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									       The SMU-SPRING SME Leaders Advanced Management Programme aims to equip
       the founders/leaders of SMEs with the relevant knowledge and skills to grow their
       businesses into multi-national enterprises.
       This unique programme is designed with the active participation of local SMEs. Most modules will feature a local SME case
       study with likely participation from the founders/leaders. Each session will be facilitated by faculty who possess rich industry
       experience. Participants will get to network, learn and share the experience and expertise of SME leaders as they embark on
       the journey towards a global enterprise.

        SMU-SPRING SME Leaders
        Advanced Management                           Strategies &               Organisation &
        Programme                                        Market                     People

        GLOW                                     Module 1 :             Module 2 :                        Module 3 :
        Managing for profitability               Competitive Strategies Leadership &                      Financing and
                                                 for SMEs               Negotiation                       Cashflow Management

                                                 2-3 Jul                      9 -10 Jul                   16-17 Jul
        GROW                                     Module 4 :             Module 5 :                        Module 6 :
        Managing for market share                Growth & Globalisation Brand Management                  Ethics, Risk & Crisis
                                                 Strategies for SMEs    for SMEs                          Management

                                                 13-14 Aug                    20-21 Aug                   27-28 Aug
        GLOBALISE                                Module 7 :                   Module 8 :                  Module 9 :
        Managing for international               Leadership                   Sales Management            Public Enterprise,
        expansion                                Communications &             & International             IPO & Corporate
                                                 Media strategies             Operations                  Governance

                                                 3-4 Sep                      17-18 Sep                   24-25 Sep

       GLOW To increase profitability
       how to compete and win in the marketplace
       how to enhance leadership capabilities and be equipped with effective negotiation skills
       how to determine finance and cashflow requirements

       GROW To increase market share of the business
       how to develop and implement high growth strategies
       how to build brand awareness & retain customer loyalty
       how to manage crisis and ethics

       GLOBALISE To increase international presence/accelerate revenue
       how to build international markets and demand
       how to manage international operations & sales
       how to manage IPO, public enterprise and corporate governance


       Competitive Strategies                                                        Programme Director and
                                                                                     Facilitator Bio-Data:

       for SMEs
                                                                                     KENNETH NEO is currently an Adjunct
                                                                                     Faculty of Lee Kong Chian School of
                                                                                     Business. Kenneth specialises in ventures
       SMEs compete in the market by offering unique products and services           development, innovation management and
                                                                                     technology enterprises. He is founder of
       that meet the needs of the customers. It is crucial for SMEs to continue to
                                                                                     NeoCapital Group, a ventures catalyst &
       evolve as their customers evolve and as the market changes. In the midst of   accelerator established in 2004, and has
       servicing the customers, SMEs must also develop their strategic positioning   set up three companies in the biomedical
       in the market – guided by their visions, executing their missions and         field, the latest being the wearable artificial
       achieving their goals. This module aims to equip SMEs with the framework,     kidney. He is a member of the resource
       methodologies and toolkits to compete effectively in the marketplace.         panel for the Government Parliamentary
                                                                                     Committee on Finance, Trade & Industry,
                                                                                     and on the academic committee of the
                                                                                     Singapore-Stanford Biodesign programme.
       Competitive Positioning:                                                      He is a Fellow, Council Member & Honorary
       •	 Vision,	missions	&	goals	                                                  Treasurer of the Insitution of Engineers,
       •	 Industry	analysis	&	competitive	forces	                                    Singapore.
       •	 Company	evaluation	&	SWOT	analysis
                                                                                     Prior to founding his own company, Kenneth
                                                                                     had worked for Singapore Technologies
       Competitive Strategies:
                                                                                     Group,	 and	 has	 served	 as	 its	 Vice-President	
       •	 Product	&	service	differentiation	                                         and General Manager in the Electronics,
       •	 Market	segmentation	                                                       Information Technology & Aerospace sectors.
       •	 Innovation	strategies                                                      He had initiated successful new businesses
                                                                                     in computer networking, information security,
                                                                                     mobile computing and vehicular telematics.
                                                                                     He also chaired the Incubators@Work!, the
                                                                                     corporate entrepreneurship programme of
                                                                                     Singapore Technologies.

                                                                                     Kenneth is currently researching on
                                                                                     innovation management and the strategies
                                                                                     that companies; (established SMEs &
                                                                                     startups) can adopt to compete effectively
                                                                                     in the global market. He has an MBA(NTU),
                                                                                     B.Eng(Hons)(NUS)         and    Certificate   in
                                                                                     Innovation & Strategy (Sloan, MIT). He attended
                                                                                     the Science, Technology & Innovation Program
                                                                                     at Harvard Kennedy School and Program
                                                                                     on Technology Negotiation at Harvard Law

                                                                                                                 GLOW – Managing for Profitability 03
                                                                                           Facilitator Bio-Data
                                                                                           MICHAEL NETZLEY serves on the faculty of

                                                                                           Singapore Management University and has
                                                                                           been named a 2010 Fellow to the Society for
                                                                                           New Communications Research. A dedicated
                                                                                           internationalist, he has lived and worked in
                                                                                           USA, Japan, Germany, Argentina, Finland, and
                                                                                           Slovenia. Michael moved to Singapore in 2002
                                                                                           after six years of teaching in the MBA program
                                                                                           at, and earning his PhD from the University of

                                                                                           An enthusiastic teacher, Michael leads
                                                                                           executive, MBA, and undergraduate courses
                                                                                           in leadership and corporate communication.
                                                                                           He has completed the participant-centered
                                                                                           learning program at Harvard Business School,

