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                                  ENGLISH II TEST

                Chapter 8 - Letters & Memos That Carry Negative News
                      Chapter 9 - Letters & Memos that Persuade

I. FILL-IN-THE-BLANK (5 points)

Complete the following statements by writing the appropriate words in the blanks.

1. _______________________________, _____________________________

   and ____________________________ are three problem words that signal to

   your reader that you are going to deliver bad news.

2. Effective development of one or two central selling points in a sales letter

   depends on _______________________________________________________



3. An emotional appeal to the reader is appropriate when ______________________



4. __________________________________________________________________


   is the principal reason for using the indirect method.
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5. The purpose of the closing in a letter that carries negative news is_____________



II. SHORT ANSWER (15 points)

Answer the following questions in point form or short sentences.

   1. What is a buffer? What are the qualities of a good buffer?

   2. What is an effective closing for a sales or persuasive letter? Give an example of
      an effective sentence to close a sales or persuasive letter.

   3. Why is the use of the passive voice recommended when conveying bad news?

   4. Identify five attention-getting techniques used in sales letters.
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   5. What is the difference between writing routine claim letters and persuasive


Revise the following poorly written messages. (5 points each)

   1.      Our family-owned business is struggling during these hard economic times
           and we regret to inform you we can’t afford to offer refunds on store
           purchases any more. Effective immediately, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There
           are no exceptions to this new store policy so please don’t ask our salespeop le.

   2.      Unfortunately, the number of problems and high cost of repair service due to
           ignorant people using the wrong kind of overhead transparencies in the
           photocopy machines means no one is permitted to make overhead
           transparencies on these photocopiers.

   3.      I’ve just been laid off and I’m in no situation this year to donate to your
           charity. Kindly don’t solicit from me in the future either.
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4.   Don’t use company e- mail or Internet access for personal use. You can be
     subject to immediate disciplinary action or dismissal for doing so.

5.   Our cashiers have been warned by the police of the increase in counterfeit one
     hundred dollar bills in circulation. Management has pre-authorized them to
     refuse all purchases using suspicious looking bills.

6.   Because your payment was late for the third time in a row, we must charge
     you a late fee in addition to the interest charges.

7.   My children will not be taking part in the inappropriate and poorly planned
     field trip scheduled by their teacher. I refuse to have my children involved and
     forbid their participation.

8.   Due to the increase in long distance phone billing, from now on, use of the
     company fax machine for sending or receiving faxes of a personal nature is
     forbidden. If you have a problem with this, speak to your manager.
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Carefully read the accompanying authentic example of a sales/persuasive or negative
news business letter.

In several clear, concise, well-written paragraphs, analyze the letter according to the
writing strategies outlined in Essentials of Business Communication.

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