark
The men of Saint Mark’s promote Christian fellowship in the parish, by
sponsoring and participating in various activities. Membership is open to
all men of the parish. This year, we had four softball teams for men and
coeds. Four to six men met for breakfast and prayer, each Wednesday
morning at 6:30 at Panera Bread in Norman.

                        Technology Report
  Available online:
      •   Bulletin in PDF format
      •   Homilies in text and audio format
      •   Homilies now available as a podcast in iTunes (link on website)
      •   Some parish talks and choir music are available on website
      •   Recent information from parish groups
      •   Last-minute announcements
      •   Weather bulletins
      •   Parish information
      •   Contact form

  Reason people visit our website:
      •   1700 unique visitors per month
      •   Bulletin - 600 views per month
      •   Homily - 500 views per month
      •   Pastor's message - 200 views per month
      •   Contact, Mass times, and other information

                    Technology Report
Technical & Computer
  – Guest computer located in parish library
      • Internet access, word processor, CD burner, and USB ports for USB
        flash drive
  – Digital projector for presentations
  – Narthex information display
  – Guest wireless Internet access
      • Covers office, Narthex, library, and Lake Room
      • Future coverage in Founders Hall
      • Access instructions are posted on the parish library window
  – Phone Tree for group calling
      • Purchased
      • Installation delayed until we have computer that meets necessary
  – New recording device
      • Allows audio recording of Masses and other events

                                     Financial Summary
                              Support                2007           2006            2005

Sunday and Holy Day Offerings                        $1,155,849     $1,002,292       $905,082

Special Events and Facility Rental                       22,639            4,250       20,232

Building Fund                                            7,8129        107,761        102,273

Education Endowment                                      14,748         12,224         12,943

Organ Fund                                                  1,440       46,660         71,084

Investment revenue and Special Gifts/Bequests            31,911         46,933         10,467

All Saint School Campaign 2001                              5,842          5,599        9,299

St Vincent De Paul (See Note 1)                          (6,062)           6,067       15,830

Religious Education Tuition                                 7,600          7,206        7,299

Archdiocesan Collections                                 16,218         17,218         67,887

Mothers Day Out                                          48,773         40,806         47,476

TOTAL SUPPORT                                        $1,377,087     $1,297,016     $1,269,872

                                          Financial Summary
                              Operating Expenses                             2007           2006           2005
Salaries and benefits                                                          $156,022       $142,011      $134,096
Mothers Day Out Salaries, Benefits, Expenses                                     51,230         33,425        49,713
Rectory Expense & Pastor Auto Expense                                            18,425         14,628        12,074
Sanctuary Expenses (Candles, Wine, Bread) (See Note 2)                           17,128            4,997       9,403
Custodial Expenses and Supplies                                                  60,814         58,256        40,540
Building Repairs                                                                 18,808         31,220        11,444
Utilities                                                                        83,238         92,998        84,665
Office Expenses (See Note 3)                                                     20,505         12,530        12,234
Insurance: Property and Liability                                                44,575         42,853        40,303
Youth Ministry (See Note 4)                                                         9,084          3,307      12,148
Archdiocesan High School Subsidy (See Note 4)                                           -          2,672       2,405
Archdiocesan Operations Assessment (See Note 4)                                         -       16,209        19,517
All Saints School Subsidy                                                       146,393        105,074       103,537
All Saints School Campaign 2001                                                     5,842          2,298      14,804
Religious Education Program Expenses                                             22,158         25,459        17,060

Liturgy Expenses (See Note 5)                                                    36,008         27,632        21,659

Archdiocesan Collections remitted                                                12,928         16,137        53,013

Hospitality (Coffee/Donuts/Receptions/Linens/Nursery/Kitchen) (See Note 5)       17,116         11,748        11,462

Social Action Committee                                                                 -            96       10,731

Other Expenses (See Note 6)                                                      39,191         21,036         9,412

Total                                                                          $759,465       $664,586      $670,220

                Financial Summary Notes
1. St. Vincent De Paul—Collections for the period were $55,957 and assistance
   paid out was $62,019. The fund balance at the end of the period was $1,456.

2. Sanctuary Expenses—New candles, statue bases, and altar frontal were
   purchased at a cost of $10,677.

3. Office Expense—Purchase of new office equipment in the amount of $4,483
   and purchase of offering envelopes in the amount of $7,462. Postage and
   other ordinary office expenses increased during the period.

4. Archdiocesan Operations Assessment and High School Subsidy—The
   Archdiocesan Operations Assessment was $15,000 and the Archdiocesan High
   School Subsidy was $2,672 for the period and both were paid in the
   subsequent period.

5. Hospitality—These were ordinary expenses incurred for this category for the

6. Other parish expense—Includes a one-time contribution of $25,000 to the All
   Saints Catholic School Gymnasium Fund.
                             Financial Summary
                  Disbursements             2007           2006        2005

  Capital Expenditures                       $27,294       $138,806     $36,711

  Principal Debt Reduction                   148,811        148,811     198,698

  Interest on Debt                           300,101        326,603     339,161

  Total Disbursements                       1,235,671      1,278,806   1,244,790

  Increase in Net Assets                    $141,416        $18,210     $25,082

                     Parish Contributions in the Archdiocese

Archdiocesan Development Fund:                          331 Donors = $100,800
Catholic Charities:                                     187 Donors = $74,645

                      Highlights of 2007
        The goals and plans for 2007 were all accomplished because of
the growing commitment to good Stewardship in our Parish.
        With gratitude many of the original founders of the parish
gathered with Father John Metzinger who returned to St Mark for a
celebration of his 25th Ordination Anniversary.
      We have purchased and installed a ―phone tree‖ along with some
computer updates to increase our opportunities for better
         During Lent Father Bob Sherry was here to lead us in a time of
spiritual and family renewal with a Parish Mission. Many took advantage
of this opportunity to enrich deepen their growth in faith.
        As proposed at the end of 2006, an Orphanage in La Cayes, Haiti,
one of the most poverty stricken places in the world has been adopted by
our Parish. A gift of $10,000 was committed in our financial planning as a
―tithe‖ to care for God’s children, and we have kept that pledge.

                 Goals and Projects 2008
        A revision of our Youth Ministry Program begins this year with
new leadership and vision. Included in this goal will be an effort to
strengthen our Confirmation Formation with more family/parental
involvement and building upon strengths of the Junior High Youth Group.
        Use of our parish Library as a source and focus of Adult Faith
Enrichment has already begun, and Faith Enrichment Sundays begun in
the fall of 2007 continue with Vespers and Benediction followed by a
Lecture once each month.
        The parish web site will be reconfigured to become more
interactive as a way of furthering communication, education, and
         Our parish ties to the ―Hope House‖ Orphanage in Les Cayes Haiti
will strengthen during this year with the eventual prospect of having a
mission trip in the near future.


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