          Leadership & Negotiation                                                         founded and led SMU’s teaching excellence
                                                                                           initiative, and written or served as the
                                                                                           academic director of more than fifty business
          SMEs face a unique leadership challenge. Having already moved beyond             case studies. His books discuss workplace
          the start-up phase, and having fewer resources than a large organisation,        communication skills, and his forthcoming
          leadership can often get pushed to the sideline as everyone focuses on           book examines corporate reputation practices
          the work at hand and does their best to meet targets. Occupying such a           across Asia.
          middle position requires SME leaders to not only set strategic direction and
                                                                                           In the executive education arena, he
          champion that cause, but also to remain active managing the company              was faculty director of the Wharton-
          each day. This middle position is a bit like being a player-coach on an          SMU Strategic Leadership and Change
          athletic team.                                                                   Management Program and taught in the
                                                                                           President’s MBA Program at Slovenia’s
          How might you effectively juggle these demands and succeed in                    Bled School of Management. He has also
                                                                                           led executive programs for Intercontinental
          both roles?
                                                                                           Hotel Group, IBM, Singapore Airlines,
          This two-day session is custom designed to help you strengthen practical         Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, GIC,
          management skills while also offering an opportunity to reflect on strategic     Singtel, Singhealth, Keppel, NOL, IMC, and
          leadership challenges. In particular, the module will cover:           

          •	 Negotiation	skills:	capturing	and	creating	value	during	a	negotiation,        Outside the academy Michael has consulted
             and how to prepare for both types of negotiating.                             for 3M, Shell, US Bancorp, Singapore’s CPF,
          •	 Influence	skills:	how	can	you	most	effectively	frame	your	messages	           National Healthcare Group, Bayer, UEM Group
             so that people are measurably more likely to say yes to your request?         (Malaysia), and Bosnalijek pharmaceutical
          •	 Talent	management	principles:	why	do	talented	employees	choose                (Bosnia). As a qualified neutral, Michael has
                                                                                           worked as a private mediator and successfully
             to stay with an organisation, and why might others leave? Here we             resolved numerous courtroom, business, and
             discuss job satisfaction, getting the best from each employee and             community disputes.
             their link to leadership styles?
          •	 Leadership	challenges	within	SMEs:	What	makes	for	an	effective	               After twenty years in higher education, the
             play-coach and how can we effectively think about strategy,                   next chapter of Michael’s career will include
                                                                                           research and case writing about social media
             championing direction, and leading by example with so many
                                                                                           and how digital technologies are changing
             demands on our desks?                                                         the way we learn, work, and communicate.
                                                                                           Michael is a blogger, podcaster, scuba diver,
          This module intends to be highly interactive, relying on case discussion, role   and a proud father who harbors illusions of one
          plays, and cooperative learning. Completing pre-readings will ensure that        day becoming a chef.
          your time in this module will be most productive.

04 GLOW – Managing for Profitability

         Financing and                                                                       Facilitator Bio-Data
                                                                                             ADAM WONG is the Executive Director of

         Cashflow Management
                                                                                             Mayvest Asia Pte Ltd, a financial consulting
                                                                                             firm. He is also an adjudicator of the Financial
                                                                                             Industry Disputes Resolution Centre in
         In challenging financial times, businesses have to pay extra attention to           Singapore. Prior to his current appointment,
         key factors that affect the firm’s financial health and cash flow situation. It     he was a General Manager with Standard
                                                                                             Chartered Bank and other major banks with
         is therefore important that firms implement financial dashboards to monitor
                                                                                             22 years of successful track record in Cash
         their financial health. Having a tool to screen buyers before granting credit       Management, eCommerce, Corporate Banking
         terms can also help to reduce losses due to bad debts.                              and Trade Finance and Small & Medium
                                                                                             Enterprises. Having strong strategic orientation
         In this module, Mr. Adam Wong, a seasoned banker, entrepreneur and                  and regional exposure in South East
         consultant will share with participants key elements of a financial dashboard,      Asia and Hong Kong, he is credited with
                                                                                             significantly growing global banks’ SME
         key issues in determining the level of financing a business requires and            assets by 450% and net profit by 140%
         conduct in depth discussion on how terms of trade and stocking policies             over a 3-year period in Singapore. He also
         can severely affect a firm’s cash flow.                                             started a new cash management business for
                                                                                             a leading bank in Asia and grew it to a USD35
         Participants will also be introduced to various financial tools to quickly assess   billion business annually.
         potential corporate default. These tools will be very useful for screening the
                                                                                             Adam is a Fellow Certified Public Accountant, a
         financial quality of buyers who are given credit terms.                             Certified Credit Risk Management Professional
                                                                                             and a Certified Professional Trainer. Mr. Wong
         Participants will:
                                                                                             has contributed actively to the development
         •	 Know	how	to	determine	the	firm’s	financial	health.	                              and training of professionals in the financial
         •		 Understand	the	key	information	available	from	the	various	financial	            services sector for the past 20 years by sharing
                                                                                             his expertise regularly through The Institute
             statements to build a financial dashboard.                                      of Banking and Finance, and various other
         •		 Determine	the	amount	of	financing	required	for	a	firm’s	operation.	             organizations in Malaysia and Indonesia. He
         •		 Be	able	to	fully	understand	the	impact	of	terms	of	trade	and	stocking		         has also conducted programmes in the area
             policy on the firm’s cash flow.                                                 of banking and finance for Australian and
         •		 Understand	the	concept	of	sustainable	growth	rate.	                             local universities in Singapore.
         •		 Spot	the	signs	when	a	business	overtrades.	
         •		 Know	the	limits	of	the	firm’s	debt	capacity.	
         •		 Use	of	models	to	predict	corporate	distress.	
         •		 Know	the	key	fundamentals	in	successfully	raising	bank	debts.	
         •		 Have	an	overview	of	the	financing	packages	provided	by	various	banks		
             in Singapore.
         •		 Explore	alternate	sources	of	financing	beyond	traditional	bank	debts.

