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									                                                      C o l l i e r v i l l e M i d d l e S c h o o l P TA

                                                   Dragon News
                                                           A Bi-monthly Newsletter Published by Collierville Middle School PTA
February 2008-March 2008                                                                                                                                       Issue 3

      The Purpose of PTA                     A Letter from OUR Principal
      To promote the welfare of the          Dear Parents,                                   Although the FCC has standards
      children and youth in home,                                                            in place about regulated pro-
      school, community, and place of                                                        gramming during the hours
                                             With the new year upon us, per-
                                             sonal resolutions seem to resound               when children are tuned in, Mar-
      To raise the standards of home         as promises are made to improve                 tin acknowledges that the FCC
      life.                                  ourselves. Many of us take on                   only applies to broadcast T.V.
                                             challenges which include one’s                  and radio. Translated, that
      To secure adequate laws for the
                                             own health, attitude or bad habits.             means that we as parents are
      care and protection of children
                                             While all of these are worthy                   on our own when it comes to
      and youth.                                                                             monitoring our own children’s
                                             goals, I would like to gently suggest                                                 forms of media and the results
      To bring into closer relation the      that we make a resolution which                 viewing times or program
                                                                                             choices. Blocks and other de-         are in. I can assure you that the
      home and the school, that parents      would improve the health, attitude                                                    networks are not going to volun-
      and teachers may cooperate             or general well being of our chil-              vices are now in place for par-
                                                                                             ents to have installed on T.V.s       tarily shut down popular shows
      intelligently in the education of      dren.
      children and youth.                                                                    in their absence to prevent view-     but we as parents have a right to
                                                                                             ing. Many parents have also           protest to sponsors or network
      To develop between educators and       Federal Communications Chair-                   implemented strict rules in their     executives.
      the general public such united         man, Kevin Martin, recently dis-                household regarding the
      efforts as will secure for all chil-   cussed the presence of sex and                  amount of T.V. watching and           Happy New Year and Happy
      dren and youth the highest advan-      violence on the networks. He noted              age appropriate program selec-
      tages in physical, mental, social,     that the feedback from Americans                                                      Watching – your kids, that is!
                                                                                             tion. They are to be com-
      and spiritual education.               regarding the amount of inappropri-             mended.
                                             ate programming has jumped from
                                             hundreds to the hundreds of thou-                                                 Sincerely,
       Inside this issue:                    sands. This out pouring is obviously            Being a ―keeper of the keys‖ in a
                                                                                             home is a full time job but is    Ingrid P. Warren
                                             a direct result of the extensive
  Dates to Remember                    2     amount of the explicit entertain-               worth the inevitable temper
                                             ment made available to the general              tantrums and pouting. Our chil- P.S. (they’re where you always
  Presidential Post                                                                          dren are being exposed to far     leave them)
                                             viewing public, children included.
  Programming Notes                                                                          too much information in all
  Highlight on Health
                                               PRESIDENT                      Ann Blake                 854-1395 
  Officer Landers Corner               3
                                               V P/PROGRAMS                   Edie Stewart              861-0020 
                                               SECRETARY                      Jennifer Campbell         854—1839 
                                                                                                                                                           Board of Managers
  Volunteers                           4       TREASURER                      Jennifer Panther          854-0354 
  Parental Involvement                         CULTURAL ARTS                  Gay Young                 861-4445 
                                               HEALTH & SAFETY                Kimi Meza                 854-6376 
                                                                                                                                                               CMS PTA

  Counselors Comment                    5      HOSPITALITY                    Barbie Cunningham         854-6885 
  Citizenship Winners                          LEGISLATION                    Terry Dean                861-2605 
  Library News                                 MEMBERSHIP                     Kim Brown                 854-2094 

  CMS Sports                           6       PUBLIC RELATIONS               Charla Bartozzi           850-0624 

                                               PUBLICATIONS                   Rick Hennings             457-1204
  Band News                            7
                                               ROOM PARENTS                   Laurie Hayes             850-7099 
  Cultural Arts
                                               PARENT VOLUNTEERS              Shannon Byers             861-6879 
                                               WAYS AND MEANS                 Beth Bohon                850-5945 

  Community Calendar                   8       PARLIMENTARIAN                 Johnna Vaughan            854-0861 

