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Rob Sanchez
President, List Management and Interactive Services
914.368.1030 |

       MeritDirect Awarded Management of Deluxe Business Checks and Solutions

(WHITE PLAINS, NY – August 1, 2005) – Deluxe Business Checks and Solutions has awarded MeritDirect
management of their direct mail list. Deluxe Business Checks and Solutions is the business-to-business direct
marketing group of Deluxe Corporation, the nation's largest check printer.

The Deluxe Business Checks and Solutions file consists of 137,736 small business buyers of software compatible
checks and forms, manual business forms, office accessories, stamps and supplies. These catalog buyers are
owners and other decision makers in small businesses who desire innovative products and solutions to enhance
their image and productivity. The average unit of sale is $130. The file is priced at $100/M and has the
following selects available: check category, computer users, one per company product, small home office and

For more information, please contact Mike Soltis at (914) 368-1025 or email

About MeritDirect:
Founded in 2000, MeritDirect is a recognized leader in the B2B and B2C direct marketing industry, offering
marketers integrated marketing solutions with an array of products and services. Mailers and list owners
achieve a superior return on their marketing investment through MeritDirect’s list brokerage, list management,
customer list enhancement and optimization, marketing databases and interactive services.


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