                                                                                                                        GLOW – Managing for Profitability 05

           Growth & Globalisation                                                            Facilitator Bio-Data
                                                                                             EUGENE WONG is the Founder and

           Strategies for SMEs                                                               Managing Director of Sirius Group, which is a
                                                                                             boutique private equity and business advisory
                                                                                             company that works with and invests in Small
           Every SME must be concerned about the growth of its company. Growth is            and Medium Sized (SME) growing companies
                                                                                             in Singapore and overseas. It works with
           not a choice for SMEs anymore, unless you already have a strong dominant
                                                                                             growing SMEs to develop their growth
           position in your industry. If you want to survive and sustain your position       strategy as well as funds them. Some of the
           for the long term in the current global business environment, you need to         local SMEs that Sirius has either invested or
           seriously plan for growth. Barriers to entry for any business are now not         consulted are Jackspeed, Comms Design
           sustainable to prevent new entrants of your business is a profitable one.         International, Jason Parquet, Opentech,
                                                                                             Soundbuzz, Jason Electronics, among some
                                                                                             30 over companies.
           This module will help participants evaluate their vision and direction, growth
           strategies, business model, and review macro and micro factors and                Eugene currently sits on the boards of
           competition to develop strategic growth plans for growing their business.         several public listed companies such as
           Given that Singapore is a small market, SMEs that aim to be MNCs one              Ajisen China Holdings Limited listed on HK
           day, need to grow overseas and tap the global market, so how does one             mainboard, Haike Chemical Group listed in
                                                                                             UK AIM and Yaan Security Technology Ltd
           do it, should we set up overseas operations directly, set up joint venture,
                                                                                             and Communications Design International
           franchise, license or just export? This is a strategic direction that one needs   Ltd, both listed in Singapore. He sits on the
           to decide as part of growth plans for any Singapore SME.                          Audit Committee of all the boards and is the
                                                                                             Chairman of the Audit Committee of Haike
           Any company that aspires to stay above its industry in the 21st century           Chemical and Chairman of the Nomination
                                                                                             Committee of Ajisen China.
           must think in terms of global at an accelerating pace as countries previously
           closed to foreign companies open up their markets, as the internet shrinks        Eugene	 is	 currently	 the	 Vice-Chairman	 of	 the	
           the importance of geographic distance, and as ambitious growth-minded             Singapore	 Venture	 Capital	 and	 Private	 Equity	
           companies race to build stronger venture capital competitive positions in         Association	 (SVCA)	 Eugene	 also	 started	 a	
           more and more countries, it is imperative to expand overseas, in order to         S$20 million Sirius Angel Fund with the Spring
           survive in the long term.                                                         Singapore as co-investor. The fund invests
                                                                                             in innovative early stage growing companies.
           •		 Need	for	a	strategy	and	a	business	plan	                                      Eugene was previously the Executive Director
           •		 What	are	some	of	the	growth	models	for	SME	                                   of Crimson Asia Capital Singapore, which is
           •		 Crafting	the	total	business	plan	                                             part of the Crimson funds, which has around
                                                                                             US$500 million under its management.
           •		 What	makes	a	good	plan	and	what	are	the	mistakes	to	avoid	
           •		 Elements	and	framework	of	a	business	plan	                                    Eugene received an honorary PhD from
           •		 Reasons	for	expanding	into	foreign	markets	                                   Honolulu University. He has an MBA from
           •		 Cross	country	differences	in	cultural,	demographic,	and	market	conditions	    Imperial College, University of London and
           •		 The	concept	of	multi-country	competition	                                     graduated from the National University of
                                                                                             Singapore Business School with a BBA degree
           •		 Strategy	options	for	entering	and	competing	in	foreign	markets	
                                                                                             with First Class honours.
           •		 The	quest	for	competitive	advantage	in	foreign	markets	
           •		 Strategic	alliances	and	joint	ventures	with	foreign	partners	
           •		 What	are	the	pitfalls

06 GROW – Managing for Market Share

        Brand Management                                                               Facilitator Bio-Data
                                                                                       JORG DIETZEL has worked in Branding,

        for SMEs                                                                       Marketing and Communication for 18 years,
                                                                                       the past nine in Asia.
        Branding is vital for every modern company, regardless of whether it is
        offering a product or a service, whether it’s an SME or MNC. In a world of     He has run agencies and multinational
                                                                                       accounts in London, Berlin, Beijing,
        me-too parity, branding becomes the tool for differentiation which prevents
                                                                                       Hong Kong and Singapore and worked
        the brand owner from having to compete on price.
                                                                                       with	 brands	 like	 FedEx,	 Visa,	 American	
                                                                                       Airlines,	 Pepsi,	 BMW,	 Audi,	 Volkswagen,	
        The ‘Brand Management for SMEs’ module will explore the origin of brands       Sony, Drypers.
        and why brands today are so powerful. It will look at a number of case
        studies – from global MNCs to local Singapore-based SMEs and explore           Since opening his own brand consultancy
        how they built their brands, and what are the successes (and failures) any     in Singapore, he has worked with several
        business owner can learn from.                                                 SMEs on branding and communication,
                                                                                       namely OPRC, Coffee Grounds, Raoul,
        Day 1 will see an overview of how to build a brand and generate some           Pageone, Binter.
        ‘brand equity’ over time. We will look into why branding often fails – one
                                                                                       He is an Adjunct Faculty at SMU where
        of the reasons could be missing consistency (which we will explore in
                                                                                       he teaches classes in Strategic Brand
        Touchpoint Management), another missing credibility.
                                                                                       Management and Advertising.