  National PTA                                 PAST PRESIDENT                Kim Kennel                 853-2709 

Collierville Middle School   146 College St.    Collierville, TN 38017   Phone: 901-853-3320
  Page 2                                                                 D r a gon N e w s                                           F eb r u ar y 2 008 -M ar c h 2 00 8

 Dates to Remember President’s Profile                                                                                                    Ann Blake
                                                            Happy New Year!!                                      worked hard to find ways to interest,
                  February                                                                                        engage and inspire our children.
                                                            Can you believe it is 2008, and we are
5 Writing Assessment(8th Grade)                             halfway through the school year?! I                   Our CMS PTA will be holding elections
5 3rd PTA General Meeting—6:00 pm in                        hope you had a nice break in December.                for the 2008-2009 PTA Board of Man-
the Auditorium(7th Grade Performs)                          We busy making plans for the rest of the              agers, and we would love for you to con-
                                                            year. Look for information coming home                sider serving on the board. You will
6 Interim Reports Issued                                    soon about Dad’s Day in Feb-                                      receive information regard-
                                                            ruary. This is a special day at                                   ing positions and responsi-
8 Valentine Dance (7th & 8th Grades)
                                                            CMS for our ―Dads‖ to par-                                        bilities. If you have any
14 Valentine Treat Day(6th—8th                              ticipate in the school day                                        questions about this proc-
Grades)                                                     with their children. You                                          ess please contact me.
                                                            won’t want to miss it.
18 Presidents’ Day (School Closed)                                                                                I hope to see you at our general PTA
29 CMS Newsletter Deadline-March                            Thank you again for supporting our suc-               meeting on February 5th at 6 pm. The
Issue                                                       cessful fundraiser. We have already                   7th grade will be performing. Please
                                                            spent almost $10,000 on educational                   feel free to contact any board member
                     March                                  materials for the classroom. We have                  with questions or concerns.
                                                            purchased everything from projectors to
13 Parent/Teacher Conferences (4:00-                        interactive science DVDs to math games                Ann Blake
7:00 p.m.)                                                  to books. Our teachers have really                    CMS PTA President
14 Last Day 3rd Nine Weeks
14 Report Cards Issued
                                                           Program Notes
                                                              Happy New Year CMS! Did you make a New             Tuesday, May 6, 2008-6pm
17-21 SPRING BREAK (School Closed)                            Year’s Resolution to become more involved
                                                              in your child’s education? Our General PTA          *6th Grade Program
17 CMS Newsletter Mailed to Parents                           meetings are a great way to become in-
                                                                                                                  *Election of 2008-2009 PTA Executive Board
                                                              volved and be informed about events and
                                                              happenings at CMS. There are only 3 more            *Open House for incoming 6th graders
                                                              chances to attend PTA meetings this year,
   Don’t forget to                                            so mark your calendars now. You won’t
                                                              want to miss any of these opportunities!
   ―SPRING AHEAD‖ !                                                                                    Edie Stewart
                                                              Tuesday, February 5, 2008-6pm *7th Grade
   Daylight Savings time                                                                               VP Programs, CMS
   Begins March 9th.                                                                         
                                                              Tuesday, April 1, 2008-6pm *An Evening
                                                              with the Arts

Highlight on Health
Happy New Year to all. I really do appre-                  your toothbrush every three or four         Visit your dentist regularly for profes-
ciate all my volunteers who help me man                    months, or sooner if the bristles are       sional cleanings and oral exams.
the health room. I know the CMS office                     frayed. A worn toothbrush won't do a good
                                                                                                       For more information on dental health,
staff is so grateful to be able to concen-                 job of cleaning your teeth.
                                                                                                       visit the American Dental Association
trate on their jobs as we tend to the kids                 Clean between teeth daily with floss or an website at
in need. If you're interested in helping                   interdental cleaner. Decay–causing bac-
out, and have yet to be contacted, please                  teria still linger between teeth where
feel free to call me.                                      toothbrush bristles can’t reach. This helps Thank you again for supporting CMS!
February is National Children's Dental                     remove plaque and food particles from
                                                                                                       Kimi Meza, Health & Safety
Health Month. Here are some tips to                        between the teeth and under the gum
keeping your lovely smile:                                 line.

Brush your teeth twice a day with an ADA- Eat a balanced diet and limit between-
accepted fluoride toothpaste. Replace     meal snacks.

