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Grocery Store Price Book Worksheet - PDF


Grocery Store Price Book Worksheet document sample

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									ECRS Complete Solutions for Independent Grocery Retailers

Your One Stop, Front-to-Back Solution for Complete Grocery Store Automation

We have thought of everything so you don’t have to. ECRS          Direct benefits of ECRS solutions include increased profit
has taken everything needed for successful retail grocery         margins, easier cashier training, loss prevention, better vendor
management and combined it into one powerful, front-to-back       and item control, and improved customer service. ECRS
solution. With CATAPULT™ point-of-sale (POS) and back             solutions can automate one store or hundreds of stores. We
office software, flexible plug-in features and full hardware      also offer direct interfaces to many pharmacy management
integration (including self-checkout) your independent            and fueling stations, so your ECRS solution is completely
grocery business is provided everything needed to succeed         customizable to fit your changing business needs.
in today’s demanding marketplace.

What Can You Expect?

ECRS’s full-line of retail automation products are developed      All of our products are backed by an award-winning technical
from years of experience in serving the needs of independent      support staff based around the United States. ECRS offers
grocery retailers. Users benefit from detailed reporting          monthly basic and advanced training classes, as well
functionality at HQ, complete inventory automation, direct        as, on-site consulting services and industry specific user
store delivery (DSD), integrated video surveillance, customer     conferences.
and loyalty management, precise forecasting capability and
easy-to-use POS. Our software is also IIAS-ready for FSA
card acceptance and PABP certified for PCI compliance and
payment security.

Integrate to Suppliers with Ease – ECRS Supplier Gateway ™

The ECRS Supplier Gateway gives grocery retailers the             Orders, PO Acknowledgements, Shipping Notices, Vendor
technology to create the same supply chain efficiencies           Catalog Updates, Invoicing, Price Book Updates, Allowances,
that until now only the retail giants have been able to enjoy.    Temporary Price Reductions, and Promotions. It allows you
Supplier Gateway facilitates automatic inventory replenishment    to leverage suppliers to easily achieve automated perpetual
and complete two-way communication between you and                inventory and auto-replenishment, providing the tools to
your suppliers. This comprehensive supplier integration           help keep your grocery retail enterprise competitive in the
solution eliminates the manual labor involved with Purchase       years to come.

Integrated Video Surveillance for Increased Store Security and Cashier Accountability

ECRS’s optional Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is completely        audit employee transactions and monitor customer service
integrated with Catapult, enabling users to search surveillance   procedures from any remote location with internet access,
footage using a wide range of POS transaction criteria for        providing retail operators a new level of store security and
the search parameters, including Voids, All Voids, Refunds,       a welcome peace of mind.
specific inventory items, and more. The DVR allows you to

ECR Software Corporation | 277 Howard St | Boone, NC 28607
phone.800.211.1172 | fax.800.849.8910 |
ECRS Complete Solutions for Independent Grocery Retailers

Back Office and HQ Reporting

Catapult generates up-to-the-second reports for every area of your business,
including inventory levels, current sales, and historic sales. Users can
immediately determine what quantities are on hand, on order, and sold, as
well as ascertain costs, profits, and all data critical for staying competitive
and profitable. Users can analyze net margins for any number of parameters,
including by item, by brand, or by supplier. Catapult offers hundreds of reports
to help you make informed business decisions.

Electronic Payment Authorization at POS
Catapult was designed to interface directly with card processing companies for
electronic authorization of credit, debit, FSA and EBT cards at the POS. This
technology allows for a dramatic increase in POS transaction speed, simplified
cashier training, improved customer service and electronic transaction
data storage. ECRS is PABP certified allowing merchants an easier path to
PCI compliance and data security. By working with a wide-variety of card
processing companies, ECRS provides merchants with the flexibility to find
the most competitive processing solution. Signature capture technology is
available through the Catapult system, enabling retailers to track and store
vital information without the hassle of paper receipts. This greatly reduces
query time when looking for specific information on transactions when disputes
arise or during audits.