        We will examine new trends in branding, such as “Blue Ocean Strategy” (is
        it applicable to SMEs?), Faith Popcorn’s “Save our Society” (S.O.S) trend
        which leads to questions of responsibility and transparency, hot topics on
        today’s consumers’ minds. In particular, we will look at recent Asian trends
        (like “New Asian Pride”) and explore what they mean for branding.

        In two activities we will look at the brand DNA of some Singapore brands
        and define the touchpoints where the brand meets the consumer.

        Day 2 will concentrate on brand communication – what are the tools that we
        have to make our brand positioning (and therefore our point of difference)
        known to the consumers. Is branding a matter of money? Or can we find
        other tools that are just as effective as big advertising campaigns but come
        at a fraction of the cost?

        Next to Media and New Media, we will also look inside rather than outside
        – once you have developed a brand positioning, what are the tools to get
        the necessary buy-in from all your staff? How can you make each and every
        one of them into a “Brand Ambassador”?

        In summary, the 2-day module will cover these important areas with a
        specific emphasis on application for SMEs:
        •	   Brand	positioning/creating	Brand	Equity	
        •	   Touchpoint	management	
        •	   Trends	and	new	developments	
        •	   Brand	communication	
        •	   Internal	branding
                                                                                                              GROW – Managing for Market Share 07
  modulesix (I)

             Ethics, Risk &                                                                  Facilitator Bio-Data
                                                                                             EUGENE K B TAN is Assistant Professor of

             Crisis Management                                                               law with the School of Law at the Singapore
                                                                                             Management University. He is also an
                                                                                             Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme
                                                                                             Court of Singapore.

             This sub-module on ethics proceeds on the thematic question of ‘Does            Eugene graduated with an LLB (Second Class
             ethics matter for SMEs and how to make ethics work for SMEs?’ Indeed,           Honours, Upper Division) from the National
             ‘Why ethics matter?’ is now largely a non-question at a time when capitalism    University of Singapore in 1995. He obtained
             and business are under siege for their excesses, irresponsibility, and a lack   his MSc in Comparative Politics (with Mark of
                                                                                             Distinction) at the London School of Economics
             of trust. In recent years, especially in the current economic downturn, the
                                                                                             and Political Science where he was awarded
             focus has been on ethical conduct as an issue that multinational companies      one of only two Robert McKenzie Prizes for
             need to address more urgently and more coherently.                              the 1997 - 98 academic year. In 2004, Eugene
                                                                                             obtained his Master of the Science of Law
             In particular, ethics–whether manifested most prominently in corporate          (JSM) degree from Stanford Law School on a
             social responsibility initiatives or the platforms–can provide SMEs with        Fulbright Fellowship.
             valuable social capital, enhance their forward-looking capacity, and inspire    Eugene’s inter-disciplinary research interests
             a shared vision among their stakeholders. Business and ethics, after all, are   include law and public policy; business ethics
             about social and business relationships that benefit society.                   and corporate social responsibility; law, society
                                                                                             and development; the government and politics
             But SMEs are/have to be motivated, challenged, and engaged in ethics            of Singapore; and nationalism and ethnic
                                                                                             conflict regulation. He has published in these
             in qualitatively different ways from MNCs. The concerns, challenges, and
                                                                                             areas in edited volumes and internationally
             opportunities differ between MNCs and SMEs, notwithstanding some                refereed journals such as the Hong Kong Law
             commonalities. SMEs, for instance, rely and depend more heavily on              Journal, The Australian Journal of Asian Law,
             inter-personal relationships with different stakeholders.                       The China Quarterly, Ethnopolitics, Ethnic and
                                                                                             Racial Studies, and Journal of Asian Business.

                                                                                             At the SMU, Eugene teaches the university
                                                                                             core curriculum course in Ethics and Social
                                                                                             Responsibility. Eugene has delivered invited
                                                                                             presentations on his teaching and research
                                                                                             interests locally and overseas. A frequent
                                                                                             media resource person on Singapore
                                                                                             politics and society, Eugene commented
                                                                                             actively in the local print, internet, and
                                                                                             broadcast media during Singapore’s May
                                                                                             2006 general elections.

08 GROW – Managing for Market Share
modulesix (I)

            The sub-module aims to explain the growing relevance and importance of ethics to SMEs and their stakeholders. Selected topics
            in this ethics package will help participants examine and evaluate how a greater ethical consciousness can help SMEs:
            •	 Manage	their	risk	profile
            •	 Attract	and	retain	human	capital	
            •			Develop	competitive	advantage	through	integrating	ethics	into	strategy	and	the	embedding	of	organisational	norms	
            •		 Embed	and	acquire	reputational	fluency	while	communicating	their	corporate	ethos

            Ethical conduct is neither a burden nor a threat, but represents a new platform for opportunity, growth and competitiveness. It is
            also very much in sync with the entrepreneurial character of SMEs. Participants will:
            •			Develop	an	understanding	of	the	current	developments	and	trends	in	business	ethics	and	corporate	social	responsibility	
            •		 Critically	examine	how	ethics	is	relevant	to	SMEs,	and	the	opportunities	and	threats	that	are	present	by	paying	more	attention		
                to and/or ignoring ethics respectively
            •	 Learn	how	ethical	conduct	and	consciousness	can	help	SMEs	innovate	in	their	products	and	services,	service	unserved	or		
                niche markets, and build new business models

            Risk Management
            This session provides participants with an overview of the various risk drivers. Through exercises, the session aims to enhance the
            effectiveness of participants’ risk awareness.