Collierville Middle School   146 College St.   Collierville, TN 38017   Phone: 901-853-3320
      F eb r u ar y 2 008 -M ar c h 2 00 8                                        D r a gon N e w s                                                           Page 3

Officer Landers Corner
 Dear Parents,                                               an errand, as directed by the parent; (D)                further information, visit the State
                                                             Minor legally employed, from 45 minutes                  of Tennessee Government website
 Below you will find curfew information                      before to 45 minutes after, while going
 that has been summarized from the                                                                                    concerning State Code at
                                                             directly from home, to work. This excep-       
 Tennessee Criminal Code pocket book-                        tion will also apply if minor is in a public
 let. (Due the large amount of text in the                                                                            essee/lpext.dll?f=templates&fn=m
                                                             place during curfew hours, in the course                 ain-h.htm&cp=
 criminal code booklet, this information                     of minor’s work. To meet this exception,
 has been summarized for newsletter                                                                                   Click on the Tennessee Code
                                                             minor must be carrying written evidence                  folder on the left, type in curfew in
 purposes.)                                                  of employment, issued by the employer;                   the search box, and click on the
  CURFEW LAW, TCA 39-17-1702                                 (E) Until 12:30 A.M., if minor is on prop-               blue arrows. The curfew informa-
 (a) It is unlawful for any minor between                    erty of or sidewalk directly adjacent to                 tion will appear in the frame. Also,
 age 17 & 18 to remain in or upon any                        minor’s residence, or immediately adja-                  parents, please remind your chil-
 public street, highway, park, vacant                        cent to the place where minor resides                    dren for their safety that if they
 lot, establishment or other public                          and the owner of adjacent building does                  are a walker and must cross Pop-
 place within the county during the fol-                     not communicate an objection to the                      lar Avenue to get home, that they
 lowing time frames:                                         minor and Police. (F) When returning                     MUST cross in a crosswalk. This
                                                             home within 30 minutes from school or                    procedure is for the safety and
         (1) Monday- Thursday between                        religious or other voluntary association,                care of your children. Thank you
 11:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M.                                    or place of public entertainment (movie,                 for your cooperation.
                                                             play, sporting event) This exception does
          (2) Friday- Sunday between                         not apply after 1:00 A.M. (G) Because of                 Officer Landers, School Resource
 12:00 A.M. (midnight) and 6:00 A.M.                         reasonable necessity, only after the                     Officer
 (b) ( Same stipulation as above) - any                      parent has communicated to law en-
 minor between age 16 and under to                           forcement the facts of the reasonable
 remain in...                                                necessity relating to designated streets,
         (1) Monday-Thursday between                         times, purpose, including place or origin
 10:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M.                                    and destination. A copy or record of the
                                                             communication, with notation of time
           (2) Friday- Sunday between                        received and of names, addresses of par-
 11:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M.                                    ent or guardian and minor constitute
 (c) It is unlawful for a parent or guard-                   qualification under this exception. (H)
 ian to knowingly permit or by ineffi-                       Exercising First Amendment rights,
 cient control to allow the minor to be                      such as, religion, speech, and assembly.
 or remain upon any street or establish-                     Minor will show evidence of the exercise
 ment under circumstances not consti-                        and provide notice to the city officials by
 tuting an exception to/ of subsection                       delivering to law enforcement in writing,
 (a) and (b).                                                signed by minor, minor’s address and
 (d) (1) Exceptions to (a) and (b) or Cur-                   telephone number, a written communi-
 few: (A) Any time, accompanied by the                       cation, addressed to the county mayor,
 minor’s parent or guardian; (B) Accom-                      specifying when, where and what
 panied by an adult, authorized by a                         manor the minor will be breaking cur-
 parent or guardian for a designated                         few; and ( I ) When a minor is, with pa-
 time and purpose in a specified area;                       rental consent, in a motor vehicle engag-
 (C) Until 12:30 A.M. , if the minor is on                   ing in good faith interstate travel. For