Web Catapult and HHT

Web Catapult (WebCAT) is a browser-based application              dock or through the aisles to quickly and accurately scan
with a user-friendly web interface. With WebCAT users can         items. The HHT prompts for the appropriate input, and when
verify prices, change prices, create purchase orders, track       the job is complete, WebCAT wirelessly transmits the data
physical inventory, and perform inventory maintenance, all        to a workstation automatically and securely.
from the aisles. Users with proper security clearance can
log into WebCAT from any computer with internet access.           Features such as fast price spot checks and overrides,
Administrators can easily set parameters to limit access to       shipping and receiving, price promotions, and physical
certain information as they see fit. WebCAT provides an           inventory all come with this powerful WebCat/HHT package.
interface to most Catapult worksheets for data collection         Just imagine finding an item on your shelf that needs the
and inventory updates. Worksheets may also be created             price updated: scan the item with the RF, enter a new price,
on the fly. WebCAT expedites inventory tasks, saving you          and seconds later the new price rings up at the checkout
time and money.                                                   counter. Imagine finding an item out of stock: scan the shelf
                                                                  tag and find out if there are any more on hand, and if not,
A hand held terminal (HHT) can be worth its weight in gold        start a Purchase Order and add the item on the fly. With a
by assisting with data collection. Working seamlessly with        HHT running ECRS WebCAT, you’ve got control in the palm
Catapult’s Electronic Worksheet system, the rugged HHT            of your hand.
can be loaded with one or more worksheets based on user
preference. An employee takes the terminal to the loading

ECR Software Corporation | 277 Howard St | Boone, NC 28607
phone.800.211.1172 | fax.800.849.8910 |
ECRS Complete Solutions for Independent Grocery Retailers

ECRS Hardware Solutions – Rugged and Retail-Ready

The ECRS Freedom Panel™

The Freedom Panel is a USA-made, rugged panel PC designed specifically
for the harsh retail environment. From POS, manager workstation, self-
checkout and kiosk applications, the ECRS Freedom Panel can serve your
grocery store in a variety of ways. The infrared touch screen and CPU are
combined in one 15”monitor sized unit, allowing for increased counter and
under counter space. This sleek, all-in-one design can also improve the overall
look of your store. The Freedom Panel is designed with Intel low-voltage
technology and a low heat Celeron M processor, which together provide
the most functionality for the lowest amount of energy expended.

ECRS Self-Checkout – QUICKcheck™

After years of development and market research, ECRS has created a complete
self- checkout product that will not only meet, but exceed the unique needs
of independent grocery stores. QUICKcheck allows retailers to better allocate
resources and provide a new standard of customer service.

QUICKcheck is available in a number of customizable designs and sizes to
fit the “feel” of any store. A full-size, Full Cash Express unit and smaller, more
compact ePay unit are available in any combination. All units come standard
with advanced security features, automatic weight security, bilingual user
interface and AmbDex™ two-handed scanning for increased checkout speed.
Units can also be easily converted into regular cashier operated point-of-sale
stations if needed.

Catapult Appliance Server (CAS)

The CAS is a secure store server meant for plug-and-play use that you don’t
have to think about, much like a household appliance. This space-saving
server extends Internet and Intranet services throughout your grocery store
while hosting your database and all the applications needed to run your
store seamlessly and without user interaction. Users that maintain over ten
workstations can expect a dramatic reduction in licensing costs over the life
of the system.

ECR Software Corporation | 277 Howard St | Boone, NC 28607
phone.800.211.1172 | fax.800.849.8910 |
ECRS Complete Solutions for Independent Grocery Retailers

Self-Hosted Gift Card

•	   Eliminate 3rd-party vendor fees
•	   Minimum and Maximum card limits
•	   Force all refunds to gift card
•	   Pre-defined & open-ended card values
•	   Check gift card balance on the fly
•	   Print balance to receipt
•	   Purge inactive gift cards

Features and Options for Independent Grocery Retailers

User-Friendly Point-of-Sale
•	 Customizable Touch Screen                                 Other Available Functionality
•	 Complete Cashier Security Management                      •	 Frequent Shopper & Customer Membership
•	 Digital Customer Billboard for Ad Display                      Management
•	 Electronic Signature Capture                              •	   Integrated Video Surveillance w/ Transactional
•	 Credit/Debit/EBT/FSA                                           Overlay
•	 Automatic POS Redundancy                                  •	   Customizable Self-Checkout w/ Weight Security
•	 IIAS Compliant                                            •	   Label, Sign & Barcode Printing
•	 PABP Certified for PCI Compliance

Fully-Integrated Back Office
•	 Store Deposit & Safe Management
•	 Extensive Reporting Capabilities
•	 Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
•	 Purchase Allowance Tracking
•	 Tobacco Buy-Down Automation

Simplified Inventory Control
•	 Automated Re-Ordering
•	 Perpetual Inventory
•	 Inventory Forecasting
•	 Two-Way Communication with Distributors & Directs
•	 Hand-Held Terminal Interface
•	 TPR and Promotion Management
•	 Price Book Updates

Complete Multistore Functionality
•	 Automated Data Synchronization
•	 Centralized Price Book, Promotions and Reporting
•	 Zone Pricing
•	 TPR and Promotion Management from one location

ECR Software Corporation | 277 Howard St | Boone, NC 28607
phone.800.211.1172 | fax.800.849.8910 |

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