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					Windows Vista Product Activation And
      The Fashionable LSP

        Ryan Hartman (
                  November 14, 2010
                                                              November 14, 2010


•   Quick review of Office 2007/Windows Vista product lines

•   Update on Office 2007/Windows Vista availability at IU

•   Microsoft Production Activation 2.0

•   MAK Activation VS. KMS Activation

•   How to Activate

•   How to automate Activations
                           November 14, 2010

Windows Office 2007 Editions
• Consumer
  Basic 2007
  Home and Student 2007
  Standard 2007
  Ultimate 2007

• Business
  Small Business 2007
  Professional 2007
  Professional Plus 2007
  Enterprise 2007
                          November 14, 2010

Office Suite Comparison
                                                    November 14, 2010

Office 2007 Distributions
  • Volume License – Office 2007 Enterprise
       • Available IU to the community from IUware Online
       • Embedded (Shared) Product Key
       • Available now

  • Retail Edition – Office 2007 Enterprise
       •   IU Bookstores
       •   Individual Product Key
       •   Cost ??
       •   Available: April 2007??

  • Uses “old school” Production Activation
       • More about this later
                               November 14, 2010

Windows Vista Editions
• Consumer
  Windows Vista Home Basic
  Windows Vista Home Premium
  Windows Vista Ultimate

• Business
  Windows Vista Business
  Windows Vista Enterprise
                           November 14, 2010

Windows Vista Comparison
                                      November 14, 2010

 Windows Vista Enterprise
• Similar features to Business
• Data Protection
  • BitLocker™ (don‟t forget the ™)
• Application Compatibility
  • VM‟s for Legacy Apps
  • A UNIX based subsystem for UNIX apps
• Multi-Language Support
  • One image-> many languages
                                      November 14, 2010

Windows Vista Distributions
  Volume License Edition - Enterprise
    • Available LSPs only from IUware Online
    • MAK or KMS Activation Required
    • Available now

  Retail Edition – Enterprise & Ultimate
    •   IU Bookstore
    •   Retail Key Activation Only
    •   Cost ??
    •   Available: April 2007??
                                                                 November 14, 2010

Microsoft Volume License Product Keys
 • Volume Activation 1.0
   – The first generation of VLKs
   – Almost everything but Vista uses this type of key
   – This key bypasses product activation

 • Volume Activation 2.0 Multiple Activation Key
   – Activate products through the internet or telephone
   – Have a limited number of activations associated with them

 • Volume Activation 2.0 Key Management
   – Key will be used to enable a new service in your environment that will
     automatically activate products in your environment
                                                                     November 14, 2010

Microsoft Production Activation 2.0
Goals from their FAQ
• Close significant piracy loopholes
  – Volume License keys represent majority of the keys that are involved in
    Windows piracy.
  – According to Microsoft 35% all software is stolen.

• Improve the volume customer experience.
• VA 2.0 also may provide enhanced security
  – Frequent background validations for genuine modules.
  – This is currently limited to critical software, but may be expanded greatly
    over time.
                                         November 14, 2010

    VA 2.0 Covers A Lot of Ground
• VA 2.0 will be expanding
• Many of the tools and for VA are not currently
• For the moment let‟s limit our discussion to
  – VA 2.0 and Windows Vista
  – VA as it exists now
  – VS as implemented here at IU
                                                                    November 14, 2010

Windows Vista - Volume Activation 2.0
at IU
 • An installation key is not required
    – Vista installations will install and run for 30 days without any keys

 • Activation is required
    – If activation does not occur in that 30-day period, the OS goes into
      Reduced Functionality Mode (RFM)

 • Two methods of activating VA2 software
    – Multiple Activation Key (MAK)
    – Key Management Service (KMS)

 • Other Vista activation methods you might see
    – OEM installs
    – Retail
                                                              November 14, 2010

Multiple Activation Key (MAK)
• How it works
   – Computers connect directly to servers at Microsoft and perform a
     one-time, permanent activation
   – Computers that cannot be connected to the Internet can activate over
     the phone

• Limited Number of Activations
   – No new activations allowed when this limit is reached
   – This number can be increased by request

• „Black Listing‟ is Possible
   – No new activations allowed
   – Previously activated machines could be mark as non-genuine!!
                                                                   November 14, 2010