  Happy New Year! Welcome to all our                       If you are interested in our great CMS PTA,                 Join the CMS PTA e-mail list to
  new families.                                            please feel free to give me a call or shoot                 receive updates about school
                                                           me an email, I would love to meet you.                      events, volunteer opportunities,
  Our PTA fundraising is over- NO January
  selling! We are still receiving monies                   Beth Bohon
                                                                                                                       news and legislative issues.
  from Sally Foster/Entertainment Book                                                                                 Send your name, e-mail address,
  internet sales and you can help keep                                                    student’s name and homeroom
  this going by shopping on-line using our                  850-5945
                                                                                                                       teacher to
  School name and account number                                                                             
  0462533. CMS will receive 50% of all                     Ways & Means VP
  orders and items are shipped directly to

Collierville Middle School   146 College St.   Collierville, TN 38017   Phone: 901-853-3320
  Page 4                                                                D r a gon N e w s                                           F eb r u ar y 2 008 -M ar c h 2 00 8

                             Room Parent Update                                                                   CMS TEACHER BLOGS ARE
Happy New Year!! As we begin the second semester, I want to extend a big "thank you" to                                   HERE!
all of the Room Parents and teachers who made both the sixth grade holiday parties and the
seventh and eighth grade treat days such a success. We are so fortunate to be at CMS                              You can access your child's teachers at
where we have such wonderful teacher and parent support!                                                                  the following website:
On Thursday, February 14th, all grades will participate in a treat day. Please watch for
details from your room parent(s) as we get closer to this event.
If you have any questions, or need any information, please feel free to contact your child's
room parent. Thank you!
Laurie Hayes                                                                                                            This will assist you with upcoming
Room Parent Chair, 850-7099,                                                                     events, projects, and weekly assign-
                   Publicity                              Getting Involved
                                                                                                                       Winter Dress Code Reminders:
 Does your child have an interesting                       Thank you to Jennifer Moore and Lia
                                                           Guthrie for baking cakes for our CMS                   1)     All shirts must be tucked into clothing.
 school event coming up? If so let me                                                                                    This includes pull over sweatshirts.
 know ahead of time so that I can at-                      teacher’s birthdays! The next event that               2)     Waist length sweaters or light jackets may
 tend and take pictures or you may                         we will provide hospitality will be Parent-                   be worn inside the building for warmth
 email your pictures to me at cbar-                        Teacher Conferences. This will be held                        ONLY if the appropriate shirt is tucked in I will be glad to sub-                   from 4:00-7:00 p.m. on March 13, 2008.                        underneath.
                                                           The Hospitality Committee will provide                 3)     Hooded pullover sweatshirts can be worn
 mit pictures to the local newspapers                                                                                    as long as they are tucked in.
 and hopefully your event will be fea-                     dinner for the teachers and staff begin-
                                                           ning at 3:00 pm in the cafeteria. Please               4)     Any long and oversized jackets or sweat-
 tured in the paper.                                                                                                     shirts will not be permitted to be worn
                                                           remember to provide a recipe with the
                                                           dish that you prepare, if you are willing to                  inside the building.
  Charla Bartozzi
                                                           share it! I will send out an email to the
 VP Publicity 850-0624                                     Hospitality Committee in late February
                                                           with more details. If you would like to join
                                                           the Hospitality Committee, it is not too
                                                           late! Please send an email to Barbie Cun-
                                                           ningham at and
                                                           your name will be added to the list!
                                                           Thanks for all you do for CMS!
                                                           Barbie Cunningham

                                         Tech Bytes                                                                    STUDENT COUNCIL
                                                                                                                  The members of the CMS Student Council
The subjects were typical for classrooms at Col-              novel. Then they worked in groups to illustrate
                                                                                                                  would like to thank Shannon Byers and all of
lierville Middle: making a report on a novel the              pictures for their songs. Mrs. Laurenzi helped
students read in class or researching American                each class put pictures with the songs to cre-      the volunteers that helped transport canned
history.                                                      ate podcasts which are now posted on the            goods to the Collierville Food Pantry during
                                                              web.                                                our annual holiday food drive.
The discussions, however, were not only for their
classmates to hear. They were recorded as part of             If you would like to hear Mrs. Smart’s pod-
a series of podcasts the students produced and                casts, please use this URL:
posted on the school server for parents and others                                                                The CMS student council will host our an-
to hear and see. The students find this type of                    nual Valentine's Dance for 7th and 8th grad-
technology exciting. Instead of creating something            Mr. Clinton’s classes created podcasts on 30        ers on Friday, February 8th from 7:00-9:30
on paper for a teacher to grade, it is a lot more             words that the students should know for the         pm in the school gymnasium. Tickets are
motivating to write something that others can                 social studies section of the TCAP test. His        $7.00 and concessions will be sold. A pho-
hear.                                                         students are taking a mastery test over these       tographer will also be on hand to capture
Podcasting is a way of posting an audio recording             words. In order to help them study, the stu-        those lovely memories. The attire is semifor-
online that can be heard through a computer. It               dents made podcasts, which can be                   mal. Tickets will go on sale Tuesday, Febru-
teaches students to research, to communicate in               downloaded onto their ipods. Now the stu-
                                                              dents can listen to their ipods and study the       ary 5th.
print, to speak effectively, and to get attention with
sound.                                                        words whenever they want.

