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Legal Support Services Serving California and Nevada - PDF


Legal Support Services Serving California and Nevada document sample

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									   Summer 2009                               Proudly Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, & Nevada

                                                   SUMMER 2009 EDITION
                                                        Your District at Work
                                Pictured below are attendees of the     ary 2009 : Hoover Dam, Marine
    American Federation Of      recently concluded FLRA class held      Corp NAFI 29 Palms, Nellis AFB ,
                                at the District 12 training center      Hospital contract 29 Palms, Navy,
Government Employees, AFL-CIO   located in Escondido California on      Defense Language Institute, Travis
                                August 11 -13, 2009. The training       AFB Security Guard, Edwards AFB,
                                was conducted by Deputy Regional        Naval Telecommunication, Com-
                                Director Jean Perata. As expected       mand Navy Region South West in
                                Jean is the best among the best         addition to their ongoing organizing,
                                and we thank her for the out-           onsite local trainings arbitrations,
                                standing training. Participants         MSPB training, several metropolitan
                                were from an array of agencies ICE,     Initiatives organizing, new units
                                MWR, Marine Corp, VA, USDA,             and new locals established Hawaii,
                                and Navy. This training was for         North California and Southern Cali-
   National Vice President      new and inex-                                                     fornia, etc.
    Eugene Hudson, Jr.          perience activ-
                                ist.                                                             District 12
 AFGE District 12               Since the be-                                                    Rights At-
 316 W. Mission Ave., #108      ginning of the                                                   torney Mike
 Escondido, CA 92025            year the Dis-                                                    Pazder has
                                trict 12 train-                                                  had several
 Phone: (760) 233-7600          ing center has                                                   wins thus
 Fax: (760) 233-7606            held numer-                                                      far this
    www.afged12.org             ous trainings                                                    year on be-
                                including ad-                                                    half of Dis-
                                vance stew-                                                      trict 12 Lo-
 In This Issue:                 ards, basic                                                      cals. Some
                                stewards, fi-                                                    examples of
                                nancial offi-                                                    those victo-
 • Your Dis-                    cers , New leaders, Arbitration, and    ries include winning over $50,000
   trict at                     MSPB. We have trained several           in back pay for BOP officers from
                                hundred activists at our training       Local 3584 who were improperly
   Work                         center and we will have an even         denied overtime opportunities to
                                more ambitious agenda next year.        which they were contractually enti-
                                                                        tled. He was also successful in win-
                                We have held two Town hall meet-        ning an MSPB case involving a VA
 • October                      ings in Oakland CA and Las Vegas        employee from Local 1203 who was
                                NV to discuss the Options 2009          unlawfully removed from service
   2009 Dis-                    proposals. And AFGE’s plan to win       following unfounded allegations be-
   trict wide                   for the future of our organization by   ing made against him. That em-
                                funding the organization in order to    ployee was reinstated with backpay.
   Training In-                 win better working conditions, gain-    In addition, Mr. Pazder won an ar-
                                ing respect, fair wages, benefits,      bitration case for Local 2924 where
   formation &                  improved legislation etc.               a 5-day suspension was imposed on
   Registration                                                         an employee who expressed his le-
                                Our National Representative’s have
                                                                        gitimate health and safety concerns
                                been working on, or have completed
                                                                        after being ordered to violate the
                                the following contracts since Janu-
                                                                        Agency's own health and safety re-

                                                  AFGE DISTRICT 12 VISION                          Page 1
American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO

quirements by performing a job without the re-          their constituent locals for instant if you belong to
quired personal protective equipment. That sus-         the Council 33 Bureau of Prison they receive a re-
pension was overturned by the arbitrator in its         bate $3.60 from each local in the BOP plus $0.40
entirety. Mr. Pazder has thus far collected over        from the $17.50 received from AFGE national for
$38,000 in attorney fees for AFGE in 2009 with          total of $4.00 (BOP Locals pays $3.60 + $0.40 =
several other attorney fee awards and case deci-        $4.00 per member per month) you can use a simi-
sions still pending.                                    lar formula for any council in our federation;
                                                        Council 118 CIS $4.50, Council 228 GSA $1.80,
After a long organizing drive the Community Sup-        Council 238 EPA $3.47, Council 53 NVAC
port Programs Navy Region Southwest/ MWR em-            $1.50, Council 235 AAFES $2.00, Council 236
ployees, voted 3-1 to be represented by AFGE.           GSA $7.00, Council 260 NARA $4.38; just add
With this over whelming victory AFGE established        $0.40 too each council receives from national
a new local, Local 1235 for the employees. The          to determine what they actually receive. (Note:
new local had their first shop steward training at      Border Patrol Council 83 pays substantially
the District 12 office in Escondido, Ca on August       higher council dues and they are self sufficient,
13, 2009, with 12 members from all over the re-         dues are $24.05 for GS-8 above and $16.68 GS7
gion attending. Congratulations to the CSP/MWR          and below per member per month) This list is
Navy Region Southwest employees and a special           not all inclusive of all AFGE councils if you would
thanks District 12 Organizer Aaron Harrison,            like to know how much your local pays to your
newly appointed Local 1235 Field Rep Renee Mo-          council please contact your council treasurer
reno, the entire District 12 staff and all the volun-   whether they are regional or national to determine
teers that lent a hand. This is a 2500 member bar-      the monthly rate received by your respective coun-
gaining unit and a great victory for CSP/MWR and        cil.
                                                        In order for district’s to get an additional staff po-
Our locals have taken the challenge of organizing       sition they must sign up 3000 new members and
to a new level in District 12. From January 2008        maintain that number for four consecutive months
through December 2008 we added 2,537 mem-               before the district can hire new staff, so if the dis-
bers. . From January 1, 2009 through July 31,           trict signs up fewer than 3000 new members the
2009 we’ve added an additional 2500+ members.           workload increase but the staffing and funding
This year District 12 has added more members            does not. If locals dues are $18.00 per member per
than any other district and we are still growing.       pay period (example: local dues per member bi-
Most of the growth has come from locals 1234            weekly $18.00 x 26 pay periods= $468.00 per
(TSA), 2544 (Border Patrol), 2382 (VA Phoenix),         year per member) of that amount national re-
our new Local1235 (MWR) , & 2018 (Marine                ceives $ 17.50 per member per month (example:
Corp), just to name a few of the higher netted          national pct monthly $17.50 x 12=210.00 per
membership growth, with several hundred new             member per yr.) therefore the local in this exam-
members or more since January 2008 for each             ple keeps $258.00 per member per year dur-
local above.                                            ing that same year the national keeps $12.42 per
                                                        month after earmarks for an annual total of $
Under the current per capita tax formula most of        149.04 per member per year, ($12.42 x 12=
the funds remain with the local or go to the inter-     $149.04 ,the district receives $0.78 per member
national union and the Councils that the local be-      per month for annual total of 9.36 per member per
longs too. For example $17.50 goes to Washington        year, ($0.78 x 12=$9.36).
AFGE’s national headquarters of the $17.50 there
are constitutional earmarks that add up to $ 5.08       As you can see the locals, national office, & coun-
(17.50-$5.08=$ 12.42)                                   cils receive most of the funding generated from the
                                                        membership. You must be the judge as to which
Included in the $5.08 is $0.45 operational and          component provides the services that are neces-
$0.33 organizing for total of $0.78 dedicated for       sary to run our organization. The Ops 2009 pro-
each District per member per month total. Of the        posals have been presented to all interested dele-
remaining $4.30 each council regardless of its size     gates to review and determine if the federation be-
receives $ 0.40 rebate per member per month, in         come a great union, a good union or fall into medi-
addition to what they receive from AFGE National        ocrity, you are the judge.
they also receive additional per capita tax from

Page 2                                      AFGE DISTRICT 12 VISION
 American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO

                           Afge District 12 training
                                            Phoenix, AZ ♦ October 6—10, 2009
                                                    At the Wyndham Phoenix
           50 E. Adams Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85004 ♦ Reservations: (602) 333-5000 ♦ Website: www.wyndhamphx.com

 American Federation of Government Employees (AFL-CIO) District 12 will be hosting a District 12 Training Conference from October
 6th—10th, 2009 at the Wyndham Phoenix Hotel located at 50 East Adams Street, Phoenix, Arizona, 84004.