                                                                                                                       GROW – Managing for Market Share 09
  modulesix (II)

               Crisis Management                                                                 Facilitator Bio-Data
                                                                                                 ANNIE KOH is Associate Professor of
               One could argue that most crises are man-made in that their causes can be
                                                                                                 Finance and Dean of Office of Executive
               traced to ‘accidents waiting to happen’. How companies especially SMEs            and Professional Education at the
               proactively identify and recognize issues; nip potential problems in the bud      Singapore Management University. She is
               and plan contingency actions will to some extent, enable them to better           also concurrently the Associate Dean of
               weather the crises when they hit.                                                 the Lee Kong Chian School of Business
                                                                                                 and Academic Director, International
                                                                                                 Trading Institute@SMU. She received her
               The extent to which leadership is able to build and sustain social capital will   PhD in International Finance from New York
               also determine the diversity of lifelines the owners can tap on during crisis,    University (Stern School of Business) in 1988
               and enable them to successfully convert crisis into opportunities. These          where she was a Fulbright scholar. Prior to
               skills will determine their firms’ survival, renewal and enable them to emerge    joining the academia, she was a treasury
               stronger.                                                                         manager at DBS Bank. Annie is frequently
                                                                                                 sought after as a conference speaker, panel
                                                                                                 moderator and expert commentator. She
               Purpose and objectives                                                            also has extensive experience in consulting
               The workshop will build participants’ skills in crisis management.                and executive teaching for regional and
               Through highly interactive simulated exercises and case examples,                 international banks, MNCs, government
               participants will be able to:                                                     agencies, telecommunication companies,
                                                                                                 airlines, healthcare and hospitality sector,
               •		Develop	strategies	to	anticipate	and	prevent	crises	from	occurring	            and not-for-profit organisations. Her articles
               •		Deal	effectively	with	crises	as	and	when	they	do	occur	                        have been published in The Review of Future
               •		Implement	contingency	plans	to	cope	                                           Markets, SIMEX Papers, Pulses, and she
               •		Institute	recovery	measures	to	re-build	image,	reputation	and	regain		         authored IE Singapore’s book on Financing
                                                                                                 Internationalisation – Growth Strategies for
                  the confidence of key stakeholders                                             Successful Companies. Her current research
                                                                                                 interests are in Family Office and Family
                                                                                                 Business Research, REITS, Investor Behaviour,
                                                                                                 Alternative Investments, and Enterprise Risk
                                                                                                 Management. She sits on several advisory
                                                                                                 boards and steering committees in the financial
                                                                                                 services and government sectors.

                                                                                                 Facilitator Bio-Data
                                                                                                 ELIZA QUEK is currently an Adjunct Faculty
                                                                                                 at SMU, where she teaches business
                                                                                                 management courses. Eliza earned her
                                                                                                 M.A in Manpower Studies from Birkbeck
                                                                                                 College, University of London. She has
                                                                                                 extensive training experience in enhancing
                                                                                                 leadership competencies in the areas
                                                                                                 of strategic management, performance
                                                                                                 management, coaching and mentoring staff
                                                                                                 for both the public and private sectors.

10 GROW – Managing for Market Share

          Leadership Communications                                                      Facilitator Bio-Data
                                                                                         DIANA SER has over a decade’s experience in

          & Media Strategies
                                                                                         print and broadcast journalism. As a reporter
                                                                                         and columnist with Singapore Press Holdings,
                                                                                         she covered major news events such as
         Taking your business to a whole new level invariably involves new challenges.   General Election 2000 and the SQ006 crash.
                                                                                         At Channel NewsAsia, she presented and
         One of the hardest to tackle challenges for Asian entrepreneurs and
                                                                                         produced one of the most highly rated current
         executives is communication – many have made their mark on the shop             affairs programmes, “Get Real”, besides
         floor where actions often speak louder than words. And yet communication        covering news events such as the Nicoll
         – specifically its professionalization – is de rigueur for organisations on     Highway collaspe.
         the road to becoming world class. That means planned and controlled
         communication that is effectively delivered.                                    Her years as an industry insider give her a
                                                                                         unique perspective on the most effective
                                                                                         ways to work with the media and engage an
         This two-day module focuses on two key aspects of leadership                    audience.
         communication: Public Speaking and Working With the Media. Both
         often make use of public platforms to address stakeholders who become           Now, Diana brings her journalistic insights
         increasingly diverse as your business grows. Here are some module               and experience to Integrated Marketing
                                                                                         Solutions Group (IMSG), as a shareholder and
                                                                                         director. As media trainer, she has worked with
         •	 Using	narratives	(stories)	to	persuade	                                      companies such as Eu Yan Sang, HSBC, F&N,
         •		Refining	the	body	language	of	Leadership	to	connect	                         Ascott International and Goodrich Global.
                                                                                         IMSG’s PR clients also include Nike, Brands,
         •		Using	language	to	achieve	a	leadership	purpose	
                                                                                         AXN, Singapore Flyer, F&N and Red Bull.
         •		Handling	the	media	professionally	to	tell	your	success	story	
                                                                                         Diana has a Masters of Communication from
         Course methods include lecture, practice interviews and presentations,          the Nanyang Technological University.
         individual and group exercises, plenty of relevant examples and

                                                                                                      GLOBALISE – Managing for International Expansion   11
  moduleeight (I)