Students in Mrs. Smart’s A, C, and D reading                  If you would like to hear Mr. Clinton’s podcasts,
classes read the novel, The Watsons Go to Bir-                please use this URL:
mingham-1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis. Each       
class created songs based on chapters from the

Collierville Middle School   146 College St.   Collierville, TN 38017   Phone: 901-853-3320
        F eb r u ar y 2 008 -M ar c h 2 00 8                                       D r a gon N e w s                                                          Page 5

From the CMS Bookshelf                              Dr. Andre Crafford                    Read Across America Free Book Give Away
                                                                                       The National Education Association (NEA) annually sponsors Read
 Used Book Collection                                                                  Across America. Approaching its tenth year, NEA's Read Across Amer-
 Do you have any old children’s books collecting dust, stack-                          ica focuses the country's attention on how important it is to motivate
 ing up on bookshelves, or filling up boxes in your home??                             children to read in addition to helping them master basic skills.
 Would you like to donate them to a wonderful cause? The
 CMS Library is NOW accepting donations of gently used chil-                           NEA launched the Read Across America program in 1997. The na-
 dren’s books. These quite possibly could be books that your                           tionwide reading celebration takes place each year on March 2, the
 child read in early elementary school, chapter books, or                              birthday of beloved children's author Dr. Seuss, who epitomizes a
 young adult books. We will be packing these up and donat-                             love of learning. Dr. Seuss's use of rhyme makes his books an effec-
 ing to two great organizations-the Read Across America                                tive tool for teaching young children the basic skills they need to be
 Great Book Giveaway and an extension program of the                                   successful. In our area there is a free book give away to celebrate
 Books from Birth program. If you have any questions, just                             the Read Across America program:
 call the CMS Library or email us at
                                                                                       Date: March 1, 2008
 Thanks again!
                                                                                       Time: 10:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

                                                                                       Place: Bon Lin Elementary School, 2940 North Germantown Rd.

Counselors Comment
.How much structure is good for                           imagined without adults or program- mood of the moment suggests.
children and adolescents? For that                        ming.                                   Staying busy is fine. It is the way we
matter, how much is good for                                                                      accomplish much in our lives. It is not,
adults? The easy answer is to say                         Look for the signs that may mean        however, the only approach to happi-
that is depends upon the child or                         that your child needs ―down time‖.      ness. Just as some adults discover
adult. Like most easy answers, this                       They are similar to the ones that       that their lives have become too struc-
one doesn¹t offer much direction                          adults exhibit when overextended:       tured, children may need insight from
for parents who are concerned                             irritability, confusion about sched-    an adult to help them strike a balance
about the right balance for their par-                    ules, tiredness, resentment. If you     that address their particular need for
ticular child.                                            see these signs, consider taking        solitude, introspection, or constructive
                                                          some time to ―allow‖ for your child     idleness.
Time, time to dream, create, experi-                      to have an entire day or block of
ment, rest, and explore is all too                        time with little structure. You might **** From The Pursuit of Happiness
often scarified in an attempt to fill                     suggest that you, too, need a break by Susan Smith-Rex & James
childhood with the synonyms of                            and maybe you could go for a walk       Rex****
adult life. Many adults look back at                      or a hike. If time allows, a trip to no
their fondest memories of childhood                       particular destination may free up
as the ―lazy days of summer‖, the                         time-- and the imagination. And,
vacation, the camping trip with little                    then there is the option to do
structure, or the informal times with                     ―nothing‖. Kick back, listen to your
friends when life was discussed and                       favorite music, read, whatever the