 You can make your hotel reservation by calling (602) 333-5000. Our room rate is $99.00 per night, single or double occupancy plus
 applicable taxes. Reservations should be made directly with the hotel no later than Tuesday, September 15, 2009 Individuals must
 identify themselves as part of the AFGE District 12 Training to receive this special group rate. Reservations received after the reserva-
 tion deadline will be subject to the best available rate at the time the reservation is made, on a space available basis.
 HOTEL CANCELATIONS: No-show or reservations cancelled less than 72 hours prior to arrival, will be charged one night room and tax.
 EARLY DEPARTURE FEES: Will be charged for any change in scheduled departure date after check-in, resulting in an early departure.

 Training registration fee is $250.00 per person before September 15th, 2009. Onsite registration and any registrations postmarked or
 received after September 15th will be charged an increased registration fee of $300.00 per person. Registration fee includes 1 to 3
 classes for each registrant (dependant upon the length of classes selected), & 1 ticket to our banquet dinner on Thursday, Oct. 8th.

 Any cancellations must be made by September 25th to receive refund of registration fees. Due to costs of producing the manuals, mate-
 rials and shipping we can not refund registration fees for cancellations made after September 25th, 2009.

 A Banquet will be held on Thursday, October 8th from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM Be sure to bring a gift from your local to donate to the PAC
 raffle. The gift should cost no more than $25.00. If you have special dietary needs please indicate your needs on your registration form.
 The banquet is included with your registration. There will be a $60.00 charge for each additional guest.

                    Online Registration will be available on our website at www.afged12.org.
 A registration form is attached for your convenience, if you would prefer to register by mail or fax (760) 233-7606

                      Checks or money orders for registration fees should be made payable to: AFGE
             Mailed to: AFGE District 12 Training, 316 W. Mission Ave. Suite 108, Escondido, CA 92025.
            Please read the course registration form carefully so that we will be able to accommodate each registrant.

 Monday, October 5th is the travel day, with training check-in from 2—5pm.
                                           1-     4-
 On Tuesday, October 6th the following 1-day & 4-day classes start: Basic Steward, MSPB, EEO, H&S, Bully Busters,
 4-day Financial Officers, & 4-day New Officers.
 On Wednesday, October 7th we are offering the following 2-day courses: Advanced Steward, Arbitration, Organizing,
 On Friday, October 9th we are offering the following 1-day classes: Basic Steward, MSPB, EEO, H&S, Bully Busters, & the
 following 4-day classes Financial Officers, & New Officers.

Page 4                                                            AFGE DISTRICT 12 VISION
                                                                   Justice, Fraternity, Progress

One registration fee includes up to 3 classes for each registrant dependant upon the length of the classes they select.
              Classes will start at 8:30 AM each morning and include a full 8 hours of instruction daily.
            All classes have updated material and instruction to include all 2009 changes and standards.

                                      training calendar

   Tuesday, Oct 6                  Wednesday, Oct 7 & Thursday, Oct. 8                          Friday, Oct. 9

                                Advanced Steward              Advanced Steward
    Basic Steward                                                                               Basic Steward
                                  2 Day Course, Part I          2 Day Course, Part II
       1 Day Class                                                                                  1 Day Class

        MSPB                        Arbitration                    Arbitration                       MSPB
       1 Day Class                2 Day Course, Part I          2 Day Course, Part II               1 Day Class

         EEO                        Organizing                     Organizing                         EEO
       1 Day Class                2 Day Course, Part I          2 Day Course, Part II               1 Day Class

  Health & Safety                      OWCP                          OWCP                      Health & Safety
       1 Day Class                2 Day Course, Part I          2 Day Course, Part II               1 Day Class

