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Garfield County Divorce Records Colorado


Garfield County Divorce Records Colorado document sample

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                               October 22, 2007
              Denver Association of Professional Landmen Seminar
                               Denver, Colorado

                              By: Alan H. Morgan, CPL
                               Vice President – Land
                              Access Exploration Corp.
                                   (713) 621-2777

I.    Internet resources for Land Professionals are increasing on a daily basis
      A. Some counties and title companies have their records online
         1. In the future there will be less need to check records in the courthouse
         2. Field landwork will be limited to acquiring necessary instruments in the field
            and indexing instruments in the County Clerk’s office
         3. The bulk of record checking will be done in your own office
II.   Public Records currently available
      A. State Links to Counties
          1. Texas:
          2. New Mexico:
          3. Colorado:
          4. Oklahoma:
          5. Wyoming:
          6. North Dakota:
          7. Louisiana
              a. State:
              b. Lafayette Parish for entire state:
          8. State and Local Government on the Net, links to counties across the
      B. County Appraisal District Records in Texas:
          1. Allows Land Professionals to locate surface owner by legal description
          2. can perform cursory lease checks
          3. locate address for landowners
          4. Access addresses for landowners
          5. Internet locations for County Appraisal District Records
       C. County Treasurer/Assessor/Appraisal District
           1. Bernalillo County, NM:

                                         Page 1
      2. Dona Ana County, NM:
      3. Santa Fe County, NM:
      4. San Juan County, NM:
      5. Montezuma County, CO:
      6. La Plata County, CO:
      7. Archuleta County, CO.:
D. County Clerk’s Records
      1. Allows Landman to check records in office
      2. Reduces out of town overhead
      3. Increases speed by eliminating travel
      4. Access
         a. Some counties are online for free
         b. Some counties are available by fee by the county or private providers
      5. Records accessible
          a. Probate
          b. Marriage
          c. Assumed Name
          d. Uniform Commercial Code
          e. Official/Deed Records
      6. Commercial Providers
          a. Colorado Record Data, LLC:,
              Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, Eagle, El
              Paso, Jefferson, Larimer, Pueblo and Weld Counties, Colorado
          b. Taos County, New Mexico, Adams,
              Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, Eagle, El Paso,
              Jefferson, Larimer, Pueblo and Weld Counties, Colorado
          c. Bernalillo and Los Alamos Counties,
              New Mexico and Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas,
              Eagle, El Paso, Jefferson, La Plata, Larimer, Pueblo and Weld
             Counties, Colorado
          d. Baca, Huerfano, Kiowa, Lincoln,
              Saguache, San Juan and San Miguel Counties, Colorado.
          e. Campbell, Johnson and Sheridan
              Counties, Wyoming.
           f. North Dakota Recorders Information Network -
    - covers most North Dakota Counties
      7. Public Provider
          a. Adams County, CO.:
          b. Arapahoe County, CO.:
          c. Boulder County, CO.:
          d. Delta County, CO.:
          e. Douglas County, CO.:
          f. Eagle County, CO.:
          g. El Paso County, CO.:

                                   Page 2
               h. Garfield County, CO.:
                I. Grand County, CO.:
                j. Jefferson County, CO.:
                k. Larimer County, CO.:
               l. Mesa County, CO.:
               m. Montezuma County, CO.:
               n. Ouray County, CO.:
               o. Pitkin County, CO.:
               p. Routt County, CO.:
               q. Teller County, CO.:
                r. Grand Forks County, ND.
               s. Lincoln County, WY.
                t. Teton County, WY:
       E. Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce Records:
           1. National
             a. Death: , Social
                  Security Death Records
             b. Birthdays:
             c. Obituaries:
          2. Texas:
             a. Death:
             b. Birth, Death, Divorce and Marriage indexes from the Bureau of Vital
           3. Colorado Marriages:
III.   Surface Maps
        A. Aerial Maps:
            1. helps locate surface improvements, obstructions, etc.
            2. useful when writing Use and Possession Affidavit
            3. helpful when selecting surface location
        B. Topographical Maps:
        C. Wyoming Surface Maps: Surface
          and Mineral Ownership
        D. Wyoming State Geological Survey:
            1. Geologic Mapping Indices
            2. Production Statistics
IV.    Translations: many times old instruments are in Spanish, including Mexican
        and Spanish Land Grants, and a translation is needed
V.      People Locators: many times it is difficult to locate an individual or entity,
       therefore a Landman can conduct a more global search using several search
            1. Locate by name

                                        Page 3
         2. Locate by address
         3. Locate by phone number
         1. Reverse address
         2. Reverse phone number
      C. (for pay)
         1. Drivers License Records
         2. DMV Records
         3. Selected Civil & Criminal Records
VI.   State Agencies
      A. Texas
           1. Texas Railroad Commission
              a. Drilling Permits Issued:
              b. Production Data (1993-present)
           2. Texas General Land Office: State Lease Sale Information:
       B. New Mexico
          1. New Mexico Oil Conservation Division
             a. Districts:
             b. Data:
                 1. District 1 Pool Maps
                 2. Monthly Gas & Oil Production:
                 3. Stripper Properties
                 4. Ongard Data
                 5. Well Operators
          2. New Mexico State Land Office:
             a. forms
             b. Lease Sale Information
             c. rules
             d. Oil & Gas Manual
          3. New Mexico Corporations:
      C. Oklahoma
         1. Oklahoma Corporation Commission:
            a. Forms
            b. Dockets
            c. Rules
         2. Land Office:
            a. Lease Sale
            b. Results
      D. Louisiana:
         1. Office of Conservation:

                                      Page 4
            2. State Land Office:
         E. Colorado
            1. State Land Board:
            2. Oil & Gas Conservation Commission:
            3. Colorado Corporations:
         F. Wyoming
            1. Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission: http/
            2. Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments:
         G. North Dakota
            1. N.D.I.C. – Oil & Gas Division:
            2. North Dakota State Land Department:
VII.    Federal Agencies: Bureau of Land Management:
        A. News
        B. Directory of State Offices
            1. New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas & Texas Oil & Gas Program:
                a. forms
                b. operations
                c. Lease Sales
             2. BLM Land and Mineral Records:
             3. Wyoming:
             4. Colorado:
         C. Land Patent Search:
         D. LR 2000:
         E. Bureau of Indian Affairs, Division of Energy & Mineral Resources:
         F. Offshore:
VIII.    Drilling Information
        A. Texas, Louisiana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico
         B. Oklahoma
            1. http://extranet.oil-law: permits, orders, etc.
            2. : permits, orders, etc.
            3. production information
         C. Louisiana:
IX.      AAPL Website:
         A. Links
         B. Job Bank
         C. Member Chat
X.       Sources of Links
         A. Oil

                                       Page 5
XI.   Non Internet Resources
      A. Kanes Oil and Gas Forms:
         1. Oil & Gas Leases: Lease Riders
         2. Affidavits
         3. Assignments
         4. Easements, Rights of Way, easements
         5. Ratifications
         6. Deeds
         7. Escrow Agreements
         8. Subordinations

                                   Page 6

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