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                                               Contacts:    Doug Nesbit    925-983-3033
                                                             Kern Lewis    925-983-3010

            CMG Mortgage bucks mortgage industry collapse,
     doubles sales of new Home Ownership Accelerator Loan in 2007.®

   Introduced by CMG in the US in 2005, innovative all-in-one home loan combines
                 personal checking with mortgage to help borrowers
                       save thousands in interest payments.

San Ramon, Calif., January 28, 2008 – Fighting against the most challenging reversal
in the mortgage market in decades, CMG Mortgage, Inc. has significantly expanded
sales of its popular new loan, the Home Ownership Accelerator® loan,
( Introduced just two years ago in July 2005, the
Accelerator loan has seen its popularity double in 2007 even as sales of traditional loan
products have collapsed.

“We are very fortunate to have introduced a loan program that actually is in tune with
the new thinking in the marketplace,” said Chris George, President and CEO of CMG
Financial Services, the parent company for CMG Mortgage. “People can no longer
count on appreciating home values to build equity, so they need a new solution. The
Accelerator provides it, building equity faster by accelerating the reduction of debt.”
George credits the Accelerator with bringing CMG through the current credit crunch “in
much better shape than most mortgage bankers, many of whom have closed their

The new loan is modeled on a popular Australian home loan program called the “all-in-
one” loan that has a proven record of helping borrowers pay off their home loans years
faster and save them thousands of dollars in interest payments. This home financing
tool works by combining a home loan and a full-service checking account. This
innovation can produce large interest savings and loan payoffs in as little as half the
time without changing the borrower’s spending habits. This product is timely because a
large group of Americans, especially Baby Boomers, are realizing that they must stop
extracting home equity and build it back up if they want to retire mortgage-free.

“The Home Ownership Accelerator is the first loan since the 15-year mortgage to help
borrowers get done with their debt more quickly,” said George. “For decades, the
lending business has innovated new ways to make homes affordable to buy. Now we
finally offer more help to borrowers to better manage debt and get debt-free more
quickly, if that is their financial goal,” added Mr. George, “or to manage their equity more
effectively and efficiently if they are harvesting home equity for other financial projects.”

Homeowners can access their funds to pay expenses just like they would with a
checking account, using the unlimited checks, ATM/Visa point-of-sale card, and free
online bill-pay that come with the account. While the homeowner’s funds are not being
used, they keep the principal balance lower, thereby saving interest. It essentially
creates a higher effective return on those funds. A short film about how it works can be
found on our website. (View movie.)

“This is a huge win for homeowners,” said Mr. George. “Finally, here’s an opportunity to
shift the focus from simply minimizing payments to actually paying off efficiently, quickly,
and with no change to lifestyle. It’s not magic. It’s simply takes the interest spread the
banks had and gives it to the consumer.”

“This is the most revolutionary product to hit the U.S. mortgage industry in years,” said
Ted Grose, former president of the California Association of Mortgage Brokers. “The
Home Ownership Accelerator offers consumers a unique opportunity to significantly
reduce the amount of interest paid on their home loans without any change to their
spending habits.” For other testimonials, visit our site testimonial page.

“It’s not for everyone,” said Doug Nesbit, CMG National Sales & Marketing Director.
“You need to have positive cash flow, very good credit, and be disciplined about your
use of equity. But for those people, the benefits can be amazing.” More information
can be found at on the “Learn More About the Accelerator” page.

The Home Ownership Accelerator is offered exclusively through mortgage brokers who
have been certified by CMG to sell it. CMG is currently distributing the Home
Ownership Accelerator in 40 states around the country.


About CMG: CMG Financial Services is the holding company for CMG Mortgage, Inc.,
one of the nation's leading wholesale mortgage banks with offices in San Ramon CA,
Phoenix AZ, and Manasquan, NJ. It also owns CMG Mortgage Services, Inc., a leading
retail mortgage broker with offices in San Ramon, Walnut Creek, and Foster City, CA,
and Pacific Guarantee Mortgage, a branch network with 20 offices in 8 states. CMG, a
privately-held company founded in 1993, employs over 400 people, and closed over $3
billion in loans during 2007. It is headquartered in San Ramon, CA and lends in 40

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