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                                   Aiman Noursoultanova, CCIM, 829-6983
                               Vice President
                                   Kevin Annis, CCIM, 823-4671
                                  Brian Egan, CCIM, 284-4444
                                   Roger Kadz, 321-5431
                                   Stacie Griffin, 224-7038

November 12, 2008

Dear valued Northern Nevada CCIM Chapter Member,

Please allow me to introduce myself as the 2009 incoming President for our Northern Nevada Chapter. I have been
a member since 2001 and last year served as the chapter’s vice president. I’m excited to report that we continued
to grow our membership in spite of difficult economic times and we are welcoming a few new CCIM’s this year!

2009 is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning for the New Year. I’m enclosing a 2009 CCIM of
Northern Nevada membership application for you to renew an existing membership or apply as a new member. I
am happy to let you know that we did not increased dues from 2008.

My vision for our chapter in 2009 is to continue increasing the benefits for our members including providing more
continued education classes specifically focused on commercial real estate, increased exposure in the community
through our Forecast event, which last year featured for the first time a competition. Should you have any ideas for
our chapter, I’d certainly love to hear them and would welcome your input.

CCIM of Northern Nevada experienced a fantastic year in 2008. Some of the highlights for our chapter include:
    Six Northern Nevada CCIM candidates achieved their designation this year. Congratulations to Pam
      Barrett, Garrett Hallenbeck, James Lowey, David Woods, Kathy Boyce and Kevin Burr!
    CCIM, along with CREW and NAIOP, hosted the Third Annual Summit Awards ceremony in April.
      Summit Awards recognized the best of the best in commercial real estate developers, brokers, agents and
      commercial projects in Northern Nevada. It was an fantastic evening, and we look forward to the Fourth
      Annual gala set to take place in May 2009.
    We awarded nine scholarships to members this year who were taking CI classes. It was an honor to
      financially support Chris Fairchild, Mark Keyzers, Joel Fountain, David Woods, Melissa Molyneaux, Matt
      Grimes, Brad Lancaster, Gigi Chisel and Anna Marie Holst in their pursuit of the CCIM designation.
    In July, we hosted the fourth annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser to benefit the Keaton Raphael Memorial for
      Childhood Cancer in which we raised over $4200! This is a record fundraiser for our chapter and I want to
      thank Kevin Annis who demonstrated exceptional fundraising abilities!

We have an exciting year planned out for 2009, including additional local advertisements for our members,
legislative representation, new luncheon topics and monthly e-newsletter updates. To be a part of the CCIM of
Northern Nevada chapter, please complete the enclosed application. And, if you respond by December 12th,
you’ll receive a discounted rate. I urge you to meet that deadline so that all of your contact information will
appear in our annual membership directory and on the CCIM website.
We will once again be awarding scholarships to members who are pursuing the CCIM designation and taking
classes in 2009. If you are interested in applying, please contact our administrator, Stacie Griffin at 775-224-7038
or for an application. If you have questions please give myself or any Northern Nevada
CCIM Chapter board member a call. We appreciate your membership and look forward to seeing you at our events
in 2009.


Aiman Noursoultanova, CCIM

                                Thank you to our 2008 sponsors for their support!

                                           Platinum Founding Sponsor

                                                  Gold Sponsors

                                                  Silver Sponsors
                                                          2009 MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
                                                                RENEWAL OR NEW

                                                     NORTHERN NEVADA CCIM CHAPTER
                                             C/O STACIE GRIFFIN P.O. BOX 70341 RENO, NV 89570
                                              Ph: (775) 224.7038 E: STACIE_GRIFFIN@YAHOO.COM

ADDRESS:                                                                               SUITE:
OFFICE PHONE #                                                     FAX #
MOBILE #                                                     E-MAIL __________________________________________

                                     PRIMARY AREA(s) OF CONCENTRATION INCLUDE:
REAL ESTATE SPECIALTIES                                                                OTHER
  Business Opportunities          Property Managers                                           Accountant
  Buyer Brokerage                 Ranches                                                     Appraiser
  Consulting                      Retail                                                      Attorney
  Development                     Other                                                       Banker
  Exchanging                                                                                    Escrow Company
  Hotels/Motels                                                                                 Mortgage Banker
  Industrial                                                                                    Principal
  Land                                                                                          Property Manager
  Mobile Home Sales                                                                             Syndicate
  Multi Family                                                                                  Title Company
  Office                                                                                        Other

                                ENCLOSED ARE MY DUES FOR MEMBERSHIP IN THE
                                  NORTHERN NEVADA CCIM CHAPTER FOR 2008

                                                                     2009 Dues                  2009 Dues
                                                                     by 12/12/08                after 12/12/08
                                                                     Jan to Dec.                 Jan to Dec.
Check Box to Indicate Category
DESIGNEE OR CANDIDATE- CCIM Institute member                     $95.00                     $115.00
    A DESIGNEE has achieved the prestigious CCIM designation.
    A CANDIDATE member is an approved applicant taking the course toward the designation.

MARKETING MEMBER - NON- CCIM Institute member                       $135.00                  $145.00
   A MARKETING member is a commercial real estate licensee who is not a CCIM designee, nor a candidate,
     who wishes to network and interact with other commercial brokers through membership in the
    Northern Nevada CCIM Chapter.

    BROKER SPONSOR FIRM                                            $180.00                    $190.00

    An AGENT                                                      $60.00                      $70.00
         Member works within a brokerage firm which is a Chapter Sponsor. Indicate Category:

CORPORATE AFFILIATE MEMBER                                         $200.00
    An AFFILIATE member works in a field providing support services to commercial real estate professionals,
     such as title, insurance, escrow, lender, attorney, CPA, etc.

TOTAL ENCLOSED $                             Check Enclosed          Visa/MasterCard
Card#                                                                 Exp. Date

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