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         Description of Databases                      Website              Diversity Targets            Departments                 Availability     Jobs/Opportunities    Directory of Candidates
WEPAN (Women in Engineering Program
Advocates Network)                           Women               Engineering                                                                Membership is required - Jan Rinehart
NAMEPA (National Association of Minority
Engineering Program)                        Minorities          Engineering                                                                Membership is required - Lori Cardena
RICE- Advance                                abase/                         Women               Engineering and Science                                                    Login access required - Jan Rinehart w
National Organization for the Professional
Advancement of Black Chemists and            x.c                                              Chemistry and Chemical
Chemical Engineers                           fm                             African-Americans Engineers                          $200 for 30 days     Job postings         No
NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers)      African-Americans Engineering                        $250 for 60 days     Job postings         Paid access is required (
GEM (National Consortium for Graduate
Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and
Science)                                       Engineering and Science          None                                      Email to institutional faculty reps-Jan R
AISES (American Indian Society for                                                                                                    Account is required
Engineers                                  non-                          American Indian        Engineering, science and other   $1500/10 postings    Jobs and             for access to resume
and Scientists)                            aises/index.html              and Alaskan Natives    related technology disciplines   for 3 months         Opportunities        database
ASEE MIND group (American Society of
Engineering Education- Minorities in       IN                                                   Engineering education and the
Engineering Division)                      D/index.htm                   Minorities             profession                       None                                      Send to April Ericsson for posting (april
SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional     por                                                                                   Magazine
Engineers)                                 tal/national                  Hispanics              Engineering, math and science    advertising          Job postings         Membership is required
                                           efa                           Women and              Engineering, related sciences    Free/Registration
Faculty of the Future                      ult.asp                       Minority               and business                     required             Job postings         Registration required-Jan R. is register
SACNAS (Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Latinos
Chicanos                                   dindex.cfm?webadcategory_ and Native                 Science, Mathematics and                              Jobs and   
and Native Americans in Science            id=6                          Americans              Engineering                      $150/7 days; $350/45 Opportunities
                                                                                                                                                      days                 cfm
HACU (Hispanic Association of Colleges and ationRates1_EN.asp?SnID=
Universities)                              2081408995                    Hispanics              All                              $125 for 30 days     Job postings         Membership is required
Professional Hispanics in Energy           no web presence
American Physical Society (APS)           women   None   send to listserve   Jan R. member
required - Jan Rinehart -

required - Lori Cardenas (

equired - Jan Rinehart will

required (

ional faculty reps-Jan R. has list

ricsson for posting (

quired-Jan R. is registered

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