                Sales Management &                                                            Facilitator Bio-Data:
                                                                                              SRINIVAS	K.	REDDY	is	Professor	of	Marketing	

                International Operations
                                                                                              and Director, Center for Marketing Excellence,
                                                                                              Lee Kong Chian School of Business,
                                                                                              Singapore Management University. Previously,
                                                                                              he was the Executive Director and Group
                Sales Management                                                              Head, Corporate Strategy and Leadership
                                                                                              Development at Maytas Holdings. Prior to
                Sales management process is the critical front-end of any manufacturing       his stint at Maytas, Dr. Srinivas K. Reddy was
                or service organisation. This front-end is where your company meets its       the Robert O. Arnold Professor of Business
                customers, relationships are formed, deals get done, or where relationships   and the Director of the Coca-Cola Center for
                fail and business is lost. The sales organisation is becoming a strategic     Marketing Studies, Terry College of Business
                                                                                              at the University of Georgia. He holds M.Phil
                imperative rather than a tactical tool. For many companies, the strategic
                                                                                              and Ph.D. degrees in Business Administration
                management of customers has become a high priority, where you                 from Columbia University. Dr. Reddy was on
                understand and deliver value to your customers. In this program, we provide   the faculties of New York University’s Stern
                practical frameworks and tools to manage your customers effectively.          School of Business, Columbia University, and
                The program will involve highly interactive lectures coupled with in          the University of California, Los Angeles and
                depth case studies.                                                           was a visiting professor at Stanford Business
                                                                                              School. Dr. Reddy’s expertise is in new product
                                                                                              development, marketing and competitive
                Program Outline:                                                              strategy involving new brands and services.
                •	   Understanding	and	Delivering	Customer	Value	                             In 2006, he has been awarded the IBM’s
                                                                                              prestigious SUR grant to study corporate
                •	   Strategic	Customer	Selection	in	Selling	
                                                                                              innovativeness and innovation conversion.
                •	   Managing	Customer	Relationships	                                         He has consulted and taught executive
                •	   Monitoring	Customer	Health	                                              programs for IBM, Coca-Cola Company, Miller
                •	   Customer	Satisfaction	and	Loyalty	                                       Brewing, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Bristol-Myers-Squibb,
                •	   Managing	Your	Customers	for	Revenues	and	Profits	                        Satyam Computer Services, Chase, Turner
                                                                                              Broadcasting, Cox Interactive Media, United
                                                                                              Parcel Service, Equitable, Ford Foundation
                                                                                              and Price Waterhouse Coopers. He has
                                                                                              been recognized for his outstanding teaching
                                                                                              and was the recipient of Award for Teaching
                                                                                              Excellence in 1994. He was nominated as the
                                                                                              MBA Teacher of the Year in 1999, 2000, 2002
                                                                                              and 2005.

12 GLOBALISE – Managing for International Expansion
moduleeight (II)

               International Operations                                                        Facilitator Bio-Data:
                                                                                               ADEL F DIMIAN is Practice Associate Professor
                                                                                               of Management in the Lee Kong Chian School
               History shows that distant shores are a great enticement for leaders. Given     of Business. He recently joined SMU after
               the flatter, more highly networked, more competitive world of today, leaders    serving nearly 19 years with 3M in varied and
               are even more pressed to look abroad for growth. And it can make good           increasing responsibilities in technical and
                                                                                               business management for worldwide.
               sense when local markets cannot fulfill the growth needs of an enterprise.
               Multiple challenges can arise for owners, executives and managers of SME’s      As a scientist he was awarded 9 patents for
               once they make the strategic decision to invest internationally. Operational    novel chemistry solutions. He is a certified
               issues such as leadership choices (local or corporate), organisational          six sigma black belt and master black belt.
               structure, portfolio choices, marketing approaches, factory site location and   Adel spent 3 years based in Singapore as
               management, supply chain issues, goals and measurements, and cultural           a regional business development manager
                                                                                               responsible for 3M’s Asia electronics portfolio.
               differences can create barriers to opportunity fulfillment. This course will    Prior to moving back to Singapore and joining
               clarify the principles and practice of international operations for SME’s.      SMU, he was appointed vice president and
               Participants will:                                                              general manager for 3M’s healthcare IT
                                                                                               compliance business unit in New York City.
               •	 Develop	an	understanding	of	the	concepts	and	frameworks	of	                  Adel has worked in the healthcare, memory
                  international operations                                                     tec hnology, commercial brand identity and
               •	 Learn	appropriate	application	of	tools	and	methodologies	to		 	              graphic design, IT, and electronic market
                  execute international operations                                             segments.
               •	 Learn	to	apply	international	operations	to	create	competitive		 	
                                                                                               He received his formal education in
                  advantage for their enterprise
                                                                                               the sciences, liberal arts, and business
                                                                                               administration earning a BS and PhD
               Selected Course Topics                                                          degrees in chemistry, and an MBA with
               •	 Portfolio	management:	picking	winners	and	eliminating	losers                 honors from the Carlson School of
                                                                                               Management, University of Minnesota. His
               •	 Implementing	international	marketing	strategies
                                                                                               expertise is strategy, innovation, process
               •	 Leveraging	cultural,	management,	information	&	organisational		 	            improvement and general management.
               •	 Integrated	supply	chain	management
               •	 Locating	and	managing	operations
               •	 Performance	measures

                                                                                                            GLOBALISE – Managing for International Expansion   13

            Public Enterprise, IPO &                                                          Facilitator Bio-Data
                                                                                              ANG SER-KENG is a Senior Lecturer of