Citizenship Essay                                                                                                Safety Reminder– Wear a
 Congratulations to all the winners of                    Shelby Sansone.
 the 2007-2008 PTA Citizenship Litera-   In 8th grade: 1st place Sarah John-
                                                                                                                   Helmet– It’s the LAW!
 ture Contest.                           son, 2nd place Abbie Walter, 3rd                                      Everyone under the age of 16 is required by
 In 6th grade: 1st place Gray Yoder, 2nd place Daniel Ludwig & Honorable                                       law in the Town of Collierville to wear a helmet
 place Alex Kennedy, 3rd place Dakota    Mention Maddie Lancaster.                                             when riding a bicycle.
 Harris & Honorable Mention was Drew Thank you to all who entered. Melanie
 Ford.                                   George from The Independent was our                                  If you have any information, important dates or
                                                                                                              announcements that you would like included in
 In 7th grade:1st place Lizzie Dean, 2nd judge and she commented that you                                     the CMS Dragon News, please e-mail Rick
 place Patrick Dwyer, 3rd place Rachel   are all winners with your great essays.
                                                                                                              Hennings at
 Russell & Honorable Mention was         Terry Dean, VP of Legislation

Collierville Middle School   146 College St.   Collierville, TN 38017   Phone: 901-853-3320
  Page 6                                                                D r a gon N e w s                                            F eb r u ar y 2 008 -M ar c h 2 00 8

                        CMS Softball                                                                      CMS Lacrosse
                                                                           2007 was the first year for Middle-            Coach Garrett Hammers will be re-
                                                                           school lacrosse in Collierville. The           turning this year to direct the team.
                                                                           team is made up of students of Col-            Collierville High started its Lacrosse
                                                                           lierville and Schilling Farms Middle.          program about 5 years ago and had a
                                                                           Despite starting from scratch last             successful 2007 season as well, ad-
                                                                           year, we had about 40 players and              vancing to the state playoffs. Anyone
                                                                           enjoyed some success, winning sev-             interested in more information on
                                                                           eral games and establishing a                  Middle School Lacrosse should con-
                                                                           booster club of parents. 2008                  tact Coach Hammers at (901)299-
                                                                           should be even better! During the              0405 or
                                                                           off-season many of the players par-
                                                                           ticipated in summer clinics, indoor
                                                                           lacrosse, and a fall league with               Jay Walne, Booster club president
    Back Row Left to Right: Abbie Dill, Jordan Austin, Sarah Brauninger, Houston Middle, Lausanne, and St.
    Asst. Coach Ron Asplund, Coach Jon Jackson, Asst. Coach Joe Will- Georges players. Practice begins in
    werth, Shelby Reagan, Casey Willwerth, Ashton Carter                   late January and the season begins
    Front Row Left to Right: Megan Solis, Alycia Gilbert, Jennifer Gildee,
    Dakota Harris, Jordan Asplund, Rachel Ganter, Abigail McVay, Alex      around March 1st, lasting 2 months.

2008 CMS Softball Game Schedule
                                                                                                                          The CMS Softball Team is very ex-
Date                                           Team        Location Time                                                  cited to kick of their 3rd year. With
                                                                                                                          the past two records being 24-4, we
"Saturday March 1st, 2008"                     MUN         MUN          TBD       Munford Tournament                      will strive to keep winning record.
"Monday March 10th, 2008"                      FA          CMS          415pm                                             We have two fund raisers planned
                                                                                                                          so far this year to help support our
"Monday March 24th, 2008"                      ARL         ARL          445pm                                             team. One is seeking sponsorship
                                                                                                                          from business that will be displayed
"Tuesday March 25th, 2008"                     SBEC        CMS          400pm
                                                                                                                          on a banner at home and away
"Thursday March 27, 2008"                      SGS         CMS          400pm                                             games. The second is a garage sale
                                                                                                                          being held on February 1st and 2nd
"Friday March 28th, 2008"                      HA          HA           430pm
                                                                                                                          from 7-3 at 961 Yorktown Rd con-
"Tuesday April 1st, 2008"                      HA          CMS          415pm                                             sisting of 15 families. Thank you for
                                                                                                                          your support Dragons. Hope to see
"Thursday April 3rd, 2008"                     ECS         CMS          400pm                                             you at the field.
"Friday April 4th, 2008"                       COV         COV          TBD       Covington Tournament                   CMS = Collierville Middle School

