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					                                                 MONTEREY BAY CALIFORNIA CHAPTER
                                                 NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION
                                                 P.O. Box 507                              Fax: (831) 751-3322
                                                 Pacific Grove,                                   Cell: (831) 210-2128
                                                 California, 93950                          Web:
                                                 Phone: (831) 751-6060            e-mail:

      NEWSLETTER: November 2009 - January 2010
INSIDE THIS                              Happy Thanksgiving                             form below with as much
                                                                                        information as possible. Once
EDITION:                                  & Merry Christmas                             completed, print out and send the
                                                                                        signed form along with any
                                                                                        corroborating documentation in
Article(s):                                                                             support of your complaint to the
- Electrician Certification                                                             DAS.
- EBCI Signals                                                                          Complaint form:
Upcoming MEI Classes
                                                                                        Send complaint form to:
The Recovery Plan Workbook                                                              Department of Industrial Relations
& Information About the                                                                 Division of Apprenticeship
NECA Western Region 401k                                                                Electrician Certification Unit
                                                                                        Attn: Luisa Martinez
Reminder: G/M & Board                                                                   P.O. Box 420603
Meeting, December 17, 2009                                                              San Francisco, CA 94142
Other Important Items

                                         electrical connections over 100
Electrician Certification                volt-amperes will be found in
Enforcement                              violation and their state contracting
                                         license    will be      subject     to               Upcoming MEI
Enforcement        of     California’s   suspension or revocation.                              Seminars
electrician certification law has        If you need to verify if an individual
become a reality. Effective July 1,      is a registered apprentice or a                Below is a list of the MEI Seminars
2009, the Contractors State              certified    electrician     or    an          that are currently available.
License      Board      (CSLB)      is   electrician trainee you can do so              Please note that the programs
responsible for enforcing the state      by going to the verification sites             listed are subject to change.
certification requirement. Adhering      below.                                         Register on-line at!
to the NECA sponsored legislation,
the CSLB and the Division of             Apprentice verification:                       NOVEMBER
Apprenticeship Standards (DAS)                Change Orders in Electrical
recently agreed to a memorandum
                                         tpw/AppCertSearch.asp                          Construction
of understanding which provides
                                                                                        November 4, 2009, Charlotte, NC.
that any complaints received by
the DAS regarding the violation(s)       Electrician                                    Sponsor: MEI and Miller Electric.
                                         Certification verification:                    This course is FREE to all Miller
of the certification law will be
                                                                                        Electric Company Members and
forwarded to the CSLB for
                                           open to all NECA Members.
investigation and enforcement.
                                         /ElectCertSearch.asp                           Executive Management Institute
Any C-10 contractor found using                                                         (EMI)
uncertified electricians to make         If you wish to file a complaint,               November 4-9, 2009, Amelia
                                         please complete the complaint                  Island, FL. Sponsor: MEI.
Managing Field Productivity         Hard-Hat Productivity: The 9            North American conditions jumped
November 9, 2009, Madison, WI.      Critical Factors for Maximizing         nearly 12 points to 53.3 in August, an
Sponsor: Wisconsin Chapter.         Profits                                 indication    that      the  business
                                    December 2, 2009, Appleton, WI.         environment        facing    electrical
                                                                            equipment manufacturers improved
Advanced Estimating of              Sponsor: Wisconsin Chapter.             during the month.
Electrical Construction
November 9-10, 2009, Barnaby,       Pre-Fabrication Design of               A companion measure to the intensity
BC. Sponsor: Canadian Electrical    Effective Process: A Tool for           of change in business conditions gave
Assn of BC. To register contact     Maximizing Profitability in             slightly less auspicious results. The
Deb Cahill (604) 294-4123                                                   intensity of change indicator rose to
                                    Electrical Construction                 0.0 on the month, suggesting
                                    December 8, 2009, Tangent, OR.          conditions were essentially unchanged
Pre-Fabrication Design of
                                    Sponsor: Kansas City Chapter.           in August compared to July. Intensity
Effective Process: A Tool for
                                                                            of change in business conditions is
Maximizing Profitability in         Facilities Energy Audit                 measured on a scale ranging from
Electrical Construction             Education Program. Phase I-             minus 5 (deteriorated significantly)
November 10, 2009, Tangent, OR.     Screening Survey                        through 0 (unchanged) to plus 5
Sponsor: Oregon-Pacific-Cascade.    Workshop                                (improved significantly).
                                    December 10, 2009, Rosemont, IL.        Meanwhile, the North American future
Advanced Construction Law
                                    Sponsor: MEI and the                    conditions EBCI also climbed in
November 12, 2009, Omaha,           Northeastern Illinois Chapter.
Nebraska. Sponsor: Nebraska                                                 August, rising 1.7 points to 68.3. This
                                    Facilities Energy Audit                 marked the highest reading for the
                                                                            future conditions index since August
                                    Education Program. Phase I-
                                                                            2005 and implies that a significant
Hard-Hat Productivity: 9 Critical   Screening Survey                        proportion of industry executives
Factors for Maximizing Profits      Workshop                                expect at least some degree of
November 17, 2009, Portland, OR.    December 11, 2009, Wauwatosa,           improvement in the business situation
Sponsor: Oregon-Columbia            WI. Sponsor: Milwaikee and              within the next six months.
Chapter.                            Wisconsin Chapters.
                                                                            The      Electroindustry    Business
Managing Field Productivity         Basic Estimating of Electrical          Confidence Index gauges the business
                                    Construction                            confidence of the electroindustry in
November 18, 2009, Richmond,
                                    December 14-17, 2009,                   Asia, Europe, North America and Latin
VA. Sponsor: Atlantic Coast                                                 America and is based on the results of
Chapter.                            Rosemont, IL. Sponsor: MEI and
                                                                            a monthly survey of senior managers
                                    the Northeastern Illinois Chapter.      at NEMA-member companies.
Conflict Prevention &               Project Management for
Resolution: From Expedited          Electrical Construction                 Western Region 401k
Job-Site Issue Resolution to        December         15-18,     2009,
Enhanced Claims Negotiations        Indianapolis, IN. Sponsor: Central      Please find in your Recovery Plan
November 19, 2009, Chicago, IL.     Indiana Chapter.                        folder information about how your
Sponsor: Chicago & Cook County                                              company can sign up for the
Chapter.                            Note: For the most current course       NECA Western Region 401k Plan.
                                    schedule, to read descriptions of
Evaluate and Price Inefficiency     each class and to register for an
Claims                              MEI     course,    please     visit
                                                                               Meetings and Events:
November 23, 2009, King of
Prussia, PA. Sponsor: Penn-Del-                                             December 17, G/M & Board
Jersey Chapter                                                                  Meeting, 4:00pm
                                                                                 Location TBA

DECEMBER                                                                             Tentative
                                                                             Friday, January 29, 2010,
Pre-Construction Planning                                                    Daytime Chapter Planning
Process                             EBCI Signals                                      Meeting
December 1, 2009, Charlotte, NC.                                                  Location TBA
Sponsor: Miller Electric Company.
                                    Improvement in
This course is FREE to all Miller   August                                              Note
Electric Company Members and        ECMAG: October 2009                      2010 Calendar Will Be Set
open to all NECA
Members. Contact Tim Hinson         The National Electrical Manufacturers       at Planning Meeting
(904) 388-8000                      Association Electroindustry Business
                                    Confidence Index (EBCI) for current

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