            Corporate Governance
                                                                                              Finance at SMU. He is also the director of the
                                                                                              UOB-SMU Entrepreneurship Alliance Centre. In
                                                                                              essence, the Alliance is created to pursue the
                                                                                              enhancement of the growth & development of
           This last module in the program deals with the advanced stage of a                 the SME sector, as well as providing additional
           corporation’s development. Many regard listing of a corporation as the             exposure to students when they work with
           “coming of age” of a company. Not only does listing catapult a company to          SMEs on the consulting projects.
           a higher growth path by expanding the sources of financing, it also increases
           the company’s prestige with respect to dealings with suppliers, prospective        Prior to his appointment at SMU, Ser-Keng
                                                                                              spent over seven years in investment banking.
           and present employees, and society as a whole.
                                                                                              He spent nine years in London and Hong
                                                                                              Kong, where he was involved in the origination
           The module will first review the motivations and demands for listing. We           and execution of a number of cross-border
           shall look at the listing rules and the IPO process, with a view of assisting      transactions in the Asia Pacific region at
           in the packaging and aligning the internal structures and processes to             international banks, such as Deutsche Bank,
                                                                                              ABN AMRO and Flemings, especially in mergers
           position itself for an IPO. It is also necessary to discuss issues of corporate
                                                                                              & acquisitions and capital raising via the capital
           governance, which is getting increasingly important for investors.                 markets (via IPOs, secondary offerings of
                                                                                              equity & issuance of debt). At Deutsche Bank,
           In order to understand the IPO market well, it is useful to revisit the workings   he was responsible for an acquisition in the US,
           of the financial markets and how it operates to channel resources from             amounting to US$5.5 billion, for a Japanese
           those with surplus funds to those who are in need of those funds. We will          MNC.	 As	 a	 Senior	 Vice	 President	 at	 ABN	
                                                                                              AMRO, he was also responsible for cross-
           focus on the role of an investment bank in the capital markets and what
                                                                                              selling a broader range of products, ranging
           makes a successful IPO.                                                            from equity to debt to derivative products, as
                                                                                              well as cash management to trade services.
           Additionally, the role of an investment bank in the structuring, management,       Prior to his career in investment banking, Ser-
           arrangement, underwriting, researching and pricing of a primary offering           Keng worked at Arthur Andersen and Credit
                                                                                              Suisse First Boston.
           cannot be underestimated. This is because the structure of an IPO has
           significant effect on how the company’s stocks trade in the secondary              Ser-Keng received an MBA from London
           market, hence its profound impact on shareholders’ value, and the growth           Business School and a Bachelor of
           trajectory of the listed company.                                                  Accountancy from the National University of
                                                                                              Singapore. He is also a CPA and is qualified
           Equally important is the understanding of what drives and creates value            for ACIS.
           and how analysts and investors in the capital markets evaluate and critique
           listed companies. The focus will not be the derivation of equity value per
           se, but the main methodologies involved and the key parameters that drive
           equity value.

14 GLOBALISE – Managing for International Expansion
Programme Structure and Fee                                             Application Deadline
The course fee for the entire 18-day programme is $18,682.20            1 month before commencement of each module.
(including GST) per person before funding.                              All applications must be made online at http://www.smu.
To be eligible for SPRING Singapore’s funding support (up               registration.asp. (Applications received after filling deadline will
to 70%)*, participants have to enroll and complete all nine             be considered on space availability)
modules within a period of three months. The cost of the entire
18-day programme is S$6,460.20 (including GST) per person
after funding support from SPRING Singapore, applicable to              Each module is held over Fridays and Saturdays. Training hours
the first 25 participants who are eligible for funding. Participants    are from 9am to 5pm.
will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion of the
entire programme.
                                                                        Breakfast, tea breaks and lunch will be provided during the
Participants that prefer a more targeted and focused approach           training. Meals provided are “no pork no lard”. If you have
                                                                        special dietary requirements, please inform us accordingly.
have the option of signing up for any module across the three
thematic programmes based on their needs. The flexibility will          Venue
allow participants to pick and choose modules most beneficial
to their growth and development. However, participants will             Singapore Management University
                                                                        Executive Seminar Room
not be eligible for funding from SPRING Singapore in this case.
                                                                        81	Victoria	Street,	Administration	Building	
Course fee for each two-day module is S$2,075.80 (including             Singapore 188065
GST) per person. Participants will be awarded a certificate upon
completion of each module.                                              Transfer/Substitution Policy
                                                                        Transfer requests must be received in writing. Requests
Course fees include course materials, meals and the use of              received within 4 weeks of program commencement date will
SMU’s state of the art training facilities in the city.                 incur a 5% (of program fee) administrative charge.

You are eligible for funding under the AMP if your company              Cancellation Policy
meets the following criteria:                                           All cancellations must be received in writing. The following
                                                                        charges apply for cancellations received:
You are part of the senior management team of an SME*
challenged with managing increasing business complexity, as             •	 4	weeks	and	prior	to	the	course	commencement:	
demonstrated by your company’s size, growth, markets and                   no charge
                                                                        •	 2	to	4	weeks	prior	to	the	course	commencement:		                	
SMEs must fulfill criteria (A) and (B), OR (A) and (C) :                   30% of program fee