"Saturday April 5th, 2008"                     COV         COV          TBD       Covington Tournament                   FA = Fayette Academy

"Monday April 7th, 2008"                       TRA         TRA          400pm                                            ECS = Evangelical Christian School

"Thursday April 10th, 2008"                    ECS         ECS          430pm                                            FACS = First Assembly Christian School

                                                                                                                         SGS = St. George's School
"Monday April 14th, 2008"                      TRA         CMS          400pm
                                                                                                                         ARL = Arlington
"Tuesday April 15th, 2008"                     BCS         CMS          430pm
                                                                                                                         SBEC = Southern Baptist Ed Center
"Thursday April 17th, 2008"                    SGS         SGS          600pm
                                                                                                                         HA = Harding Academy
"Saturday April 19th, 2008"                    JAC         JAC          TBD       Jackson Tournament
                                                                                                                         TRA = Tipton Rosemark Academy
"Sunday April 20th, 2008 "                     JAC         JAC          TBD       Jackson Tournament
                                                                                                                         BCS = Briarcrest Christian School
"Thursday April 22nd, 2008"                    ARL         ARL          500pm
                                                                                                                         COV = Covington, TN
"Friday April 25th, 2008"                      BCS         BCS          430pm
                                                                                                                         MUN = Munford, TN

                                                                                                                         JAC = Jackson, TN

Collierville Middle School   146 College St.   Collierville, TN 38017   Phone: 901-853-3320
 F e b r u a r y 2 0 0 8 - Ma r c h 2 0 0 8                                         D r a gon N e w s                                                        Page 7

   Cultural Arts– Reflections Contest Win-                                                                Sign Up For "Webb" Mail
 Congratulations to our 2007-2008                     categories this year. Thirteen were
                                                                            Shelby County School Superintendent, Dr. Bobby
Shelby County PTA Reflections win-                    chosen to go to County competi-
ners from Collierville Middle School.                                       Webb, is making news updates available via
                                                      tion. We will send five from each
These local winners                                                         email to those interested in subscribing to
                                                                  category to State com-
competed at the                                                             Shelby County Schools' News address. To sub-
                                                                  petition, in addition to
County level recently                                             the four above that the
                                                                            scribe to receive updates, please send an email
and placed! They                                                  County will
                                                                            to the following:
are: Amber Baldwin
                                                    submit. Thanks to eve-
(Visual Arts), Nicole
                                                    ryone who entered.      Nothing else is needed; no subject or message
Taylor (Visual Arts),
                                                    You are ALL winners for in the email body. An automated message will
Anna Sowder
                                                    your works and your
(Literature), and
                                                    efforts! Best wishes to be sent for confirmation. You may un subscribe
Kelsey Robidoux                                                             at any time by following the instructions in the
                                                    these entries that go
(Photography).                                      on to compete at the    confirmation message. If you have any questions
...............                        State PTA level.                     regarding subscription information, please con-
We had a total of 186 entries at CMS Gay Young                              tact Karen Coke at 321-2525.
from the six different PTA Reflections
                                       Cultural Arts
                   TENNESSEE REPORT CARDS RESULTS ARE IN                                                                 CMS BIRTHDAYS
                    Shelby County Schools had all “A’s” AGAIN                                                                      December
Shelby County Schools academic performance is at an all-time high. The systems                                      1       Katherine Vazquez
eight year academic trend shows dramatic improvement. SCS has progressed from
                                                                                                                    25       Holly Ford
eight ―B’s‖ one ―A‖ and one ―D‖ on the 2000 TN Report Card to straight ―A’s‖ for
2006 and 2007. One of the most significant and difficult to attain results is in the                                27       Angela Jackson
area of value added scores. Value added grades represent what students are
expected to gain in an academic year. A score of a ―C‖ represents what students
should gain in an academic year. By receiving all ―A’s‖ SCS students far surpassed                                                     March
the standards for annual growth, which is exceedingly difficult to attain in a high
performing school system. SCS Superintendent Dr. Bobby G. Webb stated, ―The                                         7          Stacy Fossett
exceptional report card is a tribute to involved parents, hard working students, an                                 12         Amy Shelton
outstanding staff and supportive Board. Every day our teachers do a truly exceptional
job meeting the needs of our children.‖                                                                             14         Sandy Ransome