    Bully Busters                       FLRA                          FLRA                      Bully Busters
       1 Day Class                2 Day Course, Part I          2Day Course, Part II                1 Day Class

   Financial Officers           Financial Officers            Financial Officers              Financial Officers
   4 Day Course, Part I           4 Day Course, Part II         4 Day Course, Part III         4 day Course, Part IV

    New Leaders                    New Leaders                    New Leaders                    New Leaders
   4 Day Course, Part I           4 Day Course, Part II         4 Day Course, Part III         4 day Course, Part IV


                          AFGE DISTRICT 12 VISION                                                                 Page 5
 American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO

                                                          Course Descriptions
             *All classes will include updated materials and instruction to meet all 2009 changes and standards.

                     1 DAY CLASSES; Tuesday & Friday                                                 2 DAY COURSES; Wednesday thru Thursday

  BASIC STEWARD (Tuesday or Friday): In this workshop beginner stewards                ADVANCED STEWARD: This workshop is designed for Local Stewards who
  will learn the importance of what a contract says and how to enforce it. The         have already completed a basic steward course. Students will be instructed on
  course will teach about ‘partnership’ and resolving conflicts at the lowest level.   such subjects as proper grievance processing, arbitration procedures, collective
  Review of Negotiated Grievance Procedures, Employees rights and responsibili-        bargaining, the duties and responsibilities of AFGE Stewardship and the stew-
  ties, dealing with deadlines, grievance strategy, How to build a winning case,       ard’s role in the workplace. Finally, the effect and application of 5 U.S.C. Chap-
  Duties of fair representation will be discussed along with 5 U.S.C. Chapter 71 in    ter 71 as it pertains to management rights, union rights and the responsibilities
  brief.                                                                               of both parties under this Statute will be explained in detail. This course will
                                                                                       cover Official Time, Employee’s Rights, Management’s Rights, Formal Discus-
  MSPB (Tuesday or Friday): This 1 day class orients union representatives --          sion, Bypass, Weingarten Rights and what is an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP).
  from stewards to Local Presidents to the MSPB process and preparation of an
  MSPB case.                                                                           ARBTRATION: Orients union representatives -- from stewards to Local Presi-
                                                                                       dents -- to the role arbitration plays in the grievance, and the key skills they will
  EEO (Tuesday or Friday): This workshop is designed for Local/Council                 need in preparing a case for arbitration.
  Women’s Fair Practice Coordinators, but all are welcome. The workshop will
  include information on AFGE’s strategic plan, program implementation, as well        ORGANIZING: This course will teach you how to best represent your overall
  as, structuring a human right’s program at your Local.                               bargaining unit using issue oriented organizing techniques. This course will
                                                                                       teach you how to communicate with your bargaining unit members, address the
  HEALTH & SAFETY (Tuesday or Friday): Today, with decreased                           issues that are important to them such as health care, child care, job security, &
  OSHA involvement in federal workplaces, employees must
                                                                                       retirement. And then develop an effective plan to mobilize those members and
  take an active role in keeping their workplaces safe for them-
  selves and their co-workers. Topics include health and safety                        win while strengthening and improving your local union.
  rights of federal workers, indoor air quality, asbestos, and er-
  gonomics, particularly visual display terminals and back prob-                       OWCP: Students will learn about the procedures and basics of Federal Worker's
  lems.                                                                                Compensation issues.

  BULLY BUSTERS (Tuesday or Friday): Putting an end to workplace bullying.             FLRA: Our Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) class is instructed by an
  Over 30% of American workers have experienced or been a target of workplace          official of the FLRA and will include; Review of the Statute, Union’s rights upon
  bullying. This course will give you the tools to identify and address workplace      certification, FLRA and the Filing of ULPs, Management meetings with Unit
  bullying, and what we can do to stop it.                                             Employees, Formal Discussions, Examinations, Bypasses, Scope of Bargaining,
                                                                                       Duty To Bargain, Requests for Data, & Duty of Fair Representation.