                                                                        •	 1	to	2	weeks	prior	to	the	course	commencement:		                	
(A) Size and growth
                                                                           60% of program fee
(i) At least S$10 million in annual sales turnover # , or
(ii) At least S$5 million in annual sales turnover # and                •	 Less	than	1	week	prior	to	the	course	commencement:		            	
      company growth exceeding industry average, or                        100% of program fee
(iii) At least 50 staff and company growth exceeding
      industry average                                                  Certificate of Completion
                                                                        Participants who have attained at least 75% attendance will be
(B) Markets                                                             awarded a Certificate of Completion.
(i) Revenue from overseas markets, including sales from
    non-domestic sources, foreign exports, or sales bound               Direct Enquiries & Applications to
    overseas via local intermediary                                     Jeannie Yeo
                                                                        Tel   : +(65) 6828 0375
(C) Operations                                                          email :
(i) Investments in foreign operations, or
(ii) Multiple establishments^                                           Angie Ng
                                                                        Tel   : +(65) 6828 0528
* SMEs are defined as companies with at least 30% local shareholding,   email :
  group fixed assets below S$15 million and less than 200 employees.
# Turnover to include only value added products and services            Roxanna Shen
                                                                        Tel   : +(65) 6828 0286
^ Examples of establishments include outlets, factories, facilities
                                                                        email :
Please submit the duly completed funding application form               Please apply online at
(which can be found on page I-III of this brochure) to Spring 
Singapore directly at the following address:                            programmes/2010/spring10/registration.asp

SPRING Singapore
2 Bukit Merah Central
Singapore 159835

Ms Tan Siew Kim, Business Leadership Division

                                                                                                                        GLOW, GROW, GLOBALISE 15
Singapore Management University

Singapore Management University’s mission
is to groom outstanding business leaders and
creative entrepreneurs capable of excelling in
a rapidly changing and dynamic world. The
inspired collaborations with The Wharton
School and the University of Chicago Booth
School of Business, allow SMU to draw on the
various institutions’ academic and research
strengths across all major disciplines. The
collaborations have also resulted in a diversity
of executive programmes designed to address
the corporate and management challenges of
the global business environment.

Programmes offered combine academic rigour
with hands-on business savvy and are delivered
by the best academics in their field together
with successful industry practitioners. SMU
has trained thousands of business executives
from over 25 countries, reflecting the diverse,
global perspective of our programmes.

SMU delivers a rewarding executive education
experience in which business leaders will gain
insight and learn best practices, enabling
them to manage more effectively in changing
business world.
1. Please write clearly in BLOCK LETTERS. Complete all sections and indicate ‘NA’ for items not applicable.
2. False particulars or intentional withholding of information will disqualify the application, or if already awarded,
    terminate the grant and recovered immediately from applicant any amount of the grant that may have been disbursed
3. SPRING will not enter into correspondence with regard to reasons for unsuccessful applications.

1. General
a. Name of Executive Programme applied for:

  SMU-SPRING SME Leaders Advanced Management Programme

b. Registered Name of Company with Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
- (Please also provide a copy of the latest ACRA report – dated not more than 12 months)

c. Full Name of Applicant (as in NRIC) (Mr / Ms / Mrs / Mdm – please delete accordingly)

d. Designation                                                        e. Nationality (Singapore Citizen / Singapore
                                                                         PR / Others) - if Others, please specify

f. Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)                                         g. Highest Qualification Obtained

h. Address

                                                                              Postal Code:

i. Tel no (office)                        j. Mobile no (optional)                   k. Fax no

l. Email                                  m. Company’s website

n. Business Activity

     o. No of Staff                                          p. Year Incorporated                                   q. Paid up Capital (S$)

     r. Company Sales (Past 3 Years)

                                              Year                                  Year                                   Latest FY


     s. Overseas financial performance
        (sales from non-domestic sources, foreign exports, or sales bound overseas via local intermediary)

         Country                                                                    % revenue

     t. Investment in foreign operations
         Country                                                                    Type of activity

     u. Number of establishments (includes offices, outlets, factories, warehouses or other facilities)
         Local                                                                        Overseas

     2. Shareholding details
     a. Shareholding details of applicant company (attach separate sheets if space provided is insufficient)

         Name of                       Nationality1                 % Share                            For Corporate Shareholders Only
         shareholders /                / Country                    (Percentage of
         sole proprietors /            Registered2                  shareholdings must      Activity                No of Staff        Fixed Asset
         partners (individual or                                    total up to 100%)       Business                                   Investment at
         company)                                                                                                                      NBV (S$)

         Applies to individual shareholder, please state if he/she is a Singapore Citizen, Singapore PR or Others
         Applies to shareholders that are companies. For corporate shareholders holding 20% or more of the total shareholding of applicant company,
         please provide ACRA report and the shareholding details of the corporate shareholders in a separate sheet (information required is similar to the
         Table 2a.)

b. Details of companies where applicant company holds 50% or more of the total shareholding in subsidiaries or other
   companies (attach separate sheets if space provided is insufficient)
Name of Company              Country           Business            No of Staff         Fixed Asset              % Share
                            Registered          Activity                            Investment at NBV

3. Fixed Assets Details

                                 Year                       Year                             Latest FY

Fixed Asset Investment at
Net	Book	Value (S$)


4. I declare that:
a. My company, has at least 30% local shareholding, is not part of a group of companies whose Fixed Asset Investments
   (FAI) exceeds S$15 million at net book value and does not employ more than 200 workers (for service sector);

b. The facts stated in this form are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that I have not withheld/distorted
   any material facts. I understand that if I obtain the grant by false or misleading statements, the grant may be
   withdrawn and recovered immediately from me any amount of the grant that may have been disbursed.

Signature: _______________________________________          Signature: _________________________________________
          (To be signed by the Applicant)                                 (To be signed by the Accountant / Auditor / Finance
                                                                          Representative of the Applicant Company)

Name          : ____________________________________          Name               : ____________________________________

Designation : ___________________________________             Designation : ___________________________________

Date          : ____________________________________          Date               : ____________________________________


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