Activation Hardware Tolerance
MAK activations must be renewed if         Component class name            Weight
  significant hardware changes occur.      CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-ROM            1
                                           Display adapter                 1
As hardware changes occur, Windows
  Vista tracks each change, using a        RAM                             1
  weighted score to accumulate             Audio adapter                   2
  changes made.                            MAC Address                     2
                                           SCSI Adapter                    2
If a cumulative score reaches 25, the
                                           IDE Adapter                     3
    computer is considered out of
    tolerance and must be activated with   CPU                             3
    a MAK                                  BIOS ID                         9
                                           OS Hard Drive Serial Number     11
                                                                               November 14, 2010

Key Management Service (KMS)
• KMS activation requires a local KMS Server

• Finding the KMS Server
  – Put a client Machine in ADS

• The activations are leases
  – Once clients find and activate on the KMS server, their lease is 180 days
  – If a client is unable to reconnect to the KMS server for 180 days
      • It will go into a 30-day grace period
      • If that 30 days passes without activation, the client will enter RFM
  – Clients will attempt to reconnect to the KMS server at one-week intervals.
    Every time it succeeds in connecting, it will extend its lease out another 180
    days from the date it connects
                                                           November 14, 2010

 Choosing between MAK and KMS

 MAK                                KMS
• PROs                            • CONs
  – One time activation             – 180 Day Lease
  – Doesn‟t need KMS                – Requires connecting to KMS server
  – Familiar                        – Restricted to the IU network
• CONs                            • PROs
  – You have do an activation       – Put the machine in ADS and you
  – Reactivate with major             don‟t have to do anything else as
    upgrades                          long as the machine is on the IU
  – Possible Black Listing/ Key       network
    Exhaustion                      – Unlimited number of Activations!
                                                            November 14, 2010

     My Personal Recommendations
• Machines on campus: KMS
  – Why not? It is really easy and doesn‟t burn a MAK key

• Machines off campus: MAK
  – Not as convenient but no worse than the current XP model

• Can‟t decide?
  – No problem: it is possible to switch

• Ok how do I do this stuff?
                               November 14, 2010

To activate MAK manually using the
Windows interface
                               November 14, 2010

To activate MAK manually using the
Windows interface
                               November 14, 2010

To activate MAK manually over the
Internet using a script
                                                      November 14, 2010

To activate KMS clients (easy way)
      • Install Windows Vista on the Machine
      • Join the Machine to ADS
        – Machine needs to be able to reach
           • Host (
           • Port 1688
      • Done
                                                              November 14, 2010

To activate KMS clients from a script

• Tell you Client where the KMS Server lives:
  – cscript \windows\system32\slmgr.vbs -skms

• Activate
  – cscript \windows\system32\slmgr.vbs –ato
                                                            November 14, 2010

        To Convert from MAK to KMS
• Remove the MAK Key:
  – cscript \windows\system32\slmgr.vbs -ipk <setup key>
  – <setup Key> lives in sources\pid.txt on you Vista DVD

• If the machine is in ADS KMS will happen by
  – To do it manually just like the last side.
                                   November 14, 2010

Activation and Multiple Machines
  • Ghost
  • Unattended Installs
  • MAK to KMS GPO scripts etc.
                                                  November 14, 2010

    Reduced Functionality Mode
•   A computer enters RFM if it fails to
    activate within the 30-day grace period
    or if it fails to reactivate within 30 days
    after the 180 days KMS activation
    expires (in case of a KMS-activated

•   In RFM, the user is provided multiple
    options for activation after logon. If the
    computer is not reactivated within one
    hour, the user is forcibly logged off.

•   MAK-activated computers go into RFM
    if they fail to activate within 30 days of
    installation or if they fail to renew
    activation within 30 days of a major
    hardware replacement
Customize header: View menu/Header and Footer                                November 14, 2010

   Virtual Machines

                • VM‟s don‟t count towards the KMS n-count
                      – So try to use KMS for VM‟s

                • You can do MAK activations on VM‟s
                      – If the host machine hardware changes significantly then it might
                        require reactivation

                • VM‟s get the regular 30-day grace period
                                  November 14, 2010


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