For more detailed information, please visit the Shelby County Council PTA’s website                                 16         Cynthia Butner
(                                                                                                   20         Cindy Smith

                                                                                                                    23         Jo Powers

                                                                                                                    25         Belinda Paschall

BAND NEWS                                                                                                                              Jason Seek
  Congratulations to the following band                   Hannah Marley                                         February 1st. They will present their
  students who were placed in the All                     Bonnie Peterson                                       concert on Saturday February 2nd be-
                                                                                                                ginning at 8:00 a.m. at the Cannon
  West Tennessee Honor Bands:                             Julia Rozanski
  Kara Bledsoe                                            Kim Smith
  Eiline Cai                                              Brandon Zheng
  Madi Carpenter
  Thomas Davis                                            These students will rehearse at the Cook
  Rachel Gentry                                           Convention Center on January 31st and

Collierville Middle School   146 College St.   Collierville, TN 38017   Phone: 901-853-3320
C o l l i e r v i l l e M i d d l e Sc h o o l P T A                                                                                                        Nonprofit Org.
146 College Street                         National Exemplary School 1982-83                                                                              US Postage Paid
                                                    Ten Great Schools 1988-89
                                        Outstanding Principal –Mrs. Ingrid Warren                                                                       Collierville, TN 38017
Collierville, TN 38017                                                2004-2005                                                                              Permit No. 9
Phone: 901-853-3320
Fax: 901-853-3327

                  This newsletter is made
                 possible by Pepsi Americas

Shelby County Schools offers educational opportunities without
regard to race, color, national origin religion sex, or disability.

                                                                                                                             National PTA News
Community Calendar
February 7-10                                                                                             In a move to improve the safety and well-being of children,
Disney's High School Musical: The 70-Minute Version at Draco                                              MedicAlert, a leader in providing emergency response medical
Playhouse on the Collierville High School campus. 7:00 p.m.                                               information services, signed on as a proud national member
nightly and 2:00 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets are $10 and $5, avail-                                           benefit provider of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), the
able at the door.                                                                                         nation’s largest volunteer child advocacy association. As a
                                                                                                          proud national member benefit provider, MedicAlert will offer
February 15
Father/Daughter Dance presented by Collierville Parks & Recrea-                                           special discounted memberships in the MedicAlert Kid Smart®
tion. 6:30 - 9:00 p.m. at the H.W. Cox Community Center gym.                                              program and additional discounts on all products to PTA mem-
Tickets are $30 per pair, $12 per additional child. For more in-                                          bers nationwide. The Kid Smart program provides comprehen-
formation, call 901.853.3225 or e-mail Sheila Moody at                                                    sive services that can safeguard and identify children in an emer-                                                    gency. Emergency responders and school nurses receive vital
                                                                                                          medical information to protect children against allergic reactions
February 22 - March 9
                                                                                                          24/7. Each child enrolled in the Kid Smart program is provided
Anything Goes presented by Harrell Performing Arts Theatre. For
                                                                                                          with a personalized medical ID bracelet and emergency wallet
more information, visit or call
                                                                                                          card that provides emergency responders with identification
                                                                                                          information, and details on any critical medical conditions or life-
March 1                                                                                                   threatening allergies. All calls to the 24/7 hotline are answered
BUNKO Tournament to benefit Ryan's Hope. Includes silent auc-                                             by MedicAlert staff who identify responders and relay all perti-
tion and cash bar at the Church of the Incarnation.                                                       nent health record information. The Kid Smart Program also
901.651.8017.                                                                        ensures that designated family members will be notified if a child
March 14 & 15                                                                                             requires emergency medical treatment in a parent’s absence.
Town Square Merchant's Open House on the historic Town                                                    Through the program, parents and guardians have the reassur-
Square. For more information, visit                                                                       ance that any time a lost child wearing a MedicAlert ID has been or call Main Street Collierville at                                        located or rescued, MedicAlert will contact them immediately.
901.853.1666.                                                                                             **Go to to read the entire article.**

Collierville Middle School   146 College St.    Collierville, TN 38017              Phone: 901-853-3320

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