                                                                                                        4 DAY COURSES; TUESDAY THRU FRIDAY

                                                                                       FINANANCIAL OFFICERS: This workshop will provide the participants with the
                                                                                       skills needed to be a successful Local Treasurer. The AFGE Financial Work-
            THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2009                                                  book will be reviewed and budget requirements and delinquency status will be
                                                                                       explained. This course includes a review of the AFGE Billing System, Employ-
                          6:00 PM — 10:00 PM                                           ees Taxes, LM Reports, and 990 Reports. Note: This is a 4-day course. You
                                                                                       will not be able take any additional classes if taking this course.
                    12TH DISTRICT BANQUET
                                                                                       NEW OFFICER TRAINING: This is a dynamic 4 day program that will provide
       (1 TICKET INCLUDED WITH REGISTRATION)                                           new local union leaders with the basic skills and knowledge to effectively lead
              Additional Guests are $60.00 each                                        an AFGE Local. Utilizing the materials from the AFGE's Local Officers Re-
                                                                                       source Guide, participants will build confidence in performing their duties and
                                                                                       gain a more complete understanding of the goals and objectives of AFGE and
                                                                                       the local union.

Page 6                                                                      AFGE DISTRICT 12 VISION
                Wyndham Phoenix, 50 East Adams Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004 ♦Hotel Reservations: (602) 333-5000

REGISTRATION FEE: $250.00 per person (Cutoff Sept 15, 2009). $300.00 per person (After Sept 15, 2009, or ON-SITE).
                 Registration Fees will not be refunded for cancellations after September 25th, 2009


NAME: ______________________________ LOCAL #: ________________

TITLE: ______________________________                                           SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS. Check box and indicate:

    Please Indicate which classes & courses you will be taking by marking the corresponding boxes below.
      One registration fee includes up to 3 different classes for each registrant dependant upon the length of each class selected.

          Tuesday, Oct 6                   Wednesday, Oct 7 & Thursday, Oct. 8                            Friday, Oct. 9

    Basic Steward (1 DAY)                            Adv. Steward (2 DAYS)                         Basic Steward (1 DAY)

                                                     Arbitration (2 DAYS)
    MSPB (1 DAY)                                                                                   MSPB (1 DAY)

    EEO (1 DAY)                                      Organizing (2 DAYS)                           EEO (1 DAY)

    H&S (1 DAY)                                      OWCP (2 DAYS)                                 H&S (1 DAY)

   Bully Buster (1 DAY)                              FLRA (2 DAYS)                                 Bully Buster (1 DAY)

                          Financial Officers (4 DAYS)                    If selecting this course do not select any other classes

                          New Leaders (4 DAYS)                 If selecting this course do not select any other classes

               Registration fees are $250.00 per person if received by September 15th.
                                  Late Registrations are $300.00 ea.
          Checks or money orders for registration fees should be made payable to: AFGE
         Mail to: AFGE District 12 Training, 316 W. Mission Ave. # 108, Escondido, CA 92025
 Registrations or Fees received or postmarked after September 15th will need to pay the $300.00 late registration rate.
   *Notify the District office of any cancellations by September 25th, 2009. Late cancellations will not be refunded.

                                Together, we are making a difference

                                    CLASSES TO INCLUDE:
                            ♦ FINANCIAL OFFICERS TRAINING
                            ♦ HEALTH & SAFETY
                            ♦ FEDERAL WORKER’S COMPENSATION (OWCP)
                            ♦ ARBITRATION
                            ♦ STEWARD’S TRAINING; BEGINNER & ADVANCED
                            ♦ FEDERAL LABOR RELATION AUTHORITY (FLRA)

                          (LOOK INSIDE FOR MORE INFORMATION)

AFGE District 12                                              ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED
316 W. Mission Ave., Ste. 108
Escondido, CA 92025

   Celebrating more
    than 75 years

      of service to our
      Founded in 1932

          Summer 2009                        AFGE DISTRICT 12 VISION               Page 8

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